Unarmed Man Shot by US Marshals in Albuquerque, NM – Yes, Again!

Unarmed Man Shot by US Marshals in Albuquerque, NM - Yes, Again!

You know the society you live in is fucked when cops become hunters and citizens their prey. Current events from Albuquerque, New Mexico prove that trigger-happiness of cops has gone way beyond acceptable boundaries. I wouldn’t be surprised if people of Albuquerque started to move out en masse for not feeling safe due to police.

It’s only been a few days since we’ve seen the video of Albuquerque law enforcement shooting a man in cold blood after he’d turned his back on them and started to walk away. As if itching for more, when the opportunity presented itself for Albuquerque federal marshals to draw their firearms again, they went right for it.

On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, U.S. Marshals fired at a wanted man and shot him in the head. 32 year old Gilberto Angelo Serrano was pursued for allegedly violating a no-bond parole. He also faces a number of additional charges, including aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, child abuse, and being felon in possession of a firearm.

Obviously, Gilberto Angelo Serrano was not exactly an upstanding citizen, but for the cops to act as judge, jury and executioner at their sole discretion is even worse.

ABQJournal.com interviewed eyewitnesses of the shooting and reported what they learned as follows:

Witnesses said they saw a row of unmarked SUVs pull into the parking lot of a strip mall after 9am and drive up to a green pickup truck. They said they saw a woman armed with a gun in civilian clothing fire one shot through windshield from outside the truck, followed by at least two other gunshots from men who stepped out of the SUVs.

All of the witnesses, including Mathew Garcia, a man who was stopped at a Sunset Drive stoplight, said the shooters did not identify themselves as law enforcement, nor could they see badges or identifying vests.

Gabriel and Barbara Valdez were waiting at a nearby methadone clinic when they saw the shooting. They said the man shot was struck at least once in the head, that he wasn’t armed, that none of the shooters identified themselves, and that an ambulance arrived about 10 minutes later.

Gabriel Valdez filmed the scene after the shooting, but said the Marshals confiscated his and his mother’s cell phone cameras as “evidence,” (we’ve heard that one before). At least it’s somewhat of an improvement over their previous shooting – no high fives, hoo-yahs or yahoo’s this time! Unless that all happened before the video was filmed.

Serrano was wounded, but not fatally and survived the shooting. Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said they are leading a multi-agency investigation into the shooting. Yeah right. It’s a way to calm people down. The investigation will go on for as long as it needs to, ie until the whole case has fallen out of memory. Officers will then be quietly cleared of all wrongdoing. Just as happened with cops who shot the camper dead…

On March 31, 2014, Reason.com reported in their article titled “People Protest Police Brutality in New Mexico, Cops Tear Gas Them” by Zenon Evans that:

Hundreds of people took to the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico, yesterday to protest police brutality. The police responded by blocking the activists’ paths and firing tear gas canisters at them.

First video depicts the victim bleeding on the ground after being shot:

Second video contains an interview with the marshal who provides his account of the shooting:

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  1. If cops do this to US citizens without facing serious repercussions most of the times, I can only imagine what soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan do. If all the things that have not been caught on camera became public we would have endless material on BestGore.

      1. It,s all good Dude, we know what you meant to say 🙂 Canadian Cops, not all, but some are the same here. I think more screening needs to be done with them, before being handed a gun. A veteran police officer with a good moral service record should be couple with new, hot headed rookies for a least 5 yrs before being given a gun. The said rookie should learn all the other options available to him, like how to use good communication skills, a Tazer, his baton, or other. Only his senior officer should have a gun at first. I am positive this small change would result in many Rookie, Trigger Happy, thugs from making the ranks of 5 yrs, and getting to even obtain a gun. But you know what guys. That would be way to easy to do. 🙁

        1. I am very interested in your opinion and am curious if you have any education on the topic of Canadian police? Also, what kind of bad experiences have you had with “hot headed” rookies? Again, just curious not, trying to insult you my friend.

          1. I know a lot about the Canadian police. They are called “Mounties” because they mount each other. Their police cars – when they use them (they usually don’t drive cars. One would usually see a Canadian Mounty riding around on a moose) like all cars in Canada – have square wheels. Because of their comparatively superior intelligence compared to most Canadians, the Chef of Canadian Police is usually an antelope, though some aardvarks have held this position.

      1. Agree, people here tend to flame far too often about the work of police officers and military personel. Maybe if many of you where in the same situations these men and women face almost every day, you wouldn’t think the same way you do now, which is out of experience…

        1. You know what? I am sick of this false argument. I deal with some of the most dangerous psych patients in New England. I love my guns, but I don’t get to bring them to work. My job is to protect & care for them, just like an officers job. And all 110 lbs of me does it every day without leaving so much as a bruise. So fuck off.

    1. Ya this stuff isn’t new. Crooked cops have been around albaquerque, aztec, farmington, Bloomfield, and Gallup for like my whole life! Born and raised in abq, also grew up in aztec. Half n half lol. School in aztec, summer,spring,winter break in abq. Any way in abq where my aunt lives, about 8 yrs ago she was pulled pulled over. Surrounded by police.. all drew guns and hid behind Car doors. Told her on speakers to exit the vehicle, then handcuffed her shoved her on truck(still at gunpoint). She had my 8 yr old cousins in backseat, guns drawn on him also till they pulled him out. Then FINALLY after 10 or 15 minutes of terrifying them, handcuffed her and explained that they were looking for a short Mexican man with black hair driving a f150. K, my aunt was driving a white f150. It’s like super common truck. Also get this! She is a 6ft somethin, white 8th very curly long blonde hair!!!! Wtf? Ya! And just let em go no apologies! Traumatized my cousin! Like rlly super bad, he already was a wimp! So effing messed up!

      1. Oh ya and here just 2yrs ago, showed up at my aunt and uncles house 2:30 in am on school night banging on door, aunt answered it. The piggies said they had strong belief that her white f150 was involved in a car wreck. Demanded to see all ppl in house. She got my uncle and 2 cousins (1 brother,1 older sister) cops aka regards “interrogated them rudely about their whereabouts. Aunt said they came straight home from school that day…. ate dinner went to bed. Supposedly two white males short hair hit a tree knocking it over on someone’s front yard. My cousins both have long curly hair (yes even boy cousin looks kinda like a girl if you didn’t know him) aunt even told cops that. My uncle’s said how could my truck have knocked a tree over with no dents or scrapes or dirt on it. Any cops argued Forever. Eventually decided to leave also rudely. This is just a fast version of story. My family lived in rio rancho. Upper middle class. Very polite, clean, respected ppl. Kids are insanely well behaved. Not miss school. Kinda preppy lol honest good kids. Cops were so mean to my cousin to the point of her crying. No effing apologies. Stupid ass albaquerque cops!

      2. Oh and aztec cops are probably the coolest. Still crooked though. I had a friend who’s uncle was a cop in aztec. He would supply his underage teen kids` party with pot and liquor as long as nothing was said. This was like 6 yrs ago. Idk what he’s up to now. Probably still pocketing drugs from busts. Hey I wasn’t gna say nothin. Lol I lovED pot in high school haha.

  2. They should of told these assholes to take the fucking cuffs off the dead or soon to be dead guy…..the only reason the cops in the homeless guy beating to death was fired and prosecuted was due to three councilmen being recalled and replaced…..the rouge cops hired the same defense attorney that goes around and defends other rouge cops around the country because he has a record of getting his guilty clients off…..

    1. “Serrano was wounded, but not fatally and survived the shooting.”

      Read the whole post. He was neither dead nor soon to be dead. An injured felon is still a felon and must be treated as such.

  3. @Ate….actually the homeless camper was following their instructions…the cop yelled get on the ground….he turns and is bending forward when the first shot is fired…the guy’s back was turned to them and appears to be getting on the ground like he was instructed….no doubt it was murder….

    1. He must be fucking your mother than….you don’t know if he is here illegal….I know alot of Mexicans that I would trust more than some of the whites I know….most work very hard and don’t break the laws…..cops killing anyone that’s not armed is bull shit….

        1. Listen little girl…..too many women have called wolf too many times as away to get revenge…most divorce lawyers tell their female clients to use the domestic abuse laws as swords instead of shields….It’s obvious the mother of his child called the police on him…just because he was charged doesn’t mean he is guilty…..bottom-line there was no reason to use lethal force on an unarmed person…

          1. After living as a minority in costa rica for two years as gringo Michael I look at things differently…all races have good and bad…no race or culture is perfect by far….btw I rarely went to the gringo bars and was usually the only gringo where I went….even going to places most ticos wont even go…..actually alot of costa ricans look down on other darker Latinos …if you go to Spain they won’t say their Hispanic ….alot of ticos are more white than most whites in USA …again my perspective has changed after living in another culture…..cheers 18 year old chica…

          2. I agree with you Mike11111. In my many travels, i have encountered lots of great people. I met a Jewish man on holiday with his family in Cuba. He was super nice, and talkative & no, he did not try to sell me something, or swindle me. I love people of all races also. The ones with good family values, self respect for themselves, and others of course. There truly is good in ALL walks of life, as not all have hidden Agenda,s.

          1. I knew it,it’s easier to make friends when they don’t see you shaking and acting all crazy Thanks bg I actually feel happy

      1. As Mark would say, the only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state. BigDickjoe is proving that through her illiterate rant. You’re not helping the advancement of colored folk, boy.

  4. That’s why I’m glad the police over here in the UK only respond with firearms when your suspected of having one yourself! I couldn’t imagine the mayhem there would be if they all carried them regardless. I would probably of been dead a long time ago.

    As for the guys who are giving them shit about what happened, fair fucking play they could just of easy suffered the same fate at the hands of these out of control cops.maybe they learnt a lesson & I hope they took notice that we are watching them just as much as they are watching us and one day we won’t take there shit any longer. And there outnumbered a thousand to one. Motherfuckers!!

    1. No doubt….it’s only a matter of time that the public will start shooting back if this doesn’t stop….Btw what’s the penalty in the UK for carrying a concealed gun on you and getting caught with it….

        1. We still get cops shooting unarmed people in the UK. Just look at the Jean Charles de Menezes, although no cops there were prosecuted there was a corporate criminal prosecution of the metropolitan police and the commissioner resigned.

          Brazilians aren’t safe anywhere, even non flip flop wearing ones.

        1. Yeah offensive weapon is a 5 year minimum if convicted in the UK! But if armed response is called out they are just as trigger happy as the US police. There have been many cases of unlawful killing in the last few years over here. The riots in 2011 were a perfect example of this. Give a man a gun and the primal instinct sets in like an aggressive cancer. False power gives a terrible sense of meaning. No need

          1. london riots ,summary: a black man attempted to kill a white police officer but the multiple bullets hit the radio. Therefore, the police officer – in self-defense – shot the black man dead. Blacks have gone crazy. They demand “justice” and “reason” for this “unfair” attack. They have started rioting, protesting, looting shops, blowing up buses, setting police vehicles on fire, etc. The police won’t lift a finger but sit on their lovely horses whilst cars and shops are being destroyed.

  5. The police in the US are almost never reprimanded for shooting, even in cases like this where the man in unarmed. Even when video exists and the media gets involved the police are generally always found to be justified. The new moto for police for several years has been “anything to get home” rather than “to serve and protect”. There is a great video on youtube called “Don’t talk to police” it goes over why, even when you are innocent, the police will.manipulate, lie, intimidate, do anything to get a confession, even if they have evidence it wasn’t you. The united states has not only become a police state, but the police are protected by prosecutors, who are immune to any wrong doing even when they have lied, hidden evidence, gotten false testimony from police and so on. Judges almost always, I nearly say always, find police justified for using excessive force. They rece tly murdered a schizophrenic man, who was unarmed, talking to himself but when he didn’t respond they stated he was not following police instructions. They killed a 13 year old when the boy turned around after cops scream we d at him to freeze and turn around. He was carying a toy, which th e cops believed was a gun. So they opened fire, emptying two guns and reloaded, emptying a third gun. The police were placed on paid leave and found not at fault because they thought they were in danger. Seriously, three clips? A bit excessive even if they had saw a gun. The poor kid was killed two houses down from his house. In the US never, ever, call police.


    3. It must be noted that men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions. Every man aims at power, everyone would like to become a dictator if only he could, and rare indeed are the men who would not be willing to sacrifice the welfare of all for the sake of securing their own welfare.

    4. What has restrained the beasts of prey who are called men? What has served for their guidance hitherto?

    5. In the beginnings of the structure of society, they were subjected to brutal and blind force; afterwards – to Law, which is the same force, only disguised. I draw the conclusion that by the law of nature, right lies in force.

  7. Cops can get all the action through Backpage and be vindicated but for ordinary mild mannered gentlemen who can’t find a woman in this misandry-type society and simply wanna get laid with someone of a legal age for 20 minutes will go to jail for quite a longtime.Bummer….

    1. Oh my god, Breaking Bad is amazing! I just recently finished watching all 5 seasons within one week bc of how much I absolutely adored it. I actually wanna go back and watch all of then again. It’s makes me so sad it ended so soon but I’m also glad that they were arable to end the show on. High note instead of being like other show s that go off the air after an obnoxious amount of seasons that got boring after a while. Now whenever I see or here anything about Albuquerque or just NM in general I always think of Breaking Bad.

      LOL, apologies fr my rant by the way! I just got really excited to finally be able to talk bout it with someone bc most everyone I know has never watched them… which is fuckin’ crazy to me!

      1. Not a breaking bad fan but I did watch most of it. Felt like it kinda down played or made light of meth use. It’s a serious problem where I live and not at all as Glamorous as Breaking Bad portrays it to be. I’ve lost so many friends to meth over the years as soon as I know they’re swirling our friendship is over because I know what’s coming yet. Even ended up raising one of these friends 13yr old son for a year because they had no power or running water for a year. DFACS eventually had to place him in a real foster home where his dad wouldn’t know where he lives. His dad made and sold meth the whole year and netted zero dollars. I hate meth and if one person on this planet tried it because of that show I guess I hate that show too.

        1. damn, that sucks. but for me, i never got the impression of meth being glamorous. the way meth heads were portrayed was not glamorous nor did it give me any incentive to want to try it. those two shitheads from the second season with the kid in that house?! if i was jesse, i’d have shot down both those fuckers and dropped the kid at an er or something and i’m an ex crack-head/coke fiend alcoholic! and if you were referring to the Manufacturing and distribution aspects, well, way too dangerous and stressful a lifestyle for me. and they don’t force anyone to use, though. its choice.

  8. I saw the shooting of the guy camping and that still has me pissed. This one i don’t know. You can’t really go by what people say. This one may be just a poorly trained cop jumping the gun because he was quick to shoot maybe he was nervous because of the dudes history i don’t know. If they tear gassed a peaceful protest then that’s 2 out of 3 strikes i have for these yahoo’s wearing badges.

    1. they really need to put badge cam’s on these guys and they should be in marked clearly visible police gear. These cowboys running around in flak jackets and boots is clearly not working. I think these guys should have to wear uniforms and be in marked cars. over the past few cop video’s I’ve seen they have been in like chargers and suv’s, not marked. This could cause problems. I don’t know if i would pull over for a black SUV. We need cops i know we do. Its to prevent Bubba from poking my little sister in the butt. But these guys are a bit on the rouge side.

  9. Have you noticed now with video phones that trumped up disorderly charges are drastically down…..it’s no longer their word against ours now…..nothing worse that a cop that abuses his power and authority with the same people that pay them…..people are finally opening their eyes that they serve mostly to collect revenue fines more than they serve to protect us….look at the fort hood shooting…you have thousands of young former military that have killed in Iraq and afgahastan that are now in the police killing unarmed citizens….they now even carry military assault rifles in all their cars now…..look what they did in Boston after the bombing….going door to door and doing illegal searches….making people stay in their houses…..Boston strong my ass when you allow your rights to be taken away because of two punks….

    1. To top things off it seems like “they’re protecting the citizens from dangerous individuals” when we are being ruled by them. Most people seem to be oblivious from what is actually training for civilian control.

      1. kudos to both your comments. i also consider the young law enforcement perspective: that they too may well be oblivious in some degree as to how wrongfully intrusive some tactics are in the training they’re getting themselves

  10. I don’t know if bg ever posted a video of this guy getting shot by cops on his front porch. It was on YouTube, called man get shot 80 times.. he was holding a flip flop. The cops even shot the k9..

      1. I remembered this one after viewing it. Perfect example of the north American Police forces being trigger happy, & not even trying to defuse a situation, before taking lethal actions against the public at large.

        1. That is not Policing . No matter what . Murderer , thief , whatever the fuck ever . The cops job is to Serve and Protect nothing more nothing less . Take those guns away and I guarantee this guy would be Alive today . The Police forces in the US , from what I’ve seen , must be corrupt to the core , if they had decent people at the top , cops like these would be brought to book and put on trial themselves .

  11. Not just because of this but for years now, I’ve refused to go to or travel thru these gun-nut states. The US has gone to hell. The NRA has taken control, politicians are corrupt and useless and the Supreme Court judges have gone out of their minds with greed and corruption. I’m glad I’m old and won’t live to see the fall of the American system. Too bad for all you young folk. And just wait till we start having water and oil wars in the next 20 years. All hell will break loose then.

    1. These states are “gun states” because look at our law enforcement! We civilians need to arm against what’s coming to our nation. There are vast amounts of land here, I’m confident with the skills I have hunting that when these wars break out me and my guns are going to the woods and I won’t be found. These gun states could be what saves us when they come to enslave us.

  12. Another killing by same police that killed the homeless camper….video on you tube by bob cornilius….he comes out of his apartment with gun pointed to his head….after he puts the gun down they shoot him….one cop shoots and the rest shoot as well….the police chief lied and said the guy shot first…the video doesn’t lie…..

  13. This is an example of a gun culture which has gone way Ott . The police are trigger happy cowards who treat a perp like a piece of game . It must be an awful situation for the public to be in . Police should be there to protect and serve the public regardless . What would happen if the public in the US started shooting first because they have lost all trust in the Police ? . Slippery slope .

  14. Big props to the camera man for talking all that shit. The guy holding his face down actually starts to look guilty at the end. Like when someone unlike his cop friends told him it’s wrong he snaps back to the real world and realized how what they did looks like to a civilian bystander. That camper from a week ago should’ve been hit with bean bags first not bullets. What was most disturbing was that sequence. I mean why even have the bean bags if you’re just going to kill them first. The bean bags are to prevent that scenario of killing a civilian not for checking to see if they’re dead or not.

  15. Always thought that India need some couple of Mexican drug cartel members, Islamic jihadist, American serial killers and of course the one and only infamous legendary flip flops to bring down its population but these cops proving that wrong I mean they ready to do it in a professional way ready to gun down millions of assholes that ruining India send us these cops immediately reward is 50% discount on Indian flip flops ummm no not flip flops they are not famous here 50% rebate on hotels in Varanasi that?s fair enough.

  16. To all the idiots that haven’t seen the first half of the video and can jump to the defense of this sack of meat on the ground, shame on you. Don’t you see the car is crashed and was probably running from them? Man, some of the fan base in here is real easy to jump to throw the police down… Sad life’s.

  17. You know what, mess with the bull and get the horns. I dont feel bad one bit for people who get killed by police but are found “unarmed.” They are the damn police… dont fuck with them. Common sense tells you to listen to the authority, more specifically with a gun pointed at you. These blokes with violent criminal records want to challenge authority but people want to ball their damn eyes out when police use force. I wish our police would use even more force. Hello people, you cannot do whatever the hell you want to do… there are rules. These people who are killed by police and are unarmed generally know the possible consequences when a police gun is pointed at them. An armed officer has a gun at me? You bet I am going to do EVERYTHING that officer tells me too. But then again I am not a criminal in the least bit and will probably never put myself in that position to begin with. I would rather some idiot criminal who does nothing but harm for society get blown away unarmed than a for a police officer gets killed by the criminal. Go hug your puppy and cry to them about “police brutality.”

  18. Nothing suprising about the outcome or likely intention(even if unconscious). Nearly Every person I ever talked to who wants to be a cop always talks about their movie fantasy of shooting somebody anybody. Police just came and got an abandoned dog behind my house fucking even said I aint afraid to shoot a dog. Thank fuck he didn’t. But hey I understand if they want to shoot somebody I really do. Hell I wanna shoot somebody too( in addition to stab, strangle, dismember the whole 9) I get it. But police officer isn’t the career for it try (to any would be cops on here pray none) marine, soldier, domestic mass murderer, or my personal favorite serial killer. Can’t wrong there get to kill(victim of your choice) worthless pieces of shit stay home, not die(maybe) and work at your leisure can’t beat that.

  19. Funny if all these police use of deadly force was because . the victim commented on the people in power . Kinda like other countries did and do . Also we all have seen those shows giving facts about over population , polluted water and crops failing . So how do you fix this ?? My answer population control by wars and places where you can’t start a war . Instigate the citizens to raise up there by giving the excuse to stop the threat . Don’t get me wrong it’s effiecent way , in the mean time before the raise up you start to lighten the load little by little person by person . Till you can use the excuse of we had no other choice but to kill in mass . the quote: A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.

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