Woman with Amputated Hands and Deep Slash in Face Barely Clings On to Life

Woman with Amputated Hands and Deep Slash in Face Barely Clings On to Life

Woman with Amputated Hands and Deep Slash in Face Barely Clings On to Life

I’ve been trying to research this video, but I haven’t found anything.

It seems like somebody tried to murder and/or torture the featured woman. She had both her hands amputated, and her face split horizontally in two with what I’d assume was a machete. The slash wound is deep. Mid way in the skull deep. But that’s not where the brain is, so she’s alive to suffer the agony. Not for long, given the wounds, me thinks.

You can hear screaming from a woman who don’t appear in the video, and the moans of pain of victim. You can also hear the blood gurgling as she moans which makes it worse to listen to.

The men that are recording appear to be commenting the scenario in what sounds like Spanish. I don’t know if they are the ones that committed this act, but they do appear rather passive and not noticeably disturbed by the scene.

Props to Best Gore member @nxverr for the video:

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221 thoughts on “Woman with Amputated Hands and Deep Slash in Face Barely Clings On to Life”

    1. What a freak show. I love it! Way better than simple be-headings. She’s still alive and in horrifying disfigured pain which she will feel for some time until succulent death. You can taste the pure suffering in her eyes. It’s fucking fantastic, pride yourself on internet stardom honey. XD

      Props for the video nxverr

        1. Don’t compliment the pike of shit by calling him pathetic. That word doesn’t even get close to how worthless he has to be to say that and mean it.

          Then again, it could be a simple troll move. In which case it means nothing until we reply with normalcy.

          1. Honestly I thought it was perfect the way her head was cut where you could still see the fear in her eyes, her mouth still trying to grasp for her dying breath. It’s kinda satisfying in not gonna lie

          1. Even if I had Kike blood, I’d still prefer watching them all being shoved into an oven. Oh with the exception of Gal Gadot and Natalie Portman, I’d force them to go lesbian.

      1. Have you ever even been in a fight, you twerp? You have no idea what suffering is. It’s a spectacle to you, because you’re empty. You have no concept of inner life, so you can only find distraction from your own vapid existence by savoring the spectacle of misery in others. Frankly, that is every bit as tragic as the death of this woman. I pity you and your generation…so over-exposed to information that you never come to the truth. You’re in a bad way, but I still don’t wish you harm. I only wish you understanding of reality. Anyone who must relish this kind of thing to find pleasure is in the worst state that a sentient being can exist. What about learning to play an instrument…or reading one of the many thousands of amazing and enriching books that have been written over the centuries? Or…how about getting off your ass and going to do something for somebody else…giving something of yourself to make someone’s life better? All those things pay far greater rewards than making callow comments about a dying woman who you’ve never met. Man the fuck up, you spiritual midget!

      2. I kinda wanna kick your ass, but it’s probably not even worth it. I suspect someone…maybe you stepdad or the kids at school, have been beating your ass for a long time. Maybe that’s part of the equation…part of why you’re so empty and pathetic. It’s tragic, really. The woman in this video has more Hope than you. You’re the walking dead. Hope you find life eventually, but you’re probably too obtuse to listen and learn from others.

          1. The puppy is for people who can’t stomach the videos. I can look at anything. What turns my stomach more than any gore or physical trauma is the asinine words of ignorant little pussies who want to make light of the suffering of others. I don’t like how things “work here”, if…by that…you mean the glee you damaged little shadow-critters exhibit at the misery of others. However, this is the way of the world, and I let people know here and anywhere else when they’re behaving like numbskulls. Given the context, do you really have grounds to claim any moral qualm with my words…as if they’re…pffft…offensive? How can someone making jokes about the violent murder of innocents claim any sort of moral high-ground or notion of justice in ANY discussion? Naw… you want to be able to say whatever about whatever….then you get to deal with it when somebody tries to bring morality into your vapid little “safe space.”

        1. Words can be powerful , they can hurt or uplift, so think before you speak as every word you say can hold a grudge upon others. Many of us upload these videos because we participated within them some how. This isn’t your 4chan. We are not youth here. Preaching your own moral aptitude on these sites will get you unsavory attention. I would recommend you click on the puppy for your own safety if you continue down this path posting throughout these websites since visitors of these domains have known to go missing. Consider this friendly a reminder. 🙂

          1. My safety? That’s cute. This site…in particular…the type of comments I take issue with…are the product of vapid and impotent minds. You’re right. Words can be powerful. That’s exactly why I choose to speak about the value of life in a cesspool where damaged people celebrate death. I’m not frightened by your passive-aggressive allusions. I am allied with the mind who created the universe. If…WHEN…I die….my destiny is in His hands. If I can say something to snap someone out of their deviant hobby…to inject some measure of meaning into their rudderless existence…then it’s worth my time. Please, don’t posture as if you or one of these misguided individuals is going to “disappear” me. It’s not a “friendly reminder.” It’s a thinly veiled and hollow threat. I’m not new. I’m prepared in every sense of the word…be it immediate and physical…or spiritually and eternally. YOU should take the warning. Life is not a low-stakes game where you fuck up and just blink out into oblivion. What we do hear will have eternal consequences.

          2. So, I’m confused. You tell me words can hurt or uplift. I agree with that. You tell me that I shouldn’t be “preaching”, because it might “hurt someone’s feelings?” How does that make sense? The only thing I’m “preaching” against is the celebration of murder and sadism. So, you’re saying I should be careful because I might say something that hurts the feelings of a sadistic murderer…or someone who enjoys and approves what they do? How, in any rational world, is that a cogent argument?

          3. So…here…we have a woman whose head is cleaved nearly in two…yet there’s enough connection left that she’s still alive…and suffering…and, moreover, someone who loves here dearly is screaming in agony. And all these asshats are cracking jokes about it…and I call them out for the assholes that they are…and I am the person who needs to be told about the power of words to hurt or uplift?? I just can’t get over the lack of reasoning. And if YOU (which I very much doubt) had any part in this, then I’m not afraid of you. Hell, I could easily go out and hack a defenseless woman in the face, too. That doesn’t make someone tough or scary. It makes someone a stupid individual who lives in a country with no justice. I am from the United States…a country that used to be populated by individuals who don’t cow down at the threat of violence, but who rise to meet the threats with righteous indignation. We will NOT be tamed like the weak and helpless innocents so often slaughtered in the videos you guys cherish. Your kind don’t want a fight. You just want a victim. You’re in the wrong fucking discussion, my man.

          4. I would recommend you click on the puppy for your own safety if you continue down this path posting throughout these websites since visitors of these domains have known to go missing. Consider this friendly a reminder.

            Aww shut up you pansy, you would throw up stabbing somebody let alone doing half the shit on here lol

          1. That can be a blessing.
            Do you know what it’s like to carry my massive cock around everywhere I go? It fucking SUCKS. I have to wiggle my weinerfest through the door at Five Guys just to get in. You can imagine the looks I get when I knock the peanut bags over.

        1. @jsmith666

          Thanks dude.

          I mean, I genuinely couldn’t give a fuck less how anyone spells anything ever but trying to be objective – even though I’ve never really liked my name – I think ‘Callum’ has a better symmetry than ‘Calum’ which looks like some J R R Tolkien middle earth nonsense.

      1. Fuckin love all the comments from my fellow BG community members, when push comes to shove which we all hope will be shoved in a body grinder hopefully, we’re all sick as fuck but we can’t help it we got off on this shit

    2. This was part of the top 9 of 2018 (https://www.bestgore.com/beheading/nine-selected-best-gore-2018-hilarious-video-montage/)
      so footage from the original post was included in that video montage. Here is the link to original post:
      The original post includes the backstory so the woman’s husband chopped her up for stepping out on him, and it is her daughter making all that unbearably annoying noise in the background.

  1. That gasping is quite annoying. I know her hands have been cut off, and her face split in half, but does she really have to go on like that? And that other woman wailing away. Thank God I never married: women always find something to moan about, however trivial.

      1. There really are heterosexual men who can somehow struggle through life without a wife, and yet are not incels. I know that’s hard to believe, especially for women, but it’s true. It requires emotional independence, the ability to live without the constant emotional support of a spouse.

      1. We are unlikely to meet. I don’t know where you live, but I’m in England. Also, I don’t socialize. I don’t see the point in friendship. Friends expect you to live according to their image of you, which limits you. If you have no friends you can do whatever you want, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.
        A friend is someone who is useful to me (which usually involves giving me money). As soon as a friend stops being useful I drop him/her like a hot turd. At present I have one friend, an elderly retired academic. I hope to squeeze some money out of him before he dies.

          1. Whoa! I don’t mind if you kill me – it would be a mercy killing. But rape? No, no, no! My rectum is a one-way street marked “NO ENTRY.”
            In sexual matters I’m ultra-conservative: Fundamentalist Christians are liberal by comparison.

  2. I’ve heard of a Glasgow Smile and seen a few examples here on BG, but this takes the cake. I’d name this injury the “Edinburgh Face Space Displace and Replace” if I was the surgeon tasked with its repair. I do have empathy for this poor victim though, and wonder how she got involved in such a scenario……

  3. Therein lies the most epic deepthroat!! Bypass the mouth, and straight through the skull to the throat! The heavy gasping actions would surely contribute its own unique sensation, and definitely warm and wet!

  4. I dunno why she’s whining

    There are pros and cons here:

    Now she can look into her man’s eyes while she gives him head at the same time

    When at the movies, your lower face keeps falling into the popcorn bucket

    1. May she rest in pieces ..

      But .. think of the benefits :
      Instead of going to the dentist and sitting in that gay chair, you could just leave the bottom part of your face with him over the weekend, and pick it up Monday morning .. After you’ve got your little tar babies off to school, after they’ve watched Sesame Street ..

  5. Huh? If I reckon right, This one already existed somewhere on this site. About a husband doing a number on his alleged cheating wife. Cutting her Hands and Feet out all with their daugther witness the whole horror or something like that.

  6. I don’t understand why this video is being posted like it’s new in November 2019…. This video has been on this site for a long while. Doesn’t anyone here remember seeing this a while back I’m confused.

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  8. I’m a new member here and I remember seeing this some time ago. It’s as disturbing now as the first time I saw it. There’s nothing to joke or worth even making twisted and sick comments about. The woman laying on the floor at best is someones daughter. If it was your mother or daughter laying on that floor, would you want to see some of these comments?? Think before you speak. Day one stuff, folks.

  9. Seems pretty suitable for the crime. She took a facial from another scumbag so her other scumbag……well, gave her a facial.

    Cheating is typical behavior for split personality types. Way to go Fibblez! Give yourself a hand….wait…

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