Work Accident – Hand Brutally Crushed by Hydraulic Press

Work Accident - Hand Brutally Crushed by Hydraulic Press

This video has the power to make you feel really uncomfortable. After all the death and injuries we get to see through Best Gore, this is the most sorry I have felt for someone. Hydraulic press is a mean ass motherfucking piece of heavy machinery. It can crush metal so when a hand of a fragile human gets caught in it, the result is a complete and utter destruction of the tissue.

Just imagine for one minute the horror you would be going through if you saw your hand caught in a machine that won’t stop pressing until everything that’s between the plates is pancaked. Every last bit of a bone would be crashed unrecoverably. It’s one of those moments during which when you reach the point of complete pain, it’s still not over. Hydraulic press won’t just crush your bones, it will crush the living beejesus out of them.

Obviously the safety mechanism that requires the hydraulic press operator to use both hands in order to activate the press so your hand doesn’t get caught in it by accident was not in place. The outcome of such accident is clear – loss of hand. It would be the same outcome as having the hand accidentally cut off with a circular saw and have a wild dog eat the spare part, but seeing hanging flash like in this video, I’d rather end up having the hand cut off than crushed to shit. Painful video, happened in Manaus, Brazil. Guy’s name is Francisco Alex. He’s fully conscious and well aware of what had just happened to him. His weeping makes the video so much more painful.

A company that doesn’t care for their worker’s safety probably doesn’t pay all that much either. This man has his life changed forever and by possibly doing the minimum wage job. I hope he was not a lefty :S

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33 thoughts on “Work Accident – Hand Brutally Crushed by Hydraulic Press”

  1. Its not so bad……as i tug the collar of my shirt to the side and say “yulllll” It looks like hes holding a newspaper bouqet covered in blood. Im sure he’ll be well compensated. As long as he’s not in Bra……never mind

  2. If you wonder about how much this guy will receive I can give you some directions, as a brazilian lawyer. The company will cover all medical bill plus a compensatory amount, based on the company’s size but no more than $50k, that still a respectable amount for brazilian standarts (as reference, it is probably 4 years of this guy’s salary). Also, he will receive money from the govern as a “insurance” during the recovery period (same as his salary). If the injury is permanent (like this case) and he is unable to work after the full recovery, he will receive a retirement status at the social welfare.

  3. Might be the old style presses down there without the safety. I worked at a shop here in the states back in the early 70’s and ran a press and a sheer that had no safety system, you really had to be careful and pay attention to what you were doing.

    1. @phil I work at a shop like that right now. I am a machinist, and some of their boring mills date back to the 1860’s when they would have been driven by either steam engine or water wheel, and this place has safety standards from the same time. Getting pulled into a machine is a real concern if you’re not careful, but I REALLY feel for the guys that run the presses and shears, from the same era. They’ve got a couple presses that will form a 18 foot wide by 8 inch thick slab of steel, I don’t like even walking past those machines when they’re in use.

  4. Wow. It seems like the worst places for brutal gore are the 2nd world countries like Brazil and Mexico. Possibly 3rd world countries have worse stuff, but not enough cell phone-equipped gawking bystanders to video it. Touch luck about that hand 🙁

  5. I don’t think I’m desensitized enough. Watching and hearing (especially hearing) that made my heart hurt. Watching a guy be killed brutally, not so much. Because that guy doesn’t have to wake up in the morning with memories, and the pain. Damn.

  6. Why the hell he was not using a two hand safety control mechanism to operate the machine ?
    even if the machine is old, you can still make a safety mechanism to operate it, now his hand will cost the company 100k and the government should pay his salary for the rest of his life.

  7. Goddamn. That is just brutal as fuck. I mean that’s some serious fucking shit. Can you imagine it? It slowly crushed his hand…smaller and smaller, flatter and flatter. It turned his hand into just bloody strings. Feel really bad for that dude. Hope he recovered alright.

  8. Poor bastard, Probably had to get that shit amputated and probably couldn’t work there any more or if he did he wouldn’t really be able to do much. Shit like this is scary, especially if you work in an industrial type environment.

  9. I am a machinist (hence the name). I work with equipment that could chew me up and spit me out in amoeba-form. Luckily, after 13 years, I still have all my digits.

    Scars? Oh, yeah.

    I truly feel for this dude, but due to the whining he musta been menstruating. Man up, homie!

    1. I dunno man, his body would be in shock and I doubt he’s really all there. I also work with dangerous equipment and I’d be fucking freaking at the shock of loosing digits. The fun me and this hand have had, I reckon I’d be crying like a newborn.

      1. I work in an iron fab shop…my part specializes in the power tools,and welding….I’m a chick yes,but I KNOW i’d cry like a baby if anything like that happened to me.Probably laugh at how ridiculous I sounded later,yes….but in the moment it’d be niagra falls lol

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