Bag Snatcher Knocked Out by Glass Door in Perth, Australia

Bag Snatcher Knocked Out by Glass Door in Perth, Australia

A piece of shit lowlife bag snatcher stole a 50 year old woman’s purse, ran through a mall and was about to quickly exit with the heist but smashed through a glass door, knocking his dumb self out. It’s one of those awesome moments when I get to thank Ms. Instant Karma for watching over us and delivering where it’s due. Next time, make sure he also cuts his face off on broken glass so he never walks into a public place again.

Fucking thieving shit. Times are hard, people are struggling to make do with the little they have and this shit steals from them. Probably an immigrant.

Unfortunately, with help from an accomplice, the shits got away in a stolen car. Let’s hope this is not the last time Ms. Karma paid them a visit. The police are yet to make arrests. It happened in a mall in Perth, Australia.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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92 thoughts on “Bag Snatcher Knocked Out by Glass Door in Perth, Australia”

  1. Hello to all fellow fvs. Long time lurker, first comment. Hope you all are well.

    What a stupid ahole. That glass must have really been clean, these criminals seem to get more stupid
    every passing week.

    Ps great site. Good to see some people who actually have real topics to discuss.


          1. I too was lurker for quite some time, But only just made an account. There seems to be alot intelligent people on this site. Which is a nice change compared to the usual faggotry you normally see on the internet.

  2. This happened in a suburb near my work, the area is plagued with drug addicts, unemployed drug addicts and aboriginals who are thieving drug addict cunts who generally will beat on any white person they see. Given the area and its track record it would have been an aboriginal male under 25 years old, on the dole and on the juice. Apparently a large bloke tried to take the thieving cunt down with a coat hanger but he picked himself up and bolted into the stolen car to make his get away.

  3. perths a very clean city even the windows by the looks of it! but it has a big heroin problem so this guy was probley just another junkie thief preying on the weak and vunrable.laughed my ass off when he k.o’d himself though.

        1. I got a mate moving to some place about half an hour out of Perth in a few weeks actually, I have never been there and people who I know live there don’t say its too great. In my honest opinion from what i have seen and heard Adelaide seems to be the modern and clean city, and as far as I know it has a low crime rate too.

          1. I haven’t really been to much into Sydney other then when I was around 4, 15 years ago, but I have been to the Airport a bit and that’s not the modern and clean place you would expect it to be.

            But personally i haven’t been to Adelaide, i have just heard about it and seen pictures

      1. Its laminated glass of some sort 2 pieces of glass laminated together with plastic. When it breaks its all held together because of the plastic in between the 2 sheets of glass. Its no wonder he KO’d himself, you can hit that shit with a hammer and half the time you won’t break it little own make it fold over like that

  4. That’s too funny. Serves him right but I wish he’d have gotten more severely injured from going through that glass. I hate petty thieves and as such I love it when they get some instant karma. It’s too bad lady karma didn’t come down harder on him.

    1. @daja what a stupid fucking comment that is. My ancestors were the first settlers to Australia from Scotland over 200 years ago. How does that make me an immigrant? After more than 10 generations I think it is safe to say I am true blue Aussie.

  5. lol reminds me of high school football practice….coach always said WRAP UP then take em to the ground hard!…i just wish he would have been paralyzed or something or at least a sliver would slit his throat

  6. I guess niggers are fucking dumb on all corners of the globe..
    did he really not see that fucking plant sitting infront of the window he full forced face planted through?
    or did he think to himself “hmmm, why would anyone move office furniture infront of this exit”?

  7. Hasn’t everyone walked through a pane of glass at one point in their life? Lol or maybe its just me.

    .. I wish that there was no protective sheeting and the fucker slashed his face up.

    1. @gcs…I’ve walked full force into a sliding glass door more that once…After their freshly cleaned you cant see them at all..have to put a colorful sticker at eye level for a reminder.

  8. Thieves are oneof the lowest forms of life if only right after he ran through the glass it cut his balls off so he could not re populate. or at least end his own Shitty life maybe thin the heard out a bit there’s to many of these people in ny

  9. This was great. Im from Perth and no that wasnt an immigrant it was an Aboriginal, 99% of which are theiving, alcoholic, petrol sniffing, racist child molesters. any Americans giving Australians shit for taking their land is a hypocrite and hasnt met an Australian Aboriginal.

  10. My question is why did the lady who got her purse snatched watch as the guy got up and left. She is standing in between the automatic doors watching this guy. Did she at least grab her purse?

  11. Yeah well said tbonejones! I seen this on the local news here and new it would end up on bg, thieves should be tarred and feathered like in the old days, fucken scumbag. Here in newcastle (Australia) the crime rate is soaring, wont be too long till I find some good footage to post

  12. @hockscroach No offence but you must be living with your head up your arse, and can’t smell the shit stains around you. There are plenty of better places in Aus then perth. It’s not “Great”, Some of the lowest lifeforms in australia reside in that city. It’s only going downhill, and ain’t gonna change anytime soon.

  13. Perth is great if your fucking loaded and can afford a million dollar house in mosman park or cottesloe( yes peppermint grove salter point bla bla- rich upperclass suburbs. Otherwise enjoy living in the lovely outer suburbs with the immigrants and trash and get asked for a dollar or a smoke each time your out & because you refuse you get called a white cunt.. And the beaches are great if you can get to them sure, but thats really reserved for the people who can afford to live in the coastal suburbs. Takes me 40 minutes with no traffic from the east. Western australia is australias spine that provides 55cents from each dollar it makes to support other states and Perth i think is the worst place to be atm. Everyone from east is moving here and all the kiwis because of the mining boom( which will go bust) and its overpopulated with chronic housing shortage and skyrocketting water/gas/fuel/electricity/food and housing costs. Despite this they keep coming. We need to people cut immigrants off welfare because the world is laughing at us and abusing our generosity. This can be achieved but that would be racist. So until i get out of this shit hole city of greed ill put up with the reverse racism and politcal curruption filling my birthplace with immigrants. Spot the white guy is a game we play. 10 years back it was totally different i loved it and it makes me sad to see where its going. Rant over sorry heh heh

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