Young Syrian Man Blinded in Both Eyes by Explosion

Young Syrian Man Blinded in Both Eyes by Explosion

According to the Zionist propaganda networks, the young Syrian man’s name is Yazan Sobhi, and he was blinded in both eyes by Assad’s airstrikes. He reportedly lost his home and eyesight in Aleppo, and now lives in an IDP camp near Turkey.

For obvious reasons, the claims by bullshitters who have been lying through their teeth about Syria ever since their aggression started, need to be taken with a giant rain of salt.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420Media for the pics:

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        1. The bad people keep themselves in check because they betray each other, steal from each other, threaten each other, kill each other. Sure, there are instant riches to be made, but the price for that is to spend the rest of your life either in fear or in constant conflict. You think those ISIS bastards have a long, peaceful life to look forward to?

          The rest of us, on the other hand, have the privilege of going to bed at night and waking up every morning with a clean conscience, knowing that we have EARNED all that we have through our own hard work.

          1. Yeah, I can go to sleep with a guilt free conscience but id much rather rob a bank and get away with it become a millionare. My beach house in California with Re-pete would make up for my remorse. πŸ™

          2. Stop calling me pendejito, you’re starting to sound like my mom.

            Its an ongoing struggle, EVERYTHING is an ongoing struggle, but even the majority of the people who do wrong prefer to keep the peace, believe it or not. They LIKE going to the mall, to the nightclubs, to sports events, to the beaches, to see movies, to hear songs. They NEED ordinary people as customers, as allies, and also so they can have someone to admire their flash and their cash. Those bastards from ISIS can only obtain victims from lands they have conquered, but eventually they will run into people who won’t just drop their weapons and run, who WON’T give up their freedom so easily, and then they can burn through their own fucking children in their god-forsaken territories before they get blasted off the face of the Earth and onto the pages of forgotten history.

            And the worst evildoers usually blow themselves up eventually. They either go out in a blaze of (insert opposite of glory here) or turn themselves into wanted men.

            No, my friend, the good will always prevail.

        1. Humanity has survived and prospered, now we overpopulate this planet out of 50000 people some 70000 years ago, this means that we are highly successful and that the destructive character of mankind has been weaker than the constructive one. Territorial disputes and clashes for resources are a natural process when resources are limited or a population is exploiting the maximum capacity of its land, and this goes for not only humans. Natural selection doesn’t measure evil or good, only success. Evil is a human concept related to destructive forces which diminish the chances of survival. Destructive forces must be put under check and faced though, and not lead you to a defensive and depressive state, Darwin said that the most vigorous and happy stand the best chance of thriving.

          1. I wasn’t trying to be depressive lol I was saying that we all hate eachother and I’m scared that we are all just going to end up killing eachother. I don’t wish to be nuked I just think its inevitable that mankind will destroys itself because of all the hatred. I wasn’t trying be depressing.

          2. I see, personal disputes will probably always occur, but these don’t have the capability of destruction as nuclear weapons do. Now, there’s the understanding that everybody would get fucked up in a nuclear war, and although that wouldn’t necessarily lead to the extinction of mankind, it could reduce numbers drastically. Now, one way to avoid it (and end lots of destructive conflicts) would be ideally through a world government, unfortunately, we are much too away to have a world government, and I’d say even further from a democratic one due to genetic and cultural differences etc, as the one that has been put forth at the moment is a despotic one it doesn’t appeal, personally, to me, specially knowing probably who would run it.

          3. next you will tell us that aliens will save us. thank fuck your monkey ancestors were “vigorous and happy” or apparently you wouldn’t exist. oh the horror.

          4. I find it more plausible that aliens exist than god. The university is vast and there’s the probability that amino acids have formed in other planets. It may be that the creatures are nowhere like the ones on earth, though. God on the other hand is just a character that may well have been dreamed up by a schizophrenic or epileptic, no concrete proof, moreover, people used to be phallic worshipers, believing that god was a big penis up in the sky which ejaculated on earth in the form of rain to spread his seeds, and now we know none of that is true.

          5. And the manifestations of god are subject, varying quite a lot from person to person, and the most plausible explanation I find for this is that god varies in its manifestation from person to person because he only exists on people’s heads, so everyone dreams him up the way they want.

          6. How is it I’m agreeing with Weller so much today? Hell must be as frozen as my front yard. Because I definitely believe aliens are more possible than a god. Maybe we came from aliens. That is NOT a crazy thought. I can’t fathom how tiny we are compared to space. Are we so arrogant that we think this tiny blue marble is all there is? (Yes, flat-earthers, I said marble.)

            I think the concept of gods was created to control people. Ah look, it worked.

          7. everything you say is pure science fiction. “more plausible that aliens exist than god” you have faith in science. that’s all you have. unless you collected rape kit proof, after the little green men left with the results from your anal probe.

          8. @svarg26 I trust science, that’s different form faith. Faith implies an unconditional and unquestioning obedience, like, to unquestionably follow scriptures written by someone millennia ago, or it can even take a scientific cloak such as new age stuff which relies on metaphysics. The approach that I try to make is a critical one, relying on concrete proof, such as fossils (and yes I’ve found fossils by myself in rock strata outcrops, so I’ve seen they are real) and tested trials and experiments, instead of relying on extraordinary claims, which should demand extraordinary proof just because I’ve read it. It’s true sometimes science is wrong and theories are revised, which for me puts more credit in the critical aspect of science, compared with religion which has things set in stone. And I haven’t said that aliens exist, as I have seen no concrete proof of it besides strange dubious pictures, plus science doesn’t recognize it, and I haven’t said that they are green or have visited me. Perhaps I’ve given the wrong impression when I rebutted you with the word alien, I was referring to life in other planets rather than the aliens you have in mind. If amino acids can, and perhaps were formed in the planet earth (or even better, as some people theorize, in other planets and were brought here by meteorites) from the atoms carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen, as has been proven in laboratory (by elevating the temperature in a flask), I see it a possibility that amino acids were formed in other planets, hence there may be life in other planets. I’ve made it clear, though, that I am not affirming that there’s life in other planets (it’s a possibility) nor that I know how these supposed beings are.

          9. much like you finding a fossil, people have miracles happen to them. that is their evidence proving god exists. “I trust science, that’s different form faith.” hmmm let’s see. faith: complete TRUST or confidence in someone or something. as we can very well see, you are the living definition of faith. trusting is key. sorry buddy. you can get off your high horse now. next time you go to the museum ask to see an entire skeleton of a dinosaur. when they bring you one tiny fragment of a tooth. use the power of faith to materialize the rest. the science freak is no different to the bible basher. oh the horror.

    1. @brand-wall I think of this stuff the way I do plane crashes. If a plane crashes, it makes the news. It scares the hell out of people if they have a fear of flying. But that same day, MANY more people died in car crashes – no news. The big stuff makes the news. This crazy shit (ISIS, Syria, etc) is big news so it’s ALL you see. Meanwhile the largest portion of the world is just being normal. The loudest news doesn’t mean it’s the common news. I don’t worry.

    1. As long as the muzzie cunt stays in Turkey with the other camel-shaggers, and doesn’t try to come to Europe. If he comes to the UK though, the government will no doubt give the parasite free housing and enhanced benefits on account of his ‘disability’.

  1. This website attempted to extract HTML5 canvas image data, which may be used to uniquely identify my computer. I just didn’t allow it to do so and here I am, living and tailing.

  2. I feel sorry for Syrians. Having their country destroyed because of Israeli, Saudi, Turkish, American, Russian and other Western greed.

    I really hope and honestly and sincerely wish that Syrians experience peace and prosperity in their country.

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