Young Man in Pool of Blood After Being Allegedly Attacked by Woman with Machete

Young Man in Pool of Blood After Being Allegedly Attacked by Woman with Machete

I got the backinfo in a bit of a broken English that said: “Two machete enter by a woman“. There wasn’t a whole lot I could deduce from it, but my take is that the victim was struck twice with a machete by a woman?

Here at Best Gore we know better than to adapt the popular notion of the herd that women can do no harm. As a matter of fact, over the last 40 years, women have been responsible for murders of 1.72 Billion unborn babies, which makes women the deadliest and most violent creatures on the planet by a vast margin. Think about it – if women are capable of murdering their own children, their own flesh and blood without remorse, what do you think they are capable of doing to people with whom they’re not connected by blood?

Do I doubt the young man in the video may have been hacked with a machete by a woman? Not a chance I doubt that. Do I know that’s precisely what happened? Unfortunately I don’t. If you know more about the video, or if you’re able to deduce more from what they talk about in the video, please help confirm or correct the backinfo.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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52 thoughts on “Young Man in Pool of Blood After Being Allegedly Attacked by Woman with Machete”

    1. I think he could of been stealing more than her purse lol

      That young man might have been caught with his dick in the cookie jar and Momma came home …. lol

      We all know how men can be dominantly persuasive causing brutal forces against a woman
      Or he could be a victim too he did not give it up to her

      Wait do you hear it I hear that dude with the mashed hands still yelling Aye …Aye … ayeeeeee!!!!

  1. Jews and women make for a deadly combo. But 1.72 billion unborn babies, that’s fucking despicable. Add on miscarriages from alcohol, smoking and drug abuse whilst pregnant, you could probably round it up to 2billion easy.

      1. And hundreds of thousands of children thrown by mothers in trash cans, or dumped in lakes/rivers after being born.

        And husbands murdered after returning home from the horrors of war, because their wives were riding cock carousels while their husbands were shedding blood and getting maimed by bombs:

        With the limited freedom of POWs about the village, the women living there often had one or more foreign lovers while their husbands were away. When the men returned, many of them rejected their wives’ affairs and wished to return to their previous way of life, creating a volatile situation.

        After the initial killing of their husbands, some of the women went on to poison parents who had become a burden to them, or to get hold of their inheritance. Others poisoned their lovers, some even their sons; as the midwife allegedly told the poisoners, “Why put up with them?”.

        1. Those are actual murders. Those can be prosecuted unlike abortions.
          I was just pointing out men who “assisted” in abortions. I’m not trying to take away from your women are killers theme. But a few men were involved.

          1. You cherry pick what suits your agenda. Abortion IS murder and IS prosecutable as such. Just because in some countries it’s not, it doesn’t make your over-generalized statement true.

          2. I was speaking of America, Mark, hence I did not count it as illegal. Since alcohol, smoking, etc was brought up by a poster, I included other humans as cause since alcohol, smoking and murder shouldn’t really count in abortion numbers in the US. I thought their point was invalid so I made an equally stupid point. None of those constitute abortion.

          3. Well I think the world (earth) doesn’t need more mouths to feed, pollution to be caused by them, and precious minerals used. So I say sorry to all those millions of people/ babies. The world is better off without them “sad but true” (Metallica)

          4. As did other poster, which was my point. How many things are we counting as abortion? For me, abortion is when a woman purposely terminates a pregnancy. So bringing in other things (including men) does not count towards abortion numbers. Have you heard of demonstrating absurdity with absurdity? Anyway, you see my definition of abortion. If it’s broader to you all, okay.

          5. I was responding to what you said. Whatever other people may have said is not relevant to my response to your absurd statements. Similarly, if someone else brought up absurdity of their own, my response to their absurdity would be addressed to them, not you.

          6. Well, my comment was indeed a reply to someone else’s comment so you took it out of context. I’m sorry you misunderstood and didn’t realize I was interacting with another post and not just making a random comment.

      2. I’d say there’s quite a bit of difference between documented 1,72 Billion and pulled out of the ass 1,300. There’s only about 1,32 Million times as many unborn children killed by women as by men.

  2. You know what Mark,,, every time that you mention all of these abortions that Women with Zero Fucks Given, and lacking a conscience whatsoever have done, like it’s no big deal, makes me ill, and sad. As it paints a nasty picture in my head that keeps reminding me of a past post of a nasty abortion that was performed in Brazil awhile back by a real Kunt of a Doctor, who thought that it was a funny thing, to play with a tiny, and still living human, struggling to breathe, and survive.
    And while struggling in the palm of this fucking ” Supposed Healer’s” hand, i kept thinking to myself, how the fuck can people do this with no guilt, and without going totally crazy after watching this helpless little munchkin that “”YOU”” have created, and gave life to, just struggling to breathe, and wanting to live so badly,,, die in front of you,,, like Fuck,,, i would kill myself shortly after the procedure, as i let my little life, who i am suppose to protect, and Love just die. 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. @thedre
      I remember the story but I couldn’t watch the video. Sounds like you should have skipped it too.
      The city I live in was once ground zero for the abortion issue. Both sides getting violent at times. Anti abortion activists at one point began driving large box trucks (Ryder or Pensky style) with giant pics of aborted fetuses all over the truck. That to me was as offensive as abortion itself.
      George Tiller was our second serial killer (BTK is the other) and was prolific in murdering babies while they were activively being born.
      He himself was murdered while attending church of all places. The sick mother fucker deserved much worse.

  3. Well said thedre. If there is a god it dont operate like we think it should. There is defo a hell side to this planet. I really cannot work it out at all!!! Can a woman really weild a machete as skillfully as that???

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