Woman with Severe Forearm Injury Waits for Care in Hallway of Hospital

Woman with Severe Forearm Injury Waits for Care in Hallway of Hospital

In Nova Iguaçu – a municipality in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a woman with severe forearm injury walked to a hospital, but instead of receiving prompt attention, was left waiting in the hallway.

She filmed the video allegedly to lament the lacking emergency health care in Brazil.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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26 thoughts on “Woman with Severe Forearm Injury Waits for Care in Hallway of Hospital”

  1. It’s no big news for me, as the precarious situation of the public health system has been countless times revealed by the mainstream media here. Lack of funds for hospitals mean that often times people have to receive treatment on the corridor, and these corridors end up being ”transformed” in wards. Plus, the doctors are underpaid, so many are unmotivated and often times simply skip their shifts for days. You end up being forced to pay for a private health plan/insurer, and if you want a good one there goes a lot of money as even a bad one is considerably expensive, which means that in a sense you pay double since you also pay taxes. Goes without saying a lot of Brazilians, perhaps a majority of the population, are not able to have a private insurance.

      1. @dethbyplaster I have myself to be fair too and say that there are also good public hospitals here. I myself was treated by a viral disease quite well in a public clinic. My grandfather also had a good treatment when he got pneumonia and had to be interned, in fact he got better treatment than he would probably have had in the hospital provided by his cheap health insurer. But then again, like you pointed out things vary within cities and between regions in the US, it’s just the same here, and my grandfather lived in what could be considered a good part of the city and country. So, still you tend to get a better treatment if you directly pay for it.

  2. That’s a massive injury but it doesn’t appear to be bleeding much and she seems quite alert. Having said that healthcare is going back in time not forward and in my opinion by design. The useless eaters have to be culled.

  3. At first I thought it’s a blast injury. Looking closer, both arm long bones (radial and ulnar ) are broken. Looks like a vehicle injury where the arm was folded in about 6 inches from the hand.. That’s what would split the flesh right up through the heel of the hand. Welcome to free healthcare. Take a number and kiss your arm goodbye.

  4. Translation of what she’s saying:

    Woman: ” I arrive with a broken arm at the hospital and look at how I have to wait. This is Posse’s Hospital.”

    Nurse: “Guys, this can’t be left open like this. Hey, Gleice, look, this is all open here. It can’t be left in the open like this.”

    Gleice: “I know, I will get it bandaged, I’m waiting for the materials.”

    Woman: “This is how we’re treated in public hospitals.”

    Nurse: “Throw a diaper over it, it can’t stay exposed like this.”

    Gleice: “Did the diaper fall?”

    Someone: “Yeah, it fell.”

  5. Im proud to say that here in australia we have free health care and decent hospitals that dont charge you. I cant imagine not being seen quickly with a wound like that. The people need to oust those criminal polititions that take all the fucking money! ridiculous!

  6. Shit, this could just as easily be a hospital hallway here in America with the sheer number of Third World Spic, shit skin beaner vermin sneaking into our fading nation for a so called “better life” and ending up making life suck for all of us!

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