Video of Knife Attack Outside School in Chengping, Henan Province, China

Video of Knife Attack Outside School in Chengping, Henan Province, China

The knife attack outside Wanquan Elementary School in the village of Chengping, Henan Province, China occurred on December 14, 2012 – the same day as the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The attack left 22 children and one adult wounded. Luckily, China is not a snackbarist nation otherwise instead of 23 wounded people, there would be 23 dead. Just don’t expect gun snackbarists to make any sense of this.

The knife wielding attacker – 36 year old Min Yingjun was arrested and rumor is, he could face the death sentence for the attack. His motive for the stabbings is unclear but an unnamed government official said Min Yingjun was suffering from a mental illness. But later, upon release of the video, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported that the attacker acted on doomsday rumors.

The extent of injuries inflicted has not been made clear, but reportedly it involved cut off fingers and ears. Chinese authorities said that before attacking school children, Mr. Min Yingjun slashed an elderly woman.

CCTV video of the attack is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. No Walt Disney is dead, and the Jews took over his empire. Walt was an Anti-Semite, when he was in charge, non of his produces were poison mean to corrupt and subvert the youths.

      And also, if someone had a pistol, they could have taken out the Knife Snackbarist.

      There was a case in America in recent times where a school shoot was halted because a principal took out his .45 from his car. Never heard from the MSM did ya.

      1. @Hawk there is a new shit going on in Utah were teachers can finally carry guns in school o.o big brother is finally gong to get a move on hard with the school system what’s next cameras in class+ bathrooms you know how hard it is taking shits in public restroom it’s going to really awkward taking a shit while a camera is pointed at you D;

          1. @Hawk a pussy with a gun is a bad combination I bullshit you not that there will be accidental accidents lets say a gun going off I’m not asking alot what I’m asking is for parents to lock up all of their guns in gun safes the metal kind and not tell their stupid kids the combination -.- but no if you ask them to lock their guns away *some*parents are easily offended and bitch and cry about their second amendment I’m not saying this to be a dick but please whoever has guns don’t be an ignorant douche and say* I here have a second amendment which means I have the right to do whatever the fuck I want with my gun and be a paranoid douchethat acts like he served in Vietnam but didnt actually get to be involved in. second amendment or not you still have to follow the fucking rules *lock your shits up* it’s not that hard!!

        1. Hopefully it will remain criminal to put cameras in restrooms; though honestly, I could envision people wanting to implement cameras in the bathroom main, mounted in such a way that one cannot see inside the bathroom stalls where the pants come down. That or installing audio-recording equipment in bathrooms. Those suggestions would be much harder to fight, since they fall in a gray area, and aren’t as unreasonable as strict black & white (metaphorically speaking).

  1. omg is it bad that i found this video really funny?? im gonna burn in hell i know it but when the kids and the adults started running after the guy with the homemade brooms it got to be a benny hill flashback for me…just needed the music. And what does slicing ears and fingers off have anything to do with doomsday?? I shall have to think on this one..

  2. The funny thing about Sandy Hook, Aurora, Pennsylvania, and Columbine is that all those massacres happend in “Gun Free Zones” meaning that no guns are allowed in those areas whatsoever and anyone carrying one would be doing so illegally…think about that for a second that means if you wanted to kill a bunch of people unopposed the best place to do that would be in a “Gun Free Zone” because people aren’t allowed to carry guns there, so answer me this gun blamers if guns aren’t allowed in places like Gun Free Zones then how is it that more massacres happen in those “Gun Free Zones” where guns aren’t allowed and there is zero tolerance of them? After all gun blamers isn’t that your objective? To turn America Into one giant “Gun Free Zone”? Yeah no thank you…now if you want to draw correlation between Sandy Hook and Wanquan and compare the both and say that Wanquan was more acceptable than what happend at Sandy hook than I have to say your very wrong because non of those situations outcomes were acceptable not 23 dead or 23 wounded they shouldn’t have been allowed to happen what’s so ever and should have been stopped immediately and if you had common sense you would know that turning the world into a giant Gun Free Zone would not prevent things like this from happening although if you placed an armed security guard (a person with a gun) in Gun Free Zones or any other place as its already been proven to work then you’ll find things like this are preventable, and if you think that banning all guns would be a better way of preventing things like this from happening then you truly are living in a fantasy world where your wishful thinking is hurting your view on reality because guns will continue to excist whether they are banned or not banning them will just make things become underground take prohibition for example if take something away people will find a way around it and get it no matter what only instead of it being regulated by the government its now controlled by crime syndicates, ban guns and this is what your inviting. Open your eyes stop your stubborness and realize that the only true way of stopping things like Sandy Hook and Wanquan from happening is by preparing for them not by saying “a good defense is no defense” cause that is basically what you are saying and with a message like that its no wonder you’ve had no effect on banning guns.

    1. welll…of course it happens in areas where there would be less guns…goes without saying….but what i think the point is…none of these mass shootings would happen ,or lets say there wouldnt be so many, if the troubled ones didnt have easy access to guns in the first place (you know just sitting around at home whispering to them, ‘shoot meee, shoot meeeeeee’) thats the point i think we are trying to get across….but my own viewpoint is that i think the US is unfortunately too far gone at this point….which is sad

      1. So you take out things like Sandy Hook (Which are rare in the grand scheme of things) but you end up with a Country closer to Mexico or a city closer to Detroit/Baltimore etc..

        Liberals/Leftist never look at the negative impact of their policies.

        How’s this one – Adam Lanza has no access to guns. But he has access to house-hold items that, when combined the right way, can make a giant bomb. How-to make this bomb is on the Internet.

        Adam Lanza slices his mothers throat in her sleep. Fills her car up with his HED (Homemade Explosive Device) and rams his car into the school and blows it up – Killing all the children.

        I live in Canada. I don’t own a Gun. I don’t know anyone who does… except criminals.

        Which means, should I and my family become the unfortunate victims of a Home Invasion (On the rise here in Canada) we have nothing to defend ourselves with.. While they have shotguns, hand-guns etc.

        The Cities with the highest and strictest levels of gun-control.. Also have the highest crime and murder rates.

        So maybe you eliminate the ability for Adams and James to go insane and kill a bunch of people, but you just made it easier for Jamal, Tyrone, Abdul, Pedro to rob, rape and murder you and your families, and since over 50% of the murders committed in the US are already committed by the Tyrone’s and Jamal’s alone.. That’s a pretty scary prospect.

        You know why this stuff doesn’t happen in areas with high African and Hispanic populations? They have armed guards around their schools because they already know what happens if they don’t.

        Maybe it’s time we have them around predominantly White and Asian (The two highest kill counts in School Shootings belong to Asian-Americans) schools, too. While the shootings are rare, when they do happen they are devastating.

        Also, maybe the US should invest more in Mental Health, and start focusing on fixing their moral fabric and family units.. All of which are severely lacking or non-existent.

        1. yeah but making a bomb requires intense preparation…something which most of these passionate crimes lack…generally most individuals would lose interest if they had to put a ton of work into it initially…also burglers/home invaders are a different kettle of fish – they generally dont want any confrontation with people – they are there to steal not to kill…most would flee if caught…murderers generally arent into b and e…its a total diff crime. Im in canada too – we have tons of burglers in our area…but they generally dont try to rob us when we are home…if they do its generally robbing the back shed of tools or sumpin like that…we just make sure we are buttoned up good and safe and we have a noisy dog that keeps them away

          1. There are lots of bombs that are surprisingly easy to make like pipe bombs or fertilizer bombs also If you can sneak into a college chemistry lab plastic explosive!

    2. @Pale Rider.
      Exactly. Which of the Following signs would deter a mass murder spree at a school…

      “This is a Gun- Free Zone”
      (AKA, if you decide to start a killing spree here, no one will have the capability to stop you, and you are free to kill as many children and teacher as you may)


      “Several faculty members of this school are armed, any attempts to harmed the children will be met with with deadly force”

      hmm… which school would a mass shooter go to…

      Just because it’s a gun free zone, doesn’t mean a shooter is going to say “Oh, man… I was going to going on a children killing rampage but I can’t bring my firearm into this zone =(

      Reality vs idealism/fantasy.

      1. if someone was fucking around with my family lets say one of them gang bangers shoots up my house and kills one of my family members I’d personally track his ass down and his friends torture them for long periods of time then dismember them like my fellow beaner race was taught to do. and throw his body parts in front of his moms house then when I get arrested and the fat judge tells me *any last words* I will gladly tell him and the parents* you should of told your kids not to come and fuck with me* I don’t own a gun or start shit with anyone but its stupid how one person gets treated like shit and then takes his anger and frustration out on innocent people/kids that didn’t do anything to them -.- history repeats itself over and over again I hope that there isn’t a WW3 but if there is who knows We will all have to get our shits together and fight

      2. “You have tired it with guns…how about trying it the other way for a while”?! The point I’m trying to make is exactly as you stated that “America is to far gone” and that banning gun will have zero to negative effect because the amount of guns already out there, you people seem to think that banning guns will stop crimes like this from happening when its obvious to everyone that lives in the real world and not inside their own heads that things like this will happen no matter what look at what happen at Wanquan I dont know about you but id rather that a Sandy Hook or Wanquan situation not happen at all, you people like to conveniently blame guns for things like this yet fale to blame the real people responsible the people who leave these fucking guns laying around for their stupid psycho piece of shit kids to play with, you place blame on responsible gun owners for things like this that happen when in reality you know who is to blame irresponsible gun owners and there psycho children yet instead of asking for real attainable things like more gun awareness programs, better background checks that extend to everyone living inside the house, better systems for gun tracking you ask for the unattainable and demand that guns disappear which is just stupid because your basically asking that the one thing that can prevent future massacres be done away with as if banning guns in a country full of them will just make them disappear…Jesus Christ I’m for guns and I’m coming up with better things than you people its no wonder you gun blamers can’t get your shit together and do anything except bitch, moan, and wish that guns will go away so that crime magically follows.

          1. @Pale Rider I don’t point fingers and I a free with you don’t blame the guns or television or video games blame the fucking parents that don’t parent the fucking kids what the U.S has is when shit like this happens *always* they all of a sudden start giving a shit about it and say they will do something but never do you should read my comment at the very top I love guns always have and always will even though I don’t own any XD

          2. @Pale RIDER it’s funny you Mexico a country where no one can have guns they are illegal and yet .. Cartels use them to mow the shit out of people down guns will never go away they will be here even when you die that’s how amazing it is the ak47<3 it's never going to go away ^_^ I hear there is a new ak 12 coming out next year !! Sorry for my shitty spelling my fucking phone has autocorrector and trust me if I didn't have stupid ignorant parents that think seeing gore on the computer automatically means That im a crazy person who worships the devil and needs an immediate exorcist and probably get rapped by two fat priests to cleanse my soul I would use the computer but no I like my privacy -.- if an exorcist doesn't work they would either throw me in a mental institution for no fucking reason they don't believe in psychologists.. -.- big whoop

          3. Misfit your correct about the Izhmash AK-12 civilian versions coming out in 2013, from what I understand the Russian government is asking (more like demanding) Izhmash the company that makes the AK to create an even better line of AK74s which include the AK101-AK105 and everything else in between, so what Izhmash did is they basically tinkerd with their massed produced AK105 from the bottom up and put out the AK12 as a replacement for their aging (yet still very effective) series of AK74s. The Russian military began test on the AK200 (AK12) and after rigorous climate tests it was clear to them that the AK12 wasn’t performing like it was suppose and produced to many malfunctions for them adopt the rifle, the AK12 did test well but not well enough to get rid of the AK105 (AK74). Either way its not a big deal for Izhmash cause they practically own the entire military and civilian gun market in Russia, if Russia doesn’t want the AK12 then they just keep making AK74s and off load the AK12s on the civilian market as a new and improved AK so either way its a win win situation for Izhmash, although they are starting to get a lot of pressure from the Russian government into creating the next best AK to replace the already “best AK” which is the AK74 they been manufacturing since 1974 and its newer variants like the AK105, but even tho the Russian government is bitching at Izhmash to improve on perfection the military are the ones that test and approve any new designs and the thing about that is the Russian military is extremely loyal and protective of their beloved AKs and they will fail any gun they feel is a threat to their AK which is part of the reason that the Russian military has practically had the same rifle design for the past 60 years, they are very faithful to their AKs so faithful that even any improvements or new variations to their AKs are met with some resistance, now could you imagine if they tried to give them new rifles? It doesn’t even matter if its the same rifle design made by the same company they won’t have it they love they’re current AK to much I guess you can say they live by the motto “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” which I agree with 100%…as for the AK12 I don’t think I’ll be running out to get one when they come out since I already own two Izhmash Saigas one in 12ga and the other in .308, and from what I understand the AK12 will come in .223 and 12ga but either way I will continue to follow up on AK12 and see how it performs in its civilian version, who knows they might be the next best AK to hit the civilian market and de-thrown the Saigas.

    1. I used to believe the Jews dominated the world, and while I still think that’s true for the US (It’s beyond obvious actually) I cannot ignore the rampant Islamification of Europe that is happening.

      Europe becoming predominately Islamic (which is happening) cannot be a good thing for anyone.. let alone Jews or Israel.

      So, Islam spreads like the cancer it is into all facets of Europe, with Belgium being the first Nation sacrificed to Allah.. Then it keeps spreading, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, England, France, etc. etc. and it does what it did in the Middle-East (Kills whatever civilization exists and plunges the region into a stagnant, backwards free-fall).. how does this help the Jews or Israel?

      They just spread their enemies into a part of the world that is and was helping them.

      I mean, I know the ZOG hates Whites because of Hitler… but that seems pretty stupid, given how docile Whites have become… and how aggressive, violent and inhumane Muslims are.

      Same thing with the US. We all know it’s becoming a 3rd world Nation. In 20 years the White population will make up a paltry 15-20% if you’re lucky (White Pop % drops by 1-2% annually). Which means, most cities will look like Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis etc. etc.

      The USA turning into that garbage makes Israel that much weaker.

  3. I may be wrong for this but I have a wierd feeling that when these mass shootings or stabings happen, or even the everyday killings goings on, or the drive bys that go on, are like gods(?) way of weeding out the population. When the tsunamis hit, and the earthquakes, and the tornados, etc. it clears space. Can you imagine if all those people kept living? You think the world is crowded now? Everyone is so devistated when they loose their loved ones yes but we all gotta go sometime. And some lives may be shorter than others. Some times I feel like ok you lost a baby, have another one. But so many people aren’t the same afterwards. They should be happy thier loved one doesn’t have to be on this disgusting planet anymore. There’s to many people in this world, so STOP MAKING BABIES PEOPLE. Cause I’m ready to get the fuck outta here myself. And with that I’ll probably live till I’m fuckin 90. fuck.

  4. @BestGore:


    I have to announce the arrival of a new fv which will add to the overpopulation of our planet. Her name is Nadine, and she is my wife’s granddaughter.

    Sorry, again.

      1. Legal or illegal, what’s the difference? Now the poorest president of the world has changed his mind again (yes, AGAIN) and argued that people is not ready for the legalization of marihuana.
        Pssst! Let toast with some red wine…

  5. I feel terrible anytime children are harmed anywhere. They have nothing to do with policies or laws, and are always at the mercy of adults. As a U.S. citizen, the second ammendment gives me the legal right to own a gun if I choose to. I choose to. I own guns legally and they’re safely stored. Those of you against owning guns, please explain to me again how banning guns will stop criminals from using them? Because I don’t see it. Certain drugs are illegal to posess. Has that stopped drug use? If you outlaw guns, thats only going to stop people like me from having them, not criminals. Mentally unstable people will still commit horrific acts, as this video shows. If he had used a machete instead of a knife, the outcome of wounded verses dead children would have been much higher. This world isn’t safe, it never has been. Who knows that better than people who view Best Gore? All you do by banning guns, is give the cartels another avenue of making money. And you take away my guns and my ability, if the need should arise, to defend myself. As Pale Rider said, prohibition doesn’t work. Thats already been proven with alcohol. The only answer I can think of is stiffer laws if you’re caught with an illegally obtained gun, or use a gun in the commission of a crime. Free up
    some prison space by letting non violent offenders out, and put gun offenders away for a long, long time. If you’re against guns, fine, but do you have any other solutions besides disarming me?

    1. Criminals will still use them, yes. But if it was harder for people to get a gun, there would be far fewer armed criminals. Those who had the connections to obtain guns illegally would have far better things to use them for than shooting school kids or other innocent people.

      1. Firearms are like any other tool. Take a hammer for instance. It can be used to build or could be used to hurt someone. Theirs mentally unstable and just plain stupid people driving cars everyday which kill more people than firearms. Wheres the car control people at wanting to take away our cars?

  6. Lol, look at us. We’re such bad people; laughing at a psycho who probably works at a Chinese restaurant, who suddenly became a total psycho. That went on a killing streak, in a elementary school… What would the general population think about us.

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