Woman with Mangled Legs and Crotch Barely Hangs on to Life

Woman with Mangled Legs and Crotch Barely Hangs on to Life

Hey guys, got a woman here who was brutalized in what must have been some sort of traffic accident. Don’t know what actually happened or where it happened, but usually when we see something like this, the victim is still on the road and DOS. Here, she has made it to the hospital, and she appears to still be holding onto life.

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    1. To be honest I’m sick & tired of all these sick jokes. I feel sorry for this women and would like to help. I can help in her reconstruction by donating one of my pocket pussies. Now please, can anyone donate a rubber ass and some plastic tits.

  1. There is no way I would care to survive that. This is a great advertisement for euthanasia. I cannot see much quality of life left after this and no more pussy to be pounded or any more orgasms. Just beg the doctors to let you die!

  2. Dragged and rolled around by a truck !? , certainly looks like that type of gruesome injury. That’s gunna be one hell of a tough task for the reconstructive / plastic surgeon to put right.
    I’m sure the thought of death must have been very appealing to this crumpled mess of what used to be a woman.

      1. Could be by the description in the write up. Credence is added to your theory by the fact that this happened in Canada, as the emergency services there are much more equipped to deal with an accident on this scale, as opposed to say Brazil, where this woman would no doubt have died on the road where she lay.

        1. Yep, Agreed. The hospital looked pretty, state of the art, and clean. That was one of the first things that i noticed. I,m not sure if she will survive such traumatizing injuries though πŸ™

      2. I found a follow-up story in which the cycle victim’s name is given, and her Facebook mentions the incident. However, her photos show lots of tattoos on both arms, so I don’t think this is the person from that story in Kelowna.

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  4. Yeah, i bet her last words to her boyfriend were “not that hard!” before losing consciousness… πŸ˜†

    Now seriously, judging from her skin, she seems to have lost too much blood already, im gonna take a wild guess that she didnt survived that one.

  5. I don’t think traffic accident… I think Jumper who landed on a low fence. Her femur is all the way up into her abdominal cavity as if she landed on her feet.

    In any event – that snatch is history. Tits are nice – she was young-ish… 30’s?

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