Woman Keeps Getting in Man’s Face Until He Grabs Her by Hair and Stabs Her

Woman Keeps Getting in Mans Face Until He Grabs Her by Hair and Stabs Her

A chubby woman kept getting in a man’s face on a street and just wouldn’t give it a break. Even after she turned around as if she’s had enough, she just had to return and get back in his face.

She kept pushing it and pushing it, until the man snapped, grabbed her by the hair and stabbed her. Suddenly, there was no more of her nagging in his noggin.

I guess once it gets to the point whereby a thief just wouldn’t quit stealing, perhaps hitting him with a nail board could finally make him stop. Likewise, if a woman keeps getting in your face and just wouldn’t quit making your life hell, giving her a taste of blade in the throat may finally make her stop. You keep sowing the wind, you may reap the tempest.

I do not know where the video is from, nor whether the woman survived.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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223 thoughts on “Woman Keeps Getting in Man’s Face Until He Grabs Her by Hair and Stabs Her”

    1. Notice how all the women jumped up the second he put his hand on her ?
      They’re all sitting there , probably giggling at the fat bitch giving a man shit , and throw the pussy pass card at it as soon as she gets a bit back , typical fucking woman . No sympathy

    2. Sadly the world lost one of the few men who really knew how to treat a woman. Hugh Hefner died yesterday at the ripe old age of 91. They say it was from natural causes but my guess is that his heart gave out while pumping some hot 20 year old soon to be centerfold.
      When you have loads of money and the ability to make women famous age and cock size don’t really matter…it’s All about how you treat a lady…and Hef did it well.

          1. @Dan, I’m sure now that he’s gone all the secrets will come out and probably even a movie.
            To think…every Playboy centerfold that ended up in some guy’s locker or bedroom wall and the ones that every guy has Masterbated to… Hef fucked them all.

      1. @brokeback Hear,hear….guy was ahead of his time in some ways.definitly,undoubtedly left his mark on the world,and dare I say revolutionized sex,and opened the door to porn etc. in today’s world Playboy looks PG-13 compared to every and all shit there is TODAY,but at the time 60s-early 90s it was unique,amazing,and total class…as much as it can be with hot chicks bending over a pool table,or spread eagle on a Ferrari. Many others came along and jumped on his idea respectedly Larry Flint, Bob Guccione,etc… with harder edgier material, but he was the original. I may have to drop a load in his honor…even while looking at an old playboy I still have somewhere lol.
        As for his insanely cool life it was a business,and was not only boss,he was the king of pussyland….and typical irony he prolly had ED and lost interest in pussy. Perhaps if only Viagra were around in 80s he prolly would fucked til his dick fell off,or exploded like a hot dog in the microwave. nonetheless he seemed like humble old guy,who maybe made a deal with the devil,but stayed true to his vision/magazine and employees and fans.he could of had Facebook amounts of money but was more than happy with $50 milllion.

        1. @No Cuntry, Hef always ran the Playboy franchise with class and it was never considered a “dirty magazine”… although for some reason the pages of my August 1979 issue featuring Dorothy Stratten are mostly stuck together.

          1. Yea loved the 70s-early 80s babes with the feathered hair and beautiful big boobs+natural bodies with a bush.
            Think I was to young to fully understand my boner.
            Lest us not forget all the insanely hot centerfolds,college girls,playmates/of the year in later part of 2oth century…Carmen Electra,Victoria Silvstedt,Stacy Sanches,and hundreds more. Even Teri Weigel who went on to do XXX porn…and was a total nympho maniac.

          2. I have the same copy and some how my fingers kept getting stuck to the pages so I invested in a vibrator. Much better results and now no more sticky fingers haha

        2. I can remember first Playboy I ever saw. I was super young and out just after streetlights came on and it was cold and stormy and me and Brian found mag in bushes by ‘old man’s house on the corner’ and we began ripping the pages out and they immediately got scooped up and swept away by the wind. I got home and my dad said the police were out looking for kids looking at girlie magazines and did I know anything about it (wtf). anyhow aside from that lesson of a lie what I remember most about book was giant parody of King Kong. spent last hour trying to see if I could find issue ,and could not, as that would have been wild. had to be real late 70s-early 80s. thought for sure maybe it was Jessica Lange issue but can’t see she ever posed(should have she was so hot.)
          rip Hugh, true pioneer. you and Benny Hill taught me everything I know about sex lol

          1. @pigsonthewing, there were all kinds of hot women in the early 80’s… probably because that’s when I hit puberty so even a 5 looked like a 10 to me.

    1. @Young Bud
      A fat dampener. That’s funny. Did you know that the female Ring Necked FatBack, common to North America can safely absorb a puncture up to 30% of its own width without injury to internal organs while reaching a tentacle out to take your wallet?

        1. Goddam! That reminds me of this hipperpotamus that I once knew. She needed an injection to clear up some type of syphilis and gash herpes. Her vet…I mean Dr had to go up into her asshole to administer the injection from the inside. Her ass fat was just like you described but also had oozing lesions large enough to hide Easter eggs in them.
          I fucked her.

          1. Really, that’s the best you can come up with? A he/she. Thank you; that hurt..At least I have an actual pic up; no idea what you look like. Why don’t you put a pic of your self up, then I could have a laugh. Fuck You, Dirty Scumbag 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥

          2. No doubt @brokeback, she’s a cutie.
            Just so you know Cherry, @desp was not being an asshole to you. It takes a while for new members to figure out others sense of humor. Lately we’ve had an influx of asshole newbs who only want to make it all about them…its not just you. Welcome to BG.

      1. Some random parts, don’t know who is speaking but its not the agressor or the lady who was stabbed:
        “Woman(1) – Wait until he sees everyone is recording, everyone is recording, you see what will happen”
        “Woman(2) -No.I am not recording, I’m just doing something here (girl with the phone)”
        “Woman(1) -He has a switchblade”
        “Woman(3) -I saw. Its some sort of switchblade”
        “Woman(1) -What is this? Release her!!!”
        “Woman(1) – Stop this son!, stop this !(son is just an expression)”
        Screams and people running away…

    1. Google Translator: At the end of the afternoon of Monday (18), the crime happened in the Moselle district. Around 5:00 PM a man, whom I do not believe witnesses to the fact that his wife separated from him, stabbed his wife in the vicinity of St. Jude Thaddeus College. He hoped the ex-wife would leave her work in a local confection. Civilian policies are welcome to come quickly and believe in crime. A woman was boiled and healthy in the Fire Department, being taken to the Santa Teresa Hospital.

      Not being a mangina here, but a 43 second video doens’t say everything.

        1. I meant videos in general, not just this one.
          For example
          I don’t think this guy just decided to start kicking some random “hard working woman” and then got a bit of justice from a “hero”. What do you know about the people in this video to say there’s a hero in it? A true mangina would condemn me for my thoughts, don’t you think?

          I think there’s a problem with the comments on this site or i’m missing something, can’t post a link to the video i’m talking about.

          1. yes this video clearly shows land whale making and eating BOTHsandwiches prior to leaping onto cock carousel when she loses balance hitting every branch of monkey tree on way down to the depths of hell exactly where she belongs (I just hope she gave him back his paycheck first)

        1. A few people don’t discriminate blacks but they are afraid of going the same direction of a bunch of black dudes down the street. Racism in Brazil is huge, no one’s to blame though.

      1. It’s kinda nice to know who you interacting with that way you can get an idea so….
        @felipe.s are you north pole or you are south pole?

        Not that I gives a flying fuck it’s just that I don’t like to fuck around with equatorials!

        1. speaking of north pole wasn’t that you felipe that had that great picture of Brazil at Christmastime. was in some post when you and hindustan were having friendly India vs Brazil chat. it was city street pic with giant santa or angel. do you still have that?

    1. aha maybe it was because I wondered why he left bag he was carrying but he probably set on his bike till he finished whatever it was we didn’t get to see. maybe he said sorry and kissed her on lips

  1. Did she touch him? Maybe I missed her hitting him. Otherwise, we’re saying stab people for talking and that has far-reaching consequences for everybody’s freedom.
    She didn’t even appear completely out of control. I didn’t hear her yelling but it was hard to tell with all the other noise. Maybe she did. But if you think she deserved to be stabbed, you have issues.
    Genders reversed, I’d say the same. But you wouldn’t, would you?

      1. Hey, if a woman is hitting, hit her back. That’s fair. That’s equal. I don’t care. But stabbing a bitch for pissing you off with words is a problem. If he’s that off kilter, it would’ve just been someone else who he eventually snapped out on.

        1. Off course it’s fair. The world is already not a very cool place, at least for me. Just imagine if people would stab you in the neck because of some words (that is all you can see on the video without backinfo). Shit at this time i would have killed more than i can count with my fingers, this if i wasn’t killed . In fact she was his ex-girlfriend.

  2. This is what can happen when women think they can mouth off or whatever without thinking about the possible consequences. Who knows why the guy snapped like that? Maybe she told him she’d been fucking his best mate for three years, the youngest kid wasn’t his, and now she’s going to divorce him, take him to the financial cleaners and stop him seeing his other kids. When you corner a bear and continue to poke it, what do you think might happen? Well, there are some really crazy “bears” out there and some will act in an extreme way.

    Obviously I don’t know what the story is between the two of them and it might be nothing like what I mentioned above, but the point I’m making is that there are some really crazy motherfuckers out there who will turn nasty if poked once too often, and if they’re really bat-shit crazy you’re risking your own life just for the satisfaction of being able to run your mouth off. Do you really think it’s worth it? If you’re planning to totally destroy your man’s life do you not think that when he finds out he might just consider destroying yours first? I know I would.

    This post of mine isn’t about whether the guy is right or wrong, it merely makes the point that there are some nutters out there who WILL fuck you over badly if you turn on them.

    1. I can agree that some people snap and pushing them might be stupid. But, if this had been a woman who stabbed a man who was “in her face” – this whole thing would’ve been written differently and the comments would be calling for her death. That’s what’s annoying. Ahhhh! Okay, the screamed help. 😉

          1. Who is this new slut who comes here to bitch about shit and say have a great day to everybody when someone offends her dodgy self ? changing the profile image every now and then trying to prove so hard that she is real just like that slut poosy. I bet you are fake. Get a job you fake attention whore.

          2. @cherry3xo, my advice would be to keep changing your profile image as often as you want. Just don’t think you have to reply to every comment, even if they are totally wrong and you are right. You just look all butt hurt and weak. Then they keep on hitting you with more. They LOVE to get under your skin! Maybe watch and learn by what ‘they’ have to say (or DON’T say) to me after this comment.

  3. This man is a hero! Give him a medal.

    See you begging women? You still like to bitch and CUMplain? Thinking because you have a slice between your legs, is a pass to everything?

    Hope this will happen to you, so we can all crack up, you social media addicted scum.

    You have 200 pairs of shoes at home and put 10 layers of color on your face to hide your ugly shitface. Bahahahah.

    Feminism has destroyed you, and now you will pay. And all the whiteknights and emperors of manginas, too!!! Bahahahhahahahahahha

  4. I don’t care who it is, man or woman, getting in someone’s face(absent of physical violence) does not provide justification to initiate physical violence. She was almost certainly being uncivil and then he not only perpetuated the lack of civility, but he stepped it up. This has NOTHING to do with the whole idiotic notion that men shouldn’t hit women under no circumstance because the only one in this video who initiated physical violence was the man. That initiation of force is what puts him in the wrong. She only ran her piehole.

  5. “Likewise, if a woman keeps getting in your face and just wouldn’t quit making your life hell, giving her a taste of blade in the throat may finally make her stop. You keep sowing the wind, you may reap the tempest.”???? Who the fuck wrote this piece of garbage? What are you a muslim or maybe even a fucking nigger?

    Who the fuck writes shit like this? “giving her a taste of blade in the throat may finally make her stop”? A real man does not need to put a blade on the throat of any female, that’s what cowards do and apparently the idiot that wrote the intro for this video sounds like a fucking coward.

    Women are to be treated with respect, with dignity and love.
    People that write shit like what this idiot wrote belong in a hole with a bunch of men for the rest of their lives. With no pussy, ass or titis to play with, except with each others balls and cocks.

    Shut the fuck up! The Vulva Eater has spoken.

    1. if obli was still modding you would have been gone for that, you dont run the site so YOU shut the fuck up. mark is pretty laid back but i sure he will soon start getting rid of little cuck fuckers like you soon. if there was a vote to dump you from this site then count my vote already ! until you run a site then you get no say in the write up you cunt.

    2. I agree that promoting stabbing a person to shut them up is totally wrong but so is saying someone should be buried for what they write.
      While I do think the write up has a lot to do with dislike of women, the problem is more about handling words with violence.
      I’m cool with not being treated like princess; just don’t stab me for talking. Past that, I don’t need a man falling at my feet like I’m somehow better than him. Just treat me normally.

        1. Huh? Me? Yeah, free speech is fine. That’s why even though I think the write-up is wrong, Mark shouldn’t be condemned to a hole (whatever that means; death?) by vulva eater. This is getting weirdly meta. And even further, the actual write-up is about disabling free speech. My head hurts. lol

          1. first he disrespects the write up .. then his final line he tells mark to shut the fuck up. after all mark has gone through, the fights hes had, and he is still around keeping this place going ! some respect is what he deserves not this bitch cuck taking every single word of marks as literal. i hope mark gets rid of this piece of shit faggot on the disrespect part alone.

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