Young Girl Wounded by Qatar Mercenaries in Homs, Syria

Young Girl Wounded by Qatar Mercenaries in Homs, Syria

After concluding their genocide in Libya, Qatar mercenaries now shifted their focus on Syria where they continue in the same ol’ fashion – nobody’s safe when they’re around. This young girl has an ugly wound on her right cheek and neck, but she’ll be all right.

Obviously, any video of an injured person can be used for propaganda so this wouldn’t be any different. What really happened to this girl is anybody’s guess. Did she slip collecting berries and slid down steep hill injuring her face? Who knows for sure. Can’t trust anything coming from Syria anymore. Though after seeing what Qatar terrorists did in Lybia and already have in Syria, the possibility of her wound being their doing is fair. Video is below:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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13 thoughts on “Young Girl Wounded by Qatar Mercenaries in Homs, Syria”

  1. this post reminds of the girl from qatar i met on blog she lives near the tallest building in qatar some sort of tower i think, she told me people from qatar were civilized and not scum like irak,iran,syria,libya,egypt etc i added her on messenger and talked for a few days she’s busy with college haven’t seen her on in awhile time zones suck

    1. Probably the same deal as with the girl from Israel I met online.

      Qatar invaded Libya with tanks to support the rebels. None of it made the mainstream news but there are many videos on YouTube with rebels flying Qatar flags. That’s cause rebels (or protesters, as mainstream media would have them) were not from Libya (other than a few who were paid to entice unrest). They were foreign mercenaries. Qatar sent whole army of them to Libya and now to Syria.

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