Untreated Gunshot Wound to the Arm Becomes Severely Infected

Untreated Gunshot Wound to the Arm Becomes Severely Infected

Robber got shot in the arm during the course of robbery. He got away, but didn’t want to seek medical attention to avoid drawing suspicion to himself and left the wound untreated. After a few days, the wound became severely infected with maggots crawling all over the necrotizing flesh.

That looks nasty and it’s in an inconvenient place where he can’t comfortable see just how bad it really is.

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      1. Me and my wife just got insurance, just kicked in today, fuckin expensive to man, but here in the states you have to or they fine you through your tax return, thx obama you Muslim prick.

        1. I bet it was expensive . We do pay via national insurance contributions , every month , so it’s similar . Thing that most Brits don’t understand is the fact that if they actually needed the care , they would get it , whatever . I’ve had it myself and appreciated it massively and I know it would have cost a fortune if I’d been abroad .

          People are always slagging the NHS off here , but they would know about it if it didn’t exist .

        2. Here in Australia health care is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay a red cent to see a doctor, have a scan, scope or heart transplant. The only thing we do have to pay for is medication and that is subsidised by the govt. too and our payment is $5.20. Like I said in a previous post, our government actually like people ( you have to be a citizen of course)…..

          1. Again , it’s the connection between our countries .

            That’s cheap for meds , about 3 quid , which in this day and age is peanuts .

  1. It’s almost like he got shot and then LITERALLY did nothing, never once cleaned it, used a simple bandage or antiseptic cream etc.
    Dumb bastard.
    I’ll be happy to piss on it for him, apparently that’s good for wounds.

    1. I thought he was in the hands of Dr.s when this video was shot…. I don’t know the language, but it appears they are all saying “get a load of this douchebag”, just prior to removing that disgusting smelly thing at the base.

  2. Good. I think robbers deserve all the suffering they can get. Think they are too good to work for shit like the rest of us and instead, vandalize and break into peoples homes and steal all the shit that they worked hard for. Sometimes it’s out of severe desperation, but more often than not, it’s just some fucking punk that didn’t want to pay for his own shit. Robbers have it too easy nowadays. Back in the old days they would have cut off every one of their fingers one by one, or sentenced them to public hanging.

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