Woman on Bus Shot in Arm with Arrow Through Open Window

Woman on Bus Shot in Arm with Arrow Through Open Window

The bizarre just never quits in Brazil.

In Ananindeua – a city in the state of Parรก, northern Brazil, a woman was shot in the arm with an arrow while on a bus. The arrow, if I understood it right, flew in through an open window.

The young kid standing near her is apparently who fired the arrow. The woman reportedly went to hospital and is recovering well.

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  1. after all this shit i see here everyday happening in brazil, i don’t think this country is appropriate to host the 2016 olympics , should change it to argentina instead , the tropical weather and poverty combined are really messing them up.

    1. I went there for the world cup. I partied in 10 cities. Favelas and clubs. and i drove in every single city and highway. Meh. Nothing that i wouldnt fear were i live now. Argentina isnt any better. Arrows are used in usa and canada for hunting. So this shit is common here too. It has been since the bow and arrow was invented. Rednecks just started to post shit. So not big a catalog yet.

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  3. kid at our school disappeared one day. Next thing we heard, he had been “sent away” for shooting a ballbearing at a train with a dobber (dont ask me why we called catapults/slingshots “dobbers).
    The train track ran through a big park near us, and trains where at full speed as they passed through. bearing he shot shattered the train window and caused serious neck injury to a woman on the train. Poor lass is just riding on the train, then is suddenly hit in the throat with a steel bearing and glass from the window.
    I guess when you get on public transport, you just dont know what horrible little bastards are waiting to attack the bus or train – just to pass their time.
    On one particular estate in sheff, the kids are terrible for throwing stuff at buses that go by – or pressing the emegency engine stop button on the engine cover when the buses pull up at junctions.

    1. That’s shity for sure, I had a friend on time that road on public bus in the USA, she said there were a group of young niggers in the seat in front of her, when the bus stopped, one of those niglets turned around and slugged her in the face and ran off the bus like a chimpanzee in heat. I am guessing all public transport is gone to the animals now.

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    The thing survived……and no trophee he had…..
    Moral of this story is:
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  5. This country has lots of beautiful women but I have been there over 3 times and many many many crooks! They will rob you blind and take everything and put u in the street! I had 3 brazilians working for me in the USA and all three stole from me! They weren’t Jews but Catholics! Biggest hypocrites in the world! We will get a lot of info for bg during the olympics! What a waste of time and money! The rich plundered Brazil like Russia did in Sochi and the poor get fucked even more! Sounds about right but Brazil does it on a whole different level! I wouldn’t go and the people should watch out! You are literally paying to get fucked or killed

    1. Fuck Zionist/Jews, and LOVE the white Christians instead. There are tons of Jews in Brazil, and i am Happy that you got ripped off, as YOU JEWS continue to rip off the world, and deceive the populace, or at least try to, by changing your names. But, you will never fool me, you Big-Nosed Liar. Now Fuck The Fuck-Off, will ya, as you are NOT wanted here, with your pathetic try at your disinformation Campaign. A poor excuse of a Paid Shill, is what you are, lol!

  6. It must have been an accident? Because the youth got on the bus – to see if she was alright? Or to try get his arrow back? Either way he’s lucky he didn’t get lynched on the spot for this ‘accident’.

  7. She’s fine. It was likely the deepest she’s been penetrated in her life. She’s probably all gooey now. And such a young man, too! Go granny!

    As for the archer, don’t give him too much credit. That wasn’t exactly a hard target to hit. I’d be impressed if he stuck the lady to someone else with the arrow

  8. That arrow quite narrowly missed blinding the other commuter .
    Also in the way that arrow is held by the lady it appears she isn’t in any pain but she is with her usual composure unmoved & undisturbed .
    Thanks to her obeseness for taking it in her stride like a warrior

    Brazil is one Country with the strangest happenings 24×7.

  9. Tbh idk what’s worst Brazil or Syria. Like there’s a war in Syria but Brazil is having a mental issue war like are people there not smart enough to shoot an arrow towards a bus. Like maybe it was by mistake but damn Daniel can aim somewhere else.

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