Young Girl Bleeds from Crotch After Some Explosions in Chile

Young Girl Bleeds from Crotch After Some Explosions in Chile

Young Girl Bleeds from Crotch After Some Explosions in Chile

This happened in Chile a couple of days ago. Unfortunately I have no backinfo whatsoever about what’s really going on in the video, so I can only speculate.

It seems as if a scene from a protest, or a celebration of sorts. Explosions can be heard, but I have no idea if it’s the cops using tear gas or flash bang type hardware, or someone is setting off firecrackers or fireworks.

Either way out of the blue, a young girl is shown bleeding from her crotch. Apparently something flew off a hit her right in the receptacle for Chad’s and Tyrone’s semen.

Does anybody know what exactly is going on here?

Props to Best Gore member @tetanus for the video:

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117 thoughts on “Young Girl Bleeds from Crotch After Some Explosions in Chile”

  1. Huge protests going on down there from the government hiking rates on certain things. It’s ongoing there. Chili is a wealthy country by South American standards with a high amount of income inequality (sound familiar?) She must’ve got punched in the twat with a rubber bullet or shotgun bean bag.

          1. Lol, i forgot about the bumhole, you need imagination to do this porn stuff..when i was a kid porn was very hard to come by (excuse the pun)
            Now what we called porn is called advertising, women are walking aroung in their tightest tighties and what was meant for the bedroom is out on the street. It’s nice but for some reason i also find it annoying and i don’t know why.
            It maybe that at 6 in the morning on my way to work and already there’s some girl walking around in leggings so tight her ass is visible i just think to myself, for goodness sake it’s too early for your attention seeking. Put your bum away young lady.

          2. Vile:
            Yes, it’s amazing how many young women are on their way from/to a yoga class. Why else would they be walking around town in skin-tight yoga pants that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination?
            Actually, I know why. It’s called the Whore Instinct. Young women cannot resist putting the goods on display. However, although they dress and behave like whores, they want to be treated like the Virgin Mary. That’s how it has always been, and how it always will be.

          3. @swordofthelord I realised some time ago that they dress to show of all the goods but we’re not supposed to notice, i also realised that doesn’t make any sense but we’re dealing with females here. the less you show you notice the more comfortable they feel so the more they show. ..until you reach the point of no return and that fanny is squirting juice all over the place..or over your face, leave it on, rub it in and savour that smell all day

    1. Oh fuck this shit .. Every Mole has her period.

      This time I’m Fuckin’ serious
      If she bleeds too much .. she’s fuckin’ delerious

      But .. If she should choose to piss ..
      It could end up as a ‘Rainbow Kiss’

      Now that’s either thoughtful,
      Or fuckin’ thoughtless !

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    1. Hey Mikey, i know you get this brain freeze when they ask to to think of a profile name but “Mikey” ?
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      Suggestions anyone?
      Mikey’s suffering from brain freeze

      1. Here are a few of the names I considered for myself:
        There were many others, but those are the ones that spring to mind. In the end I opted for something classier: the divine punishment that awaits us all.

        1. Nice. Was Dogs vomit taken? I seem to remember it from somewhere. i also like Pileofshit, it couls also be pileofshot or pileofshat whcih is a nice variation on a theme. i thought of “Uptonogood” or scarface or scarhead among others like niggerfucker or cuntface or just plain cunt.

          1. @illegalsmile55 ahh, i jus checked and it was actually today , i have been drunk most of the night and i have no idea what i deleted. I thought i was having a thai massage most of this evening but i must have posted something…this is actually quite annoying

  2. I have a drunken theory that it was neither shrapnel nor rubbers nor that famous “time of the month” even……………….

    Hehe, I’d bet she was preggos and the fetus was getting sick of it’s activist mom’s bullshit -all those explosions and the baby’s like “fuck this bitch and her buuullshit”

    Probably wasn’t that difficult to exit the mineshaft after all the chick’s CC riding! Heho!

  3. Kind of surprising that she didn’t drop and lose her phone after such a jolting strike to her private area… but absolutely shocking that she decides then and there to update her FB status. Those crazy Generation Z’ers!

      1. Maybe she was going to or checking her AOL calendar to verify she should have worn ‘protection’ that morning. ‘You can tell-by the smell-she’s not feeling very well-at the end of-the month of-July!’ [In the style of The Marine’s Hymn]

      2. Spot on ‘ @vileness
        They can’t even converse verbally face to face for more than 13 seconds without glancing at their mobile.
        Also if you try to Call them they Either refuse to answer, or if they do they’ll immediately say they ARE Too Busy’ to talk.
        But they WILL be glad to Waste*Half an Hour or more Texting you before they can even answer a few simple questions , that would have only taken one minute of speaking!!
        And then they go back to Arguing with Strangers on the interwebZ*

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  4. About this particular event, students in Santiago (Chile) were protesting against the rise of subway rates. Wanted to know what hit her? A guy in the video says an “arrow” hit her… I’d like to know the Chilean definition of an arrow…

  5. Yo soy de Chile y ese vídeo está en todas las redes sociales, en Chile nos suben las tarifas de ciertas cosas que pagamos habitualmente y nosotros nos cansamos de que el presidente hiciera eso entonces todo Chile decidió protestar contra el presidente y esto consiste en destrozar los metros, a la chica no le dispararon en el entrepierna le dispararon en la pierna izquierda con perdigones que disparaban los carabineros de chile, los perdigones son bolitas de metal pequeñas pero dañinas, la chica se encuentra bien y dice que sigamos protestando

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