Woman Headbutts Man on CCTV

Woman Headbutts Man on CCTV
Woman Headbutts Man on CCTV
Woman Headbutts Man on CCTV

CCTV footage shows a man standing at a countertop in a bar, in Glasgow, Scotland, next to a woman. They seem to be having a personal conversation when a blonde lady comes into view. She marches right up to the man at the counter and headbutts him right in the face.

He immediately starts bleeding. She swings at him some more and as he tries to block her blows and shove her away, he stumbles a little bit, she really got him good it seems like. The aggressor has all the winning hits in at this point, yet still manages to fall on her ass somehow.

Props to Best Gore member @agentforty7 and @sickjoke for the video and backstory:

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  1. Hahahaha – I lived in Glasgow for a year, par for the course this in certain parts.

    Literally a ‘Glasgow kiss’.

    Notice how they let him take a good few before intervening, and the woman in blue who he’d previously been having a nice chat to knew well to just let things transpire.

  2. This poor example of a man who not only cant produce children, but can’t secure his woman in such a way as to not have her beat his ass. (Not that I believe this Metrosexual sad bundle of deuchebaggery had the courage to subdue a woman in a peeaceful way.) This is why all the good white women and good black men are gone for all you racists out there. It is because you are pieces of shit and this is America. Dumbasses

  3. Stupid bitch, the guy barely nudges her and she falls over like a weak ass bitch she is. If the roles were reversed everyone in that bar would have jumped on the man within a second to stop any escalation.

    Hopefully she is sent to prison for a few years.

  4. That’s not regular bitch. No regular woman would choose to head butt that way. She definitely has some degree of training. Those straight and left/right hooks to the face. She was on a mission

  5. Women have and will always be crying about equal rights. If a man walked up to you and did this, I would say knocking his butt out with a solid haymaker would be entirely justifiable, and I reckon most would agree. Femal or not, violence is violence, and this idiot “woman” is lucky to be leaving having only knocking herself to the ground. She should be thanking her lucky stars shes still got all of her teeth. Theres your equal rights ladies.

      1. Not crying anything bro. Did you even read what I wrote, or do you have some sort of learning disability? I said that she should have gotten knocked the fuck out. As in eye for an eye. As Seraph would say, NO pussy pass. As in ‘equal’ and deserving the exact same retaliation if it was a man that hit me. If they want to be equals then it’s not only sometimes, so they can have their cake and it it, too. Is that spelled out easily enough for your feeble comprehension? If not, have your mother explain it to you.

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