Two Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Punished with Hand Shots

Two Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Punished with Hand Shots

In a Brazilian favela, two young thieves were caught stealing and so the local flip flop kings took them to the backwoods for punishment.

The punishment, expectedly, was a shot in a hand of each thief. I figure that since there’s such thing as a “head shot“, then why not a “hand shot“?


In order to accommodate our bleating brothers who still use Google Chrome, I’m gonna mix videos into BG again, but ditching Chrome should be something anyone half sane should do because it’s simply in your best interest. It’s really not about being able to watch videos on any particular website. It’s about being in charge of your own life, and not surrendering control of what you view on the internet to a megalomaniac company that doesn’t have your interests in mind. Besides – Google Chrome? For real? Is impressing the herd by blindly following the norms they set really that important to you that you can’t think for yourself?

Props to Best Gore member @momox for the video:

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77 thoughts on “Two Thieves Caught Stealing in Favela Punished with Hand Shots”

  1. I think they should still both have to high five eatch other like they were best friends from high school that haven’t seen eachother in years. If the captors are not pleased with their acting job, they get the other hand shot…Next is a double jumping high five, whilst screaming at them, “You better get creative on this one!!”… AND if that doesn’t make the cut, then it’s a kneecap and so on…

    1. Can imagine they’d have matching holes in their hands. They could get really creative with their High Fives. Such as, jumping and fiving as they take turns to push a finger through the hole as it meets up.

  2. This disgusting teens looks like clean scumbags and low life worms.
    I would shoot both of their other hands for douche pose.
    Nice beating before that because they look like they need extra lesson to remember.
    Something like additional time in school.

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