April Fools Prank

April Fools Prank

So we’ve been pranked by Brokeback & Juicy Inc. and now the feelings are mixed, although I tend to sense that there is more outrage than laughter. That probably has to do with being on the receiving end of the prank. I’d just like to let everyone know that I wasn’t let in on it. I was pranked the same as everyone else. There are two sides to it:

  1. It was a prank – deal with it and laugh it off
  2. Due to the website’s topic, many members have had previous brushes with suicides so this type of prank hit a little too close to home

I’d be in full favor of laughing it off, cause that’s what being a good sport is about, but at the same time I want to express that I do understand those who feel rather outraged. From my personal standpoint, I’d like to thank Brokeback and Juicy for taking time of their day to plan this ahead of time and working as a team to get us all riled up. Their intent was not mean and just as any prank, it was meant to spice things up a bit. It’s April Fools’ Day after all.

But at the same time I do understand where those who feel upset are coming from. Many spent a lot of time worrying, even incurring financial losses to help resolve the situation. This is something that can’t be taken lightly. It just leads us to a Catch 22 – there are no winners. You’re fucked if you do, you’re fucked if you don’t. So let’s focus on what this prank has taught us.

The Power of BG Community

I think we can all be extremely proud of what we have demonstrated over the last one and a half day here at Best Gore. As an online community, we came together and showed that if need calls for it, we are here for one another and will not hesitate to offer a landing hand. People were ready to travel, to send money, to make phone calls, to offer a place to stay – unconditionally. That says a lot about us as a whole. We are not ignorant to the needs of another and after seeing all the bad shit that happens around the world as documented on this site, what we have manifested on Best Gore shows that there IS hope.

And for that I like to give massive, massive props to each and every one of you.

Once Is Enough

We all knew the first day of April was upon us and many suspected it could have been a prank, but there still was this – “what if it’s not a prank” bug in the back of our heads. Just because it’s April 1, it doesn’t mean bad shit stops happening to people. And so it lead to people thinking that if it’s not a joke and I could have saved life but I didn’t cause I mistook it for a funny, I’d never forgive myself. That’s what I believe pushed people into ignoring the possibility of a prank and taking action because it’s better to “be safe rather than sorry”.

For that reason, I’d say we chalk this prank up as a funny, but we refrain from this type of behavior in the future because the effects could be detrimental. People who tried to help now will think twice next time around to spare themselves from the headache and financial burden they’ve incurred the last time they’d genuinely tried to save someone else’s life. This simply must not be an option. People thinking twice about helping someone to avoid getting pranked could lead to a tragedy.

Crackdown on Unrelated Comments

While I’m at making announcements, I’d like to make it official that I will be cleansing the comment section of the posts to restore former high standard of comments. Comments that are completely unrelated to the topic discussed, as well as those made just to make an appearance in the comments and other similar douchebaggery will be dealt with accordingly.

I take a lot of time researching and writing my posts so if you can’t be bothered and meet me half way with the same, then what’s the point of commenting? There are many commenters who do take time to write their posts and they greatly contribute to the discussion, but their comments are often buried in a slew of bullshit that has nothing to do with discussed subject matter or what derived from it.

This crackdown is not meant to discourage commenting, but to encourage quality commenting and to bring back old school commenters who don’t comment anymore because of the reason stated earlier in this section. We all will benefit if we don’t need weed through useless comments to get to the good ones. We spend a lot of time on the site, let’s make it the best it can be. Together.

Let me know what you think,


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311 thoughts on “April Fools Prank”

  1. Everyone just chill the fuck out! I know several people who’ve killed themselves including a family member. I’ve thought about doing it myself many a time. It was a fucking april fools joke! I’m not in the slightest bit offended. Juicy and Brokeback I have no problem with either of you one bit, but I will do if you dare apologise again. No need! So hypocritical of people acting all offended cos they feel foolish for being pranked. Quick to laugh and poke fun at people they don’t know dieing horrific deaths on camera but can’t take the thought of someone they think they know just cos they visit the same website as them dieing. Grow up and get a sense of humour or go spend your time on youtube or Facebook instead. Juicy and Brokeback, I salute you.

    1. Was wondering if you’d chime in!!! Today is a new day and I ain’t sorry for shit! Well maybe except for the fact that @BB didn’t have the opportunity to fuck the shit outta me (not literally btw-lol), but that day will come- so all is well that ends well!!! 馃槈 Thanks for your thoughts @arsehole!! 馃檪

  2. Well I am ashamed to admit I missed it. I haven’t had enough time recently to spend reading the comments on here, just watching trough the pics and readings Mark’s articles. However from what I understand you guys should not blame the people who tried to make a joke. I’ve had minor depression and had suicidal thoughts, never feeling it really though, I guess I just sometimes was tired of living that’s all, so I can’t say I fully understand the situation here but if anything I’ve learned that jokes are just jokes. Never take offense in anything, something can offend you if you truly believe it. I understand how something like this can upset people but at the end it was just harmless fun so there is no need to escalate it into something more. I personally hate taking life seriously.
    Just wanted to share my thoughts. That’s what I use bestgore for mostly when I feel the need to say something to people who would understand 馃檪

    And about the “bad” comments I may be guilty of some useless shit in the comment section so in the future I will make sure my comments contribute to a discussion. Thanks BG!

  3. I think everyone can agree when I say bestgore is one of a kind. As well as all us. From now on we should respect the site and each other. Yes there are other gore sites such as rotten….that doesn’t post anymore…thatsphucked….wbo you can tell the site owner is a complete fucktard and there’s another one that posts good pix but its not in english. Bestgore is the only one that has quality and quantity. With every post we get a detailed discription of wtf we are looking at and that’s what I like about this site and that’s what i think makes it the best. Sry for typos. Stupid touch screen!

  4. Holy shit, I spend a couple days n the road and I come back to… Wow. Haha. I won’t get into the whole argument but what I will say is a cutdown on comments seems utterly cool with me. Like others have said, enforcing it will be tough just due to sheer volume of comments. Then agan, just kick repeat offenders off the site and all should be well.

  5. Gotta be honest, I was working all weekend so I’m only just catching up. Seriously, lay the fuck off Juicy. This is bestgore.com………..sensitive and taboo issues are our bed and butter. As far as attacking her for using brokebacks first name, in my opinion it added that edge of realism so kudos, I can understand why some people felt aggrieved. Some people like that anonymity of just a profile pic and a pseudonym. We shouldn’t feel the need to hide from each other here. My name is Darren Malone, what’s yours?

    1. @paul_booth_fan- thank you and i was also surprised about the reaction, but i get the suicide part. I used his name because that was part of the script and that was his idea. I wouldn’t have ever used it if he wasn’t ok with it. He’s mentioned his name on other posts as well..

    2. Ill step out on a limb here, my name is Kitty. Yes….Kitty. bestgore is my daily go-to, and I rarely post mostly because I feel I will get way to off topic. And I don’t wish to rub anyone the wrong way.

        1. Lol it will feel nice until someone says my mom named me after a stripper or some such BS. Then again it wont be to bad I’ve already said it, paranoia beat them to it haha. And as for not caring what way anyone gets rubbed, that was a good giggle for me.

          1. @Kitty, say what you want.Your entitled to your opinion just the same as anybody else.And who cares if you rub someone the wrong way.Think of it this way,if everyone had the same opinion,what a dull and boring world it would be!!!So let it all hang out and enjoy the ride!!!

  6. I’ve been a Follower for years but I signed up today to share my opinion on the situation.

    Some people clearly got hurt by this but it has been resolved now. How much more can Juicy do to apologize? BB has a sense of humor that may have been slightly ill taken but it’s the past now.

    Anyway thanks to BB and Juicy because without this event I may have never took the plunge to make an account. So J keep being beautiful and BB, stay a badass.

    1. Welcome to the posting side!!! The messages I’ve received from those of you that “know juicy” but have never posted until today- are phenomenal!!!! This part makes me feel really good!!! I just don’t see how I could ever take part in having the power to get you guys outta the woodwork like that- but I’ll roll with it!! 馃檪

  7. I’m a merciful guy, so from this day forth, wishing a quick cyber-death to all drama queens, attention whores, and trolls…..and that’s all I gotta say about that. PS-No follow up apologies needed unless you want curse tokens towards your boat ride on the river Styx sent your way. Everybody have a nice day with plenty of fucking rainbows and gay unicorns spearing each other up the ass until your neighborhood is covered in blood, shit, and guts.

  8. lol Juicy and Broke Back, well played.
    you guys make this site even more interesting.
    I love this community, bunch of sick fucks.
    But here we are a BG family….you guys make my day…..All in all it was a good April fools joke. Keep up the dam good work mark.

    P.S. what ever happened to Big Johnson?

  9. Came out of a four-year lurk mode after seeing how tight this community has become

    Been keeping up with everything for awhile, and gotta say this was a pretty good one, and doesn’t really deserve any serious hate.

    But anyway, really surprising that everyone gave so many shits about brokeback, but its awesome.

    1. There’s my new favorite ex-lurker!!! 馃槈 Thanks for taking the time to email me with your kind words, and caring. Means a lot and glad that at least something semi- right came from this!!! Welcome to the posting side!!! 馃檪

      I received many emails from members that have never posted. All that you guts think make this BG family tight- well, there’s even more than that!! I forget about those that just read.

      Big hello to all you “lurkers” out there!! Thanks for your caring words! 馃檪

          1. ali, don’t pay any attention to some of these idiots commenting! I totally admire the concern and friendship you exhibited when you believed that the situation could be real. Anyone on here would be lucky to count you as a friend! 馃檪

  10. No doubt if Juicy lost someone to suicide she wouldn’t have taken part in this. But looks like they already know they stepped over the line so all is well in my eyes. I still don’t get how they didn’t foresee the aftermath being like this. And although I didn’t see it as it was happening I hoped I would have realised this was a prank. If not i’m not as smart as I think I am aha.

    1. You’re right- I never have lost someone to suicide before. It didn’t even cross my mind how that would hit someone who has! Not because I’m cold-hearted but because I just didn’t think about something I had never experienced! Now that I know and I’m aware- it’ll NEVER happen again! You live- you learn! I have a huge heart- and I wear it on my sleeve! I totally get it now.

      1. Kiwi, no disrespect but you really aren’t in a position to speak for ‘everyone who has lost someone to suicide’. I’ve lost two friends in my short lifetime, and I still saw the humor in this. Maybe its because I’m fairly numbed to all this at point or whatever, but in all respects it Was a good prank and at the end of the day no real harm was done.

        Again no disrespect, just don’t make assumptions about how the rest of us feel

  11. Damn after reading the prank that was done I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off that’s my kind of humor right keep it up!!!! I’ve only been here for I think a few months and you guys seem cool as hell and I hope to get to know some of you guys and girls and have some friends on here lol

  12. I imagine that my comment will likely go unnoticed, now that I’m fought up on what happened. I’m curious to know how so many people did not see this was a prank…I do understand how someone might not, do to personal happenings in the past. I know I say very little and for that I apologize. I do wish to give kudos to j and bb for planning this out, and j for being a good actor, and bb for being able to sit back silently and observe the deviation and anger unfold. Well played. I personally @bb would not have been able to stay silent like that. And j I definitely would not have stayed so “calm” as you did. So kudos. I don’t hate either of you, rather envy in a way. That was my 2? back to hiding in the shadows until beckoned.

    1. Well, i saw it!! Thank you. I guess how you feel about it was what i kinda envisioned that the others would think. Well, i was wrong! Lol. It was hard for me to sit back and watch for reals! BB didn’t watch it unfold- he waited until after he posted “April Fools” to read everything.. Lol. So i suffered all alone!

      1. If it makes you laugh at all. My prank was over Facebook, stating I had just hit a dog in the road, wrapped it in a towel and took it home where it died, and inquired of my friends as to what “cut” would be best for grilling as I didn’t want it to go to waste. They took me so seriously that a few had to call me in order to tell if I w serious or not. My giggling gave me away to them while others are still questioning my seriousness as of a few moments ago. Cruel, yes. Sick, yes. Fun? Of course. Hahaha

  13. my sister died in a car accident 5 years ago today well for only 4 mins then the paramedics bright her back. when her boyfriend called us to tell us he was crying hysterically we thought it was a joke and kept hanging up. when we fondly found or e were so sad and felt so horrible. she cracked her skull her jaw was broken and she was all scratched up she had to have all her hair shaved off. has a big scar on her head now but she has hair now. im.so happy she survived.

  14. juicy and bb,you had me FOOLED , lol but I still think you guys are ace! I understand some people may be more sensitive to certain jokes than others but I know you guys wernt deliberately trying to offend anyone I hope the people you upset remember that and we can all move on and enjoy the gore!

    1. It was hard work and very calculated!! We planned this for 3 weeks!! @BB has awesome creativity- not to mention a big fucking monster of a cock! Lol 馃槈 HAD to throw that in! Anyhow- glad you saw it the way we meant it and didn’t take it personally!! 馃檪

  15. kinky women wear pig tails. Naughtyyyy naughtyyyy 馃檪 Hate her stupid tramp stamp though . Chicks….never get a tramp stamp. She does have a nice bod….wish her ass was a lil bigger and had her legs spread. Small booty and all but it is a nice ass….why would she want to scar it up?

  16. By the way to all the people saying certain people are being over sensative and the whole suicide thing. That’s not all that’s bothered me. Myself any many other wasted our time worrying and where willing to do anything to help and one even lost money and minutes. And Juicy even said bB wasn’t looking at all the comments….but she was and could of stopped it when someone was losing out on $ and other shit. I was the first one to say it might be a aprils fools joke. But what if it wasn’t? Id feel like an even bigger dick then for not doing anything than I do feel foolish now

  17. Hi i just wanted to thank-you mark for exposing the world for what it is. I like the no bullshit approach to the subjects you cover. I’m learning so much from your post’s. I’d also like to add i hate people who text type and do similar faggotry. So your “Cleansing” of the comments section is great to hear, But unfortunatly you can’t stop all the retards from posting stupid shit. Thanks again mark for everything you do to keep this website going, and exposing the FV for the scum they are.

  18. I totally missed the prank but glad your both okay @BB @Juicy! haters gonna hate! Every one reacts differently to things and no one could possibly foresee some ones reactions or that it would get that out of hand, I have no doubt that Juicy and Brokeback did not mean to purposely upset anyone. I’m very glad it was a prank though and that you are both okay!

    I have a lot of respect for Mark and this site, after doing a few researching on posts myself it does actually take so much effort! I agree with the comments too, I don’t post on many posts as I don’t really always have much to say lol. Still find myself here every day though 馃檪

    1. @Kaitlin- Thank girl and your comment means A LOT to me!!!!!! I can only imagine the time it takes and like I always say- although I don’t say it enough- I appreciate the effort, work and time!! I can speak for both Brokeback and myself that you’re correct, we never intentionally wanted to harm anyone! We never foresaw that kinda outcome! But yea, you can’t make everyone happy- all the time! Ooh and the haters! Haha- I added a few to my list with this prank and a few more are probably lurking silently. Lol. Ooh well- eff ’em! I’m human and fleshy, etc. So haters- keep hatin’! Lol

      1. I missed the prank too I’m more pissed off that I wasn’t here for it…a good prank is one that fools everyone and of course people don’t like to be fooled, but that’s what makes pranks so much fun. Besides it was April fools anyone dumb enough to fall for a prank around this time of the year deserves it. Good job guys!

  19. I am so fucked up, I imagine a reverse pregnancy, where a baby gets eaten by a vagina, and a women sucks nutritions out the baby for 9 months and finally a penis takes the lats cells out of the women into the balls of a men.

  20. r.i.p. to my friend reggie, he shot his brains out last month, shit sucked because he had a daughter and a son to be, but life goes on… in his note he said sorry but he had nothing positive to give in this world, so he took the easy way out, , jus shows how fragile life can be, i wish it was all an april fools joke, ya dig

  21. Well, this was the most impressive April Fool’s prank I’ve seen in a long time, that much has to be said for it.
    There’s some true feathers showing here & there, too, of different colours I might say.
    I was worried about BB for 2 reasons, 1 being that he has spoken of suicidal tendencies before , so it seemed to sound believable, and 2 I find it hard not to like the man (no sexual reference). Caught in the sentimental spree I actually wish the best for you @BB. I’ll keep an eye on you now though as I distrust anyone anyway, and you are now labeled as a potential prankster, together with the rest of your qualities.

  22. This prank was horse shit. Looking at photos of the aftermath of suicide committed by people we don’t know is one thing; people we care about fucking with BG family member’s heads and hearts for yuks is FUCKED UP. They should be kicked off the site, in my opinion!

  23. So you get a Get Out Of Jail Card if you happen to be Brokeback or Juicy Inc eh ?No suspensions for them.Everyone else is fucked and subject to the rules right ? Hmmmmmmmm………………..not very fair.

  24. I don’t remember this prank so I refrained from commenting on it. It do also love to kid around and get under peoples skin. I took it to far one time when posting a picture of my loving dog who has missing front teeth while sleeping. My deepest apologies.

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