Young Man with Eyelid Ripped Off

Young Man with Eyelid Ripped Off

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member killajamal. Eyes may be nigh indestructible, but eyelids are not. This young fellow learned it the hard way. Here’s the backstory in killajamal’s own words:

The quality isn’t very good and there’s only one picture, but it’s exclusive and the story behind it is interesting and unusual.

This guy worked with a friend of mine at a gymnastics facility (insert rant about sitting at home on your ass and staying safe!) less than 2 miles from my house. One day he was doing some maintenance work on a competition size trampoline. As he was changing one of the springs, it shot at him with such force (much like Mouse’s demon seed) and ripped his eyelid off.

As you can see it’s still hanging on but hardly attached. It had to have felt odd not being able to blink. Not sure if I believe the part about him changing the springs though. I’m betting he dove to shield both his girlfriends…

I met the guy in the picture recently. I didn’t realize I knew him. I met him a few months ago through a friend (people aren’t easy to recognize without their eyelids.) But last week I noticed a faint scar near his eye and found out he was indeed the eyelid-less young lad in said photo. His name is Greg and he is indeed a badass. That trampoline spring Bode Miller’d his ass.

Much props for the exclusive pic, killajamal. Interesting that the guy would live without such essential protection for the eye as an eyelid. It’s very Terminator…

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        1. I was wondering the same thing! At first I thought it was a bushy something. But if you squint a little and turn it clock wise 1/4 turn, it sort of looks like small boobies dangling on someone’ s … head? I dunno. Also “hi” to all. I’m a long-time lurker from Edmonton, AB, Canada, now living in Texas. Y’all are awesome, eh? (yeah, that was lame).

          1. Lol, I didn’t really know either! Found it online.. I had my actual face as my avatar until I noticed not many other people do. Lol. So I thought maybe I should take it down and make it something not too personal…

          2. Aw, thanks for the welcome!
            –@MsNeats: That’ s funny, and why my cat is my avatar, I don’t think you had to change yours from the last one.
            –@1girl1 cup: I have pet rats, and “scritch” is what you call the way you pet a rat. It makes them happy.
            –@Obnoxious bitch: You’re right!

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