Woman Stabbed in Head and Chest by Ex Husband in Argentina

Woman Stabbed in Head and Chest by Ex Husband in Argentina

A woman from Necochea, Buenos Aires, Argentina named Marta Ofelia Ganín was stabbed in her head and chest by her ex-husband Alfredo Cayetano Tornabere who also beat her up. They were divorced, but continued to live together in the same house. The beating was interrupted by their neighbor who overheard the screams and showed up to interfere. In the video you can hear the woman saying that her hand hurts – that’s because Tornabere broke her wrist.

Later in the video the ex-husband is seen arguing with the police, saying that he has no knife. To make a point, the ex-husband readily insults the cops. When asked by the cameraman why he attacked his ex-wife he replied:

If I have to clean the planet Earth, I’ll do it myself. Judges, lawyers and armies are going to disappear, because armies are the worst. The only generals are the ones riding horses.

Props to Best Gore member Burdada for the video.

Transcript and Translation

Props to Best Gore member shorosky for writing up a transcript of the dialogue in the video and translating it for us who don’t speak Spanish. Much appreciated:

Cámara: – Anin: Estése tranquila, estese tranquila, no se mueva, ya viene la ambulancia.
Le enseña la mano.
Cámara: – Pero no es un corte, estese tranquila.
Señora:- ¿Por qué me duele tanto?
Cámara: – Le duele porque tiene golpes.Estese tranquila señora.

Hablan por el walkie talkie.
– ¿No tenéis el teléfono de David?

Se dirigen hacia el señor, se levanta la camiseta y dice:
Señor:- ¡Donde tengo el cuchillo!
Policía:- Le estoy preguntando ¿Dónde está el cuchillo?
Señor:- Pues id a buscarlo a la cuchillería! Vienen acá a preguntarme por el cuchillo, esto y lo otro, tengo una ametralladora también, de la 2ª guerra mundial, ¡Pelotudo!

Dice el señor:
Señor:- Si yo tengo que arreglar el pan en esta tierra ya lo voy a arreglar yo, y que se terminen los coches, abogados y los ejércitos. Los ejércitos y los generales son los peores que hay. Los únicos generales son los que andaban a caballo. Pero estos de ahora como Perón y estos otros son una manga de cornudos. Ahora vienen 20000 millones en milico gastando…

Cámara: – ¿pero qué le paso a ella? Yo pregunto por que no sé chico… no sé. ¿Se calló contra el piso, o se golpeó o qué pasó?

Señor:- Mire, acá si tengo que arreglar esta tierra, esta tontería de milicos hay que sacarlos a todos porque son todos meros sinvergüenzas.
Cámara: – Pero le pregunto por la señora.
Señor:- Nooo no me pregunte nada.
Cámara: – Está bien, está bien, está bien.
Señor:- A mí no me pregunte nada.

Se llevan al señor detenido…

Enfocan a la señora:
Cámara: – Ya intentamos comunicarnos con el hijo, está en Valplaza
Chica:- ¿Habéis comunicado?
Cámara: – No, el muchacho…

Se oye la ambulancia.
Cámara: – Ahí viene la ambulancia.
Cámara: – Tiene un corte profundo en la cabeza.

Hablan mientras la encamillan.
Cámara: – La cabeza, la cabeza..

English language translation:

Cameraman: – Anin. Be calm, be calm. Don’t move, the ambulance is coming.
The woman shows her hand.
Cameraman: – It isn’t a cut. Be calm.
Woman: – Why does it hurt so bad?
Cameraman: – It hurts, because it was hit. Be calm, madam.

They talk on walkie talkie.
Don’t you have David’s phone number?

The camera man goes to the old man. The old man pulls his shirt up and says:
Ex husband: – Where have I the knife?!
Policeman: – I am asking you where is the knife?
Ex husband: – Go look for it in the knife shop! You come here to ask me about the knife, this and that, I have a machine gun too, from the second world war, pelotudo! (it is similar to asshole in Argentine)

The cameraman speaks to ex husband:
Ex husband: – If I have to fix the bread in this terrain, it will be me who fixes it. What also needs to be finished are the cars, the lawyers, and the army. The army and the generals are the worst. The only generals that exist are those who ride onhorse. But the new generals, like Perón or the like are a bunch of cuckolds. Now they are spending 20,000 million for milicos… (milico is an offensive word used to name the military).

Cameraman: – But I am asking you about the Mrs.
Ex husband: – Nooo, don’t ask me anything!
Cameraman: – It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok.
Ex husband: – Don’t ask me anything.

The police arrest ex husband.

Camera man go to the woman.
Cameraman: – We have tried to talk with your son, he is in Valplaza (I can’t hear the name exactly, it sound similar to Valplaza)
The woman: – Have you communicated?
Cameraman: – No, the guy…

The sound of ambulance appears.
Cameraman: – The ambulance is coming.
Cameraman: – She has a deep cut in her head.

They talk while they put her on the stretcher.
– The head, the head…

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          1. She probably broke her wrist giving him a good old fashioned biff on the nose trying to protect herself. Wish her wrist hadn’t broken so she could have administered a few more.

  1. That’s why police deal with people a certain way because it doesn’t matter if you have snow on the mountains you could still be a deadly person. Especially when you have no teeth Shasha Shasha Shasha Shasha shush! Ha ha

  2. Not sure about South/Latin America, but if this happened in North America (Specially Canada, United States) I would guess she cheated, they Divorced. The man got taken to the cleaners in court (Despite not doing anything wrong) lost the right to his kids, his house, his vehicle, his wage etc. Basically, 90% of Divorce in the Western World.

    At some point, when you get wronged like that you just snap.

    This case just seems like the Husband was a crazy lunatic.

  3. The cops handle that guy with such gentleness and respect. The way he beat her so severely, if I was a cop I”d definitely give him a taste of his own medicine! Even being a female I don’t think he would be so pretty by the time I gave him the beating he so rightfully deserves!!!

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