Young Man Lingers Between Life and Death After Being Shot in Neck

Young Man Lingers Between Life and Death After Being Shot in Neck

The video shows a young man who seems to linger between life and death after he was shot in the neck. Nobody around him seems too concerned with his survival, so I’m guessing he was presumed a bad guy.

I don’t have any background information about the incident. There is a pair of odd flip flops at the end, but other than that, nothing.

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  1. Creepy sounds. Had too watch 3 times to make sure who (whom) was moaning. I don’t know, but, looks like he was hung by the neck up in the tree. Small black rope on him & throat looks like he was hung, extra rope burn.

    1. At about the 1:49 mark, the camera operator shifts from the kid to an object on the dirt. It’s only for a brief second. It kind of looks like a knife or a machete. It’s only visible for what seems like a fraction of a second. Any one else have any thoughts on this?

      1. Well, now that the ambulance is there, maybe some one will have the foresight (or consideration) to apply pressure to the wound. Note to self: Don’t end up near dead anywhere out side of the west. Or probably in the west either. Can never be too presumptuous about people giving a shit or understanding how to stop bleeding.

  2. It’s awesome to see whenever he tries to breath or the body tries to breath should I say. All the blood starts pumping out of the bullet wound. It also sounds like he’s moaning but I think it was some girl filming who was crying.

  3. That moment when you’re dying and people around you are taking pictures and recording you. I think I would feel so mad and offended if this happened to me, obviously if I was able to detect what was going on around me. Nevertheless, here’s some of the translation:

    Dude 1: “I had a talk with him yesterday” reffering to the dying man
    Dude 2: “Ham?” means “wut?” or “eh?”
    Dude 1: “I had a talk with him yesterday, he was in the street of my house yesterday”

    Nothing I can understand.

    Dude in the background: “A murder occured here near of…” talking on his cellphone probably

    Dude 1: “Oh naughty boy, I talked with him yesterday” – He said “danadinho” which is the diminutive form of “danado”, I didn’t know how the hell to translate this word so I choose “naughty boy”. But he’s saying it in a cute way, not in a pejorative way.

    Random dude: “He’s dead, look, he’s dead, dead”

    Another: “Give me a ? to stanch the blood because ? ? ?”

    – “Danadinho, ??” – ? means “is” or in this case: “yeah”
    – “Yes”
    – “Yes”
    – “For God’s sake” – saying it in slow motion

    Again the guy in the background talking on his cellphone: “…he’s still breathing…”

    Another dude: “Our Lady…” I don’t know if this is used in English, but it’s similar to “Oh My God” but reffering to Saint Maria, mother of Jesus. It’s used a lot here since majority are catholic.

    Other: “Did someone call SAMU?” SAMU stands for Servi?o de Atendimento M?vel de Urg?ncia (Urgency Mobile Attendance Service)

    Other: “I don’t know, I just got here now” sounds like crying a bit

    Again nothing I can understand.

    “It’s my cousin”

    Once again, nothing audible.

  4. I agree it was the person filming that’s making all the noise. It’s easy to figure out what happened and whose filming though. I believe what went down here was this guy and his gay lover (the clothes are obviously gay and the fact that the guy filming can only cry but is unable to do shit to help proves he’s homo) went parachuting. His wife got stuck in this tree and got the rope around her neck. Since this is obviously Brazil, his gay lover had a machete strapped, so he attempts to cut his girlfriend down but in the process stabs her neck clean through her jugular. So he’s filming his girlfriend dying and doesn’t have the brains to do shit about it. That pan to the murder weapon at the end gives it all away.

    1. The guy filming is not the one crying. Why would someone film “a loved one” dying instead of help?! In fact, someone who apparently is crying speaks in the end of the video with a sad and desperate voice.

    1. Thats exactly why they dont want to touch him. People are so stupid saying why isnt anyone helping him. In a country that has a really high rate of hiv and aids. I dont blame them. He was dead with in a minute of the injury. These are just muscle reflexes. Brain is already dead. No blood going up.

  5. I think it is the dying guy making the ‘noises’, I have heard similar noises from other neck wounds. From gurgling to whistling noises, I think it is the sounds of ‘air’ escaping, the body trying to breath. I wished the crowd was more quiet though, so we could hear him properly.
    He looked a little like Tyga, side on. Poor fella.

    1. Speaking of a combination of both gurgling and whistling noises
      I think the dude’s neck seemed to have been hacked through hence that intermittent gush as we can see but he ain’t gonna live through as the bleeding is profuse and he will bleed to death by the time he gets ambulated to the nearest Hospital facility .

      Heck that whistling sound in the backdrop we heard was that of the flip -flop and that of the dude as they both grieved , dragged flip-flopped and whistled around for each other .
      Even the flip-flops shed tears of sorrow and pain when they have to leave the legs that wore them.
      A flip-flop anywhere near me is a scary sight !

    2. Probably the last breaths escaping the lungs unless it’s someone else crying in the background, I can’t seem to get the video to play but by the way you explained it, it could be the air escaping but I can’t watch unfortunately so I don’t no 🙁

        1. Yes its a mix of several different noises you hear coming through .Mainly that muffled dying out sound which certainly resembles a shrill voice emanating is of the man himself .
          Far off across its some other crazy sounds that can be heard too ;much like that of some horrified Lady letting out grisly moans on the crime scene as you rightly have observed@Mil.

  6. The least anyone who was present should do would be stoping the bleeding with a shirt for example.
    The position of his neck favors a faster bleeding, it should ve been put straight imediatly. I think what lead people not try to help was ceryainty of death or disgusting. In a less optimistic vision, pure stupidity.

  7. Someone cared about him. You can hear a woman crying for him and then sirens. Some gave a shit enough to call EMS. Hard to understand the language, but perhaps they didn’t wanna touch him because of how hurt he was and they are ignorant as to how to help him.

    1. That crying didn’t sound like grief based on a personal connection to the victim. I think that was the crying of someone who was simply upset to see such a grisly sight. Not everyone is able to witness Gore and keep their composure.

    1. The fella was unlucky as his flip-flops selfishly were feeling bloodied and oxygenated leaving his brain to die slowly.
      When alive , it seems he wasn’t caring much for that pair of his.

  8. Normal pressure application would not have saved him the wound severed a major artery, maybe as soon as it happened if someone would have reached into the wound grabbed onto the side of the artery coming from the heart and pinched it shut, then rolled him to let the blood, that was pouring down the trachea and into his lungs, he might have had a small chance at survival. At the point of the video he was between bleeding out and drowning in his own blood even stopping the blod flow the latter would probably still have killed him.

        1. @gunkgirl
          You are pretty much spot on as the promos get flashed at the start and in between and not at the end .
          But here the take is different the Locale is far off where everything trips and goes reverse not to mention of the promos which show up in the end
          with an asymmetrical order .

          All that first tattoo says to the other tattoo ,
          “Welcome to your adornment Mr Tattoo,uhh well , Here’s wishing ya but a goreful Day”.

    1. Could be. I work for a living and that on its own, makes me violent. I often think about pulling on people, and cutting them down. Then I realize, I don’t want my bum burglared in jail. So I refrain from acting on such thoughts.

          1. I’ve always said if I was to ever commit suicide (which I wouldnt) then I’d take a few people out before myself.

        1. Honestly Fred I don’t think I could kill an innocent person for shits and giggles. However, if they were an enemy or convicted abuser, molester, etc. Id do it without hesitation. Yeah Id film it as well, so I could get some money from distribution, on the back end.

          1. Same here Blayvier, I would protect my family but not kill for ‘the experience’. Do people even need to buy snuff films anymore with gore sites about ?

      1. @summinkawesome yeah heroin is a peaceful way to die I’ve been round a couple who O’Ded when I was younger and they just looked like they was in a state of euphoria until the medics came and gave em adrenaline which they didn’t like as took the effects off and signed themselves out and had another hit, so that explains it right there.

        1. Yeah, I’ve seen stuff on the interweb about OD’ing, and they ALL say they don’t remember much and it was just like a really decent nod/gouch.
          Only remember coming round and getting pissed off because of the reversal drug they were given by the medics.

  9. This is sad to me…find it hard to watch death happening…dead I’m okay with for some reason, but dying is hard to see. Watching him bleed out while people just watch is also sad 🙁

  10. Does anyone think they should’ve applied pressure to the wound? Or would that have made it worse? All I know is just watching blood continually flow from this man’s body is not good.

      1. just goes to show how cruel kids can be,or ignorant,i remember years ago a young man moved into our town with his family,he was 20 or 21,he had a bald head and we were all hanging around his house,like you do when a new family moves in,anyway I remember my parents telling all of us that he was dying of cancer,we didn’t no what that was,but we didn’t give a shit,he had six months to live,id say they were the longest six months of his life,every time he left the house to go for a walk we used to follow him and hit him with sticks and stones and when his mother came to help him we used to hit her too,i remember the two of them cuddled up in a corner crying and about 10 of us hitting them with stones,calling them cancer spreaders,anyway long story short,he didn’t make the six months,i think it was 3,the moral of the story,you cant trust them fuckin doctors..

  11. It baffles me to see so much insensitivity on this website from people. If this was you lying here dying, you wouldn’t want people mocking you via the internet. I wish a horrible death for all of you cock sucks who disrespect this man or anyone else on this website.

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