Australian Journalist Seeks to Hear from Best Gore Members Open to Discussing Their Interest in Gore

Legless Girl Hanged While Giving Birth

I was recently interviewed by Australian journalist Jake Millar, who’s the Features Editor at GQ Australia. Jake is currently working on a piece about the popularity of graphic or violent internet content. Per his own words:

I’m not trying to make any judgements about you or the content itself – I’m simply looking to get an expert opinion on the kinds of content that attract people to your site, and the way trends have changed in recent years.

The piece is quite an impartial look at the trend towards more graphic content, what draws people to it, and why some people find it ‘addictive’.

Whether or not it’s ‘right’ to publish or watch gore is something I’m leaving the readers to make up their own minds about.

I was happy to answer questions Jake had for me, however I felt it was not my place to address questions about what draws YOU, the reader of Best Gore, to the site, what content YOU find most interesting, how often do YOU visit the site, etc.

Whereas only YOU, the S.O.B.’s can answer these questions, I decided to create this post in order to have the dedicated page on which we can have the discussion on the matter with one another. Jake will be reading this post, and YOU may end up being mentioned and quoted in Jake’s upcoming article.

Best Gore has 8 years of spotless history of protecting the users’ privacy and anonymity, so anyone willing to share their opinion without being exposed can do so by posting a comment here.

Jake would love to hear from you, and you’re welcome to remain anonymous.

Let’s talk,


NOTE: Out of respect for Jake and other BG members, comments completely unrelated to the topic of the article may be removed. If you have an off topic thing to say, start your own thread in the forums.


Thanks everyone for your emails. I have received an overwhelming response, so will aim to contact as many people as possible – sorry if I miss anyone.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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329 thoughts on “Australian Journalist Seeks to Hear from Best Gore Members Open to Discussing Their Interest in Gore”

      1. I’m not so much interested in the actual moment as much as the aftermath, that’s why the decapitation ones are just pure savagery. To see a human use a dull blade to remove another humans head and use it as a toy is wild. Really puts shit in to perspective, glad where I’m at people only get shot or stabbed, there’s nobody cutting heads off.

    1. I am a social/behavioral scientist focused on human violence topics. I stumbled on Best Gore Several years ago and consider it a gold mine of data for research. I especially value the videos and pictures that are uploaded by people worldwide.

      These videos and pictures along with the contextual descriptions provide data that is raw, unfiltered, and frequently provides me with insights into : (1) varieties of violence; (2) motives for violence; (3) methods of violence; (4) perspectives of observers to violence; and (5) “meanings” of violence to individuals and societies.

      Interestingly, apart from the videos and pictures, I also came to value the comments of Best Gore members. While some of the comments seem flippant and/or superficial and of “dark” humor, some provide interesting perspectives and insights that, to me, are of scientific value.

      Overall, the Internet in combination with the availability of digital recording devices in the hands of common folks throughout the world is what makes Best Gore’s content extremely valuable to me.

      Clearly, Best Gore is not for the young and impressionable, nor for people with “problems” were in the content might lead to self-destructive or dangerous to others. Of course, the graphic nature of Best Gore makes it controversial, to say the least. I emphatically, admire the high principles, courage, and endurance of everyone connected with Best Gore. In its current form, it is a valuable source of human behavior “data” not available anywhere else I can think of… Please, keep it going and do not change anything!

      Finally, there are many historic and scientific writings on human violence, but I must say that reading such works in conjunction with the graphic data provided by Best Gore is most enriching on a number of levels involving human behavior.

      Thank You Best Gore… Keep up the good work!

      1. You know what? This content here does indeed give a good insight of what you won´t find anywhere else (with the exception of LiveLeak but that site has with time become somehow less entertaining which made me think BestGore would be a better replacement than an additional site to visit to get insight) and when your faith in humanity is dwindling this works as a good substitute/stimulant for as long as there is something new appearing.

      2. When 4 family members were killed in a road rage accident that they had no part in except for suffering the consequences of dieing because 2 morons coundnt control their anger towards each other, I was left in a dark place wondering “why” this happened to them.
        During the court cases, I witnessed the pictures of my family dead with pieces of skull, arms missing and bloodied and started searching the web for accident information when I stumbled upon Best Gore.
        It was through this site that I saw other accident scenes that rivaled or were far worse than what my family went through.
        By coming to this site, I was able to put to rest the question that was tearing me apart, “why did this happen to me”, but through this site I realized that I was not suffering alone, these accidents happen daily to some other families and I was not grieving alone. This site actually helped me heal and accept what had happened, but most importantly, it taught me to be more patient with others and know that everyone has someone that loves them and they suffer the same way I did when they get torn away from their loved ones.
        Thank you BEST GORE.

        1. “Damn bro so sorry to hear that.
          This site has helped me a lot too.
          Being a young hard headed man.
          I saw a lot of violence.
          Then I grew up and I got wise.
          This site keeps things in perspective.
          It don’t matter how long it has been.
          Things can always get violent real quick.
          Shows me extreme violence is still out there.”

      3. Wuh-tchew mean “common folks”? The C word is OUR word. You can’t use it. Ima fetch my whoopin’ stick while you analyze the crack o my ass. I joke, but really, I got your perspectives and a big fat insight riiight heeere!

      4. For me considering I’m a doctor watching these horror stories , keeps me some what sane. When the real shit happens during my daily life working as a pathologist-student(cutting people up to figure out the cause of death on a daily basis). All of us are now more realistic , that anything can happen. Which is the reason why we follow this lovely website. Desensitising at it’s best. Sleep like a baby , knowing nothing can stop what is coming.

        “but through this site I realized that I was not suffering alone, these accidents happen daily to some other families and I was not grieving alone. This site actually helped me heal and accept what had happened, but most importantly, it taught me to be more patient with others and know that everyone has someone that loves them and they suffer the same way I did when they get torn away from their loved ones.
        Thank you BEST GORE.” Yes brother/sister this is it.

      5. I stumbled upon BestGore a couple of weeks ago and while. It definitely is a goldmine for insights into the violent side of humanity as well as what happens to the human body in various situations. What little I’ve gone through so far has greatly expanded my knowledge and helped a lot with my various writing projects.

    2. My excuse is relatively simple my father worked in Forensics until retirement so from a young age I was used to seeing books on the self called’ encyclopedia of murder’ etc so to me its probably in my blood…

    3. I love that this site does not dilute, influence, or persuade it’s viewers in any way of how the real world is. Watching the evening news is polluted and opinionated to persuade their audience to think, feel, and react the way the media wants. It is censored, cut, and made to make the public opinion sway a certain way. I love this site because I get to see the whole truth of the matter at hand. I can form my own opinion. What is wrong with that? Society hides the ugly truth of reality, so it can hide the truth of the matter of hand. We have a right to make a judgement for ourselves. We don’t need CNN or FOX news to report it to us in a manner that is diluted. I want to see the truth. The world is a violent, and unpleasant place. People do bad things to each other. I do not understand why society had decided to ignore that fact. Until a tragic event happens, then everyone is shock! Quit hiding society from the reality, and raw nature our world! People do not thing think that bad things can happen at anytime. Somehow we have forgotten about reality.We go to the super market and buy pre-packaged meats that does not even resemble the animal it once was. We are so such pussies. For thousands of years, people found public execution as a form of entertainment. Slaughtered their own live stock. excepted the reality of the world the way it really is. The world is a brutal place. That is always the way its been. Were all born with a death sentence. Its reality.

  1. Well, Jake, because reality is NOT read, edited, mulled over, and presented as it is in magazine articles. Reality just happens, and it should be documented.

    From this website, I’ve learned that I should always be on guard, whether I’m driving along a highway, biking down a quiet, neighborhood street, or even playing poker with my friends. Websites like these inform people of the dangers inherent in every day life. You could be sitting at a Starbucks, sipping a latte and working on your college thesis, when some asshole comes up and shoots you through the window.

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          1. I stumbled upon real life gore during the late 90’s and into early 2000 as I found it fascinating from a different perspective; some may classify as perverse but it’s a nasty reality period. It wasn’t until much later that I searched for such sites for alternative news and such, thus I came upon here and voila. I’d rather be informed by all the vile, nasty and wretched truth then the watershed that is MSM.

            So yes, I appreciate this site and others’ that show the primal aspect and nature of how violent this world is, pretending that it’s a bad dream isn’t going to do anything.

      1. By doing WHAT things? You mean living?

        Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I should have crawled back up my mom’s pussy and refused to come out.

        “I’m also tired of hearing about ‘innocent victims’. This is an outmoded idea. There are no innocent victims. If you live on this planet, you’re guilty, period, fuck you, end of report, next case. Next fucking case! Your birth certificate is proof of guilt!” (George Carlin)

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    1. “…From this website, I’ve learned that I should always be on guard, whether I’m driving along a highway, biking down a quiet, neighborhood street, or even playing poker with my friends. Websites like these inform people of the dangers inherent in every day life…”


      This website actually taught you how to pay attention…


      1. You should really ask Jimmy to have a look at that shaking head of yours; it might be a harbinger of Parkinson’s. You don’t have to clarify what you meant…

        “It doesn’t matter what you meant!” (The Rock)

        YOU might have been born to a military family, been raised with guns, groomed since childhood to one day join the armed forces, fought in three wars and seen all there is to see when it comes to blood and guts. That’s YOU, everyone else doesn’t have that luxury. Long story short, if BestGore had been around at the time of Columbine, maybe somebody would have knocked those guys down before they killed 13 people.

        1. “…You should really ask Jimmy to have a look at that shaking head of yours; it might be a harbinger of Parkinson’s. You don’t have to clarify what you meant…”

          My head shaking comes from dealing with idiots like you all my life…

          And I’m sure the grand champion of “head shaking”… if you know what I mean…

          “…if BestGore had been around at the time of Columbine, maybe somebody would have knocked those guys down before they killed 13 people…”

          Well… according to your retarded logic… all they needed was checkpoints and sensors… then everything would’ve been OK…


          1. You must give great head then, what with those agile neck muscles.

            I’m sorry you feel that way about your friends and family, but I kindly ask that you provide ample evidence for including me among their number, and NO, the fact that you and I have different opinions on issues does not count.

            If memory serves, you’ve made no meaningful contribution to any of my gun control debates, except stopping by to fart out some childish insult or to repeat the same old tired arguments that would keep everything the same way it was before Columbine, instead of doing something proactive to curtail the growing number of mass shootings. “Give everybody a gun!” Yeah, THAT’s the solution. Give middle school students guns when they go to class, see where that’ll get you.

          2. It’s called educating them on guns when they’re young… you fucking idiot…

            And your typical tired argument is checkpoints and sensors… which would be even worse…
            How stupid can you be?…

            Making guns illegal (with or without checkpoints and sensors) will do no good… especially when that gives the criminals (people that don’t like laws) a green light for criminality…

            SMDH… 😎

            I’m waiting…

          3. @ Gnat

            Sorry bout that, but I’m definitely NOT a minute man.

            Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until the next shooting happens. I don’t want to hijack this thread, out of respect to the owner’s wishes.

          4. That’s the smartest thing you said all day… but you’re right about one thing though… I am drunk…

            I can type that into little tiny paragraphs for you if you wish…

  2. I like to see what is really happening out there in the world. It interests me to watch what we can do to one another. The torture videos are an interesting, although I would like to know more of the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind the incidents from the perpetrators. BG is good, because most of the time, videos are accompanied by a paragraph or two. This way, you can watch the video, read the article and then do your own research if necessary. 🙂

    1. I agree, sometimes the lack of info about the videos can be bothersome and we end up speculating a lot about what happened. But what can I say, it’s nobody’s fault, like, Best Gore doesn’t have a staff of reporters, so we end up having to make out the news with the clues that are given us, at least, and that’s fine as long as no false facts are invented, if you get what I mean.

  3. I’ve been looking at this site for probably over 2 years but I didnt create an account til recently. I don’t know what it is, but i just find dead bodies interesting. I have bipolar disorder & sometimes I get so fixed on things that i become “addicted.” I guess I am addicted to this site. I check it multiple times a day. I believed though that it started effecting me mentally because I started thinking about death all the time. Dying in brutal ways, my family dying in brutal ways, etc. Car accidents are probably my top favorite thing to view, even though I fear one day it will happen to me. This site envoked the fear in me. I stopped viewing gore to try to let my mind rest.. But here I am. Now im currently fixated on Columbine dead body pictures/videos once again. I love crime scenes. Trying to uncover pictures never seen but no luck. Anyway lol, what im in college for has to do with death & such so this kind of interested me to go into that direction instead of what i wanted to do. I’ve never seen a dead body until this site. All the questions I had about what happens during suicide and a bunch of other things have been answered due to this site. 🙂

  4. I come here mainly to witness the truth. The dark side of the world. Not the bullshit news on tell-lie-vision. I also like to learn what not to do and where not to go. It makes me feel thankful for what I have. I’m curious to see what happens to the human body when it gets tortured. And lastly, I get off watching the screams and moans of people dying. It’s like a movie but it’s real. I’m sick in the head.

  5. For me, This site has helped myself deal with the nightmares about death, and dying. For as long as i can remember as a young child growing up in a violent, & abusive home, my fear of death was a daily struggle. It became so bad in fact that i could not concentrate at school, as all i thought about, was my fear of death, by suffocating & such! But oddly enough, after seeing hundreds of people die on here, it has helped deal with it, as i realized that most people near death pass quite calmly, and seemingly without much struggle, or panic involved. It has showed me that your body has a way to calm itself when close to death, and for this fact alone, has erased my fear of dying completely!

    1. “That was fantastic thanks.
      How the body calms it self.
      It’s kinda odd how that happens.
      I’ve seen folks be calm when beheaded.
      I’ve seen people scream when burning.
      And people not scream at all.
      Death is phenomenal.
      And so is extreme violence.”

    2. Really good insights Dre and Richie. My angle is this – You can study history and current affairs, research conflicts from the past or atrocities happening as we speak, but the reality of any situation will never translate until real, raw footage is gathered and observed. At the turn of the Twentieth Century we used poets and artists to provide (for us) their impression of what they encountered and experienced – now we simply record it and upload it to sites like this. My other point is with regard to humour – one of the reasons I am fascinated by this site. Some of the comments posted by S.O.Bs over the years have been very perceptive, creative and sometimes utterly hilarious. One of my defence mechanisms has always been to make a sick joke from a bad situation or experience, and I think many of the contributors here share such a trait.

  6. As for me, I’m the type that has had the unfortunate luck to have “family problems” and some dumbfucks as in-laws as well. This material is an outlet to vent my frustrations/view of humanity. A lot of the time I look at this stuff to substitute any possibility of me killing certain people I am in close contact with. I am a gorehound because It’s an interesting subject. I’m kinda biased when it comes to viewing humanity as being a waste.

  7. Bestgore gives me a dose of reality each day, which i appreciate. I dont appreciate hearing about what the fuckdashians are eating for breakfast and what they are wearing each day, I come to for real news with like minded people and love reading what people think about certain videos funny or serious. Some of the arguments are absolute gold too. I come back several times a day and will come back probably til the day i die and hopefully end up on this awesome site. Cheers bestgore and cheers for the many boners i get from those fucking porn ads especially that one of those hot biatches getting banged while playing video games. Oh man it gets me everytime im getting one now just thinking about it….

  8. I’ve always had a fascination with the Beheading videos and Violent Acts to one man to another. Gory Scenes of Car Crashes are just not my cup of tea.

    The fact that Bestgore truly does not censor anything is what’s made it easily my favorite website for the last Four Months. Far more entertaining than what YouTube, Twitch or any other Media Websites in my opinion. The intelligence and straightforwardness of the man who runs Bestgore (Who’s name currently escapes me) is another thing that has kept me around.

  9. I come on here almost everyday, to keep up with the posts. What mainly drives me is curiosity and general human nature. Humans are curious, loving, hating, you name it. What viewers do here may be abnormal to mainstream society but it isn’t immoral or degrading. It is entertaining to be honest, but only becuase it’s truth unmasked, unmolested, and unknown to so many others. Everyone slows down or at least sneaks a peek when there’s an accident on the road. We are just as human as everyone else. I have become desensitized to this material but also more appreciative and loving of life as well. Thank you Best Gore for going all the way.

  10. This site shows the reality of life. The news brain-washes you and tries to scare you. You don’t see what is really going on.

    Seeing death in multiple ways here puts life into perspective. Here once, gone the next. Thank you Mark for letting me understand death in its multipliable ways.

  11. Well, the reason I even found out about Best Gore is because like many others, my curiosity got the better of me. In the beginning I would visit the site at least 5 times a day, now I visit for a couple of minutes 2 days a week. I’ve grown somewhat bored of this site to state in plainly, but interesting content still pops up from time to time that keeps me coming back. I’m hoping to be a professional artist someday and Best Gore really gives me great ideas for bloody scenarios I’d like to put my characters in. In a way this sight has made me a different person, and I can honestly and saftley say in a GOOD way. Before I even knew about this site I have had many violent outbursts against my family, one incident putting me so far off my rail that I put her in the emergency room. I was messed up back then I’ll admit, but now the person I am today is totally opposite. I’m calm, composed, and extremely rational to those around me. Sure, I still get irritated sometimes and even think bad thoughts about people but no one can tell anymore because of how composed I am, and I think a big part of my progression as a person is all thanks to Best Gore. This site, these people, these events have taught me that I have no reason to be acting out and making a fool out of myself. I have a wonderful life compared to many, and I found out that short tempered twats like my old self are unbelievably cringe! I feel awkward just thinking about it. Any who, thanks for reading and have a good day humans.

  12. Hello Jake Millar, I live in Perth West Australia, I’m a 44 year old father of 3 and run a successful company, i am an age group manager for my local surf club nippers and contribute to society, i started visiting this site after i had a young man die in my arms on the death road in Bolivia 8 years ago. He had made a blunder on his mountain bike and fell 40mtrs, he was alive when we reached him, but he died just as we got him back to the road, i spent my life thinking positive thinking will solve most things, i kept telling the guy on death road to hold on and he would make it. The experience changed me and i needed a way to desensitize myself, id always had an interest in the macabre. Around this time I found Best Gore while trying to research whether Mexico was safe to go to, as i’d heard a drug war was going on. I couldn’t find much in the regular press, but Best Gore had enough info to make an informed decision not to go. When i first joined the site i enjoyed the comments and interaction with other members and gained a lot of respect for Mark and the way he presents himself and the articles. I count Best Gore as an informative site that shows life as it is. When i first found the site i was hooked and had to check in a couple of times a day, these days i only visit once a week or less.

      1. I am posting my comments under TheDre because I, like him, am an old S.O.B. I have been coming to the site for years. I even remember the Eugene Armstrong beheading. For me, gore is an outlet. I cannot get enough. I am a 41 year old conservative Christian from Texas so I often find the comments distasteful; however, reality is what it is. It cannot be changed so I choose to embrace it rather than ignore it like so much of the world (especially America). Nothing much makes me cringe except maybe the few posts about father’s eating their babies hearts (2 posts that I remember, one a Russian on bath salts). I guess I am pretty desensitized to most everything. I have many posts bookmarked so I can refer back to them. I feel a sense of relief and calm after visiting the site. I am forever grateful to BestGore for being available. I feel as though I have learned more about humanity by being a member. I visit the site daily and rarely miss a day. I am definitely addicted and have no qualms in admitting so. I guess my fascination was born from a curiosity of what the human body could actually endure. I have always read survival stories, and I always loved the ones that described graphic injuries.
        My doctor calls me his most knowledgeable patient, and I have added to my medical knowledge bank using B.G. I enjoy playing ‘name that organ’ when there are posts of people ripped apart. Do not get me wrong. I hate to see people hurting, suffering, but I guess after seeing so much death and mayhem, I am able to separate from the brutality of it and see reality.
        I have also found an ability to remain calm in an emergency situation wherein someone is bleeding. Thanks again B.G! Anyway, enough rambling! I love this site!

        1. I’M old too. Man i never knew these s stuff was so severe until 5 years ago I really wanted to know what REALly goes on in the world. Et voila. I don’t watch beheadings or car, moped accidents much, so many they don’t pique my interest much anymore.

          I watch suicides, assassinations, gang killing, robbery killing, electrocutions or anything out of the ordinary. Don’t enjoy seeing kids killed or bullied.

          Main stream media doesn’t give true information if any at all. Eg: whites robbed and beaten in so many places to name but a few London, Sweden, Norway just because they walk through a muslim neighborhood!

  13. I have been visiting this site for quite some time, but only just recently I became a member. I am currently a military veteran and majoring in political science in Michigan. In my eyes, most people think the world is a sugar coated gum drop. Especially in western society, they complain about the most minuscule inconveniences in life, all the while shielding themselves from real problems. I don’t want to be someone like that. I want to be reminded of the raw world and all of its ugliness. Instead of just hearing about an obscure number of people dying on the mainstream news, I want to see exactly how they died. I have to see reality myself, pure uncensored reality. It makes me a more authentic human being.

    1. It’s not that the gore in and of itself is what draws me here. It’s the fact that it’s a view of the world without rose-colored glasses. We have a duty as humans to not turn away from the grotesque and horrible things that happen in the world. Especially when it involves situations that have great impact on the world. It can be one thing to form an opinion about ISIS because you read or hear something about them, but when you sit through a beheading, it provokes a different feeling. More than just a intellectual reaction. It’s visceral. Of course there are those who get some form of stimulation from gore, or don’t empathize with the victim per say, but I think they’re in the minority.

      Priest Vallon had a couple good lines in the movie Gangs of New York. “Don’t never look away.” And “The blood stays on the blade.” Sometimes it’s seeing the most cruel, grotesque, and brutal acts that provoke much needed responses. But for now, I’ll just sit on my ass and watch snuff on BG lol.

      Let us know what issue the article will be in please. Thanks!

  14. Myself*. Simple … I have combed through websites such as this to desensitize myself to what I could one day face. To be able to be calm and handle the situation properly. In the process I have learned how much my atheism has grown and how much I value life and how religion has/is destroying our world. And to stay the HELL out of Brazil!

    1. I started young reading true crime. People like Albert Fish were so interesting to me. Trying to desensitize myself as we all race towards death. I’ve been coming for a long time don’t usually say much just look. I work in Hospice and had several friends murdered by a serial killer. (Arthur Shawcross) every since then I have been hooked.

  15. I apologize, as i failed to mention that my Wife & I travel abroad quite regularly, and if it was not for the uncensored reality of Best-Gore, we would have put our lives in danger by inadvertently traveling to very dangerous, and violent destinations completely unaware of the crimes involved, and hidden, by most Main-Stream-Media-Outlets , and Travel Agencies paid to promote them. Having traveled to Puerto-Vallarta Mexico, in the early nineties when it was safer to do so, it was our goal to revisit this Country in the near future . But after all the Gang related wars, and the fact that cut up bodies were lining the roads on a daily basis, (thanks to the coverage on here), we felt that we had dodged a bullet by avoiding this travel destination altogether, and were extremely grateful to B-G for exposing it. So we decided on a safer Cuba instead, for our winter destinations ever since, and have enjoyed safe, and peace of mind travel, ever since. Now please tell me, what better “Travel Advisory” can you get than the brutal truth regarding our safety & security when traveling abroad? We are Forever Grateful to Best-Gore for helping keep our family safe, and helping educate the public at large, on the dangers of traveling to violent, yet “well hidden from the general public”, destinations abroad.

  16. It’s kind of a reality check for me, as to how fragile life is. It’s refreshing in some ways and shocking in some. It’s real news about humanity at its worst to which we are otherwise sensetized. I think it’s good to be aware and to appreciate life and each other.

  17. Gore videos teach me that we as humans are extremely fragile, violent, and unpredictable.

    It helps me realize that we are no different from the meat thats stocked at our local grocery stores. Gore solidifies this as a fact for me. Our bodies are nothing special, however, our minds have all the power.

    Watching uncensored gore, as silly as it sounds, enlightens me to literally watch every step i take because any misstep could be my last. It helps me inform my loved ones on the basic cautionary measures that can posssably save thier lives one day. These raw videos have skyrocketed my alertness to a whole other level, its like having a sixth sense. I closely observe people, peoples’ voice tones, cars while driving, where i step, whats overhead, entrances and exits, whos behind me, whats behind me, so that incase shit hits the fan ill at least have a fighting chance.

    Unsensored gore is a neccesity. Unsensored gore is a tool for all.

  18. I have a dark sense of humour, I sometimes visit this website just to laugh at peoples horrific comments. I also come here because I’m interested in what goes on around the world but never gets shown elsewhere. I’m not sure I would agree with this content being shown on TV as most of these videos are very graphic and can impact younger people or extremists negatively.

  19. Hi there!I personally love bestgore. Cause here I see reality that violence is part of humanity, I realized there are people Dead or dying while Im sitting on a couch staring at my phone,also Stay the hell out of Brazil.

  20. i love watching dumb fucks die. especially pedos, thieves, rapists, faggots, retards and jews. most people deserve it. i decide who i think deserves it. though, i do have empathy for some victims of violence, (wrong place at the wrong time scenario). i don’t give a fuck about anyone’s opinion. i believe in old fashioned lynchings and i love seeing that justice is truly served somewhere on earth. i always appreciate a suicide video. they are the kings of dumb fuckery. most people are subhuman and should die or at the very least get a decent head stomping. also, the freedom to voice my opinion uncensored is unlike anywhere else on the internet. cheers.

  21. “I’m not trying to make any judgements about you or the content itself –”

    B U L L S H I T

    These shitbird Journalists attempt to foist their globalist, liberal agenda on the entire world. What they are doing in the US is as totalitarian as it is despicable. Line these treasonous bastards up and shoot them. You can give the carcass a fair trial after the fact.

  22. Humans are curious creatures. The mystery surrounding gore and death is what draws many people to this kind of content. Sometimes you just want to see what it all really looks like. Books, movies, newspapers, and other “family-friendly” media depict death in rather unrealistic ways, oftentime making it look like a smooth transition into oblivion, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Death is nasty and terrifying. Watching people struggle for a breath, their eyes stricken with fear, desperation, acceptance, and finally blankness… It changes people. You start to appreciate the little things in life, like simply being able to be there for one more day. Is it wrong? Morality is not a black and white concept. Was it wrong to steal corpses before they rot to advance medicine? Is it wrong to watch death to give yourself a different perspective on life and your place in the grand scheme of things?

  23. I’m here every night to keep it real, I feel like gore is the only thing that keeps me in check. It worries me when things are too neat and pretty, and it takes something to remind me that there are ways that us ‘safe’ people can be killed or harmed. It is just a way to sort of smell the roses, or in this case… smell the dog shit.

    On that note, it seems to be a place where the world’s most ridiculous trolls come out of the darkest corners of the earth and have a get together. It is really kind of satirical once you get used to seeing this shit day after day. It is addicting to watch this form of ‘porn’, it is the same reason why people went to the Colosseum to watch gladiators fight beasts and others. It is a form of entertainment, no matter how sick it is. It is the same reason why people watched 300. I mean, let’s be reasonable, a little gore is okay for us. We have to realize how fragile life is, and how dark and grim reality might be outside of our little perfect worlds. There you go, there is my analogy.

    1. “And I love your analogy.
      That’s exactly what I think sir.
      The whole gladiator thing.
      And I too thought it was like porn.
      But didn’t know how to put it.
      Because I don’t even watch porn.
      But I am here like clockwork.
      Getting my daily fix of life.
      As they did in the colosseum.”

      1. Yeah man, and at least for me, the addiction is tied more to curiosity. I mean i might come home, watch tv or game or something and then when everyone has gone to sleep, I sit and wonder wtf happened somewhere else today. Ah, cool, so some dude got squashed by a construction truck. You never know, it feels like that is the addiction. Oh shit, and the ISIS propaganda videos, sometimes the shit is so cheesey and hollywood. I am always looking out for those. I guess lately they’ve been too preoccupied dealing with casualties that they havent had the time to upload more flicks. I’ve personally been coming here for like 8-9 years but i never signed up, i suspect there are hundreds of thousands of others out there that havent either.

  24. Kicking death in the dick in southern Kandahar province Afghanistan while serving the in the army was the most humbling experience I’m yet to face… Witnessing the reality of death and destruction first hand definitely desensitized me… I enjoy the unfiltered media that best gore has to offer… Reminding me of how easy life can be removed from ones body, making me fortunate to still be kickin… Wanna say thanks to mark for providing us with the grim reality of worldly events our pampered nation seems to be hidden from, thanks the the huge shit stains on the adult diaper of life that provide us with the lies and deceit in everyday news and social media the sheep feed on.. Thanks best gore for keeping it real…

  25. Main reason I visit sites such as these, usually B.G. and Liveleak, I tend to feel a bit depressed, either that or I’m looking for a justification for my unrealistic life. [We all know the world is going to shit right now,] I look for a window to see the world in a different view, usually I end up feeling even worse for the poor souls whose lives have been lost (some). Its my antibody to the pain I keep inside everyday. Knowing one day I’d be in their place, I try to make my day a little less gloomy and try to contemplate on the future ahead. Wherever that road may take me.

  26. It makes my day to see someone being beheaded or dismembered. I want to see the eyes of someone who’s just lost their head.
    I like the innovative ways ISIS come up with to kill people.
    I love to watch someone setting them self on fire, & also vehicle vs human videos.

    Nothing shocks me now. I watch gore videos in the same way I watch something on the TV. It’s part of my daily routine.

  27. Personally, I find the reality to be the best part of BG. I had no idea some places (namely South America) were just out of control, even some of the jails the inmates run the place.

    BG shows such an enormous contrast between what can happen in day to day life, and how it is displayed in common media. for common media, things are hell in the middle east, few car accidents, the government using red herrings to distract the populous like gay marriage, changing the flag, becoming a republic.

    Obviously there are people who wouldn’t be able to handle BG, and there are a myriad of reasons why, and that’s cool, no one says you have to like BG. But to be honest, the one thing I really take away from BG is that, I, myself, have been going through a very tough psychological time (clinical depression) and no matter how often I hear the words “There are people out there who have it tougher than you” It never sat down to roost until I came across BG. I can only assume because it is imagery, the statement reads louder and truer, I would hate to be in the positions of 99% of the people who are displayed on this site. It sounds strange but BG is somewhat therapeutic, not just the fact that you suddenly realize you DO have it better than 99% of people, but it is also refreshing to see a ,side of life that exists because the governments do not want us to see it.

    Censorship has gotten so out of control in me life time. I have now seen enough pictures, one springs to mind, where a girl is cutting a mans head off with a hacksaw, big grin on her face, and they have a boob blurred out??? I know this is somewhat of a Segway, but the media will still rank ‘private parts’ as a more sinister evil than gore, which when spoken out loud just sounds so, mental. BG knocks that stupid set of rules on the head as well.

    In summary, BG is not for everyone, but it does not create monsters, or killers, or wife beaters, it merely educates.

    Chris R

    1. Right on man, it is sort of funny how almost all of us have formed the exact same habit. It is synchronized with curiosity. I am always waiting for the next gore flick, and as for last year I thought the ISIS slaughterhouse was pretty good. It takes careful planning to do that I am sure. I wouldnt be surprised if some deathmetal band out there is using it as a music video as we speak.

  28. Years ago before the internet was available I was shown a video of a car full of people that had been rear ended and exploded into flames. You could see the fear in their faces as they burned alive and begged for helped. At the time it affected me greatly and I couldn’t get it out of my mind for weeks. Seeing the horrible things that happen around the world on a daily basis prepares you for what can happen at any minute to you or your loved ones.
    I don’t think you need to be scared of what may happen, but you definitely need to be cautious. Some say that desensitisation to violence makes violent people, I don’t agree. BG provides a community service for those who like to stay informed with un-censored reality.

  29. I’ve been a long time browser of BG since about 2010, I only recently made an account here as i thought it was about time and to maybe leave a comment here and there.
    I watch gore because i think humans themselves are discusting cockroaches, shitting up our beautiful planet and nothing brings me more pleasure than seeing these filthy shitbirds die.

    However, the content here brings me entertainment, joy, sadness, horror, excitement, makes me feel lucky to be living in a first world country; not some shitfest hellhole in South America, Europe or the middle east.
    I admit, i sometimes feel bad for some of the dead and mangled people on here, not everyone deserves to die the way they do. Which comes to another reason this site is great, basking yourself in deaths around the world will prepare yourself for when the reaper decides its your turn.
    I’m not scared of death or dying, cause i know what it looks like and the many forms it comes in. I have this site to thank for desensitizing me to the fear of the unknown. That being said, it would still suck pretty hard as i kinda like being alive but the show must go on.

    Heres to more gore and hoping i make an appearence in some ausfags magazine. :^)

  30. For me, it’s partly how I’m dealing with my own trauma from losing my fingers, my ability, confidence then my career that duly followed. My company has accepted 100% liability for the accident but has terminated my contract of employment to the point I may lose more, like my home because I have no income(off on sick awaiting operation that has atleast 12month recovery) nor social life and running out of hope for moving forward positively.

    I come on here not to be judged like I’m ill/sick but to have an input where possible because in my mind I can still make a difference, sharing my views, agreeing with others, figuring paths mainly to make better or avoid these situations. You can learn a lot here, if you look read and see from another prospective. Yes on this site its mostly graphic evil content but we probably appreciate life more.

  31. Hey, Jake! 18 year old girl here from Michigan.
    What draws me to Best Gore isn’t exactly the violence, it’s the reality of everything on here. I see the news, and I feel as though it’s so edited that it can’t possibly be thought of as the entire truth to a situation. Here on Best Gore, I can not only read what I know isn’t edited to appeal to the masses, but also see for myself. I get to see what is kept from everyone’s eyes unless they are specifically looking for it.
    In addition to being drawn to the reality of the site, I’m also drawn here by my curiosity of the human body. It’s interesting to see what happens to the human body after certain events or injuries such as falling, gunshots, stabbings, etc. It isn’t just the death that catches my attention, it’s also the posts about people surviving seemingly impossible circumstances, such as being mauled by a bear, or getting in a terrible car accident.
    I guess to sum everything up, I love gore, and of course Best Gore, because it’s something I know is real. Why shelter myself from things that actually happen? Why not “experience” how our world really is?

  32. I have had a roller coaster relationship with this website. I would even go as far as to say it’s changed my life.

    I stumbled onto this website sort of by accident. My friend sent me a link to the 2 kids 1 sandbox (I think that’s what it was called) video as a joke and I found the suicide section. Being a survivor of an attempt myself I found it oddly intriguing to watch these videos. The kind of intriguing where there are knots in your stomach but you need to watch it… and when you finish watching it you kind of take a deep breath and think. When I finished watching every suicide video on the site (this was back in 2012), I ventured back to the first home page and worked my way on. I found myself humanizing each person the more I watched at first. By that I mean, I would think about the friends and family of the dying featured in these videos. I would feel remorse and sadness, it almost became harder to watch. My imagination ran wild wondering what the overall aftermath was. I would say for me personally, I find the suicide and sudden unexpected deaths to be the most compelling. The more I watched, the more I started to really realize how disposable we are. Ive seen hundreds of deaths on this website and not one has effected me personally, not one person did I know and nor would I have ever known had they have dodged their unfortunate end. As time went on the humanization started to fade. I began feeling less and less, becoming completely desesitized. I went from checking the website once a week to checking every couple of months. Then I completely stopped, not on purpose, it just wasn’t interesting anymore. One night while I was laying awake (insomnia is a bitch) I decided, what the heck why not, and visited the site again. I binge watched everything I missed and as a week went by I noticed I had anxiety and a little paranoia of death! In my 20 some years of life I’ve never had chronic anxiety. I mean no matter what I’m doing I’m scared of dying. Driving, walking, shopping, eating, working, laying in bed. Everything I do I have this feeling in my stomach, this nervousness. A feeling of always needing my guard up. Now I check the website every day, multiple times a day. It’s become almost an addiction. It’s weird, I don’t know how to explain it. Its like I need to see who died, how they died, why they died. When there’s a huge back story to read along with it, I almost feel like it’s Christmas. I think seeing and reading about other people dying at first was a weird little break from my cookie cutter, upper middle class American bubble. Then my second time round, it was a huge smack of reality that we are all going to die and we don’t know when, how, or why. I just hope I don’t stay in this scared phase forever. Maybe if I keep visiting this site my fear, anxiety and paranoia will evolve. But who knows, all I know is I’ll be back tomorrow.

    1. 🙂 i like ur comment! re paranoia, it will go. u specially get these when u’r young. over time they will go n u won’t even notice.
      I’m careful too. i don’t believe in any gods so we all have only 1 shot on this planet, so we better b careful. but ask ur self whats the probability of something happening to u when u go by on daily basis? almost none. same w/ flying, sure plane may fall but how many of them fall? well maybe smthg like 0.001%

  33. Time for some honesty. I have NEVER watched a video of someone dying on this site. NEVER. I have no desire to see a person actually die. I only want to see the aftermath. And some may call me a pussy and ask then why do you come to this site. Because I can, that’s why. You wanna watch someone be beheaded or dismembered or lynched or set on fire go for it. I only want to see what the person looks like afterwards. I live in a small town in Georgia (USA) and visiting BestGore allows me to see what the world is really like, not what the MSM wants me to see. Having said that, very rarely do I read the commentary that comes with the pictures either. Usually just enough to find out where it happened and what exactly happened. I don’t care for the racist, anti- jew, homophobic and woman-hating remarks some make. However, I do believe in their right to make those comments. Instead of getting my panties in a wad and whining about it I just don’t read it. Nor do I comment. I just move on. BestGore allows me to see the world outside of my comfortable, safe existence and I thank Mark and the others for that. I also know never to visit Brazil (not that I was planning on it) or Mexico (again, not planning on it). Now back to the gory pictures. 🙂

  34. In the begining I couldn’t watch beheadings, now they are not so interesting.
    What started as a curiousam know it feels behind the news, what the mainstreammedia hides from us, you can found here.
    Personaly I’m not enjoying the executions etc, except when people turn their anger to rapists and child molesters.
    The stuff I can’t manage to see, almost everything to do with children, the poor souls.

  35. Curiosity and human nature is the answer as to why we first find interest in gore and everything else is subjective.

    The life of a fighter is a good analogy here because some fighters will say that they fight for honour; some will say that they fight for pride and some will say that they fight for money etc, take the subjective reasoning away however and it is just people beating the shit out of each other. The reasons as to why they first wanted to become fighters tends to be a lot more simple and reflective of human nature and the needs of the ego itself.

    To conclude then, the original attraction towards gore is driven by curiosity which itself is led by egotistical need. What need? the need to understand life and death primarily and also the need to break taboo, knowledge of death after all is one of the few towers of Babel still standing.

    The attraction towards graphic content is not a recent trend though, it just appears that way because it has become more accessible to the masses via the internet just like how porn consumption is not a recent trend just because more people can get their hands on it these days.

    The psychological reasons as to why people keep coming back for more though is like I said, subjective. However, the addictive element is simply biology at work in that anything that stimulates the brain creates a desire for the further seeking out of whatever it was that caused that stimulation.

    Viewing gore, despite the negative connotations, can be a positive to peoples lives however. Why do cigarette companies get made to put gore on the front of their packaging?, why are people shown the aftermath of car crashes for educational purposes?, because gore can and does often act has a shocker which gets people to make changes to their lives. Even those considering suicide may be put off once they see that death is not pretty like it is in the movies.

    As a long time member though I personally just come here for the conversations and the banter these days. Being able to express my thoughts and opinions without being categorised, labelled and ostracised by small-minded, virtue signalling little shits is a breath of fresh air let me tell you and perhaps that in itself is another reason why people are drawn towards websites like this because if the modern day social political mantra is one of censorship and restriction of opinion and expression then those against that will seek out places where they can escape it and be themselves.

    Gore in the above scenario becomes the visible face of alternative culture.

    Food for thought.

    1. @empty-soul

      “However, the addictive element is simply biology at work in that anything that stimulates the brain creates a desire for the further seeking out of whatever it was that caused that stimulation.” and “Being able to express my thoughts and opinions without being categorised, labelled and ostracised…” are excellent points I wish I’d thought to include in MY write-up. Well done!

      1. Thanks, Shadarus.

        I do believe though that Mr Millar may be thinking a little bit too narrowly in the pursuit of his article as there is nothing modern or recent about the lust for gore, violence and graphic content.

        The Roman Coliseum was a massive draw in its day for example and all throughout the world public executions always brought in huge crowds from all around, they even advertised them as family friendly events.

        The only trend that has changed then is the availability of such content and the means by which people can view it.

        Porn for example had to be purchased physically before the internet came along so it wasn’t the appetite for pornography that changed, it was the way by which people could choose to consume it. The reason the numbers increased is all down to instant access, the free availability of it and that they no longer have to go through the shame of Mr Patel the local newsagent finding out that when they are not buying bread and milk they like stroking it off to midget porn.

        Mr Millar in my opinion then should research historical public executions and why they were such crowd pleasers(of which there are many books on the subject to learn from) and just apply it to the internet age whilst taking into account the current mood of the public as historically it was always during the bleakest social times that these events were most popular which makes sense when you consider that happy, contented people tend not to question the complexities of life nor indeed seek out gore(the bloody variety, not the political kind).

        1. I agree with you. There is a murder instinct on people. A thrill in killing and in combat, perhaps the movement and the injections of adrenaline and dopamine it provides. You can only imagine how it is ingrained in us, as our ancestors who had the greatest urge to hunt and ward off invaders and also to invade and dominate others may have been naturally selected.
          Like you said about the coliseum, you can get these kicks out of just watching gore, fights and such, as we have mirror neurons. But nowadays the attraction for gore can also be seen on video games, for instance, take GTA, Call of Duty etc, many of these games have graphic material and proportionate a thrill that can be addictive to players (movies too). Moreover, like sex, death is a pivotal point in life. It may be discussed that one is attracted to bad news for they provide knowledge that may help on the survival. Interestingly enough, and even seemingly paradoxically, some people adopt the position of not looking at gore, maybe because they want to distance themselves from it, perhaps, thinking it will somehow protect them. Or maybe it has got something to do with the mirror neurons, as at times we do put ourselves in the place of the person who is suffering (I at least sometimes do, like when I cringe at some videos) and may feel some of his/her pain, so the person may avoid seeing gore to avoid pain.

          1. You are right in that evolution has indeed played a huge part in how we behave and respond to certain stimuli and your point about video games was also spot on as they do tend to trigger emotional reactions, anger, happiness, frustration, sadness etc.

            Sports events such as football can also bring out the best and worst in us, people shaking hands one minute and then trying to kill each other the next over the results of the sporting event. Gambling is also an interesting one, instant play instant results(good or bad) that can cause us to feel euphoric or intense anger making us want to lash out in murderous rage.

            The modern day human being then is like the domestic cat, though well fed and safe from prey the primitive side still gets activated upon certain stimulation because a few hundred years of domestication is not going to completely overwrite thousands of years of evolution garnered towards characteristics relating to hunting and fighting to survive.

            That some see violence/gore and get excited by it whilst others see it and turn away out of fear/disgust is probably related to the fight or flight mechanism and the ego’s innate desire to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

          2. @empty-soul I was wondering if you would see this post, and comment on it. I am happy that you did brother, as yourself & I are two of the 8 yr. old, senior members, that have been here since day one, and our comments would be greatly influential, and as it is in your case, “Always Extremely Well Explained”. Hope all is well with you bud, as your comments have been missed greatly of late. 🙂

          3. @thedre

            Good to see you too Dre. I have no idea how long I have been here though as most of it has been a drunken blur.

            My comment standards tend to be good when I am not too inebriated which nowadays is rarely ever, lol. Still, I am tired of being a fool to myself so that is why I post sporadically these days so as not to bog Bestgore down with my own drunken stupidity.

            Though I may shed a tear at the state of my comments sometimes, I don’t regret the drinking what so ever. I work hard and pay taxes to a shithole of a government in a slowly turning to shit country and am forced to watch like a gagged little whore has they continue to bugger it and for what?, so that the rich minority can get richer at the expense of the majority?. A daily bottle or two of the lady in red after a hard day’s work is the very definition of sanity maintenance in my opinion.

            Anyhow I hope all is well with you too Dre and since I am now half way through my first bottle I shall call it a day on here so take care Dre.

          4. @empty-soul I have never thought of your comments sounding like drunken Stupidity brother. If anything, your comments are always, very intelligently written, with much thought put into it. My comments, on the other hand probably sound stupid to many, as my ability to concentrate in School as a kid was my downfall. This is why it usually takes about an hour for myself to write a short comment related to any subject with editing, re writing, and correcting, before posting the finished product, and to make proper phrases, without them sounding like they were written by a 12 yr. old. But i must say that i have gotten a little better at writing with my years on here reading Yours, Marks, and other educated members comments & replies. Nothing wrong with relieving the stresses of daily life with Drinks, Blunts, or both combined, my good man. So please do not be so hard on yourself, as i am positive that many other members on here would agree with me on the fact, that you always write quality comments, Drinking or not!

  36. My interest in gore is multifaceted.

    When I first ‘discovered’ gore, it was as a teenaged female dealing with both burgeoning mental illness and various forms of abuse. Trapped and unmedicated, the gore was therapeutic, it let me say to myself, “No matter how bad of a day I’m having, somewhere out there is someone whose day was far worse.”

    As I matured, gore took on the aspect of morbid scientific curiosity. After all, death is comprised of an enormous spectrum of possibilities. I find it fascinating that at one end of that spectrum an individual can die from something as innocuous as an ingrown hair that became infected, went untreated, and eventually resulted in sepsis. At the other end of that spectrum we find individuals like Nguyen Thanh Trung, whose story (with video) can be found on BestGore under the heading ‘Vietnam Police Officer Cut in Half After Bad Accident’. In 2009 Nguyen Thanh Trung was involved in a traffic accident that left his lower body completely severed from the upper. In the eerie five minute video, he not only remains conscious but coherent, speaking to bystanders with relative calm. The footage is both disconcerting and utterly mesmerizing.

    For those who question whether gore could have any sort of positive influence, I have on countless occasions seen members comment that this site has made them not only appreciate the fragility of life but that it’s actually changed aspects of their behavior. Awareness of their surroundings increases. Willingness to take foolish risks decreases. We are a people who, upon encountering a slogan such as “Don’t drink and drive.”, aren’t merely picturing words printed on a poster, we’re recalling horrific details from photos of accident scenes. Is someone concerned that a loved one may take their own life? Perhaps seeing footage featuring the survivor of an attempted shotgun suicide or what their body will look like after jumping from a bridge and drowning might be a good way to get them both thinking and talking. One member even spoke of using the video portion of a particular BestGore post to convince their child, who steadfastly refused to brush their teeth, to change their ways. ‘Kid Has Maggots Removed from Gums with Tweezers’ certainly made ME thankful for my toothbrush!

    Admittedly, it’s not all altruism and curiosity. For me there will always be that shiver, the illicit thrill, the quiet pride of delving into that which is taboo, even chuckling at the macabre humor of the ‘instant karma’ posts. It’s exciting, it’s disturbing, it’s amazing, it’s saddening, and most importantly it’s life… no more and no less.

    Jake Millar, feel free to use some or all of that in your article, as long as I’m credited (Shadarus) and it’s presented in a way that preserves the original intent.
    @Mark Just a heads-up, the video I referenced, ‘Kid Has Maggots Removed from Gums with Tweezers’, appears to be one of those that were ‘lost’ by BGs hosting service and it hasn’t yet been reposted. Also, I’d like to submit a request that ‘Little Girl Has Brain Blown Off, Still Grasps for Air’ be bumped to the top of the to-do list as well, it is easily one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen.

  37. Bestgore is my main source of news it really changed the way i see life and how i live it, unlike other gore websites my favorite is BG because of the comment section and the lovely peoples in it also i enjoy Mark’s comments on each post

  38. I’m on BG first thing in a.m. and last thing in p.m. As a hospice RN I think this site has made me a more compassionate person. I also like to use many of the accidents as shock therapy for my college bound son with a fast new car. Just as a reminder of real life.

    1. @dthbcmsme I have been meaning to ask you, have you ever witnessed patients go through Near Death Experiences, or seeing, and speaking to deceased family members, or friends shortly before death? If so, could you please give us your take on this somewhat controversial issue, and what your beliefs are regarding this topic.

      Thanks, Andre.

      1. @thedre my grandmother was very ill and we all knew was just a matter of days I went to see her ,just minutes after they did some chest move to bring her back. she was so weak but with a grin somewhere between an angel and a saloon keeper she grabbed my hand kept saying how green the meadow was, over and over ‘so green’ she lambasted the doctors for taking her from it and DNR was made official.

        I also had a relative few days prior to death, at their home that had full on conversations with dead siblings as if they were at the edge of the bed with her and I will state there was a real different full feeling in there, couldn’t ever describe what it was but I left out feeling far less sorrow and an all encompassing warmth. truly was life altering.

        I too was would be curious as to @dthbcmsme‘s experience

  39. I have been visiting Best Gore for 3 years, at periods regularly, other times not so much. But for the past 6 months I’d say always, like daily, even many times a day. I stumbled upon best gore by accident, I don’t remember how exactly, but I guess it was a video on You Tube which mentioned the website or randomly while searching for a video on google. As I have always been a curious person, I ended up exploring the website and was fascinated by the graphic/strong content, which I had never seen/been exposed to in my life. The curiosity continued to persist in a certain way, but quickly B G became like a sort of regular news website. I can say that it’s sort of educational, to see how people’s mistakes, often times through lack of attention, may end up with their lives, like by not turning off a machine (a press) before checking it and ended up being crushed by it., although at times the videos show how death can be inevitable, bad luck per say. I used to cringe a lot at some content at the beginning, and some of the most graphic videos were tough to watch (I would even shake at some content), but I think that just because you don’t look at it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen or it’s not happening, so I made myself watch everything, as I see it as a means of personal development, to face reality, and as a consequence I got less sensitive with time, although by no means totally desensitized (I still cringe sometimes). I can say that Best Gore also goes beyond being just a gore site, as it’s a place for discussion about the videos, where politics and I risk say, psychology, is discussed. After all, it’s a blog. For much time I didn’t comment on the website, but I’ve been doing so for the past 3 or 4 months. I am rarely an active person in terms of openly discussing my views, but I chose to do so on here because the fact that I have a greater room to express myself without being censored, like, I don’t have to worry much with being criminalized and attacked for expressing my views, many of which are politically incorrect, as I would elsewhere. So in this way I try to see what other people think of my views, and also engage in debates to see what comes out of it. Granted, though, as one would imagine people on Best Gore are far from being perfect, and many can be proud or taunt you or ignorant, with comments such as I hate this or that (which is fine in a way, since they are expressing their personal opinions), not being that open minded, but the freedom to communicate and express yourself on BG is still greater than elsewhere.

    1. @undergroundweller Very well said and explained, my man! I am grateful that you have decided to join our discussions, and become an active contributor to our sites comment section. I Always check-out your comments, and have always liked & enjoyed what i read from yourself, and the way that you express yourself while writing it! Even though you have stated that you have only started commenting for the past 3 or 4 mts. now, it seems like you have been contributing, and have been around for much, much, longer.

      1. @thedre Much obliged. I like your links. I’ve just watched the one of the Orthodox Jews who were mad at the Evangelical Christians. Quite a scene. They like to talk a lot pointing their fingers, such as those ISIS guys or whatever religious fanatics for that matter. They act somewhat childishly, such as the guy yelling ”shikse”. Very close minded guys.

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