Woman Breaks Her Kneecap At Home Months After Breaking It on Motorcycle

Woman Breaks Her Kneecap At Home Months After Breaking It on Motorcycle

In December of 2013, this Brazilian woman with cute feet crashed a motorcycle and fractured her femur and kneecap. It took her 6 months to recover from the injury. Now, after barely a few months of being able to walk again, she slipped on her dog’s pee, fell and hit a metal frame with the same kneecap she had broken less than a year ago, breaking it again. Only this time the break is horizontal. Before it was vertical.

You can see a scar over her knee from previous surgeries in the video. She said that even though she had recovered from the motorcycle crash, the kneecap injury took a toll on her ad she has not been able to bend her knee all the way. That limited her mobility and left her with a slight limp.

The gash she has just earned herself is nasty deep and oozed quite a bit of blood. You can tell from the tone of her voice that she’s beyond devastated by the injury. She begs God to help her.

Slipping on a dog pee sounds all kinds of funny, but this poor woman has few reasons to laugh. She’s back at the start of a long battle to recovery and even more uncertainty with regards to her future mobility. Those of us who have healthy knees don’t realize how challenging life becomes when one develops knee problems. Damn…

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      1. @elmaspison, are they thinking of knee replacements when you get older if it gets worse. my uncle finally had to get them in his fifties because it got so bad he had difficuly walking. He feels a lot better now, but there is still some pain. He had a lot of motor cycle wrecks. how did you get injured?

    1. my meds and low potassium make my knees hurt. I try to eat atleast five bananas away so that I don’t have to take potassium vitamins. she has pretty legs. I feel so sorry for her and the arthritis that is going to settle in those bones. I can’t imagine her pain. It is probably going to be stiff for the rest of her life. mine sometimes hurt bad enough to bring tears so considering hers is a thousand times worse I can’t imagine how bad hers is and will be in the future.

  1. I can totally feel this post. While I didn’t break my knee cap, it does take months to recover. You don’t realize how essentially your joints are, until they don’t work. Best of luck to her!
    Now…where’s that dog? >:)

    1. @itwasme this hits close to home to, my left knee is shit I get terrible knee pain when I walk or run for long distances I’m partially blind in my left eye and my left shoulder hurts like a motherfucker when I’m working, to make things worse I’ve been having lower back pain for quiet a while now and might also have testicular cancer. I do blame myself for causing most of these injuries there is nothing else to do but to keep my shit together and take the pain like a fucking man.

      1. @The Death of Me < 3, My left knee too. I won't even attempt to run for fear it'll go out on me, I'll take a tumble, and then injure something else. Pain meds do help, better living through pharmaceuticals. I'm so sorry to hear about your other medical issues! You must be pretty tough to be able to deal with them, best of luck to you!

      2. @ the death of me. I am so sorry about your pain and I hope doctors can help if you have testicular cancer. They were able to help my cousin’s husband. they removed ome testicle. He lives a normal life and he and my cousin just had a baby girl.

    2. my meds make all of my joints hurt. even the joints in my hands and fingers hurt. my knees hurt so bad sometimes…… on vacation I had to go up and down three flights of stairs a bunch of times. when I got home my legs were stiff. I felt like me knees rigoured and the rest of my body was still alive.

  2. I’m the queen of knee problems and it sucks! I was born with a defect in both knees where the ligaments usually run down the front of your legs, attach to the knee cap and run down the front of your legs.Mine attach to the knee cap and then run around to the back of my legs so if I put all my weight on one leg (leg stretch exercises) it tries to pull my knee cap around to the back of my legs.
    The first time I discovered the problem, I was doing leg stretches and next thing I’m on the floor in pain and my leg is triple in size and the pain was epic!!! Tore all the ligaments in my leg and dislocated and chipped the knee cap!

      1. @It was me, I too have my left knee screwed up,had surgery on it twice. I limp off and on depending on the weather. I live with the knowledge that my right knee could go out on me at any given moment but what the hell can I do but live life.

  3. All that blood, all that pain, all that therapy, could of easily been avoided with a pair of socks. Socks are your friends people. Especially if you own a dog who likes to pee on your tiled floors. Cute feet?

  4. If you look real close, you can see that she fucked up her knee again. Dang, l would never seek treatment there..Evah!!! Using a bat to fuck someones shit up is sending a message that youu might not wanna fuck with me, tell a true story

    1. @ taomon, I totally agree. That is always going to be a weak bone and I am sure that leg is fucked up for life. she will probably need a walking stick and be careful about how much pressure is applied to it. I hope she has someone to help her.

      1. I would have cried like a baby after having knee surgeries. I hate the pain I already have and if I had knee surgery I would be laying around, balling my eyes out and begging for pain medicine. I am sure you were a little depressed because the body can’t tell the difference between pain and sadness.

  5. i destroyed my knee a few years ago when i was into bmx. I now have metal and other crap inside my leg. on the bright side i got hydromorphone
    on the dark side i got addicted to hydromorphone.
    whatever it was fun.

  6. How did she reached her cellphone if she’s in alot of pain?… ๐Ÿ˜

    “Ohh i just injured myself with a potentialy crippling injury and im crying in pain… Quick! Grab the phone and film it! Fuck calling [insert emergency number]!” ๐Ÿ˜†

    1. It’s an auto response nowadays.It seems that from the digital age, a world full of prying, voyeuristic, phone grasping peeping toms has arisen. Can’t complain too much because we get to see it, but it is kind of worrying.

  7. Wow everyone has a lot of knee problems…mine just pop all the damn time as I’m walking. They don’t hurt or anything but my joints are always popping & I have no idea why. I know it’s stupid but I kinda want an injury to happen to me. Not life threatening but just enough to get me some pain meds. But that’s just the ex addict in me talking cause those meds would be life threatening.

      1. Now my knees kill me. Also I have a pain in my lower back (very low ) that shoots a pain down my leg. Doctors don’t give me pain meds and if they do they aren’t good. They don’t like to give me any pain meds because I am on so many psych drugs.

      1. well I went on my own for aqua therapy….all the surgeon would provide was injections in my kneecaps…but thankfully the therapy seemed to work for now…although every so often one or the other plays up

      1. lol
        well I smashed them up some years back when I fell in the shower…after that it was discovered that I have very fine bones that are thinning away on me….so basically im expecting to one day become my own version of ‘the blob’ …that boneless creature that attacked so many in that old horror flick….im hoping I will find my own steve McQueen to molest with my flesh…hah!! actually that sounds kinda gross…but oddly sexual in a way…..

          1. well I wasn’t really picking up soap in the shower…but we wont get into that ..heh

            im fine…actually now I wish I never brought it up…I don’t like people knowing how gimpy I can be…but really im fine…

        1. here they will only go for 2 replacements on one knee and since the replacements only last at most 10yrs…well I just have to wait till Im old and not too far from kickin the ole bucket….ahhhh I love the govt..such brilliancy

    1. @nybadguy..
      Been a dog lover since im very young.. i had a 5years old black labrador now w/c I raised since hes just 2months.. think its not the dog’s fault.. the owner ( the injured woman) did not trained her dog properly where to pee/poo..

        1. Boozer, my mum stole my sons little cat. I was thinking of getting her a little dog to get our cat back. There’s a little park I have to for the shops, there was often this gay guy who had this little black pug. He was really good fun and we always stopped and chatted, I told him I was thinking of getting a dog for my mum. His little black pug was so cute I used to tell him I was thinking of buying her a little black pug. He always looked paranoid like I was going to steal his little pug.

  8. My dad did the same thing before I was born. He smashed his knee cap in a car accident. He was going back to the hospital to have the plaster taken off and on the way out he slipped on the ice and broke it again. They had to remove it, we used to find it hysterical because he had one really knobly knee and one non existent one. But after a while he totally recovered and it didn’t seem to affect him at all.

  9. I know just how she feels. I’ve become permanently disabled because of my numerous injuries. I had a corkscrew fracture in my right-leg (tibia and fibula) accompanied by a sprained right-ankle when I was 7, a badly sprained right-knee when I was 11 and then I broke my right-ankle (in two places) at the age of 19. That was the last straw it seems, as I eventually became unable to walk and have had a diagnosis of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my right leg, which is a severe chronic pain condition that can’t be cured and can only be helped if it’s not at a too-late stage (and in my case, it IS too late). After that, there’s just pain relief that doesn’t cure pain, experimental treatments for pain relief or amputation (which is a last resort method that carries its own risks). The only pain relief that actually helps me is distraction; things to do, treats to enjoy, places to see, etcetera. That’s the only pain relief that helps me at all. But it’s hard to enjoy life when you’re crippled, autistic and almost completely friendless…

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