Underworld Assassination Attempt in Israel Leaves Two Men with Legs Ripped Off

Underworld Assassination Attempt in Israel Leaves Two Men with Legs Ripped Off

At the intersection of Arvei Nahal and Shefa Tel in Tel Aviv, Israel, an apparent underworld assassination attempt left two gang members with legs ripped off. The duo was driving in a Volvo vehicle they didn’t know was rigged with explosives. A rival gang is believed to be behind the assassination attempt.

The incident happened late this morning. Reportedly, one of the wounded was Ben Cohen, a senior underworld gang figure linked to mob boss Amir Mulner. He and his body guard were on the front seats and both sustained severe leg trauma. There was a third person on the rear seat, but he was only lightly injured by the blast.

Ben Cohen served seven years in prison in the United States for the murder of Israeli rival gangster Alon Giladi in 1999, who was beaten and strangled to death in his home in Los Angeles. Upon return to Israel, Cohen went up the ranks in the underworld.

Props to Best Gore member asaf197 for the video. This is not a political post. Don’t make it one 😉

Sorry about sideways video:

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  1. At the beginning, the passenger sounded like he was, either meditating or getting a blow job – I did not see any goats around, so I’ll have to say he was meditating.

    I had heard that the Jews are smart people, but the camera guy just oblivirated that myth.

    Their moms are pretty upset. Not because they no longer have legs, but because they can’t find the receipts to return the shoes that they bought for them.

    They should cheer up and look on the brightside, they could be future Paralympic champions who will one day get away with murdering their fiancees.

  2. the peoples who failed this have better to hide now… and need a very fucking good way to hide for escape of those guys revenge..
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    come on .. everybody know, its not some jews behind this :p

    1. To the person or persons who continuously fuck with this site…FUCK YOU! To the bg staff, big props for regaining control back! I’ve missed everybody for weeks & now to lay back & scroll thru all the shit I missed..ahh..its a good day!!!!!

  3. This wasn’t no damn “Assassination” attempt! If that was a leader of a country, a high profiled political figure or a CEO of a business, then THAT would be an assassination attempt. This is just a plain ole attempted murder.

    Put it this way, if these two fools had died, schools would still be opened on their birthdays!!!

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