UFC 107 Fight Between BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez Ends with Bloody Forehead Gash

UFC 107 Fight Between BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez Ends with Bloody Forehead Gash

During the UFC Lightweight Championship bout at UFC 107 between BJ “The Prodigy” Penn and Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez, BJ Penn delivered a high kick to the Diego Sanchez’ forehead opening a nasty gash which quickly covered Nightmare’s face with blood.

Judge stopped the fight after the kick and later ended it declaring BJ Penn a winner by technical knockout. It was a 5 round fight which lasted all 5 rounds, though BJ Penn dominated Diego Sanchez throughout. If it wasn’t for Diego’s heavy chin, the fight would have ended much sooner. The man can take a lot of heavy beating.

Out of 214 attempts, BJ Penn landed 150 strikes, of which 137 struck Sanchez’s head. Diego Sanchez on the other hand attempted to land 198 strikes, but only landed 8 in the entire fight. That being said, I still consider BJ Penn to be the pansiest of all MMA fighters who only had good flexibility going for himself, but was otherwise vastly useless.

UFC 107 fight was held on December 12, 2009 at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee. Video of the kick which ended the fight is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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95 thoughts on “UFC 107 Fight Between BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez Ends with Bloody Forehead Gash”

    1. I’ll interpret for you folks.

      What he/she said is:

      Mr.nightmare’s forehead is somewhat like a 15 year old female’s hymen being busted, thus loosing her virginity to the throbbing penis of a nervous yet overly aroused partner.
      Dictated but not read, lilflix7.

      1. Unfortunately Baked; that ^^^ is what i got out of it also.
        Less words. MUCH less descriptive.
        I would have gone with “the gash on his head resembles the gash on a 15yr old who just lost her virginity”.

  1. i never liked penn fighting….but saying that it doesnt take a powerful punch to open the forehead like that….i was in a fight one night and some bitch caught me with her ring and my forehead opened like that….wasnt even a hard punch

    1. Shit… you got me real interested, what happened after that??? aahh judging by your picture you probably f’d her up i think

      hahah anyway… i’m geussing you have a pretty badass scar then… niiicceee

    2. Bloody Hell Razor!

      I knew their was a reason why they called you ‘pocket rocket’!

      When I was at secondary school. A lot of the chavs at school (including myself at one time!) used to wear ‘Sovereign’ rings.

      I am unsure if our American friends would know about them.

      But they are big, fuck off rings (with a big coin in it).

      An interesting thing about these rings, is that if you were to strike someone with force whilst wearing one of these. The frame of the ring would firmly embed itself in your finger.

      Pretty bloody. And bloody hard to get off as well.

  2. Cage fighting is for undisciplined tosspots who think rolling about the floor is ‘fighting’.

    Boxing is the true sport of fighting.

    Gentlemanly. Manly. Disciplined.

    All the qualities a good Male should possess.

      1. But would it help him in a street fight when he is older?

        Of course. The best way to not get yourself hurt is try to avoid fighting. But sometimes you have to.

        The most important thing to remember in a fight is: if you go down. You have lost.

        Forget fancy-schmancy kicks and all that bollocks.

        Punching, head butting and biting are the only things you need to do well in a street fight.

        Congratulations on your son anyway Razor.

        I never was any good at that sort of thing.

          1. Knowing how to fight on the ground is knowing how to break limbs, as a taller man and done alot of fighting I can easily kick most everybody in the head, most drunk idiots don’t even see it coming.

        1. You have no idea what you are talking about. Before they put rules in MMA (before it was called “MMA”) that meanest guys were wrestlers as they put you down, held you down and headbutted you untill you were a pankcake face. How would you deal with a wrestler in a street fight? Box him? Ask three weight world champion boxer James Tony about boxing a wrestler.

          I love when people say “MMA guys would get killed in a street fight” like the trained fighter suddenly becomes the underdog to the non fighter all because there are no rules? ๐Ÿ˜› No rules means MMA guys get to go crazier.

          1. Whoa, that sounds great, the taijutsu my boys do, it’s mainly a defensive sort of martial art, defence against an attack. My boys are passive though, never had a fight!

          2. what my son does is called mma……its mixed martial arts…..but mainly bjj and grappling…..so if he does go down he knows how to get uo pretty damn quick or take the other person down too…….like wrestling…..he is not passive but wont start a fight

    1. I agree Boxing is a sport and an art. You still get some A-holes in it though like Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson. They are not shining examples of gentlemen. I’ll never forget Tyson spitting out Evander Holyfields ear. Of course they replayed it like a hundred times from different angles and in slo-mo. Now Evander Holyfield was a gentleman.

        1. Aye, Aye Sir.

          Nothing better than going down the local Social club to watch some of the local, likely lads knock seven bells of shit out of each other.

          I haven’t the time for Tyson and other ‘Hollywood’ boxers. They seem to be more interested in the drama outside of the ring.

          I want to see two gentlemen go in as friends and come out of it as friends.

          1. True that, I’ve been known to let SOME people up. The problem is people don’t normally fight friends, I will when drunk and having fun.

  3. UFC is for chads. I just loveeee the guys who go to the bar to “watch the fight bro” all decked out in their Tapout gear and then think they magically aquired the ability to fight after watching a few rounds of muscular boys rolling around on the floor.

    1. I saw that at a Waffle House one night. There’s one next to the bar that me and my buddies occasionally drink at. Which makes for some interesting late nights/early mornings. Two drunk douche bags were talking shit to each other about some MMA nonsense from across the whole place (One of them was even wearing a Tapout shirt.), and I was stuck right smack dab in the middle of their back-and-forth, drunk myself, trying in vain to enjoy my cheeseburger, and vomit-looking pile of hash browns. Oh, I wanted to take those two ’round back and put ’em down with a…something…ANYTHING! Just to get them to shut up! Thankfully, the rough-looking AM crowd of waitresses in there eventually told them to be quiet it down. The last thing I want ruining the end of a good night of boozing is a couple of the types of idiots you described. I don’t want to go to jail for murder.

      1. Ahahaha this made me laugh. Those are the kinda guys im talkin about. The city i live in is littered with them. There’s been multiple times ive prevented murder on dudes like this simply by exercising my own self control.

      1. I don’t doubt that you’ve got to be tough to do the MMA/UFC/whateverthehell sport, but I think it’s just boring to watch. That’s my issue with it. Well, the main issue… Then again, I’m bored by all sports, so my opinion probably doesn’t even matter here.

          1. UFC/ Cage fighting is for pretend ‘hard men’ and pretty boys who are thankful that their is procedure and a referee to stop them from hurting themselves to badly.

            You are right. I wouldn’t last a single round.

            If I went into a ring I will be kicked out of it for ‘unsportsmanlike’ conduct, within 20 seconds.

            That is. If I was to kick someone. It would be in the bollocks. Or I would stamp on their toes.

            If I was pinned down by some fucker. I would bite him.

            Same goes for all ‘martial arts’.

            Boxing is simple because you are prevented from doing anything other then swinging a punch.

            Rugby too. They are traditional, understated sports for the gentleman.

          2. Boxing is for people who cant fight, its even more damaging then any sport, boxers are just punch drunk idiots that arn’t even good at anything but stumbling around in a circle, like a piece of shit being flushed.

          3. Boxing takes stamina, discipline and hand to eye coordination.

            You will be hard pushed to find a street fight that lasts more than a minute or two.

            Boxers have to go at it for bloody ages until one goes down.

          4. Then how come boxers gas out so fast in mma, even in a stand up fight, all they can do is punch, an mma fighter can do that to, and he could break your leg and shove it up your ass, hahahahaha

          5. It depends how much you weigh I at.

            The heavier lads will be far more likely to ‘gas out’.

            In a street fight I am less concerned about someone putting me in a fancy fucking hold.

            If my mates are backing me up. Their isn’t going to be the time for anyone to do that.

            The real hard bastards don’t bother jumping in a ring with a ref to make sure no one gets hurt pretty nasty like.

            I used to see far worst down the towns on a Saturday.

            Those lads fight for fucking breakfast they ain’t going to get spooked by some pretty boy in fancy fucking trunks.

      2. I’m sure they’re not talking about the fighters, But the date rape doosh bags that wear ed hardy clothe/tap out, tight jeans/shorts, with a buzz cut and a secret urge to gag on multiple cocks.

      3. Damn right. Im skinny and have a nice smile that i dont wanna break. Id get my ass whipped. Haha. I have multiple friends who practice BJJ and other mixed martial arts. Mad props to those who actually practice the sports and carry themselves with dignity. Im mainly poking fun at the asshats who think they have some type of street cred because they ordered a fight on-demand the night before and then go out talking shit to guys like me who mind our own business.

          1. It’s not always 100% accurate. But pretty damn. Growing up i had 4 aquaintences by the name of Chad. And they were all well…..for lack of a better word, chads. douche bags. The kind of guys who skip lunch everyday and take out a loan with a 20% interest rate just to be able to say they drive a new Infiniti or BMW even though they occupy a run down one bedroom apartment in which they masturbate daily due to a lack of consentual sex. Or the guys who roofie girls, get them pregnant and then think its funny. All while sporting sparkles on the ass of their pants. Just plain dipshit mothafux.

  4. IMO…….. Dana White did the best thing for MMA…….. Take it live and take it global.

    Lyoto Machida’s style is my favourite.

    Gotta love the UFC………. Here in Australia we have just had 2 years of replays from UFC 1.

  5. Wow a change up huh? Well its appreciated. lol.. Saw the fight actually and it was ok. Not a big mma fan where they get on the ground and wrestle like gay porn ha… Watch boxing more..anyways yeah variety is nice I suppose. Well fresh off work now gonna enjoy a beer. Saludos my Bestgore Amigos!

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