Bladed Torture

If you scroll to the bottom of the All The Gore page (on a computer, mobile version of the site doesn’t show the numbers), you’ll notice that for the first time ever, there’s a 4 digit number there. After 9 years of running, we are now 1,000 pages strong, which translates to 10,000 posts of Best Motherfucking Gore.

Unfortunately, this has caught me in a challenging time as I am concluding the 2 months of running a farm, of which 5 weeks I ran it alone. I got 6 acres of land with dozens of animals to take care of, which has kept me super busy and left me with insufficient time to dedicate to the site.

Right around the 1,000 pages mark was when I thought of wrapping it up and moving on, but because 1,000 came while I’m still on the farm, the busy farm life prevents me from even having the time and space to pen a decent farewell message. Consequently, my leave will not be happening today.

Unless something unpredictable happens, I should to be out of the farm by the end of the month. Once moved, I will no longer have to spend 12 hours of every day running the place, and hopefully will also have a better internet, as these 5kb/s upload and 20kb/s download speeds have been torturous. I’ll try to use it to catch up on the many submissions sent by the readers which I simply did not have the time to get to because of my present obligations.

So let us use our 10,000th post to discuss the way forward for the site. I will make a proper post clarifying my thought processes for why I won’t be able to keep maintaining the site later on, but for now, if there is sufficient interest in keeping Best Gore happening, let’s bounce ideas on how it could be done.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

195 thoughts on “1,000”

    1. Every morning when I leave the house I remind myself not to wind up on Best Gore later on. Thanks Mark Marek wherever you are, for keeping my body parts inside me and away from prying eyes and pointers in flip flops. LL_BG

    2. No1 seems to have any thought process bouncing around, but i’v bin thinking bout this day for a while, & I was thinking Mark, have a child, & make em run this site when u get older, or sum1 u know. I mean sum1 in this planet earth HAS to continue spreading truth, it can’t POSSIBLY end with 1 person…c’mon, am I the only 1 who’s scared on being stuck with FOX NEWS for the rest of my life?

    1. Is no one else reading the post? He’s talking about how he can’t keep doing this forever….

      ” I will make a proper post clarifying my thought processes for why I wonโ€™t be able to keep maintaining the site later on, but for now, if there is sufficient interest in keeping Best Gore happening, letโ€™s bounce ideas on how it could be done.”

    2. ” I will make a proper post clarifying my thought processes for why I wonโ€™t be able to keep maintaining the site later on, but for now, if there is sufficient interest in keeping Best Gore happening, letโ€™s bounce ideas on how it could be done.”

      Long live BG <3

      1. It’s ironic that a search for ways to commit suicide about 6 or 7 years ago led me to BestGore which made me want to keep on living. I never had so much fun in my life while meeting such great people and learning all about the things that go on in the world.
        It’s unfortunate that if and when this site ever does go down I will have no choice but to kill myself…but at least now I can make a better choice on which method I will use based on what I have learned here.
        Whatever does happen I want you all to know that I love each and every one of you very much…and I am actually a woman.

          1. Thank YOU @Mark for giving us a truly amazing website that has kept all of us glued to our computers and cell phones for all these years. I can’t even imagine what life without BestGore would be like and honestly I don’t want to know.
            Whatever it takes to keep the site going I’m sure we can figure something out. If it’s just a matter of money I’ve got about two million sitting in the bank collecting dust.

          2. @brokeback, you are a quite interesting individual and your comments make 99% of us laugh. Its a talent not many have. There are many who also have mental disability so your not alone (I have PTSD,major depression, anxiety, sleep problems). There is nothing wrong with suicide just as euthanasia is a good thing when hope is gone, remember those around you first if you do it. Make sure to let them know your intentions and why youre doing it so that there will be no blame hanging on their shoulders instead of just writing a letter.
            The world of a depressed person is always grey and no doctor can fix it.
            Think about it strongly before doing so and remember that there are folks on this site who think highly of you my friend.

          3. @PIG, it’s a constant battle for me dealing with the urge to end my life but knowing if I do so I will be ruining the lives of my kids. I have lived with depression and loneliness for so long now that it’s the only life I know. Someday I’m sure the Deamons within will win the battle…it just won’t be today.

        1. so @brokeback i gotta ask.. which would be your prefered method(even though i HOPE you were joking) of suicide..mine would be boring but swift and guaranteed..i’d go the train route and get myself twisted. idk yet if i’d choose to lay on the tracks or go heads on like a fucking ram against the train..im still making sketches and looking at all angles

          1. @American Warrior, I would probably go the overdose route, mainly because I have done it before and made it as far as the white light before turning back. It’s the most practical option for me since I always keep a fatal supply of sleeping pills and pain killers on hand.
            My second option would be to put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger…but I don’t own a gun.

        2. @brokeback I cannot believe that you are a woman, as this is quite shocking to me. The way that you talk, act, and the picture of yourself also looks like a Man. Is that picture of yourself really you, or somebody else? Either way,,, I love you my Man, ( Woman), or whatever, as it does not matter to me, cause i want you alive, and NOT dead. I live only 4 hrs away from you, so reach out before ever attempting something so final. Your comment made me cry, you fucker,,, i could not imagine B-G Without you, but if it shuts down, i will provide you with my E-Mail, & phone number to keep in touch,,, Love Andre. ๐Ÿ™

  1. Congratulations Mark on running this successful site. Hope your chicken farming goes as well and hopefully the Jews won’t hide your chickens on you like they did to past videos.
    Best of luck brother.

  2. Mahalo Mark. I have been on every page, looked at every post. When I first got to this site, there was less than 200 pages. Will you have someone else mod the page? I donโ€™t think Iโ€™m the only one with an insatiable thirst for reality

    1. Reality? Give me a break. A lot of the stuff on this site does NOT happen to most people. I mean, sure, there are car wrecks, but other than that, most people aren’t beaten to death with rocks, burned alive, beheaded with dull knives, axed up alive, having cranial vivisections performed with an knife, grinded up in machines, or jumping off buildings, and plummeting to their death. it’s pretty usual that this would happen to a person.

      Reality? No. What is far for common in reality is sex, falling in love, getting married, making a little money, having kids, enjoying life’s simple moments, hugs, kisses, laughs, loving pets, and dying a ‘normal’ death. That is the typical reality; not this sick shit.

      1. Then why are you here ??? This site is not just gore. After coming here will u take your kids to Brazil?? after coming here do you appreciate your free country that you live in where you can fall in love , make money, have a family and enjoy life? This site is a hell of a lot more then gore. This is a milestone and you comment to bring it down. Which is fine but how can you say this is not reality?? This shits happ around the world and mark is publishing it and allowing the viewer to see what Mainstream will never allow you to. after coming here I thank GOD everyday I live in a free country. you my friend ate what we call a sheep!! So BAAAAAAAAAA HAAAA

        1. Huh? Your reply had nothing to do with the point I was making. The point I was making is the videos and images shown here are ‘not’ the normal reality of what happens to people – the stuff shown here are usually people, succumbing to very unfortunate circumstances. I was replying to the person that stated he came here because he had a thirst for reality. My point was, this site does not show the reality of what happens to most people.

          My opinion? The ‘reality’ excuse is just that – and excuse, for some people, as to why they come here – instead of just admitting that they are sick fucks, that get off on watching the painful deaths of other people.

        2. Kev got it right, its about teaching myself lessons without having to be in the situation or event. The descriptions i always read, not always agree with.

          And laughing out loud to people like broke, illegal and such comment. Cheap laughs ๐Ÿ™‚

          I been watching bestgore since before i was old enough too, never signed up for that reason, Mark tolds us about the 1000 didnt want to log in today because i knew it was close. The pictures fucking horrible too. Sums it up for me, gutted.

          Michael i believe by reality he means what he watches here is raw and unedited, we see the whole video.

          I remember the miners in south africa gunned down, BBC reported as Miners die in clashes, Bestgore showed me they were gunned down in cold blood. That is the reality we find here. Its unique.

      2. see this is what is wrong with americans(im assuming), they live in some fairytale ass cloud and choose to think their cul-de-sac lives are perfect because its the only world they know. take your ass to one of the countries with most gore on here, you and your family will see personally, if not on yourselves, the violence that goes down. also how cheap life is in other parts of the world. dont be a dipshit, dipshit. this is why other countries think us americans are fukn pussies and are sheep, you jus validated it with that ignorant comment

      3. I have said on record that the site isn’t reality. However, I meant it’s not MY reality. It’s not a reality that I fear. Looking back, I wish I’d worded things differently and explained that the site doesn’t represent a reality that I personally know, but obviously, the things we see are someone’s reality.

        1. IMO id rather think of it as a gore site, even tho it does show the reality of videos and news we dont hear/see from tv network news or other msm sites. no one said it was reality, because it happens to the majority of people, but it IS reality for some. i think michael started this whole comment section because he assumed reality meant that it happens to everyone, everywhere. these videos themselves are what constitutes this as reality.. and lol we are getting off topic of the main post by Mark. maybe that was michaels intention for that ridiculous comment. NEXT!

          1. So how is this for REALITY…. In reality, Mark might shut down this site to focus on life and we will be lost sheep without our sheppard.

      4. Michael, You need to understand that your way of life, your vision of life’s purpose, is a result of the conditioning that you have been through. When I say reality, I mean it as in, I donโ€™t see mob justice on my street, but there are other cultures around the world that still practice this instant form of relief. People donโ€™t gather in my town square to watch a bunch of men slay people of different color… anymore, but we see that ISIS still conducts their business like this. Reality as in, in other parts of the world, people still believe that sacrificing one of their children will help bring more money, more advantages, or more happiness. This isnโ€™t scenes from movies. This is not some story from Bellazombie although your comment indicates that you may want to read up on some of her shit. This shit is reality. Like Ikaika Kang was arrested 3 minutes away from my house WTF

  3. Just an idea / suggestion… Many of the older posts are gone, dead links and no longer viewable. Perhaps some of the classics could be re-uploaded for those that missed them. Maybe a lot of older videos got burned when authorities stepped in or when the video server got cunty a while back… but I think it would be good to re-up some of the older stuff. some of it would rightly be considered CLASSIC.

    1. Totally agree with that. So many pages of content that are now dead. If the site won’t get new content, at least the old stuff being restored for archive purposes would be great. Also, Mark should reupload the 1 lunatic 1 icepick vid as a farewell fuck you to canadian authorities that totally flubbed dealing with that and making Mark’s “offence” out to be a bigger deal.

    2. While I totally agree that the missing videos need to be reposted, I think that that’s a task that the BG community would have to tackle, not Mark. Mark has and will fix the videos if we send him links to the original content, but it’s tedious and time consuming to search out and find these old videos that aren’t watermarked. The way I see it, if there’s a classic video which you’d like to see back on BG, search for a copy and send it to Mark. If everyone did that, it wouldn’t take long to restore most of the broken links.

      1. What happened to the original source? Does Mark have the pictures/videos on any hard drives? If it’s a matter of uploading, I have no problem doing that.

        I personally do not agree that this site was “bad” when Mark was gone. I think they did a fine job. Also, it was better than not having the site!

  4. propz for all the content youve been posting lately, while also being busy with your farming duties.. why dont you let other trusted people run it again like they were while you were handling your cases? i was suprised when you first came back and decided to let the moderaters go, and run it for yourself..cuz it seemed like it would be more stress on your part especially after all the law troubles you were put through. but i know you have your reasons

  5. Mark probably hasn’t been banging any of the farm animals as that’s just sick, but how about putting several cameras around the farm. That way if you fuck up and get hurt or die using a farm implement, or get trampled by some cows or something crazy, we can watch. Although who would upload the video? Oh well I’ve enjoyed this site that’s for sure.

  6. Don’t just let the site die like that. Maybe ask someone to help you out ? Maybe you can make a couple of dedicated BG members mods & have ’em keep the stuff posting while you overlook & make changes once every couple of days at least if time is the main issue ? I have no idea how to maintain a website or if anything like that could work out but it’s just a noob thought.

  7. If money makes a difference, get some income by using porn ads. I wouldn’t care if porn ads were on the side or static, just not any pop-up shit. I guess other ads would be cool also, but I’m not sure who would be targeting this audience…besides porn…because everyone loves porn.

  8. No way Mark @happy, you are not leaving champ. What do we need to do to help keep this site going. Im sure you sit around and think, fuck it would be nice if some of these cunts helped me out with this and that or maybe took the load off of you with some shit. We can work something out if we all put our skulls together. Im going to have a spliff and do some thinking…. Congratulations by the way hope you are celebrating by having beers and licking some magic frogs or something.

  9. From the 500th post on May 11, 2014, to this 1000th, I have personally contributed a total of 150 bits and pieces of gore. My contributions were enhanced by the absence of Mr Mark who was facing some legal issues. During the early days of Markโ€™s absence, I became the victim of bullying by members from different corners of the world because of my personal thoughts concerning this site. Maybe because am a โ€˜โ€™Niggaโ€™โ€™ lol. Yaโ€™ am a nigga with big butt and firm boobs! They really tried their best to have me eliminated from here but in vain. The good part is that we reconciled and remain one big family.

    My contributions were warmly publicized mostly by Ate, Obli and my favourite Acneska till Mark picked up recently. I appreciate you guys for publishing my contributions and not forgetting the members for their massive comments.

    Most worrying thing is to see Mark sounding like calling it a day; your time is not over yet. We still need your effort in running this site.

    Yours Trully, Timakukondaniโ€ฆ. Siyakuthanda…. Tunakupenda sana!
    African Angel

    1. you werent bullied .. you just heard the truth about how people feel. civil war will rage one day and you will feel the REAL wrath of white people. especially in europe there is going to be a hell on earth scenario. but we will wipe you all out this time. you will all go back to where you came from some day. mark my words you have severely underestimated what we are going to do to you all.

  10. 10,000th post : hey that’s something! Well done in here! ConGrats everyone’s, indeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

    No doubt that Bestgore has always lived up to expectations for many here.

    In truth I am one of many of these fans here.

    If I understand correctly: even if sometimes the mountains are high and it takes your time and passion and even with a reduced internet: well you always knew how to be up to it, all the credits return to you Mark!

    If he has things that complicates lately take the time you need … after all (we all humans).

    Cheers Bro ๐Ÿ˜‰


  11. Dang ive been visiting this site daily for 6 years and it would suck to not have bg anylonger .Mark dude dont shut down i would gladly pay a subscription fee if it meant bg would live on and im sure im one of many who feel that way.

  12. I’ve been a long time lurker on the site for more years than I can remember. Never left a comment before but feel that I should throw my voice in with those asking that you keep the site going Mark. I get my world news from BestGore as you show the side of life that the mainstream media shields the sheeple from. I’ve seen other sites come and go over the years but you’ve maintained a consistent level of excellence and a supportive, vocal community. Despite having never commented before I feel that all the other denizens of this site are my brothers and sisters in gore!

  13. A part of me will die along with this site If Mark decides to stop with BG..
    But hey Mark, a man has got to do what a man has got to do!!
    I sure hope someone else can and will step up to keep this page running..

  14. It would be a shame if BG goes down.You will end my daily routine of: coming home from the job/gym at 4 or 6 pm,eat,make a coffe,sit and click on Live Leak and Best Gore for a daily dose of death and injuries.I’ve been practicing this meditation for couple of years now,but only 2-3 as registered user

  15. Theres only one improvement i can think of: – Allow original post owners in the foruns unlimited time to edit their original thread. ๐Ÿ˜€ One can make create a thread in the forum at late night, miss some details or mispell some words, and only notice it in the next morning/afternoon, when its already too late to edit anything to correct it.

  16. To stay or leave, Mark is going to make the right choice for himself. We all have responsibilities and people who depend on us. Well, maybe not ALL of us. It seems like maybe some members here would have trouble finding their way back home if they strayed too far, but I digress.
    When Mark came back on as moderator, BG comment pages were uglier than any of the death and gore. Members were divided into cliques and it seemed to me that the then moderator encouraged this and played the role of puppet master. Upon his return, Mark made a promise that things would be different, butt kissing no longer an obli-gation if you know what I mean. Schoolyard cliques no longer tolerated and so forth. A promise that Mark has kept to this day. I love that Mark lets us fight and squabble and make fools out of ourselves at times without interference, but knowing just when to end a pointless argument that has strayed too far from the topic.
    I’d like to personally thank Mark at this time for allowing me to continue posting my retarded jokes and sarcasm with impunity when before I would have been assulted for taking a shot at the wrong person or having an independent thought or opinion.
    To conclude, Mark doesn’t seem to be one that will let BG fall to the wayside without exploring every possible option. Let’s just hope that in the event that he leaves, BG doesn’t become another gay ass gore site with a scoreboard of likes/hates (ync) and so many porn ads (ync) that my tablet gets more herpes than a whore house toothbrush.

    1. obli was a harsh bastard and many of my comments i felt like i only typed half a comment because of that fuckers block-happy attitude. he was a terrible moderator but his last few months he seemed to redeem himself and chilled right the fuck out. he was a poor choice of moderator though, very poor. i suspect thousands of BG members left permanently when obli was moderating.

  17. I would love if someone would keep the site going, this is the uncensored truth of humanity itself. Though I can understand that one would rather live his dream than to keep up a website that has been controversial ever since. Whatever may be your decision, I hope it will be in unison with your life goals, doing something that drags you isn’t worth it.

  18. What in the actual fucking fuck!? Fuck!! But this site is what gets me through another fucking day. One of the first things I’ve done everyday for a long time now is to log on to your site. The work you do has helped me & many others I’m sure of it! Thank you for everything Mark! You will be seriously missed man!! … & I thought I would be overflowing with joy when I read the 1000 post.. This fucking sucks.

  19. I’ve been watching those pages build up every day now, waiting for it to hit 1000, now I can’t believe it’s actually here. I really wish I knew which page I arrived on BUT I do know that I’ve actually been through and searched every single page in the past, and continued with updates ever since. I feel this site is quite communal and to think it may potentially be coming to an end is actually quite upsetting. I genuinely visit every day and I thank Mark for the effort he has put in.

  20. I would be willing to pay a yearly fee, for keeping Best-Gore Alive. This fee could also be broken down in small monthly payments with postdated checks, if needed, or arrange it with your credit card company to have an automatic small monthly withdrawal taken from it. A portion of These funds could help Mark have a regular income, and some could also go to hire a couple of well written long time members to help run the day to day operations. Being that my education as a young man was limited at best, and the fact that i cannot write worth a shit, i would never be a candidate for this. But never the less, i would be the first one in line to support whatever decision Mark decides to take, and to send in my dues $$$ and help keep what has become for me, my True Home, and you Guys/Gals my True Family. So for B-G to close down would be a hard pill for me to swallow, but Mark has to do what is best for him, as nobody will ever look out for his best interest but himself. Lets ALL work together on a solution to Marks problem, as i believe that we owe him at the very least, on how we could help him move forward with this issue. We have about 38 000 thousand members at any one time. So if every member could send in even $10.00 each yearly, this small fee could help out incredibly with a total of $380.000.00 (three hundred and eighty thousand). It would not take much funds for us all to pitch in, cause what is Ten Bucks A Years to any of us??? Peanuts, but added up, we are in business… Something To Think About! ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy 1000th Mark, ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m thinking that a premium membership should be considered…

      Mark could offer exclusive content (maybe even his own) for members to see… but offer other perks like unlimited editing… making private chat rooms that only certain members are allowed in… instant messaging between members… etcetera… etcetera…

      Maybe five bucks a month???…

      I’d definitely leave the “general content” free to the public…

      But I’ve never owned nor ever operated a website… I don’t even have one for my business…

      You can’t create and/or maintain something out of nothing…

      Godspeed to whatever you decide to do Mark…

  21. That’s it!…

    I’m putting a bounty on Mark to be kidnapped and hog-tied to a comfortable chair with a built-in trapdoor toilet… also with a computer and good WiFi… all the foods… liquids and supplements to nourish him and all the energy inducing ganja that is humanly possible…

    How ’bout ‘dat?…

          1. @despy
            I knew you were a dirty girl. I needed that chuckle…. this thread is making me teary eyed..fucking hormones.
            The thought of this place not being here is not easy to fathom, where will I go to be with with like minded gore whores? I’ve never commented on any other internet site, I don’t want to go somewhere else.
            Now I’m just whining. ๐Ÿ™

          2. @illegalsmile55.
            Are you telling me that you don’t post recipes for Lobster/Parm sandwiches on one of those Oprah sites?
            Also, I think I saw you on The Bang Bus once but I’m not positive.

          3. I always leave an ingredient out of any recipes I share. ๐Ÿ˜€
            Seriously, (that sounds funny) I am sad at the thought of not having this great site. I’m praying to the ant people to keep this place around.

  22. I was 14 when I first came across Best Gore, not quite sure how I found this site but I think the first ever gore video I watched was of a Japanese man getting beheaded on top of an American flag. Since then I was hooked (although I’m sure at the time my parents would not have approved).

    I’m 20 now and still enjoy this place. It will be a sad day when Best Gore dies, but all good things have to die eventually. Congrats on hitting 1000 pages.

  23. Great job by Mark and whoever is behind this web site by posting all of these videos, this must be a tough job that has been done for years with great commitment..I personally want to thank all of them because they are able to show the reality of the ugly side of humanity and everything others try to hide..I am not particularly sadistic or anything like that, I even feel sorry for some the people who have accidents, or being murdered or whatever is being shown here, but this web site is just great and open widely your eyes …thanks a lot, congratulations and keep up the good job!

  24. Been here since a few posts before the beheading of Manuel Mendez Leyva. This site and its content have been the way I get my reality news for 5 years easily. It’s what’s made me so much more aware of people around me, their brutal nature, their indifference, and very little regard for life. It’s what has kept me on my toes with protecting my wife and kids everywhere I go. It has made me cherish every moment with those I love because it’s a constant reminder of how quickly it can all be gone. You guys don’t know it, but I’ve been here with you all for a very long time and if the site goes dark, I’ll miss it more than you know. Mark, do what you have to do brother, and if you have to move on, enjoy your life and thank you for the awakening!

  25. what does all this mean???
    has ISIS taken over control? is there somebody called ‘mark’ a real person??
    what has this to do with the nazi-fake-propaganda on this site?
    animals and fucking??? are you everybody nuts??
    i only want gore!!! nothing more gore!!
    fck y and die slowly. – do it for more gore!!!

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