Youth Has Body Sprinkled with Machete Slashes

Youth Has Body Sprinkled with Machete Slashes

Video from Dominican Republic shows youth with several machete slashes sprinkled all over his body.

Most wounds are minors, although the one to the side of his face looks gnarly. I don’t know why he was attacked, but just having a machete seems to be as good a reason as any to get into a fight in Dominican Republic.

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  1. Lol, nigger countries. At a certain given moment they set someone on fire or just go on a machete rampage. We Portuguese sure were stupid for sending millions of these uncivilized creatures to Brazil, a country that could have become great today. And now those animals from our former colonies are coming here to Portugal now! Dammit!

  2. Primitives,

    When they evolve I wonder if they will be like the rest of us and start killing each other with guns instead of knifes and voting for multiculturalism and traitors who promote corporate greed whilst impoverishing and enslaving the population.

    1. @ empty are you from usa if so please be our next pres. so we can have our country great again instead of the shit hole of the world,If not then move here i will start a campaign to raise money for all your expenses

      1. @Justin, I am from Great Britain, great as in great big toilet that the entire world uses to shit in.

        It once was a nice place, lots of industry, lots of employment to be found, an home based economy where people bought British and thus increased British industry, economy and GDP, the state sector was strong with plenty of affordable housing, a good national health service, good educational facilities etc, etc, so what the fuck went wrong?.

        Greed, greed is what went wrong. We let ourselves be led like lambs to the slaughter into allowing the political and upper class to privatise the state sector under the assumption that it would lead to better, more affordable services, big fucking mistake, it led only to reduced standards and increased prices.

        We stood by and let them take us into Europe under the assumption that we would get cheaper products and cheaper travel, big fucking mistake, it led only to the rise of the political class and an open borders policy which created mass immigration and multiculturalism.

        Britain is now a sinking ship, the political class decided that we were to become a Noah’s Ark, we filled our ship up with all the animals of the world just like in the tale but unlike the tale where they all were happy to live with each other all the animals on this ship started pissing and shitting everywhere and fighting all the time and the ship is breaking up at an alarming rate.

        The end result is a country destroyed by the rich, greedy and perverse and watched in stupor by the sheep mentality, simple minded working class who will wave and smile as the rich escape in their life boats whilst they themselves sink to the bottom of the abyss.

        The only way for you Americans to save yourselves from this fate is to buy only American made products, for American companies to employ the American people and not send your jobs abroad to third world sweatshops, close your boarders and limit immigration, if an immigrant commits a crime then kick them out back to their own countries, so on and so forth.

        My conclusion, what you need is not a new President because the political class is bought and paid for by the corporations, what you need is a bit more pride in yourselves as Americans, to stop depending on saviors and superheroes to thwart evil and protect the people, you don’t need them, all you need to do is work together to strengthen your own economies, start small and let it expand, smaller American towns do it all the time so it can be done on a larger scale, it really is simple and because there are no laws being broken there would be little to stop this new social movement from happening.

        The main problem is convincing people to stop being lazy and get off their fat asses and do something, I say if the dream is worth striving for, it’s worth fighting for, get together with like minded locals and make it happen, dream big, start small and expand, life can only be lived going forward because the past is a self made prison.

        1. Britain used to rule the world. The top freemasonic Jews are in London, they train all these masons from other countries there. The Jews are learning from the British how to run an empire. The British empire is going down the toilet unfortunately. The world needs British leadership.

          1. @YourNextExGirl,

            He certainly is making headlines over here and what a pathetic creature he turned out to be.

            It proves a point I suppose in that there is no stereotypical paedophile profile, the middle aged man living in his mothers basement is just a stereotype.

            Watkins was a reasonably good looking man who had his own home and plenty of money, he was also popular with women, therefore the fact that he lusted after children was not down to his “loser” status in life.

            I find it hard to understand why a man would want to have sex with a baby, but then sexual desire is an odd concept, homosexuality, beastiality, there are even people who like to rub themselves against cars and street lights, the list goes on, the mind certainly is a strange thing.

          2. @Empty Exactly. He was a good looking guy. Tons of money. He could probably get a ton of girls whenever he wanted, but he wanted children. A baby even. I’m shocked that he turned out to be such a disgusting piece of shit. But you’re right. It goes to show that “the dirty old man” image is not always true. It can be anybody.

        2. well empty you are the smartest mother fucker i ever heard. You sir are a leader not a follower i hope that you use your gift to change things as im sure you have a job in a leadership role,govt. could take a few lessons from you sir

  3. Whoa what the fuck happened to this guy??..if he’s a cutter he’s doing it wrong…you’re supposed to do it where no one can see your cuts…but seriously I’d love to find out who this fucker pissed off…..ooof..that skin flap on the back of his head will make for a great fefe for his fellow prisoners if what he did was against the law and he gets imprisoned…Hahahah..

      1. I’m not gonna lie..if i had a cock I’d be sticking everywhere i could..except in asses…that’s shits gay…unless its a bitches ass..then maybe after she douches her asshole a few times…i wouldn’t wanna get dookie on my cock…gross !!

          1. Yes sir i do…i prefer woman..but i do get a craving for cock sometimes…lmao at open papaya..i never thought of that before….there’s lots of things that remind me of pussy but never my foods…Hmmm…

          2. Lol, well you sure talk about pussies and cocks as if they’re food. I’m a vegetarian. I only eat one type of meat (and i don’t eat it literally), and i love papayas. One day i was looking at an opened one and i thought to myself .. “Hum.. This sure does look like a vagina”.

          3. Hahahah…i love vag..that i can talk about all day long..cocks actually intimidate me…they’re weird looking…i don’t know…I’m drinking again and i popped some alka seltzer night time cold meds on accident and yeah..I’m really fucked up and i dont know what I’m saying..please forgive me if i don’t make sense..

          4. Oh what the fuck Portuguese?!? I can’t stand hairy pussy..mines or some other bitches shit….yuck..fuck that…and i rarely make sense sometimes now..i have a fever and the medicine is making me trip…..i being sick… 🙁

      1. Thanks jb..I’m up at 0216 smoking a few bowls of weed trying to go back to sleep..popped more cold pills too..I’m going ask my roommate to take me to my urgent care later today..they’ll give me promethazine and codeine syrup..or lean how ever you call it…ugh..i feel like shit..cant breathe right or stop coughing…fuck this… 🙁

        1. Umm actually i get a spinal tap on the 4th..then either the 19th or 20th I’ll find out when i get my shunt…the meds didn’t work…merry fucking Christmas to me right?!?!…ehh..oh yeeeeah..apparently I’m dead?? something in the mail about my next of kin settling my estates…ugh..I’ll get it figured out Monday…..fuck me right..

          1. Psh.. My shit ain’t nothing compared to yours. I really hope everything goes okay on the 4th. You’re a bad ass so you’ll get through it. I hope everything will be sorted out so you have a good Christmas.

          2. Yeah it is girly..knees fucking hurt man…and thank you girl you’re awesome..I’m hella sick right now though so i don’t know what the focus going on..took nighttime meds on accident then drank because i forgot i took meds and yeah..I’m smoking too but i feel like total shit right now…sigh..i never get sick… 🙁

          1. bleh…fuck that Twighlight bullshit and Kristen Stewart and whoever played fucking EdTard.
            fuck all that teen-age vampire bullshit anyway…oh vampires are so romantic and trajic and hot even though they’re walking corpses…. necrophilia anyone? lol. fuck that. i’m partial to werewolves. now that’s a monster with some real bite! 🙂

          2. Never saw it or read it, but from what I understand it’s basicallyabout a really old guy who doesn’t look his age tricking an underage girl into sleeping with him…

  4. some of these guys fighting in these barrios are 100% badass and nothing short of poetry in motion,
    im not surprised to see widespread movement in martial arts world (katana and ITF) to integrate machete as recognized weapon fighting option. like sword and cane, its all technique, and where you strick that curved blade while your opinent retracts or lunges changes the whole mathimatics of fighters center of gravity and balance of offence and defense

    and that “bolo” street creed is chilling at “best” 😉
    1.BEST line of defense ..don be there
    2.yur BEST friend… will be speed
    3.your best bet…..cut first

    1. I had a dream last night that we made love in an open grave @SoS. It was under a full moon and there were wolves howling in the distance. After you were done turning me into a man, you cracked me in the head with a shovel and covered my body with loose dirt when you peeled away in Booger. I woke up all hot and bothered and needed to take a cold shower, it was awesome. Sorry I cried so much. : (

          1. same problem here when I type with my tail cause I’m sharpening my horns… you have a badass weekend @christgrinder
            keep them fingers. and bike lovin bones in one piece 🙂

        1. whoa no fucking way you seem younger than that but thank you its on friday the 13th. last friday the 13th i fell off my bike so i dont now whats going to happen on this one cause believe i will be drinking, hope i dont go over the limit cause i do not wanna have my bike at the dealer getting repaired anytime soon.

          1. i believe in omens..they come wrapped up in occurances that send a chill down yur spine

            scholar don’t want you turning into a real “GHOST”rider

            drink and dont drive or drive and dont drink.* lucky birthday boy, only one of two choices there

          2. this is how it happened. i had a feeling something bad was going to happen because i kinda believe in friday the 13th being unlucky in way, anyway, it was raining early in the morning and i thought i wouldve fell off my bike because i never rode in rain before but everything was fine until i woke up later that day, i decided to go get a chicken bake from costco, (not sure if you know about that place), so i was riding 40 miles or more in a 15 mph zone with 2 speedbumps and i ignored the speedbumps, the 1st speedbump i prevailed so i accelerated and that 2nd one just threw me off my bike, ive done this shit many times before but i believe friday the 13th had to get to me.

          3. we’ve a costo shoppers go bugshit crazy lickin the slops off the floor..

            from the sounds of it seems your tires coming off the speed bump broke loose from cement and you hydroplaned.. and bike tires heat up fast like racing stickies and dont channel h2O off thread as well

          4. and then 10 days after taking it out of the dealer i dropped it again, now im riding as safe as possible (kinda) cause i learned my lesson by paying nearly 2,000 out of pocket for repairs. i really dont want to go through that again.

          5. the cement was dry later that day though, i was just being irresponsible. im afraid to listen to smite by blood red throne now cause thats what i was listening to when it happened the first time and the second time was ghastly or the docking dead by broken hope, great bands, check them out.

        2. for the crutch of fuck dammit ;-(
          no sooner had you and i chatted about accidents and omens, paul walker of “fast and furious” movies died …in car accident (burnt to death inside with friend profession race car driver)
          RIP paul walker
          ***crazy ass omen right there @christgrinder***

      1. for the love of pete..
        im not pissed off!! But you certainly are getting me to an annoy level..

        I don’t care about the tranny shit…actually I don’t care about any of it but I don’t think the women are on here for such shallow reasons as the ones you stated…everyone here is here for a personal reason whether it be suicide, depression, curiosity, or just gore fanatics…I came here after my friend committed suicide – I wanted to know what she went through then I was fascinated by the other stuff. I didn’t lurk or any shit like that – I joined right off the bat. I guess because I was working in the medical field at the time the gore fascinated me from a medical perspective. No shallow reasons there.

        So I guess I figured you went a little too far with your comments…and I wanted you to explain them…actually I was surprised no one else said anything. Ahh well…thought I would be the voice of opposition for once. Apparently that didn’t come of to well.

        Anyways im over this so I shant carry on explaining myself when really I think ive been pretty clear. You either get it or you don’t…im done with it.

      1. I think it makes total sense. That movie is probably what got him killed. It got him interested in sports cars and racing. He buys a fancy sports car and starts racing around like he’s in the movie. All the ladies will be crying over him. He should have been a best gore member, maybe he would have driven slower.

          1. Yeah, he was a passenger. But speed was a factor. Maybe if he would’ve seen what speeding can do to a person.. He would’ve tried to tell his friend to slow the hell down.

          2. aww I hadn’t heard this news – damn such a bummer! But the whole tranny thing makes much more sense…I have a feeling his friend was a tranny and the truth was revealed during the car ride…hence the crash…..of course that’s just my theory. Please no one get angry with me…lolol…j/k!!!

          3. Go on google maps: Hercules Street, Santa Clarita, CA, United States. At the end of the street you can see tire marks where these guys were burning rubber and doing doughnuts, google maps would be old so that guy was probably going up there and peeling out all the time. The crash is on that road.

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