Woman Punished by Getting Her Hands Mashed with Hammer

Woman Punished by Getting Her Hands Mashed with Hammer

Woman Punished by Getting Her Hands Mashed with Hammer

I don’t have any backinfo about the video, but the language sounds Brazilian Portuguese to me. The video shows a woman being punished by getting her hands and fingers mashed with a hammer.

I presume the woman was caught stealing, as it’s common for thieves to be punished in the similar manner in Brazil. They fucked her hands up good with that tool. Considering how many fine bones there are in hands, she won’t be stealing anytime soon, nor doing much else for that matter.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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106 thoughts on “Woman Punished by Getting Her Hands Mashed with Hammer”

    1. I was in a convienance store and spotted two white teenage girls shoplifting sodas. They did not look poor.They walked out causually without paying.
      I told the clerk who acted like this goes on all the time. This happened in a conservative State. We could use of little moral education to hammer the idea that stealing is a crime.

  1. Jesus .. that was brutal
    You could see the hands puffing up already, those bones must be
    shatterred worse than William Shatner

    I read up on this.
    The guy that did it was MC Hammer.
    She laughed at his parachute pants, and touched THIS. (Can’t it seems).

    1. I am Brazilian and, first of all, sorry if the text has an error in English, I am not fluent in the language.
      So, the audio of the video is summarized in a man telling the woman to put his hands on the wood and she saying: “I’m putting it, I’m putting it…”. She was not swearing.

      1. I’m from Brazil, and I don’t really understand, why some talk like that about my country, I’ve lived for many years, and I’ve never witnessed any scene of violence, you’re just ignorant and can be easily manipulated by anything, Brazilians that appear in BG, are the portion of the population without access to education, but I’m sure that most Brazilians are better than you and many citizens of your country, Brazil is the best country in Latin America, if it had good politicians and a good education system, we could consider it as a country with a low level of violence and developed.

      1. For me, it kinda feels like 80% for Brazil.
        I guess I’ve heard “da Silva” and “2 men on a motorcycle” too many times.
        Can’t help but think of Brazil first whenever I hear “flip flops”, even though the Asians dominate those.

  2. Sooo…..I am not very sure this would be call “mercy” than “the usual”. I mean, they usually chopped fingers off, right? But since this is a woman, they probably thinking that smashing the hand instead of cutting it off would be better. But what’s the point of having a broken hands and not having one at all?

  3. Omg that sucks thieves get what they deserve here in Los Angeles, CA people steal all the time and cops won’t do anything unless if the stolen stuff was $945 and up homeless people steal stuff from stores and break into people’s cars its bullshit and the cops don’t care the thieves get away with it. LoL cops will arrest you if you have a hi capacity magazine but won’t go after thieves who steal on a daily basis LoL useless state government

  4. It’s not really that common in Brazil. That is probably drug/gang related stuff… She sounds really cooperative (“I’ll put my hands on the wood”) which indicates she knows she fucked up and the alternative is probably death.

    Also, she must be stoned because she is in pain but I expected much more howling.

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