Workplace Accident Photos – Nasty

Workplace Accident Photos - Nasty

Remember photos of THIS workplace accident? Do you notice one strikingly shocking similarity between that set of photos and pictures in this post? As if dying performing your workplace duties weren’t bad enough, if you spend the last moments of life posed up like a whore waiting to take it in the ass, you know your lucky fairy took a day fucking off on you.

I don’t know what exactly happened there, but it is possible that those poles that you can see rested by the forklift, slid off the truck and rolled over the unlucky worker. He may have been loosening the straps that held the poles in place, judging by one of them laying over his upper body, which then came crushing down with the man in their way. Truly a sad way to die.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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37 thoughts on “Workplace Accident Photos – Nasty”

  1. I think it’s good to see work accident photos, despite the poor dude crushed to death that was probably getting minimum wage, every now and then being that it makes you think twice before you stop thinking about your surroundings while working.

  2. He is management material – you can tell by the keys secured to his jeans, the bluetooth headset, the new high quality workshoes, the authoritative and confident way he unlatches the load of…uh…um…oh, shit. Never mind.

  3. I’ll bet the fork lift was standing there waiting for the straps to be removed so he could pick them up. Then the load shifted on the driver and killed him. The fork lift prevented the rolls from rolling away further. Thats just a guess of course.

    F’ed up is right! You never know when your time will come or how?

  4. it looks like he got tangled in the straps & fell on his ass as the pipes from the forklift slid off & crushed him!

    Parts of this comment have been removed due to the use of stupidly childish spelling (ur instead of your).

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