Young Woman’s Leg Sliced by Malfunctioning Escalator in Malaysia

Young Woman's Leg Sliced by Malfunctioning Escalator in Malaysia

At Sunway Pyramid, a shopping mall in Selangor, Malaysia, a young woman had her leg sliced by a malfunctioning escalator. The woman’s leg was allegedly cut by a metal plate that came loose while she was taking the ride.

The video shows loose skin and flesh dangling from her calf, as other shoppers try to comfort her.

Props to Best Gore member @refuse2renig for the video:

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57 thoughts on “Young Woman’s Leg Sliced by Malfunctioning Escalator in Malaysia”

        1. She is under care by Sunway Medical where they will probably ask her to sign a paper stating she won’t sue and in turn Sunway Medical will cover her Hospital fees.

          If she attempts to sue she will probably get an out of court settlement.

          AFAIK she is a korean student, probably can’t get a husband anymore that’s why she’s crying. For koreans legs are one of the more important body parts.

          1. @bigfoot14 Oh no it’s fine. I take a few nips of bourbon just to warm up, a couple of Xanax so I’m calm, make sure I have my expired license on me (it’s only good for farm equipment but same difference) and I jump on mobile Facebook. I barely remember the whole trip. It’s perfectly safe. 😛

  1. Always found it fascinating how women dont give a fuck about “decency” when suffering some kinda trauma.
    Other two cases i can think of are “fighting” and “children”.
    The rest of the time, its like looking (or even worse, touching) any part of their body is some deplorable sin.

  2. She was on the down escalator, and the loose metal would have been on her left if she was facing forward. Yet she cut her right leg. Methinks something strange was going on, like maybe she was sitting on the handrail on the way down. CCTV camera might show proof of her idiocy.

    1. @soulflip

      I was really hoping for CCTV on this one. Maybe we’ll get lucky and there’s a Part II in the works.

      “Yet she cut her right leg.”

      She may have been part-way through stepping off the escalator. If so, then her left leg would be out of the path of destruction by being either too far forward or too far back.

  3. 0:08 Sorry, Batman, but I’m afraid you were a little late on this one. Maybe you could hook her up with a Bat-Band-Aid while you’re there?

    Ha, the mall-cop nearly fell over the broken piece! Very heroic, dude.

  4. Low quality materials, minimal safety measures, no safety checks or repares. This is Asia. Imagine what would happen if that happened in Germany for example. And then they’re saying to you all countries can become equally developed. Nope.

  5. They never learn, NEVER!

    Year after year i hear/see/read about accidents caused by elevators/escalators in these countries.
    WHEN will they start doing REAL safety checks regularly like any other normal country?


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