April Fools Prank

April Fools Prank

So we’ve been pranked by Brokeback & Juicy Inc. and now the feelings are mixed, although I tend to sense that there is more outrage than laughter. That probably has to do with being on the receiving end of the prank. I’d just like to let everyone know that I wasn’t let in on it. I was pranked the same as everyone else. There are two sides to it:

  1. It was a prank – deal with it and laugh it off
  2. Due to the website’s topic, many members have had previous brushes with suicides so this type of prank hit a little too close to home

I’d be in full favor of laughing it off, cause that’s what being a good sport is about, but at the same time I want to express that I do understand those who feel rather outraged. From my personal standpoint, I’d like to thank Brokeback and Juicy for taking time of their day to plan this ahead of time and working as a team to get us all riled up. Their intent was not mean and just as any prank, it was meant to spice things up a bit. It’s April Fools’ Day after all.

But at the same time I do understand where those who feel upset are coming from. Many spent a lot of time worrying, even incurring financial losses to help resolve the situation. This is something that can’t be taken lightly. It just leads us to a Catch 22 – there are no winners. You’re fucked if you do, you’re fucked if you don’t. So let’s focus on what this prank has taught us.

The Power of BG Community

I think we can all be extremely proud of what we have demonstrated over the last one and a half day here at Best Gore. As an online community, we came together and showed that if need calls for it, we are here for one another and will not hesitate to offer a landing hand. People were ready to travel, to send money, to make phone calls, to offer a place to stay – unconditionally. That says a lot about us as a whole. We are not ignorant to the needs of another and after seeing all the bad shit that happens around the world as documented on this site, what we have manifested on Best Gore shows that there IS hope.

And for that I like to give massive, massive props to each and every one of you.

Once Is Enough

We all knew the first day of April was upon us and many suspected it could have been a prank, but there still was this – “what if it’s not a prank” bug in the back of our heads. Just because it’s April 1, it doesn’t mean bad shit stops happening to people. And so it lead to people thinking that if it’s not a joke and I could have saved life but I didn’t cause I mistook it for a funny, I’d never forgive myself. That’s what I believe pushed people into ignoring the possibility of a prank and taking action because it’s better to “be safe rather than sorry”.

For that reason, I’d say we chalk this prank up as a funny, but we refrain from this type of behavior in the future because the effects could be detrimental. People who tried to help now will think twice next time around to spare themselves from the headache and financial burden they’ve incurred the last time they’d genuinely tried to save someone else’s life. This simply must not be an option. People thinking twice about helping someone to avoid getting pranked could lead to a tragedy.

Crackdown on Unrelated Comments

While I’m at making announcements, I’d like to make it official that I will be cleansing the comment section of the posts to restore former high standard of comments. Comments that are completely unrelated to the topic discussed, as well as those made just to make an appearance in the comments and other similar douchebaggery will be dealt with accordingly.

I take a lot of time researching and writing my posts so if you can’t be bothered and meet me half way with the same, then what’s the point of commenting? There are many commenters who do take time to write their posts and they greatly contribute to the discussion, but their comments are often buried in a slew of bullshit that has nothing to do with discussed subject matter or what derived from it.

This crackdown is not meant to discourage commenting, but to encourage quality commenting and to bring back old school commenters who don’t comment anymore because of the reason stated earlier in this section. We all will benefit if we don’t need weed through useless comments to get to the good ones. We spend a lot of time on the site, let’s make it the best it can be. Together.

Let me know what you think,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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311 thoughts on “April Fools Prank”

  1. The picture of the girls butt looks like mine after my accident. Most painful thing ever, even heavy duty IV pain killers didn’t touch the pain during my dressing changes ( which was hell every 12 hours). Hopefully my lawyer will be sending the disc of pictures soon so I can share.

    I’m glad to hear its a joke but suicide isn’t funny. Just my opinion though. To each his own.

      1. It happened two years ago so its already healed. Some of the really deep road rash never healed quite right. I am left with “road tattooing” and part of my skin got wrinkly because the Collagen was permanently damaged. The tattoo areas are random black/grey areas but there is also some gravel that was too deep to get out when they did the debridement. A few times I have picked bits of glass out of my skin (it healed over and then I would feel a bump and pick it out ).

        They have treatments to help (tattoo removal and laser treatments) and I’m thinking of trying it.

    1. @gcs15, are you addicted to the painkillers like I am? It really sucks…the physical withdrawals are horrible as I’m sure you already know. Even though my spine is fixed…the rest of me is now fucked up.

        1. @KJ- please email me. I saw your post about milk yesterday and due to my prank antics I was unable to get in on that! I’m totally into the alternatives and natural foods, etc. My kids and I actually drink almond milk. I use that as a base in cooking, spinach smoothies, etc! Anyhow, my email addy is below and you’re definitely one that I’d like to keep in contact with! 馃檪

      1. Dependent on them, yeah. I have spondylosis/nerve damage in my spine. Quick version of events: drunk caused an accident. Car flips. Passenger (me) ejected 40-50 ft. Wake up five days later with no Idea what happened (no time had passed in my mind).

        Injuries included critical liver laceration, collapsed lung, scalp ripped off my face, chest ripped open, bad road rash, and brain trauma. While I was in a coma I recieved tons of blood (since my body lost a ton of my own blood wnd went into hypovolemic shock). There were other minor things but its like a Chinese menu a little from A B and C column lol

        After being in the hospital for a while I wanted to go home. Instead I had to go to a rehab hospital to do PT and such full time because I still needed things like dressing changes. When I was finally able to set up a home nurse and PT guy I went home. It was a rude awakening though when I left with a script for three days worth of pain meds (seriously? Like boob jobs got more pain medication then I did for serious shit). I got in with a good doctor around here and he’s been treating me ever since. I am on oxycodone IR and MS Contin, on top of getting surgery every four months to burn the nerve roots in my spine. Ill take anything that offers even a slight bit of relief.

        I WD’ed once when I missed my appointment. This was near the beginning and I didn’t think I’d WD because that only happens to “addicts” boy was I stupid and very wrong. Worst three days of my life. My pain was out of control and that was on top of the regular WD symptoms (the insomnia on top of feeling like death was the worse, people say its like the flu, that’s BS).

        It is nice to find someone who knows that though. 馃槈

          1. Thank you! I was lucky that the chief of plastic surgery fixed my face and chest. I had over 100 stitches in my face alone, but he was able to pull it up mostly into my hairline to hide it.

        1. @gcs15, sorry to hear all that you went through. You’re right though, it is nice to find someone who knows what these pain meds can do to you. If you ever want to talk meds you know where to find me.
          @Jamal, J and I have a long distance relationship going on.

          1. That’s what I’m sayin’ @KJ!!! I’m heading to his place though. He’s going to be my Canadian tour guide!! 馃槈 He promised to wear a cute lil guide outfit too!! Haha, I’m just playing!!

          2. @gcs15 damn, that’s crazy. Glad you made it out alive at least. I’ve only had one injury (besides random finger breaks), and that was snapping my femur clean in half when I was 12. I was only on Tylenol with codeine for about a week, but god damn that is like all I wanted.

            Do you have any before and after pictures by chance? I’m quite interested.

          3. I know those effects too, and if you had used contramal and baclofene at an high dosage the worst of those effects wouldn’t have happened at all, you would have slept like a baby during 3 days without the chills, cold and hot flashes, sweating and so on, the worst effect is to me the very deep and severe depression that lasts for weeks, the time for your brain receptors to heal

        2. A similar accident happened to my dad a long time ago.. He was driving (drunk) and hit a guard rail. Wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and flew through the windshield of his car into the woods and wasn’t found for a few days. However, had he been wearing the seatbelt he would’ve died because the cars roof would’ve crushed him. I’m not too sure about what his injuries were, all I remember is he was dead for around a minute and had a near death experience. Also I remember that he asked the nurse for a pan and filled it to the brim puking blood.

    2. I’ve been registerd gore this website for sometime and have never commented it seems like all the comments are bs id gladly like to participate in a real discuss so hopefully this will sway people into real dialect good job mark for this I’ve been fateful to bg for well over a year and this is way past due

    3. a broken jaw is bad i had my jaw wired shut and i was sick when i woke up after the op and could not open my mouth to let it out the nurses had to put a tube in my mouth to suck it out god i was drowning that scared me silly

    4. Greetings everyone. Today I decided to register after being a long time lurker here on BG. I have read through countless comments and had many laughs to myself thanks to all you awesome people. I gotta admit, I have an addiction to gore, but only on this site. This site rocks and I finally want to introduce myself to your community. Lets get gory.

    5. Yeah mark I can see why you want to stop the off topic bullshit talk, and I agree to a certain extent but some things members say on here are hilarious. Another thing, are we allowed to answer a fellow members question that might be slightly of topic?

  2. Good stuff Mark, your time and effort to this site blows me away, as does your literary skill. The comment section when relevant is what I believe keeps me coming back, that and a good chunk of the dark side of the planet.
    It’s also pretty cool to kind of get to know the best gore community through the comment section, there’s some pretty intelligent, funny and passionate people contributing. For the record, Juicy your still hot and BB your still bad arse, thanks for the comedy guys.

      1. Hey you’re good, the only reason so many people gave you shit is cuz they thought you had screwed over brokeback. I thought it was a prank just cuz it was april 1 plus I just fogured you were too mature to pull some little kid shit like that. Thanks for still being juicy.

  3. Personally, I think its a great idea to have comments that actually contribute to a post what ever it may be. Since I’ve started visiting bestgore and reading comments, its obvious there are very intelligent people that are on this website that should have there comments read by other members. Thanks Mark for addressing this.

    P.S Will you be deleting members accounts that comment useless garbage all the time?

  4. I agree with the post 100%, and was very bias because of reason number 2. Ive had shit happen like that to some close friends….and unfortunatly it wasnt april fools at the time. Juice you have to understand that the things I said were under that bias and had you been noted as the “victim” the same harshness would have been dealt to BB. Now it does seem wierd that on a site of executions, scuicides etc that anyone would take such a thing so seriously, but as proven, people do, and as Mark said this cannot be written off as a boy who cried wolf situation. Maybe Im just naive in my 20 years of exsistence, but I do take things like that very seriously. Sorry J again, and yeah Mark do me a favor and take all my bullshit comments off so I dont ever have to read them again.


    1. First off- i owe you more of an apology than you owe me! I never even thought about people who have lost people. I’m insightful but apparently naive as well! I accept your apology with highest regards! I doubt if the tables were turned though, that bb would’ve had the same results. I should’ve told him to make ME the victim in the storyline! I’m highly inexperienced in this type of stuff apparently..

      1. Juice, (I’m gonna call you Juice from now on I hope thats alright) Im glad you accept my apology, but you dont really have to apologize to me lmao. Its not like you knew beforehand that would be totally diffrent. As for BB being treated diffrently, you are so right. I feel people would have still tried to scapegoat you lol. Only because he does have seniority on BG. On the plus side everyone knows you just as well now though, so inadvertent or not, you are now and forever will be BG famous. Keep it going though Juice 馃槈 It’ll blow over eventually.

        On a more picture related note, that looks like a cat of nine tails made out of barbed wire. Am I right?

        1. @Aleezy- I’m not sure.. Lol. That’s not me in that pic- you didn’t think it was though, right?! Not that i wouldn’t be down for barbed wire fun- it just hasn’t happened like that yet. I had no idea we would have a featured post. That’s so bizarre to me! What’s even more is the “people who searched for to land here” lol. Brokeback and Juicy Inc. lol.

          1. Haha nahhh. I didnt think that was you lmao. Kinky shit though fersure. But you see! Your BG famous now. I told ya 馃槈

  5. Well, I’ve already posted my views on the Juicyback saga on the original April fools statement page so read that if need be.

    To the new matter then,

    How will you decide what is unrelated to the subject matter?, can a person discuss the matter at hand and then briefly make a parallel point regarding a personal experience such as a comment on car crash footage followed by a story of ones own car crash experience?, because this might establish replies that are not true to the original post and would break the rules.

    Will you be warning any members that stray of track to get back on subject first or just deleting the comments?

    This website is quite large and has a global following so it would be impossible for you to moderate it on the scale that you suggest as you cannot be awake and online 24/7 therefore will you be asking for moderators to help or will you just delete en mass when you are online because the latter would make it very hard to follow any debate or conversation.

    Sorry for all the questions.

    1. I don’t have any answers to that, I just know something needs to be done cause quality of commenting went down hill lately. Maybe just stating it publically that I will be removing comments will do the trick and turn commenters around to try to put a thought into their comment. I know I won’t be able to police everything, but if something starts sticking out like a sore thumb, it may be taken care of. Step 1 will be to encourage thought in comments and discourage commenting just to make an appearance in the post with a verbal declaration like in this post.

      1. If its a notion of self moderation that you are looking for then why not try shame tactics, in the same way you refer to single mothers in a negative light frequently in your posts why not refer to nonsense posters in a similar fashion.

        That way you get your point across in an entertaining manner and keep it fresh in peoples minds and maybe even spark a bit of ridicule towards the nonsense poster in the process, that should hopefully create a more self aware and self moderating forum.

        1. 1. I honestly thought the live chat experiment went ok. Something like that could clear up the boards some?
          2. After reading every comment on this post…I think that Empty Soul has a very valid option, that being a type of wall of shame.
          3. Looking back at older posts, asides from there being less people, there wasn’t nearly as much of a water cooler effect. Now we go some history and friends going on.
          4. Great joke Juicy and BB.

  6. Finally- a spot where i can once and for all say what i need to day because its on topic!!!!

    I stumbled onto BG one day while looking for gore on you tube. I had watched everything they had that had “gore” in it but nothing really excited me. Lol. I saw a link in the comment section of a suicide clip, clicked it- and the rest is history! I utterly LOVE this site and most of the people that frequent!

    I immediately fell in love with people that shared the same interests in blood and guts as I do! It was awesome! I began to feel comfortable being MYSELF! I no longer had to act like someone “normal” to fit in. Most of my friends don’t share the love of death as I do. Big surprise, right?!

    I never intended on taking part in something that would seriously cause this much drama and heartache!

    I really apologize to everyone involved. I totally see what this did and I’m not proud!

    I think that if anything though- this post should be more for Brokeback than me. I feel that I’m hated now for the plan that was masterminded by all of your guys favorite Brokeback. I wasn’t forced to go along with it, but i never foresaw this drama.

    If nothing more comes from this, at least he can sleep with a big smile on his face, knowing that he’s cared for and loved- and kinda at my expense. I guess humans are pretty notorious for always wanting to massacre at least someone involved!

    This whole thing has taught me a very valuable lesson. First, jokes aren’t always funny- especially when they end up on your shoulders. Second- you think your “friend” has your back so to speak and the first thing they say is how they are so happy that everyone cares about them and how they’d never let a “biatch” pull shit like that. Ooh, and that I’m as nice as i am pretty. I’m sorry, but that doesn’t make me feel any better! Makes it worse actually..

    I guess, my problem is and always has been that i get myself too wrapped up in situations that are different than they appear to my heart..

    EVERYTHING i said about Brokeback was truth on my part. I did grow to love that man. The situation is complicated, and now- even more so. The only thing I lied about was the him coming here. There were plans to meet up, but i guess we’ll see what the future holds now. I’m probably just another BG fan of him, but i never came looking for that shit. It just happened to be that we became very close. This whole thing was hard for me because being with him is what i wanted. Having the well-wishes just added to the heartbreak and made it harder to keep with the plan.

    I’d never leave my kids- and he wouldn’t either, especially for some “biatch”! Lol

    I understand i brought up old and ugly feelings in people that i never thought i would and i sincerely apologize with tears in my eyes! I’m not someone who thrives on hurting others- even though i have a sick taste to watch it here. I feel fucking bad and I’ll have a tough and rough few days to wallow in my emotions. Trust me!

    I think its great that this community came through for him and i think its great to add to his self-worth. I also hate to break the news that he played a major part in this..

    The complete hate that has come my way is expected, i guess. I mean everyone lost their sense of humor real quick and was ready to lynch ME! Nevermind the fact that he is a grown man with his own free-will..

    Thanks the for small handful that either didn’t say anything or at least encouraged me to stay alive too. It is truly an eye-opener!

    It was also his idea to use his real name. I’d never name-drop like that on anyone…

    I had to refrain myself from giving up quickly. I kept telling him all night how bad it was getting but he wouldn’t go read the thread. I did and it caused me to not sleep. I just wanted it to be over..

    This will go down in history as my worst April Fools Day, ever! Joke is literally on me with this one!

    I also never imagined there would be an actual posting about this. Very surreal to see my name up there like that. And M, you know i respect you completely. I worried from day one what this would do. I thank you for holding a sense of humor in this not-funny matter. Never thought we’d “talk” personally on here, like this.. I know the work you put in and even though i don’t say it enough- i think you’re badass and i love what you provide for us!!

    Again, I’m sorry and if i could make it up to anyone, i would. I just can’t kill myself right now. There’s waaay too many good posts to look at!

    1. I personally think it was a good one. If it was up to me, I’d applaud you for it. We all got pranked, ahh well.. happens to the best of us. Boo fucking hoo. You got us, time to get over it.

      But I can’t deny that in many aspects the prank stepped over the line and I do understand people who are upset. Especially those who put their own lives on hold to try to help a stranger in need, like they don’t have enough of their own battles to fight.

      It’s just a tough one. I understand both sides. But I personally am glad that someone got the fucking best of me on April Fools’ Day. That’s what this day is about 馃榾

      1. Thank you Mark!!! Hey, I’ll take the grunt of ANY joke to give you the gift of laughter!!!! Shit- that’s the least i could ever do for the man that gives me soooo much!!! I honestly just cracked a smile!! Something a few minutes ago i didn’t think I’d be doing today!!! 馃檪

        My eyes hurt, time to pop just TWO Excedrin’s! Lol. I’ll be ok, and I’ll totally get over it!!

        There’s something special about Canadian men- that’s for sure! So far, the few I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with have been nothing short of polite, kind and warm hearted!

        Thank you!

        1. As much as I’m proud of the community to have come together and offer unconditional help, I’m also disappointed that you guys are forced to apologize for the nerve to try to knock us out of our mundane daily lives with an attempt to put smiles on our faces. You should be praised, not lynched. I never understood the way fleshy viruses think. This world is a let down. Like duh! How dare you make a politically incorrect funny on April Fools Day?

          1. Thank you Mark!! I care what the family on here thinks- I really do, but your comments mean the most! So thank you for addressing me personally! Had this prank never transpired- I might not have ever had a posting somewhat dedicated to me and/or a conversation with you!! Thanks for having an open mind and sense of humor! You fucking rock!!!! 馃槈

            Ooh, and thanks for not wanting to “lynch” my ass because they totally fucking would have! Lol. Then I would’ve been featured on here and might have got one of those compliments you give out to the dead girls! 馃槈 I’d be sure to die with my ass up, legs spread, finger pointing and one eye open!! Haha!! 馃槈

      2. J, you are as loved by everyone here as always. Mostly by me. If anything I’m sure there’s a whole whack of members who’d like to ring my neck but hey…we fooled ’em…well, most of ’em.

        1. I still love you and probably always will. I’m down for you and if this stunt doesn’t prove it- nothing could! I’m glad to have you in my life and i look forward to the day that everything we share and want can actually be. Until then, lets stay OUT of trouble, okay “Romeo”?! 馃槈

          1. The prank could have been different if you left the suicide stuff out. really. or if it didn’t make people go out of their way and use up their resources.

    2. Mark I truley have tons of respect and love for what you do. It must take you hours upon hours and hard work and dedication for what you do…..not to mention the REAL death threats you get on a daily basis. Your site truley is the BEST. you named it properly.

      As for Juicy…..man was I pissed at you two. Uh!!!!! Only thing that bothered me about you comment ^^^^ was you said this is the place you can be yourself and not have to act “normal”……fuck other people and be yourself at all times no mater who you’re around

      1. @MGD- i say that because i do usually have to put a “front” for the sake of the fv that I’m surrounded by. I would be looked down upon for the gore loving, cuss wood using Mom that i am. Lol. I respect my kids more than that.

        Here- i can be myself- kick off my shoes and relax! It makes going back to being mommy dearest- allllllll that much harder! I am however slowly breaking out of my shell and being “me” more than i ever have..

        1. Well that’s good. Of course I’m not meaning cuss around the kids and look at bestgore together. Around people in your life….be yourself. Much happier that way. If they don’t like it. Fuck em. And when the kids are old enough and they start to sprout a little curiousity in gore….they’ll have a cool mom to show them.

    3. @Juicy, I left a few comments on the original page but I shall some it up again.

      You and Brokeback created the joke hence you both share the same responsibility, it is unfortunate and unfair that you were mainly targeted and that was probably more to do with the fact that Brokeback has been here longer.

      I recommend that you and Brokeback not try to limit the damage by disappearing or by reopening old wounds and revisiting the past but by continuing to comment like every other day, time is often the best healer, people will continue to address you as normal and some will choose to ignore you, that?s life, therefore nothing has changed.

      Time to move on.

    4. Glad that you and yours are OK. !

      Not that it matters but I for one, was not offended with your prank. … And my brother did kill himself in 1995. :*(

      Actually I kinda expected some sort of prank here today. Again … Glad you are OK!

      1. @sweets- I’m so sorry about that, and suicide is no laughing matter. It never even dawned on me that someone might have to relive that. That kills me the most! =(

        @Doc- i was honestly laughing at your comments about the motels and i had that freaking “deepy-deep” tune playing in my head while reading everything. Thanks for the smile! 馃槈

        @empty- I’ve been wrong lots of times in my life- but I’m think I’m very right about calling you my friend! Thanks for having my back! I seriously felt special when i saw that one of the first things you posted was about me and my feelings. That means the WORLD to me! BG bestie’s forever!! <3

        1. Ohhh Miss Juicy!

          I relive what my brother did lots. Has NOTHING to do with your posts! While I do not agree with what he did … I do understand why.

          Sorry Dr! Lost souls I guess. I promised my Mom I would never do the same. She is now gone but …. CRAP! stupid promise is still a promise. So we trudge on.

          {{{GROUP HUG}}}}

          Thanks. 馃檪

        1. @doc, @sweets, @alicatt and anyone else who has lost a loved one to suicide…I am truly sorry for your loss and I hate myself for not thinking this through…it was only meant as a prank and I did not want to hurt anyone. I apologize from the bottom of my heart…please forgive my ignorance, it means the world to me that I have you as friends and to everyone else here that offered me assistance whe you thought I was in trouble…thank you. The rest of you can suck my big white (actually more pinkish) dick!

          1. @Broke…just so you know, I’m not offended by the suicide stuff at all…Im sure my brother that committed suicide would be laughing too…he had a great sense of humor.

          2. You guys & gals are awesome. Like Mark said , nobody meant to hurt anybody & everyone is safe and sound.Thats what really counts 馃檪

    5. Poor you.
      “Everyone lost their sense of humor”
      There was nothing humorous about the attempted joke, it derailed an entire post and turned it into High School drama BS.

      A little common sense would have told you that joking about a member comitting suicide, leaving their kids and having their life ruined by you, wouldn’t have gone over very well with the majority of the BG community.

      Even now your post reeks of a victim’s mindset. “Wanted to lynch me”, “his idea”, “he wouldn’t read the thread”, “he played a major part in it”. Why not just admit it was stupid, apologize for fucking with people’s emotions and leave it at that instead of posting some cry baby bullshit where you try and put blame on BB.

      You made yourself the bad guy in your “prank” and now you cry foul because you were treated the way you portrayed yourself.

      1. Ok, well fine- call it what you want. I do apologize for it and that’s the truth. So i didn’t say it the way YOU wanted me to. I don’t expect everyone to agree or feel for me. BB- didn’t force me to take part in it, but i do feel that his part in it is overlooked. Whatever though. And, no- i didn’t think about the suicide part. If i would have, i probably would’ve asked for a different part in the script! =/

        I’m not perfect. I’ll probably still make a few more stupid mistakes in my lifetime too.

        1. I think you’re missing the point I was trying to make.

          Yes everyone makes mistakes, we all do stupid shit but you should really drop the self pity. Saying you don’t have friends on here anymore, saying so and so wants to run you over, this “prank” has spread to about every topic since it started and from your comments you seem very down over this which in reality turned out to be nothing. So why not just apologize for the lapse in judgement and move on? Instead of beating yourself up over it, saying you need to stop posting, that people hate you now and wish you were dead.

          It’s far from the truth of the situation. I’m sure everyone who was critical of you in the original post will cool down and forgive being pranked and most likely apologize for saying harsh things about you.

          1. I do get your point, and i think its a great one! I am a pity-party kinda girl. I’m always over-thinking (except where its necessary obviously-lol). I get my feelings hurt easily, but I’ll get over it like so many other things. I didn’t say anythingabout killing myself though. I wouldn’tdo that. Especially over a prank. I think i have the right to feel like shit for what I’ve done and you should understand that everyone reacts to things and processes them differently. Again, my apologies to you and the rest..

    6. You know Juicy, It’s all good. You are ok and in the end thats what really matters. As far as you coming out on the bottom i think thats only because BB posted first, other way around and feelings would have formed diffferently. Like Marks said it brought out a lot of good too. Man , think about it total strangers, other than what little we know about each here in this little piece of our own Kingdom Of Gore or KOG for short, we all jumped in to help or save or whatever we would have done for another KOG family member. Sweety don’t wallow to long. Lets all get back in the saddle and ride on. Well except for our little friend with the flayed ass. i suggest she wait a bit.:)

    7. @juice
      i posted this back a bit but it didnt go through so im hoping, since its on topic, this one will go through 馃檪
      I have to tell you that i think you are very brave – you are facing these comments head on, and i also wanted to say i am really not that angry with you – i dont really know you well enough to be angry..you really arent the culprit here. I am disappointed, confused, and hurt by brokes actions. I thought he was my ‘gore’ friend – i have always had a soft spot for him because I as well as many others, have watched him over the year struggle with depression and i have worried along with the rest, when he has made statements to the effect of wanting to end his life then disappears for a time. So this wouldnt be out of character for him, and the running off with you, while it was totally insane, its not quite unlike him because he falls quickly and 100% without using his big head to think with (hence the whole tranny episode). So you criticize the people on here for getting upset with you and for believing the story, but as you can see we have reason. I am quite sad because this really puts a wrench into our little bg family as dysfunctional as it was it was sometimes a cozy lot. I am blamed for being too emotional and kind hearted and im sure thats true but that is me and i wont be changing anytime soon…and i probably got too caught up in it but it was so reminiscent of a dark time for me that i automatically went into drive. I do wish you would have sent me a quick email last night – it would have done me alot of good to know he was up to his silly tricks. But J you are a brave soul and dont take this to heart..i dont want you to off yourself – that was said in my own special april fools prank. I wanted you two to feel the pain you caused others, perhaps get a taste of your own medicine but alas, that failed cos broke wasnt responding…so there went that idea out of the water! lol So dry those tears petal, you are ok with me. Just dont ever joke about a thing like suicide…its seriously not a funny thing.

      And broke, i dont know what to say – if you would only admit you went a bit overboard…ahh well, you are a fleshy virus afterall – what should i expect!

      OK back to the gore and PLEASE no more of this dating drama crap!! My nerves and my stomach cant take it!!

      Give me blood, give me brains, give me DEATH! yay gore!

      1. @Ali- believe you, me- i felt the shit!!!!! I’ve had about an hour of sleep and the feelings of utter douche-bagness associated with making others worry, etc has hurt me too. I think I’ve paid and will continue to pay for awhile. I guess not
        thinking things through from every angle can get ya in trouble! I’ve learned a lot, believe me!!

        I thank you for having a forgiving heart! You’ll never have to forgive me for anything else because I’m usually a straight square!!! Again, sorry and i am glad that you won’t hold it against me.. <3

      2. @alicatt, I am sorry if this sounds a bit morbid but the reason why you found yourself in distress over this matter is because you made many assumptions about Brokeback’s personality that simply cannot exist in reality.

        Everyone here on Bestgore is a virtual presence and we don’t really know anything about each other, given the fact that most people will lie if they can get away with it, the online world is a place to be whatever you want to be, it can all be true or not true at all.

        Nobody on this website is an angel, we are all here to look at dead people and have a good laugh at their expense, we are here to deal with the reality of life.

        That being said, I am sure that Brokeback is a good guy, I can tell that much, but he is also a bit of a rebel, he has a cheeky side to him so it was no surprise to me that an event like this happened.

        Just as you did not expect this behaviour, this reaction from brokeback I expect that he and Juicy did not foresee your reactions either and thus the joke was created without the consequences being taken into consideration.

        The conclusion is simple, when we do not know enough about each other we can accidentally hurt each other and when we know everything about each other we can hurt each other on purpose, this being an online forum, we know nothing about each other hence if any pain or distress was caused by Brokeback’s and Juicy’s actions then it was accidental and we should all just toughen ourselves up and move on.

        1. i moved on ages ago i dont know why we are still yammering on about this…its simple – i fell for a prank – i tried to help someone who i thought was in trouble but it ends up being april fools so we all laugh it off and move on, end of story – no harm, no foul

        2. Empty soul you may have made your own assumptions on this matter,alicatt knows BB quite well just as i know alicatt very well,i know her to be a kind hearted and caring person 馃檪 ,yes she is sensitive………and i would not like her to “toughen up” to much because her kind and caring nature defines her as uniquely human……a very rare attribute in todays narcassistic society,and there can be no way you know she comes here to have a laugh at peoples misfortune….well not all the time anyways,she comes here for her own personal reasons,just as we all do.

          Btw…i enjoy your posts enormously,you are both witty and intelligent….please post more 馃檪

        3. @Empty , you are the one making assumptions. Not everyone’s the same as you, yeah? What do you know about Ali or Broke or their friendship? Be sure they know themselves better than you know them. What do you know about any friendhsips on here? It must have slipped your eye that there are people here whose real personality shines loud and clear through their words , and that there is genuine affection between members . Standing on the ground, off the soapbox, may make it easier to see for you.

      3. @Ali, you have been one of my longest and best friends here at Bestgore, I did’nt mean to hurt you or anyone else for that matter. I wish I had thought this prank through better but it did show me how much you and some of the others cared about me. I’m truly sorry and hope that you can forgive me. Life would never be the same for me without my alicatt.

        1. @brokeback
          can i ask that next time you joke around like this could you give me a heads up first? im not hip on looking like such a horses ass – im ok with jokes really i am but this one hit me in the heart and now i feel like a freakin retard 馃檨

    8. I don’t comment here too often, but I just wanted to say a joke is a joke, it wasn’t meant to hurt or harm anyone. Nobody should expect you to keep apologizing for a prank gone bad, keep your chin up and stay with us!!

      I have nobody in my life that enjoys gore either, being a woman those who know about my fascination think it’s crazy. Coming on here and seeing other woman such as yourself commenting makes me feel a little less like a total sicko!!

  7. Mark you have a great site. I especially appreciate your detailed comments. While I don’t always agree with your point of view, you do make me stop and think. Most people probably wouldn’t think a person would find very well thought out comments on everything from world politics to the male/female condition on a “Gore Site” but you will on Best Gore. I appreciate the time and effort you put forth here Mark.

    The Brokeback/ Juicy side story was a cute distraction. As it unfolded I watched the Best Gore community come together and wish them the best. And then “The Prank” happened and I watched some members understandabley become very concerned for a well liked BG member.

    Anyway, thanks again Mark for all you do! I’m one of many who look forward to their Best Gore fix every day and some times more than once a day. 馃檪

  8. I said this in the other post but Im sorry that the prank kind of backfired because a lot of members couldn?t see what was going on (even though I it was brutally obvious) and ended up being upset?.
    Much props to the members that offered help..that was pretty awesome..
    The prank was kind of in bad taste but I got a big kick out of it cause I like that kind of shit !

    A very Good Show Broke and Juicy !

    A very good friend of mine (and member of Best Gore) predicted that Mark would make a post of this situation so its extra funny to me! hahaha

    Very nicely done post Mark.

  9. As stated before. You were looked upon as the black sheep because BB was kind of scripted as the victim here. If you were the victim it?Probably would have been diffrent. Hate is a strong word. No one hates you Im sure. They just hate the joke. As Mark stated it did hit a little close to home.

    My two cents……and a nickel.

  10. Ive been on this site everyday since November 24th, 2012. And to be honest if I knew about all the shit that goes on down here in mexico (hell), I wouldn’t have came here but im glad I got to spend some time with my father and my grandfather. please don’t delete my comment, I put a lot of time in it being a slow ass typer. WE LOVE BESTGORE! 馃榾

  11. Thank’s for the kind words and understanding “Big Guy”, this was all done for adding some fun to April Fool’s day but I could see how some would not think it was funny at all and to those I apologize but most of all it showed me what a close knit bunch we are. Hope everyone has a great April Fool’s day!

  12. I haven’t been reading many of the latest posts cuz after years on this site I’ve become desensitized to the gore. people should invent new ways to DIE! the same has happened to porn which rarely gives me a woody anymore. could be it’s just my age or I need a visit with @the angry chicken. FV should invent a new way to fuk and jizz all for my amusement. anyway, I have no bloody clue as to what this prank was? where is it posted? somebody committed suicide? I gather @juicy and @brokeback were involved from the comments. somebody tell the tale for those of us who are uninformed. I so love douchebaggary and slews of bullshit as that is what the world is comprised of mostly. yes sir. more than enough douchebaggery and bullshit for all of us.

    1. Last I heard of any of it ol’broke was flying to Cali to shag Juice and then before I could do some catching up the comments had been deleted. I’d say the two should be forced to shag so everyone feels content. Get her bucked Broke!

          1. Monolith’s Blood was a very entertaining game n the late 90’s. Jace Hall who did Caleb’s voice rocked that shit. Amateurs! Amateurs! Amateurs! Would loop that when blasting noobs with the napalm canon in multiplayer. And his cackle would make me feel like a deranged psycho killer!

            Sorry, back on topic… BB should definately find his way to Cali and slam that ass like she’s a porno debutante.

      1. thank you Dr……I will check this out tout de suite as they say. going from Canada to Cali just to jizz inside some crazy female FV seems excessive to me. I will continue to rub them out with the assistance of my laptop and my 2 cats for an audience. it is faster, easier, and cheaper. it also eliminates the awkward “how do I get rid of this girl now that I’ve had my way and expelled DEMON SEED into her” moment. also my cats seem most disinterested in my machinations to get myself off. thank you everyone.

      2. Just read the ‘prank’ post, and of course, the people getting upset were exactly who I thought they would be.

        Laughably predictable. I won’t say anything further as it could constitute a personal attack.

        Anyway – From what I read, I thought the prank was pretty bad, to be honest.

        I’ve seen some desperate dudes on this site, seemingly foaming at the mouth when a female posts on here (in all their titty/attention seeking glory no doubt) but I’m not sure they’d be desperate enough to leave their children for a random female they met on the internet. If they did and got fucked up – well, here’s your Darwinism award.

        1. after reading a few of the posts on here i am finding my reaction/response was in the wrong and apparently laughable/stupid. As i do take most criticism to heart and try to learn from it i will have to re-examine why i reacted the way i did and perhaps i need to take time away from this site. I am however glad my kindness and soft heartedness was entertainment for some. I always aim to please!

          1. @silenced
            thanks but none of this makes me feel better – i feel like a fool and it just keeps getting replayed over and over again – kinda like that film groundhog day. I dont know which day was worse – yesterday when i thought my buddy was dead or today where i keep reading how much of a fool i was on a specially designed post at that :/ its good times all round

          2. @Ali- you’re great for being who you are! Caring can never be a bad thing and had I been on the other side of it- I would’ve been same! Don’t stop being you girl! I’ve never lost anyone to suicide and deaths have been far and few in my family. Had I even pondered that- I would’veasked for a script change! BB and I meant no real harm. When we get together he and I- we joke, we laugh and we try to one-up each other! That’s just the nature of our relationship and our personalities. Its funny becausewe compliment each other very well in that sense. I can sympathize with what you’re saying and it still makes me feel bad. You’re a nice person and caring and that means something! Its April 2nd today. Time to put everything away and start fresh. Again, you know I sincerely am- lol (don’t want to say the s word again today) and that I’ve learned from all of this. <3

          3. @Ali you were one of the few who really stepped in and wanted to undertake action. I find that most admirable, in fact I felt a little ashamed for my passiveness compared to the actions of you gals. And there’s nothing wrong with a little venom, it goes to show your character and passion. There’s plenty of people who wish someone would do for them, what you did for Broke.
            So you showed what you’re made of and that is good material. Don’t feel like a fool, be proud of yourself. Applause for you.

  13. I didn’t care if Brokeback & Juicy’s situation was real, or not, and still don’t. I went out of my way to ignore the whole affair.

    As for the comments, since my own are often semi-off topic, and silly… I’ll own up, and agree, that the section needs to be a bit more concise on the subject matter. So, I’ll try to be more on topic. That gets awfully hard when you’re wasted at 3 o’clock in the morning, though! 馃槢

  14. I’m fuckin pissed. The suicide issue hits too close to home for people here, me included. I’m hurt. I came back to drama I wasn’t prepared mentally for. I hate that. I agree with @alicat, that you guys can go fuck yourselves. I will just avoid you two from now on. I will not be sucked into this bullshit again. That’s it.

    1. You have every right to be pissed at me and i respect your wishes to avoid me. That’s my consequence and I’m understanding of it! I still want to extend a full apology- personally to you. I would never want to invoke feelings that remind you of a bad place. I’m seriously sorry 1girl..

    2. @1girl and @allicat,you two are so sweet and you both wear your heart on your sleeve and don’t let this change who you both are because that is what is so special and endearing about both of you.

      Suicide is no laughing matter (I lost a brother& friend to it).So I know how bad it hurts to have all those memories come back and the helplessness that comes with it.
      Juicy & BB, while their “April Fools”prank was suppose to be for fun in hindsight was ill conceived and hit too close to home for many (dumb-asses).lol.
      Just consider it “water under the bridge” of life and try to put it behind you.I’m just saying it’s better to let your anger about it go,but it doesn’t mean you forget!!!
      Okay I’ll get off my soapbox now!!!

    3. @1girl, coming from a guy who’s attempted suicide on more than one occasion I guess I should have known better. I hope that you can forgive me for I am a guy with a great big heart (and cock) but a little small in the brain department. You have always been like the sister with great tits that that I never really had. I promise to repent by whacking my erect penis a thousand times as punishment. Please forgive me.

  15. I made my first comment back on the original prank post but has not been published yet. Here it is in full and with additional comments:

    “I?m a (very) long time visitor to BG but BB and J managed to make me come out of my hole? nice job!

    Come on people, of all days they?ve chosen today do this. Can?t people take a joke anymore. A guy that went through hell and pure misery with surgery and loads of painkillers and all, would just take pills, come on, you don?t give him credit to come up with a more BG-worthy way to finish it all?

    J, nice job. As you said, it is more an eye opener than it was a joke. How can people not like you? You have such an angelic figure and always have witty comments?

    I must congratulate both of you since this obviously needed some planning and coordination and of course you made me come out since people are obviously over reacting.

    For the rest of the those that are still pissed, as you all know, life can be really shorten fast? please laugh it off, forgive, forget and enjoy the rest of your lives.

    See ya around?”

    Back when I was doing my PhD I was in charge of the dorm section of some undergrad students. Because of this responsibility I had to go through a course about dealing with suicides. The bad news is that when we are exposed to suicides our chances of using this as an exit strategy increase dramatically. The good news is if and when you find yourself on either sides of a suicide you must talk about it to anyone.

    Hopefully the suicide pranks is over with here at BG. It was demonstrated that BG community is listening. If anyone think of suicide or is exposed to suicide and has problems to cope with it, although it might not be the first place to seek help, there is a sense of community here that might as well be put into the greater good. This greater good was fantastically demonstrated in the case of Luka Magnotta.

    I wonder if a chat room could be setup for people to chit-chat about life without polluting the posts that we all like to read (and learn from).

  16. I made my first BG comment back on the original prank post. Here it is in full and with additional comments:

    “I?m a (very) long time visitor to BG but BB and J managed to make me come out of my hole? nice job!

    Come on people, of all days they?ve chosen today do this. Can?t people take a joke anymore. A guy that went through hell and pure misery with surgery and loads of painkillers and all, would just take pills, come on, you don?t give him credit to come up with a more BG-worthy way to finish it all?

    J, nice job. As you said, it is more an eye opener than it was a joke. How can people not like you? You have such an angelic figure and always have witty comments?

    I must congratulate both of you since this obviously needed some planning and coordination and of course you made me come out since people are obviously over reacting.

    For the rest of the those that are still pissed, as you all know, life can be really shorten fast? please laugh it off, forgive, forget and enjoy the rest of your lives.

    See ya around?”

    Back when I was doing my PhD I was in charge of the dorm section of some undergrad students. Because of this responsibility I had to go through a course about dealing with suicides. The bad news is that when we are exposed to suicides our chances of using this as an exit strategy increase dramatically. The good news is if and when you find yourself on either sides of a suicide you must talk about it to anyone.

    Hopefully the suicide pranks is over with here at BG. It was demonstrated that BG community is listening. If anyone think of suicide or is exposed to suicide and has problems to cope with it, although it might not be the first place to seek help, there is a sense of community here that might as well be put into the greater good. This greater good was fantastically demonstrated in the case of Luka Magnotta.

    I wonder if a chat room could be setup for people to chit-chat about life without polluting the posts that we all like to read (and learn from).

    This whole adventure was a very interesting social experiment. Of all the days in the year April 1st is the worst to have real amazing adventures to tell since not too many will believe you.

    1. @sunray- thank you for your post and words. I’ve had about 4 lurkers email me and say pretty much the same as you’ve said. It actually was the togetherness that they saw from this ordeal that got them to create an account. That’s kinda cool. At least one said he’s been a member for a year and a half but hasn’t posted. I’m feeling better about the whole thing, but I’m still sorry.

  17. yes. some filteration would be great. sometimes I decide to write my schizoid rambling down into a comment without realizing how retarded it was. And the prank was cool. I’m alright with jokes and suicide so I am not offended. happy pagan day

  18. I know you guys meant no harm and i am glad you guys are ok. i personally was not offended, it woulda been sad if it wasnt a joke though. Thanks for the laughs you dicks.. i want to personal for the website, intellect, and dedication to us gore loveing freaks.. hey mark is there any way you can have two different commenting sections. One section for the people with something relevant to say and the other for te me who want to have a punchline so to speak.. but who am i kiddin? no one will for that type of follow that type of discussion board..

  19. Does anybody else find it fucked up that people are sensitive to the prank that was pulled on them, but have no problem watching videos of people dying in the most violent and painful way, they create a profile and leave comments on these vids/pics. Then they say the suicide topic is hard for them to deal with. I’m not criticizing these people or disrespecting them and the people they lost, but if you asked me if people would react like this before the prank was pulled id have said no way. Look at the comments on all the posts. They would suggest people love coming here and watching people die, and get a laugh out of it. Juicy, I think the way you were treated is bullshit, and I said as much before I knew it was a prank. The same people who criticize you love watching death and have a profiles So how much more could you have upset them than this website would? If it was me who had an issue with suicide, I wouldn’t be here in the first place. Stick around here, you still have friends, don’t waste your energy worrying about

    1. Interesting you bring this up and it might have been addressed in previous discussions (hard to keep track of everything…).

      It appears that many people who frequent this web site and who do have an urge to see reality happening in its uncensored form, build up this wall of insensitivity. Probably a psychological mechanism, simply to be able to deal with the pictures and sounds we experience in these videos.

      This wall of insensitivity slowly crumbles over time when discussions between BG members lead to an enlightening and fun way to spend their time.

      It’s like getting a pet that you get to know and start liking it after time to the point where it becomes a family member who you would do anything for (maybe a bit of a stretch there but I guess you get my drift).

      As we can see now, “strangers” offer tremendous help to someone who called FIRE without having a fire, because they empathize.

      While this most likely wasn’t the intention of the participants to upset people but rather “freak everyone out” – it reminds us to rethink our actions before we execute them because consequences could be dramatic.

      Especially on a site like BG I’d expect a significant number of individuals to lurk that have been exposed or been in situations themselves we see in these videos .

      That may be kept in the back of ones mind before pulling one off like this.

      Regardless of this incident: I hate April fool’s jokes.

      Also, English isn’t my native tongue so I apologize upfront.

      Let’s move on.

      1. Thanks @drccoco, it’s the way I see it, I was half expecting to be attack for what I said the same way juicy was. It’s nicetsee that people wanted to help them, unlike some people in the videos, I’m surprised no-one was asking them to video the suicides so they could watch if someone loaded it. It’s a strange world… Think il stay in and enjoy a toke…

          1. People on bestgoe who commited suicide are already dead. If i could of tried and helped prevent BB from killing himself……I’m going to try as hard as I can. Since I could not help or save the others who killed themselves that I knew

          2. I feel sorry forse of the people in the vids and pictures.. to me this site is a reminder to bcareful out in the world. And if i die. I hope i will be put on the site. Anyways. I think most people here that seem insensitive to what is depicted here see them as people that cant be helped at all. By the time we see these vids and stuff they are already fucked.. however. In this april fools joke one of our family member was in trouble and was possibly alive, hince possibly not fucked yet and can be helped. I apologise as well for my english is not good either. You guys bring up good points in disscusion boards. I love you all.. no homo intended.

  20. @OBLITERATOR- There’s no way that i could leave this thread without sending you a personal apology. I’m so sorry my friend for the added stress i caused. I know your confidence in women is already tried and it was hardest lying to you! I never meant harm and completely understand if you also don’t want anything to do with me. In any case, i wanted this apology to be sitting here waiting for you should you happen to come thru here. Sorry 1000X!

  21. ok. I went to the link posted by Dr. C and i’m all caught up on the train post. personally I did not find it funny ass bb and juicy are valued members of this community. it’s over now. despite the drama forgive and forget. as for the guy in the train post he was making noises, moans I’ve heard many a tranny make as they’ve taken a schlong in a place it was never meant to be. Nice!

  22. @Juicy, @Broke…you’re both assholes! 馃檪 completely fucking fooled me! goddamn! and Juice, no hard feelings, but the “prank” made you out to be the bad guy, that’s why people attacked you and protected broke. sons of bitches….

  23. I laughed when I first read it because I thought he killed himself after trying to hook up with a girl on a site dedicated to those who die. A tragic-romantic fleshy virus way to go.

    People will always get pissed off at pranksters, but I can bet everyone is happy to hear that this was a classic april fools rather than a real fucked up situation.

  24. I don’t want to sound insensitive, but I am totally lost with regards to this prank with Broke and Juicy. Did the page get taken down or something? All i’m seeing is comments about it and wondering what the hell the prank was.

      1. Thank you drccoco 馃檪 I read all the posts and i’m not really sure what to say. I understand it was an April Fools joke, but personally it went way too far and both BB and J should have known better and thought it through before doing something like this.

  25. I still love you guys, even if it was somewhat provocative. And thank you mark, for doing the responsible thing and addressing this to the BG community. …..im actually kinda jealous i didnt think of it…love ya both anyways

  26. There are several reasons I come to BestGore, the three main ones are
    (1) I like seeing gore and there’s no place like this one for indulging in things media usually don’t want to let us see.
    (2) If it weren’t for Mark’s posts I would have lost interest already. Every time I’m highly entertained by the quality of Mark’s writing and I do admire his skills a bit.
    (3) The site is userfriendly and well-cared for.

    There are a few more reasons which may be less healthy , and I have become addicted to BG quickly and doubt whether that’s a good thing.

    Sometimes I wonder whether I should be reading this site at all, for after all we’re making fun of other people’s suffering and I feel I shouldn’t be doing that, but it’s nice on the other hand.
    I’ve been reading through older posts from 2009, 2010 some times and do see a difference , actually those comments were nicer here and there…then again now we are wiser.
    I’ve read through these posts also as a bit of education, for commenting does not come naturally to me as it seems to do for many. I don’t do Twitter and Facebook and stuff. But as I’m not a funny person nor am I intelligent, I better learn some things , otherwise all I can post is moronic bullshit . And I realize this site is too good for posting the nonsense which usually comes up in my brain. I know I fail bigtime in being a bit of a responsible/useful commenter, I’m a fool, can’t helpit, but would like to be better.
    What does bug me a bit is knowing that I’m also one of the ‘six-monthers’ . Each time I log in I’m painfully aware that I’m disposable , an awkward outsider in a community I’ll never be a part of anyway for sheer lacking. I don’t know how long I’ll be on this site, I do know that I’m hooked for now . But in spite of being an inferior member, I’m all in for trying to help retaining the quality of this site, if I can keep childish stupidity under control which I doubt I can.

    1. I feel you man and I agree this site feels unique. I’m quiet, random and like watching more than posting cause I’m not good with words but it’s good and fun to keep in touch with this awesome BG community. viva la bestgore-lution! uhrum…

    1. Wow.. All those comments bout bb being a junkie and that they’re both failed parent really showed peoples true thoughts and feelings on the “relationship”.. At least you now know who your “real” BG friends are.. That being said it was a pretty shitty thing to prank people with *grins* though thoroughly entertaining..

  27. I have never had any conversations with either of you two but I look on this site everyday so I am aware of you . I enjoy broke backs comments most of the time . When I read about the prank unfolding I must admit you fooled me even though I was fully aware of what day it was . I think as others have said it was in bad taste . But let’s be honest te funniest shit usually is , obviously not to everyone ie. people who have had previous experience with suicides . So as fee as I’m concerned it was a good one .

    Juicy like I say I don’t know you at all but you so seem genuinely sorry or your actions so I call fair play on that one . As es pointed out , the Internet is full of fucked up souls .
    You appear to be a genuine lady but ( please don’t take this the wrong way ) you seem desperate for male attention. Be carefull who you open your life up to girl

    1. @home- thank you for your post and no offense taken. I get the male attention here in the real world, but not the mental simulation or acceptance for the things i like that aren’t usually acceptable. I’m a natural born flirt, and that may come off as attention seeking, but i genuinely mean no harm. I would never be that girl that dates online- the whole situation between BB and i, came out of left-field for me. Even more so because of the nature of this site..

  28. All’s well that ends well.
    I thought that comment posted by BB was unlike him. It felt fishy from the start and the suicide reference was way too immature and uncalled for. But then again I’m relatively new to bestgore and though members seem spirited to me, I still can’t know what it is that makes them come here. It could be simple curiosity, it could be psychosis, depression, or some primal bloodthirsty drive… Or something else entirely. One thing’s for sure – when a person’s behavior becomes inconsistent and emotionally affected, it gets ugly. It’s that kind of people I feel sorry for. But if this site teaches anything, it is that each and every one of us is alone in their suffering, and how we react and deal with it is all up to ourselves. Which is the reason why I come here. I believe one should grow balls and look reality in the eye without flinching. I do wish bestgore didn’t have to exist… And I stress ‘didn’t have to’. But since it does, there is no excuse to turn from it. As a result I’ve grown even more unforgiving towards people who ‘cry out’ for whatever reason because they can’t handle their shit. Irrationality is what still scares me. I suspect a large part of the cruelty in the world is based on irrationality. Oddly, one could argue the same about empathy. The world is harsh and unrelenting and one must never invest in it more than he or she is ready to loose. Death could come at any point.
    For me this whole thing was funny but it still had some offensive element in it. I guess I’m happy for BB and J, and I do wish them many happy beheading videos still ahead of them.
    Possibly in HD.

    1. Ooh, beheadings in HD?! Give it to me now!!!!! 馃槈

      I’ve been reminded from thus whole thing, that “me, myself and I” is all I’ve got in the end! My single handed first biggest mistake is that in little head, I think people actually care about me! Whether on here or in real life! I assume people well always give me back- what I give them and this simply just isn’t the case! Life keeps trying to beat that into my thick skull but somehow I just don’t get it! All I need is one person who’s down for me that I can count on! So far that person is just- ME! Quicker I learn that, the better I’ll be in life!

      1. It’s a hard lesson that takes a long time. Meanwhile keep your chin up and don’t assume anything beyond what is obvious. Always rely on yourself first. As for the rest, I still believe people are capable of generosity and compassion, but those are rarely unconditional. We are hardwired to seek affection and to depend on affection. But we are also hardwired to be competitive. It’s because we think of it in terms of ‘give’ and ‘take’ that we are left unsatisfied. The more we want, the more we’ll fail.
        I read someplace: “Good things are found by looking, but the best things find us themselves.”

  29. Im so lost, I have no idea whats going on. Guess im not in the inner circle. Someone posted something suicidy and since they’re a member on here, people got a little upset? I think that’s what I got….yeah, feelings, stay away from that stuff.

      1. lol thanks, think I’m a sociopath. Should get tested. Internet is a great means to look into ones soul. I mean you gotta be someone special to come to a place like this and vent.LOL vent and expect someone to care for you…..lol yeah, death is death suicide is just controled death and pudding is delicious!

  30. Skip a day and I miss everything.

    All I could think when I saw the picture: “A bit of Lidocaine on that and it could be fun.” One would have to figure a April Fools joke here would be over the edge. I enjoy the interaction that takes place here in a voyeuristic fashion, but I can understand how it could lead to bringing back some bad things in some people.
    I lost a son 2 years ago this month, I understand that life sucks most of the time and I enjoy it when I can. I have a hard time feeling outrage over what took place.
    This is a great place Mark, I hope you can keep it going for a long time before the “Sheepherders” drive you underground.

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