An Euch Feinde Allahs – Nasheed by German Rapper Deso Dogg aka Abu Talha Al-Almani

An Euch Feinde Allahs - Nasheed by German Rapper Deso Dogg aka Abu Talha Al-Almani

ISIS has released a video featuring a Nasheed by German rapper Deso Dogg (his real name is Denis Cuspert, but since joining the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, he’s been using the nom de guerre of Abu Talha Al-Almani). The title of the Nasheed is An Euch Feinde Allahs – To You Enemies of Allah.

The video clip is a compilation of various false flag attacks carried out by Israel and its proxy army of fake Muslims, such as the Charlie Hebdo shooting in France. A notable bit is the snap from the beheading of David Haines which had not been included in the original release.

Props to Best Gore member Baby14 for the video:

124 thoughts on “An Euch Feinde Allahs – Nasheed by German Rapper Deso Dogg aka Abu Talha Al-Almani”

  1. It is very apparent the makers of this and other IS videos we’ve seen, are very skilled. Have to admit that, although the messages in them go right over my head, not interested.
    Hmm, highly skilled film makers with a talent for computer graphics and a plethora of other digital techniques.
    Silly question perhaps, but where are these technically gifted members of this Proxy force springing up from !?

      1. It worked for them before, so I suppose they were always gunna do the same again @bobcat.

        I always ask myself, not what happened, but, who benefitted from what happened ?. Things become clearer that way I find.

  2. the main thing here, it’s that you see for the 1st time (and for 1 second), David Haines beiing killed (@1:06). it does not appear in the official video release 7 months ago… (video is on BG)

    1. I had a dream….or was it a vision??
      That the infidel was slaughtered on television……..
      A many headed hydra breeding until excision…….
      The Bishop of Rome had ordered that circumcision.

      So we all remember that Black September…….
      And the perfumed garden of Hassan i Sabbah….
      The mayhem that bloomed in Munich and Uganda…..
      The blood..and the guts..and the bodies all dismembered.

      Now that seems tame…we have all been inured…..
      To the ways of Chronozon…please make me hebetate…
      Just like all the sheep….I wish to be cured….
      And crowned on a throne….until I abdicate.

      1. Battle torn, worn and weak,
        I stand in line to fight
        The wolf is hungry for his meat,
        Which I’ll not be tonight.

        My sword I raise above my head,
        And sound my battle horn.
        Odin if you hear me,
        My allegiance has been sworn.

        The strength of Thor is in me,
        I’ll not fall as prey.
        With Tyr along to guide me,
        I’ll find victory this day!

        My brothers lay before me,
        In battle they’ve been beat.
        They died like noble Norseman,
        So in Valholl we will meet.

        Battle torn, worn and weak,
        This conflict has run long!
        The wolf has had his fill of meat
        The warriors will is strong

        Hail the Einherier!
        Hail those that have served.
        Hail to the fallen!
        All Hail those now falling.

          1. Sieg Heil! Ein Fuhrer Ein Reich Ein Volk! Those are some great slogans. Der Fuhrer Ist Deutchland! Deutchland Ist Der Fuhrer! Mein Ehre Heist Treue! Still gets me.

        1. Thank you for the lovely battle song, I’m proud to say that I have Viking/Nordic blood in me, my real name connects directly to the nordic kings, and when in shamanic states feel my ancestry in my blood…..ODIN!!!

      1. sounded more like bollox to me!!
        another 1930’s moron, stuck in a time warp…Hitler got beat! suck it up!! his herrenvolk ain’t herrenvolk no more, they never wetre just a bunch of egotist who liked wearing tight trouser and very jaunty hats, while they mudered UNARMED PEOPLE……….

    2. I thought the taliban didn’t like music,they said it was evil, so now what do you expect from a displaced sand nigger who joins ISIS? he’s probably hoping to write jihad rap and make a fortune or a killing, oh yeah he’s already done that, I mean he’s really brave cutting off a tied and bound captive, sooner they get nuked or better still drop a DNA bomb on them making them infertile the better

    1. Don’t say that! Don’t discriminate Muslims just because of the Isis group. Isis is a terrible terrible group but not all Muslims are like this. You can’t automatically think that every Muslim is a threat because they are not. So feel free to take your anger out on Isis but don’t hate on innocent Muslims.

      1. It’s hard to understand this thing. Because in a lot of videos i’ve seen and news read, ISIS kill Muslims…so they are not Muslims, or, they are and kill who’s not “Muslim like them”

      1. The Normans were descendants of Scandinavian Vikings…

        I’m sure you know this already… 😉

        Nevertheless… I wouldn’t mind seeing one or both rise from the dead and show how real men fight… 😀

          1. Oddly enough, where I’m from in Yorkshire, the genetic line is unique in England.Viking yes, but interestingly, via north western France, or the lower Loire Valley to be precise.
            They do exist still. 😉

          2. Ahh the blood from Frankia (old name for north France), eh? Denmark vikings i guess. 😛 But yeah Yorkshire was what used to be the south of Northumbria, the main target for the Viking invasion in 865, led by the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok. After they managed to conquer York, they established the Jorvik farming community, today known as your Yorkshire… 😛 Lucky you, you have pure Viking blood there.

  3. LMAO what a complete fucking joke….I wish I could see this fucking fagget motherfucker and laugh in his face about his stupid fucking gay ass video ahahahhahahaaaa what a fucking loser piece of shit. I hope this fucking degenerate is already dead

  4. thanks for the warning dickhead rapper. Now if they are an Iraeli proxy and Israel is an American proxy, then I guess that means we’re ok here in America and those fucking head cutters are not really after us, huh??

  5. They’re fucking wack!!!! Seriously who are they fucking kiiddin’. A joke. A grain a sand really. But they feel so big. The only reason they win battles is because the other side doesn’t fight… If you ask me

  6. What a shit song. The rapping is in German and pseudo-Arab style but it’s really badly done.

    This whole video comes off as pretty desperate propaganda, as evidenced in “where are your troops we can no longer wait”. Just shows they’re sole intention is to provoke us, but now they sense that we’re getting bored. If you keep killing lots of people for no apparent reason people lose interest and go back to watching the Mexicans – at least they’re fighting over something even if it is drugs.

  7. Ok these fucking lyrics are in german, so i said it too…
    Jeder hier weiss das dieser sogenannte Rapper Deso Dog nur ein haufen Hundeschei?e ist welcher es hier zu nichts gebracht hatte. Hat genauso wie seine Familie von Hartz 4 gelebt, den Sozialleistungen der BRD. Wenn man also ein mickriger scheiss von Islamkaffer ist geht man zu eben solchen Vertlierern. Man t?tet die welche man zuvor fesselt damit sie sich nicht wehren k?nnen, welche nicht an solchen fanatismus glauben, welche die noch Hirn haben. Was soll man halten, von einer Sippe von Kamel und Eselsfickern ? Auch Deren Tag wird kommen, ganz sicher und dann fickt Euch euer Allah in den Arsch.

  8. Boozer is back!! they locked me in for 6 days, just for stomping a fucking moslim to shit, would do again just give me a bad look I will kill you! DIE YOU MF MOSLIMS ICH WERDE EUCH T?TEN BIN BEREIT!!


    1. Hey @boozer!…

      Why didn’t you stomp 4 more sand bandits into the dust?

      You could’ve got the whole month off!… 😉

      Willkommen zur?ck mein guter Bruder!… Prost mein Freund!… 😀

    2. Hahaha womit t?ten mit Besenstielen :). Wie in der NATO ?bung hahaha, ganz ehrlich das wird nichts… Die BW ?bt mit Besenstielen die Ost Verteidigung hahaha. W?rde mich nicht wundern wenn in ein paar Jahren diese Wichser ihre Flagge ?ber dem Petersdom hissen.

  9. Had to do fucking job interviews today at work today, I was having a shit afternoon until I noticed 2 Muslims came today for job interviews to work on my department, man it felt fucking good telling them they were no good for the job, gave me a slight fucking orgasm it was that good.

  10. This is not arabic, its german.

    I remind a couple of songs from DesoDogg. He actually did good music. He talked about his life and help for the kids and the streets in berlin. I remind an song from another rapper named “Kaisa” from germany. The rapper said in the song:

    “Was ist mit DesoDogg los, Bruder lass dein Kopf nicht ficken. Du bist dein eigener Held, alle andern sollen sich ficken”

    what means:

    “Whats up with DesoDogg, brother dont let fuck your head. You are your own hero. Everybody else should fuck themselves.”

    A while after that song, DesoDogg was disappeared and came back with videos from war.
    In interviews about islam he often talked contradictory stuff. I think he wasnt sure about his life. He tried himself in MMA . You actually can find videos on youtube. But he failed. I think he just wanted something new in life. But he did a too big step. Im 100% sure he is going to regret his decision one day. I can see it in his eyes. Or maybe he did it yet. But there is no return. Another lost soul in this sick world. He was too weak to survive the pressure. Shame on him. In the moment he is dying he thinks twice about his life. Shame on him

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