Woman Skewers Brain With Metal Plant Hook

X-Ray of Brain Penetration

This is Cathy. No, not Creampie Cathy. If you are after that type of content, please click an ad banner and enjoy your virginity.

This is Cathy Smith from Tennessee. Cathy enjoys the random melodies of wind chimes. Such simple pleasures probably annoy the neighbours but personally I’d go with wind chimes over gurgling meth lab any day.

In 2009, while standing on a small stepladder to hang chimes in front of her house, Cathy stumbled forward and landed eye first on a shepherd hook plant stand, impaling herself through her right eye socket and snagging her brain.

I can’t imagine the panic that would grip ahold of you once you realised what you had done to yourself. I think it would be very difficult to overcome the urge to yank it out. Good thing she didn’t though, it may well have been fatal.

Instead, after failing to raise the alarm while pinned to the earth by her eye, Cathy pulled the plant stand from the ground and walked to the neighbour’s. Apparently her stoic calm impressed everyone who encountered her that day, which goes to show there is still some merit to lobotomy research.

Quote of the story goes to the surgeon who removed the hook, Dr Todd Nickloes:

“I was amazed something that size could penetrate that far and not cause any damage.”

I wonder this myself all the time.

65 thoughts on “Woman Skewers Brain With Metal Plant Hook”

    1. “An X-Ray image……. what’s next???”
      It’s astonishing. There’s also flying machines now. Moving pictures that talk and pizza pie delivered right to your hut.

  1. Some people get hooked on booze, some on drugs, others get hooked on plant stands, that?s life.

    That doctor?s quote though, ?I was amazed something that size could penetrate that far and not cause any damage.?

    Yes, anyone who has ever seen a John Holmes movie has pondered that question before.

  2. It’s very hard to not yank things that stab you out. ….our elders are way tougher and smarter than we will ever be….we are so spoiled with cool air and pain medicines lol this is why we would not survive another ww3 we are too rotten and panic at the sight of blood you really think we could fight a war with no power….internet. …air condition?? Haha not a chance!!!! Let alone welfare and food stamps would stop….we would start eating each other after the drugs and beer runs out….

    1. Neverland is actually heaven…and peter pan comes gets the kids that has died on earth and helps them cross over to neverland and that’s why they never grow old because they died as kids… kinda sad now huh?? Sweet yet terrifying at the same time…those poor kids remember and misses their parents everynight that’s why they cry and never sleep……

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