Young Girl Keeps Bashing Her Head Against Wall Until It’s Bloody Mess

Young Girl Keeps Bashing Her Head Against Wall Until Its Bloody Mess

In what sounds like a Spanish speaking country (or the US of A), a young girl was filmed on a vertical video repeatedly bashing her head against a wall. The wall got sprayed with quite a bit of blood from all the bashing.

Eventually, some passers-by got the girl to stop smashing her face, but by that time her face was a bloody mess.

I have no idea what possessed the girl to do that. High on drugs, perhaps?


Apparently this happened in Cancun, Mexico.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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218 thoughts on “Young Girl Keeps Bashing Her Head Against Wall Until It’s Bloody Mess”

          1. this wasnt caused by k2…i used to smoke that shit like weed [assuming you mean k2 like spice] and i never felt the urge to do this lol

      1. @brokeback and @n1ne And what about the mfugly woman in maxi??? The cameraman totally ignored the “victim” and shot that maxi-woman to the best. Her face is passable, pussy’s transplantable, tatas are grasppable, and ass is tappable………! 😉

    1. I cant even imagine the will power it would take to continue to beat your head on a wall after all that blood is pouring out, if she doesn’t have brain damage and a cracked skull then there really is a demon in there.

          1. Karma dear lady,
            Jesus loves you and knows you. Even though you may not believe in Him, He believes in you.
            Hope you come back to God one day.

          2. If he’s there, then we’ll all obviously come back to him at some point. If he’s not, I’d regret all the premarital sex and the life I have without children of my own in it that I would miss out on (that part about no children is a nod to abortion…)

          1. I had a pale stranger once, but that was because I sat on my hand WAY too long before I “got busy”. Tell me, did you hear Jesus weeping the other evening? I’ve heard that he cries for both the sinners who succumb to lust and lost babies who never got to taste life.

          1. According to the Bible, Jesus took some lashings before he was crucified. Suffering he endured, all for the salvation of man. So I must disagree. Lashing is exactly what the Good doctor ordered

          1. I’m a girl! And the video was disturbing. Wish they would have gotten some close ups of her face. When they wiped her face off, it didn’t look bad.

            I can never imagine banging my head against a wall like that.

            And she did look like a cute girl. Sad.

          1. Im glad you wouldn’t bash your head against the wall, I don’t want you to hurt your pretty little head.
            I didn’t like seeing that pretty girl do that to herself either. …

          1. Seeing as “schnozz” is a slang term for nose in some places, I always thought schnozz berries were boogers, so it was a witty reference to the fact that some kids eat boogers. That’s my best guess.

    1. El Agujero de Gloria!
      Fuck, I don’t know. Is that close to glory hole? I don’t speak speak Spanish and my translation app might not either.

  1. Hot girl just made pulp out of her face. That looked painful, very convincing, and a lot of blood as well. brain took a punch. but I don’t think she can get more retarded than that. and she won’t get prettier ether. She was determined! perhaps the most insane suicide attempt I ever seem.

      1. Yep. Also, even a minor, superficial head or face wound will bleed profusely. Looks like her pre-existing brain damage is worse than head butting damage.

        1. She was hinting her head at a corner. I bet there are more than 50 cuts in her face. She still looked beautiful on camera, but it didn’t show the impact site. Any superficial cut to the face gives lots of blood. There was lots a blood indeed. Like she wanted to paint the house. She will remember that shit!

      1. Lol dude, as a Good Stiffy is what she needs to knock some sense in to her. Then, at least she’d be way too tired, and have legs of rubber to go out, and try stuff like this, me thinks!

  2. I’ve punched against walls before when I’m in an extreme rage but even then I pussy out from the pain after my knuckles start bleeding slightly. This bitch must be on a whole different level of insane or she’s on strong painkillers and doesnt even notice the pain anyway

  3. digusting cruel People you are here,everybody Looks and films,and you guys here make a lot of cruel jokes about fucking her,blame and shame on you,i hope you would never,ever propagate yourself

    1. Too late. Ive already propagated the fuck outta myself. In fact, if you are between ages 18 to 24 and live in the Denver area, I might know your mother.

      1. Trust me man, i love seeing other people suffer but i felt kind of upset for this girl. I’d be running with tissues in my hands to clean all the blood off her face.

        1. I don’t like seeing people suffer! Especially, naive kids who have taken drugs they shouldn’t have. ‘Normally’, they are normal. This kid obviously made a mistake, and paid the price. I don’t find it funny.

      1. Happy vacation! Hope you have a great time. Just remember family time is everything. This girl had a family. I’m sure they are suffering. Anyway, enjoy your vacation. Only one way up and one way down. Up is the heavens, and the down is the pits. Which way are you going?

    2. I agree with you. If the world was full of people like this, we would be fucked. The reality is, they’re just a bunch of acne fucking teenagers, with few spices of right wing jobless fucks, who have nothing going for them. Who would rather do nothing more than take the piss out of everyone else’s suffering. Why? Because that’s all they’ve got!

  4. Shorty just realized that she only has beta males to date, Fuck, and grow a happy taco eating family with! The liberals are slowly destroying Western values along with those same Western countries.

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