Woman Cuts Her Ass Cheeks on a Ceramic Toilet Bowl

Probably a Pretty Decent Ass Otherwise

Brazil never fails to amaze me. Both out of control violence as well as some of the most ridiculous accidents make Brazil the goriest country in the world. Here we have a Brazilian woman who ended up with a major slice across her posterior that’s nothing short of mind-blowing. But it’s how she got it that makes her bizarre injury downright epic. She sliced her ass cheeks on a broken ceramic toilet seat.

As it turns out, the woman went to use public washroom but the bowl was so filthy (Brazil!), instead of sitting on it, she decided to stand on it and squat down to take a dump. What happened next is exactly what you think did.

Ceramic toilet bowls are not designed to withstand this type of spot pressure so as she stood on the rim trying to keep herself in balance, she must have moved all her body weight to just one foot and the bowl came down crumbling with the woman, whose pants were down by her ankles.

What a way to ruin a perfect dump. Since the woman didn’t hesitate to improvise around a filthy toilet bowl, we can assume that she really needed to take that dump. And then bum… Not only did she cut her back side while half naked in a filthy bathroom, she wasn’t even able to finish that dump and unload the accumulated compost material from her bowels. Talk about shitty day!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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39 thoughts on “Woman Cuts Her Ass Cheeks on a Ceramic Toilet Bowl”

  1. its the tank thats broken right? could have been worse… instead of her booty she could have sliced her spine area.

    thick chick… nice j-lo-esque carnival queen ass and thighs… she wont be doing the lambada no more.


    Anyeways, guys, I’m sure if you typed in “tits” on google, you could find plenty of them. Don’t go lookin here! 😛

    But, jesus, that is an imensely deep laceration…

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