Bad Parenting and the Collapse of the USA

Your Future Commander in Chief?

In times of financial volatility and uncertainty it is always comforting to find a story about a bad parent to point your finger at and say “Yes, I’m poor and I can’t afford my mortgage, my superannuation has been wiped out, but at least I’m a better parent than that person.” Without such comforts the very fabric of social cohesion would be at stake while we grappled with our individual failings and inevitable demise. So thank you to the ever streaming queue of ridiculed individuals to make us feel even slightly superior. Thank you Brittany Spears, Octomom and the other notoriously bad parents who help us feel just that little bit better about ourselves by putting yourself above your children.

This week a story surfaced on the international news sites following the discovery of a two year old child in Ariga, Chile, who was stealing breast milk from the neighbour’s dog. Police were called to the scene where the malnourished child was suckling directly from the bitch, and he was immediately taken into state care by the authorities. The mother of the child later arrived at the police station under the influence of alcohol and apparently totally oblivious to the ruckus. A hearing has been set for 22 September 2015 to determine the child’s future, with the state arguing that the mother is unfit to be his parent.

Regardless of the face value revulsion the above scene may elicit, I still maintain this child has a greater chance of living a fulfilling and productive life than any of the Kardashian spawn. His natural will to survive is strong, he is clearly resourceful in having identified a willing and capable wet-nurse, and he isn’t afraid to apply himself to his endeavours. This child reminds me of the fable about Romulus and Remus, whom legend says were raised by a wolf. Romulus would later go on to found Rome, a city destined to conquer the western world and influence our modern civilisation more than any other.

And as an aside, is drinking dog milk any more revolting than drinking cow milk? Just think about what you are doing when chugging down your creamy white udder juice. Who are you to judge this boy, or even his unfit mother?

I dare say, no matter how unlikely, this child in Chile is still more likely to found a great civilisation than a Kardashian brat. Even if Kanye West becomes President in 2020.

Which neatly brings me back to my point.

America. You have the largest economy in the world, the mightiest military, the greatest single influence of any nation on earth. If you do not collectively and immediately declare there is no way you will ever let that fuckwit with dubious talent and originality become your leader, with his jizz covered thumb on the world’s largest nuclear arsenal’s launch button, and directive authority of your other military assets and your economy, you will doom us all to a fate not even the dog-titty-boy can rescue us from.

His lack of appeal extends beyond his own ego driven persona to his revolting wife, the gestational vessel of his loin legacy. If he becomes President, Kim Kardashian becomes First Lady. This would make her the first First Lady to have her lady bits as recognisable as her face. A first we could all do without.

Unsurprisingly a steady stream of ill informed ghetto rats have come out singing the praises of West for President. Equally unsurprising is the lack of any credibility of his supporters. But the sad reality of the U.S. Presidential Race is that it is a popularity quest powered more by profile and media grabs than by anything resembling policy or ability.

No one (credible) appears to have taken West seriously at this point, and hopefully it will stay that way. However, one should never let such ridiculous propositions go unchallenged in case the rot takes hold and overtakes you. Please America, slap down this wannabe wanker now!

107 thoughts on “Bad Parenting and the Collapse of the USA”

  1. That fuckwit could never become president. He can’t string a coherent sentance together. It’d be hilarious to watch him in a presidential debate. He’d surely come out with some nuggets of enlightenment. Him claiming he will run for president is just masturbation of his own ego.

    1. There’s one thing for sure we can all count on with president west, that he will confiscate all the fish dicks in America for his own use of finding “A weapon of mass destruction’ or in better terms the “snuke’ hidden in the first ladys snizz

    2. I want to see the PUSA end every other sentence in a speech with “yo!” and address the Vice President by “nigga”.
      He just needs a couple of trips to Israel and a public conversion to Judaism and the presidency’s his for the taking.

  2. Some worthless black douchbag under the guise of being a Republican has already started a “Ready for Kanye” PAC.

    Just goes to show, kneegrows will vote for any idiot as long as it is black.

    But, Kanye is an avid supporter of using drugs, driving fast cars and acting the ass. What are the odds? Come on Angel of Death.

  3. I had to google what the fuck a “kadashian” was… i tought it was some sort of alien cult or something… So its just a “famous” coal-burner that owns an outdated cotton picking machine? What did that shit for brains did in its life anyways? 😐 Bah, nevermind, i dont want to know.

    If you ever see anyone supporting that degenerate lowlife, punch it in the face and ask it whats wrong with them, just to check if they are even rational…

    “The more I know about people, the better I like my dogs.” – Mark Twain

      1. The only thing ive seen them battling about is their identity… The coalburner is battling to be “famous” for battling to find out where she stands in society, and the outdated cotton picking ape is battling to look more “human”… So yeah, they can be called social justice warriors.

    1. I like the quote a lot by Twain as it makes more sense these days, we have far too many cunts being famous for the sake of being famous-if that’s what you call it. Either way, this tard spasm will never be taken seriously considering what absolute joke he and his brethren are.

      This world could use less of these worthless fleshy viruses, until then all we can do is wait.

  4. I can’t believe that an institution of lower learning actually gave this crapper a honorary PhD…
    Well… Then again… I can… It must’ve been historical…

    Don’t forget… We need the first coal burner in the Whitehouse also…
    Kim Kardashian “I fucked everything” West “of the Mississippi river”…

    Now that would be historical… Sad… But historical…

    1. That stunned me. I had to look that up. I don’t freaking believe it. After dropping out after two semesters he has a PhD in Music from a college he mentioned in a crap. Fucking wow.

      The bar is really low for blacks. I’m amazed that any of which still fail.

  5. I don’t know how his policies have turned out throughout both of his terms, but speaking as foreigner, I believe Obama has globally restored the image of the American presidency as something that is dignified and respectable. As opposed to Bush who even to non-Americans was regarded as a clattering buttock and a twaddle-spewing buffoon.

    Americans. I implore you not to go backwards.

    1. Obama has perpetuated Bushes foreign policy, with minor cosmetic changes the same agenda applies. He has further escalated drone war against the insurgents, effectively making nothing else rather than export hatred and extremism, he has seriously destabilized North Africa and Middle East with his confused policy of dedicated intervention and appeasement.

      Obama is simply not able to understand strategy. Bush was at least a direct imperialist, Obamas policies are, just like old Wilsonianism, imperialist with a liberal coating to justify it (as spreading of freedom).

      I assure you all aspects of so called Bush grand strategy are nearly retained, such is politics. Even if Obama wanted to change something he wouldn’t be able to. Change rarely comes so easy, because politics establishes power structures and interests that are hard to shake off.

      1. LOL.

        ?Obama has perpetuated Bushes foreign policy,?
        No. This is absolutely false. The ME has been unstable since the dawn of time. If you really want to blame someone then blame the Roman Empire for their collapse. It was THEN when the jews, mooslims and etc were not under control. Ironically, how did they keep control — Money, weaponry, and civil liberties.
        Obama is simply not able to understand strategy.
        Black people don’t want a goal they want the immediate. It is why they don’t progresss.
        ?Bush was at least a direct imperialist,…?
        Hardly, if so, what gains has Merica gained? None. We only sought peace in the region. That is which is impossible since the vehement hatred between the jews and anyone else.

        Care to FAIL again, Cockpastry?

        1. Are you fishing for attention buddy, well you got it this time so pucker up your funhole and bite the pillow because I’m going in dry.

          How about a quick history lesson? ME was stable under it’s kingdoms until European imperial forces under Alexander intervened. Later under the Muslims, especially the Abbasids and unlike Europe it was doing fine, in fact it was the centre of learning and culture. It was fine even under the Ottomans, but when Europe started dividing ME, that’s when troubles started. But that history you pulled out of your rusted arse is totally irrelevant, Bush and Obama unseated important rivals to salafist extremism (Saddam and Gaddafi).

          So if imperialists didn’t gain anything by it in the end result they aren’t imperialist? Well folks hold the idiot award because we have a winner, I’ll need to sleep through to digest this argument. You might want to look on Coalition of the Billing, and how US business expanded in the ME. “They wanted peace” by making war, good job or mission accomplished as Bush would say, if US wants peace then it should pressure Israel on Palestine issues and mediate between them and Irand and Saudia Arabia.

          Read about the Bush grand strategy from JL Gaddis and compare it to what Obama did, and then feel free to impale yourself on my fist again. Really amateurish trolling there, you disappoint.

  6. I think no matter who is ‘voted’ for presidency we’re all fucked. None of them give a shit about the citizens, they all have their own little agendas. I will say if Kanye ever becomes president, I am leaving the country…perhaps I should start researching the best places to move to now.

    Also lmfao at calling her pussy a woowoo!

  7. I’m voting Elmo The Penis for President. If you’re gonna elect a prick for president, may as well make him a big and handsome one that everyone likes and won’t do any damage (except by battering a few ladies’ woo-woo’s).

  8. At least he’s giving us all a 5 1/2 year window to all strangle ourselves or die of natural causes before he seizes power in 2020 instead of 2016. That also gives the Taylor Swift voters time to turn 18 and stomp him in the primaries. Wiz Khalifa in 2020 yo.

  9. Good to see a post from you again Mctreblar, I enjoy your musings.

    As far as people fixating on and insulting others goes, that?s just human nature as people tend to reject those who they believe represent that which they dislike, some violently so.

    The above is easily observable throughout society as there are those who hate and reject gays; fat people; black people; white people; rich people; poor people so on and so forth.

    Kane West represents, via his high profile position, the modern music world and as such gets hated for that. The fact that he is an untalented, egotistical fuckwit who makes vast sums of money also contributes to this process but that is the fault of the people who purchase his music and so if he does get voted in that will be the fault of the voters as well.

    Though, everybody knows that the position of president is just a figure head that has no personal power nor any actual political influence hence how someone mentally retarded like George W Bush could get in.

    Considering the above, a Kane West government wouldn?t be any different than the previous ones before him as the president is dictated to and instructed by the longstanding institutions and these people do not get voted out with the party via political process.

    The only thing that would happen is that the American voters would once again become a figure of fun and their government a laughing stock ala George W Bush?s era which once again would come under the notion of rejecting those who they believe represent that which they dislike.

    Still though, the American public need not feel ashamed because just take a look at Europe, it?s a fucking mess with out of control immigration(legal/illegal); traitorous governments; brainwashed liberals; failing social/political infrastructures; massive debt levels; massive crime levels; massive unemployment levels; propaganda everywhere so on and so forth.

    Kane West is the least of our problems I should say.

    1. Methinks you doth protest too much after reading the first three paragraphs.

      The social programs, the very same programs which has crushed the EU economically and now severely damaged individual nation’s national spirit, way of life and make up are the reason for Europe’s social/economic malaise. If those programs don’t work in Europe then what makes you think they will work in Merica? They will not and cannot. Margret Thatcher said it the best, “The only problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

      To say Merica is better off under Obunghole than Bush is farcical. To blame the ME wars on Bush well there was this little guy from Denmark, far smarter than you and me put together named Hans Blix. I’ll go ahead and believe him. Also research who his immediate replacement was and how almost immediately he launched a propaganda war which threw everything into question to the point of where it is accepted that anything before him is now openly scoffed and disbelieved. Quite simply, the west lost the information war. That’s what you get when you have an organization like the UN who believes that everyone should get a turn at being the boss.

      Fun Fact: The Egyptian born, then IAEA inspector general, is now a high ranking official in the Iranian government.

      How’s that for a conspiracy? The really weird thing is it is all true. Many choose to disillusion themselves for what ever reason. Invading Iraq was not and will never be the crime. Capitulating and giving the barbarians unfettered access to a country who since the sixties has been brutally oppressed, population stripped of their riches and ravaged by a maniacal dictator, in my opinion is a far greater sin.

      Individual leaders of nations have have a profound effect on a nation, her tone, and her direction. Ironically, you prove that within your own statement.

      The absurdity of “Kanye for President” is a symptom of the current social/political/moral Merican landscape. That symptom has been directly created and encouraged by black and progressive socialist radicals, including the one currently residing in the WH.

      1. @Trollin Dirty, I think you may have posted your comment in the wrong place because you wrote many counter arguments to points I never made.

        Still, I will give answering it a go.

        It wasn?t the social programmes that created the EU mess, it was the corporate greed and the political tinkering.

        Back before mass uncontrolled immigration the social programmes worked just fine because the number of people accessing them was low enough not to over burden it and unemployment whilst still high at times was not out of control?.until the coal mines were closed down because Polish coal was cheaper to purchase and import and the steel works were shut because foreign steel was cheaper to buy and import.

        Still, throughout the 90?s unemployment was lower again and wages were reasonable once more until in early 2000 they decided it was cheaper to import eastern European workers who would work for rock bottom wages due to economic differences and currency exchange rates, money of which that was sent back home to eastern Europe where it goes much further denying the UK of much needed consumerism.

        You see the pattern?, first manufacturing was sent abroad to reduce costs and then workers were imported from abroad to reduce costs. Extreme capitalism is to blame for this mess because in order to achieve year on year profit and satisfy the greedy shareholders they have been engaging in a race to the bottom wherein private enterprise gains but social enterprise loses due to one picking up the bill for the other.

        I guarantee that all these so called “asylum seekers” are being let in because the corporations wish to employ them in order to reduce their costs once again. You will see it soon enough when the corporations start talking about how it’s their “moral duty” to help these poor unfortunates find work, all the while they fire their current workforce to create the positions.

        You will realise at that point that political decision and corporate interests goes hand in hand.

        Regarding America, America itself used to be the biggest economy in the world when they made American and bought American. It was the perfect cycle, what the indigenous workers made they bought and this boosted consumerism, tax intake and overall GDP which lowered borrowing which allowed for economic expansion which boosted employment levels so on and so forth.

        The America of today runs the complete opposite way and as a result it has massive debt levels beyond what the GDP can pay off.

        In the above it doesn?t matter what American president comes next because he will not have the power to bring all the manufacturing back and force employers to employ the indigenous population rather than the low cost immigrants because the financial conglomerates hold the most influence due to being the financers of the government and these people are directly linked with corporate interests thus what?s good for the corporate interest is good for the financers.

        The American president therefore is an impotent being, all mouth and no trousers.

        1. @Trollin Dirty, I think you may have posted your comment in the wrong place because you wrote many counter arguments to points I never made.
          Still, I will give answering it a go.
          You fail colossally. Amazing in which people think you are intelligent. Probably due to the overwhelming opinion here, in which Merica is the source of all the world’s problems. Let’s pick your idiocies apart. It’s something I so love to do. What can you expect from someone named Trollin’ Dirty, eh?
          ?It wasn?t the social programmes that created the EU mess, it was the corporate greed and the political tinkering.?
          Hardly since all corporation are directly controlled by those governments. I suspect you are an EUian little or no knowledge of EU economic dynamics or even more likely or worse an Merican which has absolutely no idea of what he or she or it is talking about. Corporations are still held accountable by the governments in charge. Corporations can only do what the governments ALLOW them to do. Once you actually see it that way then you will see the source of the problem.

          Blah, blah, blah. ?Polish coal was cheaper to purchase and import and the steel works were shut because foreign steel was cheaper to buy and import.?
          LOL. No. Patently false. What kind of history book do you read? Is it the same one Che is a poet and a hero? LOL The European Steel Industry was effectively dead when the Merican Industrial Revolution began in 1900. I won’t go in depth because of the many social reforms which were plaguing many European nations at the same time or the massive industrialization of Merica at the exactly the same tiem, or attempts of the aristocracy trying to maintain the last vestige of control of the population. Let’s just say, Europe was absolutely a cluster-fuck of a situation. It came to a head, during the simultaneously last ?hurrah? of monarchy, the the launch of WWI, and the Soviet Revolution.
          – — ? –
          Still, throughout the 90?s unemployment was lower again and wages were reasonable once more until in early 2000 they decided it was cheaper to import eastern European workers who would work for rock bottom wages due to economic differences and currency exchange rates, money of which that was sent back home to eastern Europe where it goes much further denying the UK of much needed consumerism.
          – – –
          You need to graduate HS first before assessing the world economy, or at least do something in which you write someone’s paycheck. The flood from eastern Europe was directly linked to the tearing down of the Berlin wall.
          _ – – – –
          You have no idea of what you are talking about. Go back to your TV and warm beer. We’ll get along better that way.
          – – ? ?
          ?I guarantee that all these so called ?asylum seekers? are being let in because the corporations wish to employ them in order to reduce their costs once again.?

          – – –
          Holy fucking shit. It’s the EU’s policies you dope. It has nothing to do with corporations. Not to mention all corporations, native and FOREIGN, within those countries are strictly controlled by the respective governments. But, I went over this before.
          – ? –
          ?You will realize at that point that political decision and corporate interests goes hand in hand.?

          They never have ? since one is to make money and the other is to take money. How does that work again?

          – ? ?
          You really don’t know how economy works. I suggest you at least graduate HS before you delve into economics. Your understanding of which is not only ham-fistedly infantile, but completely and wholly inaccurate on EVERY single possible level. That is a mastery of idiocy of subject which I have never seen before. Kudos.

          1. @Trollin Dirty, you are clearly mentally ill with no concept of how the world works. No point continuing with you.

            It?s a shame that somewhere along the line you have been convinced of your sanity.

  10. “Feminism was never about a ‘war against men,’ feminism was a war against family. Because the family is that one unit that stands between the state and freedom. The state doesn’t want families out there. They want little, dismembered, fractured members of society that they control.”

    ~Paul Weston (British politician)

  11. So far I had no idea who these people are, but I don’t think Americans, despite their decadence, joviality and preference for the popular would ever go so low to pick some rapper as a president. I approve of the rant of declining social values as that is quite apparent, but I believe you’ve missed the point. The greatest threat to US is an election of a hawkish republican or a democrat, definitely Lindsey Graham. Personally I would welcome this rapper or even an arrogant blowhard like Trump as president. It would only expedite the inevitable, the loss of prestige and influence in world affairs and/or a new form of US isolationism, from which the whole world would benefit.

  12. I know people love to rip into Brittany spears,Lindsey lohan,etc etc for having public ‘meltdowns’ and being terrible parents.But IMO these are the stronger characters in the entertainment industry. They are at least attempting to break free from the control,so the media destroys them,same as Michael Jackson.So before believing everything that the media tells you,think about the bigger picture.These people are getting wrecked by MSM for a reason….just saying.

    1. I don’t get what you mean. I mean, “break free of the control” of what, exactly?

      If anything, all those incidents of meltdowns and being terrible parents help them build hype for their careers. There abilities to find work would have long diminished if they were just ordinary people with no claim to fame.

      I also can’t help feeling that all those two are planning these things out in the hopes mainstream will hopefully still pay attention to them. I even think some of the eccentrics MJ was exhibiting were purposely done by him in order for the mainstream media to still pay attention to him.

      For as much as they claim to loathe the paparazzi, it’s those paparazzi that allow these celebrities to maintain careers, wherever they like to admit it or not. At least, that’s how I see it.

      1. Yeah,your right,all that bad press really sorted there careers out…..not.As I said,IMO the ones who dance the best,to the fiddlers tune,get the best careers.When they start disOBEYing,the shit story’s start to fly.

        1. You’ve just given me a brilliant idea to boost my music career, I’m gonna tell the press that after I finished snorting coke from my baby’s heads,I juggle two of them with a chainsaw aswell, and I also like to rape little boys.I can just see that SELL OUT tour now.$$$$$$$$$$$$

  13. Little dude should, at least, get twenty lashes for robbing a bitch. By the way, how is Kim Kardashian doing? I bet her titties hurt like hell after an assault like that!

    Did she at least make a video of this? I’m tire of her last video. I’m tire of watching Kim suck off RJ. Need new gore from Kim.

    Why was she in Chile, anyway? And why am I still smoking this bong?

    Bong, bong, bong. The world would be a better place, if everybody had one! One big bong! That’s a Dr., Seuss song.

    I love Dr., Seuss. Specially after I’m done hitting this enormous bong!

      1. What is a “paxo”? Penispieeater.
        So many funny names for weed. Let’s see if you know any of these: Skywalker; sour diesel; purple Kush; trainwreck. So you mixed them all together in a bong and smoke it, then you’re ready to eat vulva while watching bestgore! Preferably, blonde vulva. If blonde vulva was weed, weed name would be “vulva gold”.

          1. Yes, by all means avoid the strong stuff, like “vulva gold”. That shit is for real men, not penispie eaters! Just picked up an OZ of ” vulva gold”. Getting bong ready.

  14. Sure enough nobody wants a rapper running oval office and it would be the biggest sore to see that woo woo acting “first lady ” . Oh Boy ! M McTreblar Did you imagine that woo woo or you peeped in to see when she was somewhere in the loo
    but hell the musings are screamingly loud and right in everyone’s face
    Will that campaign turn a reality? hey but do you know of the proverb that
    “A bad penny always turns up”.

    if the lead actor in 1954 classic Cattle Queen of Montana can go on to become commander-in-chief, and The Terminator can be elected to run the eighth largest economy in the world, is it really that hard to imagine successful producer, musician and entrepreneur Kanye West living it up in the Oval Office?
    The good news is there are plenty of reasons to get behind a West 2020 campaign.
    He understands what is wrong with contemporary America
    The system broken, the school?s closed, the prison?s open ? Power (2010)
    You know the kids gonna act a fool / when you stop the programs for after-school ? We Don?t Care (2004)

    He?s sick of gun violence
    I feel the pain in my city wherever I go / 314 soldiers died in Iraq, 509 died in Chicago ? Murder to Excellence (2011)
    It?s time for us to stop and redefine black power / 41 souls murdered in 50 hours ? Murder to Excellence (2011)

    He?s anti-war
    Been a don, praying for the families lost in the storm / Bring our troops back from Iraq, keep our troops out of Iran ? Power (Remix) (2010)

    He?s pro-drug law reform (probably)
    And if you?re losin? your high then smoke again ? Get ?Em High (2004)

    1. Rapper???? More like Crapper!!!! You let a maggot like him into any world issues and were truly fucked.He just looks up on Jew tube whatever the hot topics are them spouts them out.He gives less of a shit about me and you than Obama, and that’s saying something. He preaches about money,and people who waste it.He’s laughing his ass off at suckers who buy his filth…He is also gay….and a fish.

    2. @blucon

      The president is not free to determine all policy of the USA. He does have enormous influence, however, in what form policy takes by virtue of the fact he nominates the highest governmental and legal office bearers for the country. He also has veto powers which can only be overturned by unlikely congressional majorities and the ability to establish and dictate debate. If you think the president is a puppet, I won’t argue with you. He is to a large degree, but I also put to you he is far more powerful than the average citizen in that he can initiate and push debate in directions that influence policy.

      On paper he has executive authority of the military, we know in reality he is limited to what the joint chiefs will agree to.

      Matters of the economy are less straight forward. Markets don’t run unless there is confidence profits will be obtained and confidence in the executive in this regard is a very important factor.

      I put it to you that anyone with half a brain would not be happy with your boy Kanye running the Whitehouse. He is not going to instill business confidence. He is not going to be respected by the joint chiefs and his capacity to understand the constitution he stands to uphold is not going to support appointments to the judiciary or other important government functions.

      He would absolutely be a puppet beholden to the advice of a group of faceless and unelected brokers, more so than any other president before. Is that what you want?

      Not to mention he is a plain and simple narcissistic fucktard with an ego that ejaculates direct from his cock to his mouth. He is pathetic and unqualified in every sense and I encourage you to wake up to reality.

      Oh, and as for the vag. I don’t need to sneak glimpses or imagine anything up. The Kardashian whore posted her own pussy onto the Internet to garner fame. Again, the kind of people you want being your national spokesmen?

      1. Obama has no say whatsoever in anything more important than the colour of his socks.Same as Bush etc..Groups of people are brought up/tutored in presidential ways.The one who ‘fits’in at any given time will be ‘democratically elected’ in.They have Advisers for their Advisers,and in amoungst these people you are getting closer to the real power,council on foreign relations, tri lateral commission, etc…..

      2. McTreblar, I don’t why would you even mention this guy as a potential candidate, unless you really fear that is possible. In such absurd scenario if he would be elected then it’s the will of the people, every official is obliged to respect the office, not the person. Also you’re putting to much trust into intellectual qualities which POTUS, as a political figure, doesn’t need to possess, just think of Gerald Ford, Bush junior, hell even Kennedy…list goes on.

        I’m interested why did you mention joint chiefs? Since when did they and their respect matter? They don’t have any say in politics, their job is to advise managing military operations, and military acts according to strategic plans. Strategic plans and policy is planned by many officials, and regardless of POTUS influence in these matters I think the Secretary of state and esp. National Security advisors are more influential here.

        Just remember Kissinger, Brzezinski or Scowcroft. Do you seriously believe Nixon, Ford or Carter had much of a saying? Especially Carter, a peanut farmer, Brzezinski loaded so many of his people in the office it was called a Trilateral presidency by some. I don’t really see how POTUS can have “extreme influence”, their time schedule is so condensed they are just practically running errands. So if a rapper becomes a president, he will still have access to advisors in appointing practically the same officials.

        I’m afraid the current political system is an intricate web of business, academic and military elites and it’s so well connected that there is hardly any space for maneuver.

        1. Ford wasn’t elected President, or even vice for that matter, Bush Jnr didn’t win the 2000 popular vote, a war won it for him in 2004 and Kennedy wasn’t that much of a chump to make this list. there have been far dumber than him.

          I agree that even a dumbarse can be President, and with the help of advisors not fuck things up too badly. But the point is, wouldn’t it be better to elect someone decent in the first place? Seems the more prudent and logical approach.

          I’m also not suggesting it is likely that Kanye will be elected President in 2020, I’m saying that the possibility is frightening enough and he should be told as much before he gets too carried away.

          1. Kennedy was played by the CIA, especially it’s chief Dulles, read on it. It’s all public domain now, my advice is Tim Weiner “Legacy of Ashes”. Kennedy hardly understood even the basics of strategy US applied against the Soviet Union, or who his enemy really was.

            Whom Yanks will choose is not on us, I just look forward to that embarrassment, because if US could’ve picked Bush two times, it doesn’t deserve better, and I hope we’ve agreed that POTUS really isn’t in charge.

    1. Thats the fucking truth,but not just Europe,were all fucked.Its a joke that is literally killing millions of people all over the world,just so a few fat slobs can guzzle expensive champagne and fondle little kids,to their black hearts content.Fucking halarious. Hahahahhaaaaaa.

      1. Lol, you’re too much Penispie. I have nothing against Europe. The economy is already strained and they need to close the borders. Russia is talking about setting up camp in Syria. The Germans think they’ve got their hands full now, shit, they ain’t seen nothing yet.

        1. I wasn’t having a dig at you my friend. It really does make me laugh that millions are dying and your average person cares more about what kanye west says,wears or fucks.The entire world is collapsing around us just so a handful of people can become richer,and MSM keeps the sheeple busy with kardashians and real housewives. WTF???

  15. I know that I rant quite a bit on certain subjects (rightly or wrongly?),but certain posts seem to make me very opinionated and passionate, that’s because behind all the shit talking and piss taking I really do care about the horrific state that the world seems to be in,and the blatant corruption and satanic sickness of the ruling ‘elite’….

    1. Which is what brings most of us here. Debate and discussion brings out well formulated and considered ideas and opinions. That is where our power lies. We are pushed to the fringes because our views aren’t ‘mainstream’ and our opinions are supposed to die out. But sites like this let us share, affirm and articulate. Don’t stop sharing your opinions. It helps keep common sense and reality alive.

  16. Oh jesus @ McTreblar I just had pulled a fast one and I didn’t mean to take a dig at you. Pardon me sir if you felt bad about a little of that woo woo talk laced to my post . I quite appreciate in the way you come forth with an in depth knowledge of the topic at hand . Exhaustive and informative are the words.
    Well thanks once again!

  17. @ McTreblar, first off, welcome back sir! Great Post! ( no ass kissing ). This shit has got to end, and the good people of our Countries have got to wake-up before it,s too late. I try to explain this to my kids, and their friends, but in one ear, out the other! They are too busy texting, or watching movies on their fucking devices, to listen, instead of just hearing. It really sucks, because today,s youth are supposed to be our future leaders, and caretakers, so this worries me. The Cabal, and their Government fuck-puppets, make sure to keep our youth, and their little minds occupied on games, instead of seeing what is really going on around them! Christ, they have them so brainwashed, that they do not seem to care about important issues like the environment, and their future. They do not know how to carry on a normal conversation anymore, because their heads are all down looking at their stupid Apple Products, and saying, yep,,, yep,,, yet they do not have a clue what the hell you are talking about, and frankly, don,t give a shit!!! The government run School,s are also teaching them to think about Me,Me, and Me, and they are becoming selfish, rude little pricks, for the most part. Fucking Zionist Bastards are responsible, in my view for most, if not all of this worlds problems, and they continue to poison our kids minds with their nonsense, bullshit! Wake up World, or were all fucked. 🙁

  18. There’s only one reason I’d like to see him be president….that’s when the grandparents are introduced….Bruce Jenner how fucking more handicapped does a nigger have to be to be lugging baggage like that around….I think were in hell….

  19. Most people in the US and other countries don’t seem to understand that the US citizens aren’t the ones who vote for our president. The electoral college votes are all that count when it comes to who gets voted into our presidency. My state has 3 electors, with a winner take all stance. It’s beyond imagination that my state’s vote would go to Kanye West, thank god – but I could see it happening in a state where there’s a majority black population. I would love to see the president be elected by the country’s own citizens.

    1. That catchphrase is from Brewster’s Millions, the Richard Pryor and John Candy version from 1985. There have been many movies and plays made from the original novel by George Barr McCutcheon that is more than a century old. The 1902 story contains the amounts of $1M and $7M, with Brewster ultimately receiving the $7M.

      Arguably, the concept of Brewster’s Millions was taken from Mark Twain’s 1893 short story “The Million Pound Bank Note”.

  20. McTreblar, there are no viable political leaders in modern, first world countries, nor anywhere else for that matter. This is because in order to serve the public’s interests for the greater good, one must prioritize them above one’s own interests first. Today’s global citizenry is infinitely too selfish for that for a plethora of reasons. Enlightenment and genuine intellect today is castigated whereas gratification, possessions including power and appearances are the priority now. Until this changes, we will continue to get these terrible results.

  21. Well it wouldn’t be the first time. Reagan came straight from tinsel town after all.
    Granted, this would be an even more ridiculous, but, rather frighteningly, Kanye West becoming President would only reflect the current state of affairs over there.

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