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Truth Rising from Her Well to Shame Mankind - 1896 Painting by Jean-Léon Gérôme

The above is a painting by a French painter and sculptor Jean-Léon Gérôme titled “Truth Rising from Her Well (to Shame Mankind)”.

The painting portrays the figure of truth which emerges from a well holding a scourge with which to shame and punish humankind. The image makes literal reference to a saying by the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus (ca. 460 BC – ca. 370 BC) who said: “Truth lies at the bottom of a well.

It feels good to realize that as times change, so does the face of truth. Only those who wish for truth to stay at the bottom of the well picture her as one pissed off woman that comes out to eat their soul and whip them until they admit their crimes. For the rest of us, she’s a beautiful and confident lady that carries with her light to brighten the darkest hours of mankind. For she is truth and truth conquers all.

Vincit Omnia Veritas, Best Gore. Congratulations to 500 motherfucking pages!

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

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        1. Well said, I love this painting, going to find out a bit more. You know when something grabs you? Like a song or a film, this is one of those moments. She has a real look of horror about her.

    1. This bitch is pale as fuck and coming out of a well.The summary is better than the picture mainly because it describes wth its about.and im pretty sure pple are like wtf is this shit supposed to represent without that summary lol.

  1. But anyway, 500 pages of bestgore, I think all the contributers that have stepped in need a thank you for all the hard work, time and effort. Especially knowing they could be the next, I’m sure that must be something they think about although non of them make a big song and dance about it.

      1. Awww @Mama you’re so nice 🙂

        And congratulations on the big 5-0-0 BG!
        Although when I look at the painting I see neither scenerio. Just Samara from ‘The Ring’, looking none too happy that the well has aged her a good 40 years 😉

          1. Yes, an excellent achievement. Thanks to all the people who have made it possible.

            A big part of those thanks goes to all the unfortunate souls who have been photographed or filmed in the most trying hours of their life and the immediate hours ( and very unfortunately the days, weeks and months sometimes as well) post death.

            Although you didn’t choose to be the makeup of these 500 pages, there was genuine concern for your wellbeing and genuine disappointment and outrage at your death, what ever the case may be.

            If there was laughter, it was only because the circumstances surrounding your demise or nasty accident were so horrific, it helped the readers of these pages cope more effectively with the shit deal you seem to have been handed.

            And if you are an armed robber, robber and then murderer, thief of general asshole and you ended up in here it is because Karma had that planned for you the moment you decided to fuck over someone else’s life, that you had no right to interfere in. The laughter and harsh words here were very real and we are all glad you ended up getting fucked over your self. Wankers.

            So thank you and take care in what ever you situation is now. Thanks for being a good sport with the photos/video.


  2. “When you absolutely have to kill every muthafukka in the room, accept no substitutes”

    right on Sam, and right on BG

    keep up the education of reality. when you show brains on the pavement, you inch someone one step closer to sticking that moto-condom on their dome before riding. kudos!

  3. Look into the waters of the well to find the truth .

    That’s a beautiful painting , the stone looks very familiar to me and the woman reminds me of someone .

    Long may Best Gore continue to inspire ever more people to seek the Truth .

    500 pages marks a momentous achievement by all concerned .

    Here’s to another 500 pages and on to many more .

      1. I think it’s her postion, her facial expression and her general ‘flabiness’. Although it looks like a Victorian painting, that was the beauty ideal then, it just doesn’t cut it today. She needs to work out if she wants to kick arse.

        1. Also, her proportions are all wrong, She’s got a tiny head, long arms like a chimpanzee, and her leg seems to be growing out of all that flab behind her. Not really a competent painter of the human form in my mind.

          1. That is one huge leg attached to one huge hind quarter . I agree she does look out of proportion , definitely could do with a couple of cups bigger too .

            The overall painting is a good one in my opinion though , the shadowing is nice .

      1. oops I did actually look up the spelling of that and stil got it wrong.
        On that point though, you should always say you’ve never had one before and don’t know what it is. That way you can pretend to see kittens and icecreams in everything.

  4. A big thank you from the bottom of my wet warm tight pussy, (Id say heart but I dont have one) , really, thank you, especially my deepest gratitude to my dear Mark. I cannot believe you are locked away my sweetheart. I long to hear from you, I miss reading your posts, I wish I could write you, and trust that you would receive it. 🙁 . Xoxo I love you BestGore.

      1. Isn’t he living under certain conditions? Thats imprisonment even though a building with bars are not securing him in..its prison my dear. Its worse than jail, jail he would probably have more freedom.

  5. My interpretation is that this is not a woman at all. Just some dude who had his kibbles and bits hacked off and underwent estrogen injections in a vain attempt to lure me to the top floor of a Pattaya hotel. Flaunting his “lady parts” in my face only so he can lead me to the balcony to “show me something”. Well fuck you Jean-L?on G?r?me, BG has me hip to your shit and shenanigans. Happy 500 BG!!! You don’t look a day over 400.

        1. @amnyc likes that Asian porn. Do you whack off to tranny porn, @Zion? I bet you do to a bunch of girls dressed up in slutty Nazi uniforms and they’re all there to service a Hitler look-a-like. If not, i just came up with a great porno idea..

          1. I’ll have you know I’ve been off Asian porn for several weeks now @nextie. I don’t even know what half the stuff you’re into is. What the hell is a rim job anyway and why do you keep asking me about them? Disgusting.

          2. @amnyc Are you seriously giving my secrets away? Well, i’m done giving you Sex Ed. classes then.

            @Tony hairless? I’ve never seen a hairless Asian. But gross.

  6. 500 Pages, WOW! Man time flies, when your an old guy like me 😉 That being said, i am very proud of everything that B-G has done for the greater good. This site has made me Cry, Laugh, And Yes sometimes Mad, often all in one day. But the one thing that it has done personally for me is give me hope in the Human Race, because of all the truths, and injustices being brought to light because of this place. I wish you another 500 pages of uncensored reality without all the Bullshit from the sheep. Fuck-Yea! 🙂

    1. Time does fly and you still havn’t learned to press the space bar between your points of interest 😈

      C’mon now…….. how hard is it before we all fall asleep and need a swig before shit rivets don’t space conversational points.

  7. Booyeah……… I remember when I joined a few years ago with much less pages and made sure I started from the beginning.

    It took me months to look at stuff from the beginning which freaked me out but good luck with that now 😉

    500 is just another number to remind me of the shit rivetry behavior of the fleshy virus which will continue I’m sure.

    Similar story………… Different day methinks.

  8. @ Acneska….

    Fuck off with the words fella……

    I can’t remember where you said ‘societal misandry’ but it haunted me and stayed with me for days until I jewgled it.

    Fuck you and may misandry reign on your parade 😆

  9. 500 pages, well over a few thousand articles, showing how vile, despicable, controlling and apathetic human beings can be. Showing human nature in its raw form. What you don’t get to see on the news. And even after many attempts to shut it down by the kosher eating rats and their collaborators, BestGore still lives, and will continue to do so, as long as there are people willing to risk their safety and privacy to show others to side of humanity that is constantly obfuscated by our society.

  10. In 1902, the painter said “Thanks to photography, Trust has at last left her well.”
    Thank you, to M and the moderators, administrators, authors and contributors for 500 pages of truth! Congratulations!!

  11. Congratulations BG! Who would of thought we would make it this far. Thanks to everyone who stepped up to keep it going when authority thought it could kill us by attacking the head. We are a hydra, cut off a head, and three more grow in it’s place. “You can’t handle the truth.”

      1. People still take their news from one side and one side only. It makes people with potential complete retards.

        News is always bias no matter where you get it. That’s why people need to travel, to see the other sides of things.

        Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see.

  12. Clearly not a lot of art aficianados here, Acneska. I absorb the representative mediums. The expression, the mood and emotion and ideas contained in a single piece. Open to interpretation, of course. I havent been to a gallery in ages. Care to come with me one day? Take in show?

  13. Many thanks to Brazil, China, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Republica Domenicana, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia… Without these countries and their nationals we would not have 500 pages of the best gore and we would have to be satisfied with police enforcement abuse and nonsenses alike.

    1. Nah bro, but what makes this site different it’s its quality posts you can find many other gore sites around but nothing like BestGore here we get alternative news & true history that the popular media won’t never tell you we’re also a large community we’ve been building this community for years along with the Admin (Mark) and succeed in doing that 🙂

      If you are not a kiddo you’d know back in the day in the 90’s and early 2000’s there was 2 gore sites that outstood in the internetz which were “Rotten” & “Show No Mercy” man I miss those days so much

      1. I’d also add that BG is way ahead in that there are no shitty pop ups and links to other sites messing up the experience . All of that periferal shit is annoying .

        On here we get what it says on the tin , no other silly distractions to detract from the great content .

  14. There is a war for truth and lies between the TV and the internet now. On my TV on the National Geographic channel, there is a show on about how the Nazis hated Jews and killed 6 million of them and that Hitler went crazy! hahahaha! There is a war between the truth and the lie going on in the world right now. Will the truth win or will the lie win?

  15. Truly is a beautiful painting. And a good meaning to it as well. Yet as already said our truth is very different than the one most people have. (WE FACE UP TO IT).

    Well done at 500 pages I honestly remember looking at the first video when the website was opened. Feel very privileged to be a part of the BG community.

  16. This looks precisely like my ex… I broke up with her 3 months ago, yesterday; so I could spend more time with my depression. Doesn’t say much for her, but she was nice. Quite a violent gal, but I liked that…
    Congrats on the 500 page of gore, truth, and interesting commentary. Cheers!

  17. painter did a bad ass job… and those arms are out of place.
    but expression and settings interesting.
    what i see is in this painting is that the woman get back in the water well (reborn) to sweep again life.
    that’s also reason the plants are above the well.

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