Young Female Thief Unhappy with Getting Both Palms Shot as Punishment

Young Female Thief Unhappy with Getting Both Palms Shot as Punishment

Young Female Thief Unhappy with Getting Both Palms Shot as Punishment

In otherwise strongly pussy whipped Brazil, favela vigilantes made an exception and applied a dose of equality to a female thief’s palm. The young thief in flip flops acts unhappy when faced with the prospect of having to take the punishment, and reacts rather violently to the gunshots.

Got to love how she put on the rosary to distract from her thieving intentions and make herself look like a devout church-goer. No pussy pass for this one.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

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180 thoughts on “Young Female Thief Unhappy with Getting Both Palms Shot as Punishment”

    1. Oh She’ll Adapt Quickly, i,m sure.

      #1- Cause She will Now be able to do Magic Tricks Downtown, by making Coins,
      Disappear in front of Unsuspecting People just like A Good Gypsy.

      #2- Or,,, She will Now be Able to Give 2,,, “TWO” Hand-Jobs at a Time now with relative Ease.

      #3- Or,,, (My Favorite),,, For an Extra 50 Cents, she can give One Guy At A Time, A Real Heavenly-Thrill,,, By Putting His Cock Through Both Holes,,, And Then,,, Quickly Slapping Her Hands Together in Maximum Overdrive.

      Fuck,,, I,m Gives Her And Extra Whole Buck For Dat,,,
      Fuck-Yea Good Bang For Your Buck,
      Getting To Try That Double Tap-Clap! 🙂

      It Will Beat Fucking My 50 Pound, Teddy Bear,
      Called Crusty,, And His 52 Year-Old Hole hole.

      Cause Hell,,,, After Experiencing A Hand-Job From Somebody
      Wearing A Rosary, & Having 1 Hole In Each Palm,,, 🙁
      Cathy Just Might Help Me Drag-Em, (Stinky),,,
      Outside, & Finally Kick Him To The Curb 😉

        1. @eraserhead-2

          Yea,,, hopefully she does learn from-it. Cause no matter if it,s a Boy, or a Girl,,, I Honestly cannot help feeling somewhat Bad for them, especially When they are so young, and just starting out in life.

          And if the theft was related to a Food Item Being Taken/Stolen, for themselves or their Family,,, then my Heart Aches Even More, having a week spot for the Poor, and The Downtrodden.

          Furthermore,,, i wonder what kind of permanent nerve damage is caused by such a brutal punishment, and if they would have both hands being severely limited, or completely disabled from it! 🙁

          1. @wtfdma868tj

            Whaddayamean Blah, Blah, Blah, ???

            You must be Jewish, cause they “Do Not Care” About The Downtrodden,,, as most of “US” On Here Do. They Create Their Downfall, and current situations keeping Da-Coin For Themselves just Like Ford, That Fat-Cunt, 🙁

        1. Yea I mean, it didn’t look like they were very careful in the shot placement.

          Poor slut. I would have just bended her over a tree stump for her punishment.

          Since she seemed like a dyke, a cock punishment probably would have done things.

          I would have let her keep her hands. She might have to use them on me sometime.

          1. @coffindodger

            Bend-Er Over on a Tree stump, lol, and feed her the sausage, lol dude. That would probably have going right back out to thieve again looking for more punishment bro, ha, ha!

            Hey Me Gots An Idea,,, if we both Tag-Teamed her she would be so thankful that she could go out and steal shit for us by day,,, and we could Jamb-Slam the little cunt by Night with enough Coin to buy us some B & B,,, Blunts, & Bear,, brother! 🙂

    1. Because a hair style can tell you everything you need to know about one’s sexual orientation?

      That must mean you’re a 4th grader, right?
      Because your grammar is on par with one.

      But see, I know better.
      By using basic logic and the slightest amount of human intelligence, one can surmise that you are, indeed, older than a 4th grader.

          1. Don’t be butthurt, Kuraido.
            It’s normal that nobody likes you. That’s what happens when your breath smells like a year old litter box and you have no common sense.

  1. She denies, blames a guy and immediately try to bribe them. He points it out and says she has been shot in the past and also stabbed for stealing. You didn’t die (we didn’t kill you) and now you gonna be shot again! than she clearly admits it. I guess this is why she took in both hands, but you could still consider it a pussypass

  2. Well Mark Absolutely *NO PUSSY-PASS* For That He/She Looking Girl this time around. And let me tell you Brother,,,It,s About Fucking Time Man. 🙂

    Cause that Is Something that both Cathy And I Are Strong Supporters Of. Equal Punishments For Male, Female, Tranny,s,,, or The Ones That Are In The /”What The Fuck” Category. And that Means Not Only Street Justice, But Especially In The Public Legal Courts. 100% Equal Sentences Male, or Female. Kids, or Not,,, Crying Or Not,,, Good-Looking, With Full Bodied Tight Outfit Wearing,,, Camel-Toe-Sporting,,, Meat-Packing,,, or Not! 😉

      1. Yea,,, True Enough Brother. A Sad Truth, that we unfortunately have to “STILL” Live With Today!

        I Am using my Laptop, after purchasing a new battery for it 2 days ago. All i have to do is to get Cathy to upload, and install my new G-Mail on it, as i was able to send only 2 messages with it in the last 3 week, both being to @hopingfornemesis who his messages came in with no problems whatsoever, when my Wife Cathy,s, and others Like Marks, and many others just kept bouncing back. 🙁

        So i should be able once done to resume our previous chat, and hopefully plan something for this winter, taking into consideration, that we are also beginning to look at our annual Cuban Trip that we have missed for the last 2 years cause of my Surgeries, and just overall failing health problems.

        But, rest assured that we WILL Talk Soon, and At Your Convenience if it is something that You, And Yours Would Still Like To Entertain. I Know that We Would Brother, being that Australia has always been along With Africa, 2 Countries on our Must See Bucket List.

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        So, when we E-Mail each other,,, I Will also give You Our Home Phone Number so We, And Our Wives can chat About It in Person , and Set Things-Up, Since we have Worldwide Paid Phone Service, because of Cathy,s Work.

        Dre. 🙂

          1. Oh please don’t tell me he got into the lead paint chips again… if he goes out for a walk tonight, I just hope he wears his helmet, elbow and knee pads. Also stay away from the old creep that whistles while he talks.

  3. when faced with or confronted with impending violence and it is inevitable, it is remarkable how quickly the female adopts very childlike behaviours. They rarely accept the violence that is to come with a poker face but seem to revert to a toddler’esque persona.

  4. I am so happy they are starting to treat women with the same respect as men in that country. My main concern for those people is sexism, so hopefuly we’ll soon see a woman set on fire … equality for women!

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