Young Man Shot in the Chest at Close Range with a Bean Bag Round

Young Man Shot in the Chest at Close Range with a Bean Bag Round

During a 2010 protest in Bogota, Colombia, a young man went to express his outrage at a riot policeman who in turn shot him in the chest at close range with a bean bag round (a less lethal baton round fired from a shotgun).

Best Gore member ColombianBastard supplied this video and said he couldn’t remember the reason for the protest, but said the whole city was in complete chaos.

In the video, the protester appears to get aggressively in the riot officer’s face, which prompts him to fire the bean bag at him, but it doesn’t show what prompted the rioter to literally risk his life to take on a heavily armed, trigger happy policeman. Maybe he had a good reason? Maybe the policeman shot his girlfriend in the face earlier? We don’t know. It just doesn’t make sense that when unarmed, you’d push a heavily armed person unless you had hell of a good reason.

Thanks a lot ColombianBastard for the video:

53 thoughts on “Young Man Shot in the Chest at Close Range with a Bean Bag Round”

  1. Screw that punk, he deserved that. “When I fight authority, authority always wins!” LOL! Anyway that could be great weapon in the fight against world hunger. Just cook the beans first and aim for the pie hole.

    1. true.

      but you know rebelk, i remember (& suppose”lived through”) what they called the “troubles” in the 70/80’s in england,ireland and northern ireland – and besides the people blown to peices and vapourized by bombs, and shot to death by conventional ammunition….
      i do remember A HELL OF A LOT of people who where killed by so called”no lethal” rounds.

      this was obviously a “reaction” shot. i wonder if the shot had impacted 12 inches higher, … would the guy have walked away so unharmed?

      1. I doubt it. If hit in the face it probably would have carried enough force at that range to break his nose and/or facial bones. He’s going to have some pretty mean bruising on his chest as it is.

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  2. Bad, bad tactics. When citizens really want to overcome abusive government forces, they need to use guerilla tactics – by ambushing the cops from behind or around corners, killing them, and taking the cops’ guns, ammo, radios, etc.

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