Young Female Thief Unhappy with Getting Both Palms Shot as Punishment

Young Female Thief Unhappy with Getting Both Palms Shot as Punishment

Young Female Thief Unhappy with Getting Both Palms Shot as Punishment

In otherwise strongly pussy whipped Brazil, favela vigilantes made an exception and applied a dose of equality to a female thief’s palm. The young thief in flip flops acts unhappy when faced with the prospect of having to take the punishment, and reacts rather violently to the gunshots.

Got to love how she put on the rosary to distract from her thieving intentions and make herself look like a devout church-goer. No pussy pass for this one.

Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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174 thoughts on “Young Female Thief Unhappy with Getting Both Palms Shot as Punishment”

    1. Not as disgusting as the scum who shot her. Does anyone here actually know any actual facts other than the accusation she’s a thief?

      Let’s say she did in fact steal from these CRIMINALS (who no doubt in my mind are guilty of far more aggregious actions than stealing) Everyone justifying it- you’ve never stolen a godamn thing in your lives? Right.

      Scary to think of any of you serving on a jury.

      1. Trust me, i don’t justify this brutality either.
        Just 4 to 6 strong slaps and she would learn lesson. No need to make cripple of anyone and this people suck for shooting in girls hands but, that’s Brazil and nobody can do nothing about it: The system is corrupted to the core. Mexico is same..
        The point is, people dealing alone with crime and last thing they have is brutality. That’s just fact, not what i love to see.

        However, this is just beginning of violence against females.
        -Anti male laws favor only female: Fruits of that will shine more often in future. Expect brutality.

  1. Human garbage punishing a thief? Are they drug traffickers? Bullying and taking advantage of locals who are poor and desperate? I really doubt this girl or any of the other victims you see these scumbags doing this to can actually claim moral high ground. She’s likely an angel in comparison. I believe I know the score here. Fuck them.

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