Best Gore Supports Brazilian Protesters

Best Gore Supports Brazilian Protesters

Best Gore has always been there for the downtrodden and right now our friends from Brazil, against all odds, are standing up to their government that rewards companies they have financial interests in with ridiculously lucrative, overpriced contracts in the name of the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games Brazil is set to host. Best Gore will not stand idly by when asked to support the movement of we the people against corrupt elite.

Take a minute to read through the message above to see what it is our Brazilian friends are fighting for in Sao Paulo and other cities. Today it is them who need us, tomorrow it could be us who will need them. Let’s be there for one another cause our politicians sure aren’t there for any of us.

Furthermore, I would like to share this touching video in which a policeman with a great degree of decency expresses his feelings in favor of the people, not the corruption. The video is in Brazilian Portuguese and I don’t have a version with subtitles, however _Nexumen has a girlfriend in Sao Paulo and she was kind enough to provide a translation. For the sake of authenticity, I’m publishing the translation as provided:

He’s a police man expressing how he enjoys being a police man, but only the serving of people, not the corrupt version (that we mostly see). There are upgrades going towards venues that give the government money (world cup), and not the health care or education. He feels he may get sick and chance his life because of how bad the health care is. He’s crying due to that he disagrees about what is going on, being on the side of the protesting, taking favor for the public. He then goes on about friends of his dying in hospitals because of the long wait of being at least looked at and taken care of by the hospitals.

He then goes on that he enjoys the sport, football, but he disagrees that the government only cares about the world cup. He knows why he serves as a police officer, but he disagrees that the government tells him, along with other police, to go out there, stop the protests, continue with the shooting and tear gas. The guy doesn’t want to and doesn’t like to because he wants to serve the people, not corruption.

He goes on about that all of what he is told to do, along with putting his life in danger against criminals, gets such a low salary, that he is reduced to rice and egg every day, tired of seeing his wife and son not getting any meat because of the low salary. And it isn’t just about the bus fares. Yes they increase, but it makes it harder with the cutting salaries and everything else increasing. The other police feel the same in the mind, even if they are there physically.

He then goes on (around 3:00 mark) that at one time as he was in front, that the people were trying to express their feelings, not violence and one couple came up to give him (specifically), some flowers as proof of peaceful protest, but he was ordered through his earpiece to start shooting them. Then there are the police who aren’t human because of the things they do to people, with what goes on inside the police hall, to go ahead and ask friends about those people. He states that there are those, like him, who receive orders not to put the criminals in jail, but the protesters instead, or face jail time, lose job as consequence. (Basically, let the murderers, thieves out doing whatever, but snatch the protesters.) Towards the end, he basically explains in short summary what he said.

Props to Best Gore member _Nexumen for the video, his girlfriend for translation and Best Gore member Yochan for the pic:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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123 thoughts on “Best Gore Supports Brazilian Protesters”

    1. With that kind of attitude it’s easy to see why we are fucked, are you actually going to Brazil to watch the football or just being antagonistic? I ask this because judging by your assumed name I take it you are from England, we all know how shit we’re going to do anyway so don’t bother going and save yourself some misery and cash and just watch it on the telly instead.

      1. You seem to be missing the point of being a football supporter. I know we will be shit, get knocked out in the group stages , be humiliated, but it’s not just about results. It’s about being part of a football family , whether it be Club football , or International , you go to support your team win, lose or draw.

          1. No Probs. I feel for you there my friend ! On a positive note , you have ‘die hard’ supporters at Molineux ! I should know ….. We got a bit of a pasting a few years back by your lot after the game!! Ha. Im a United fan btw . (I await the hate) Ha.

          2. HaHa!! No hate from me geez, I know it’s fashionable to hate but nobody can knock the success you’ve had, fair play I say.

    2. ridiculous, crying fagot in uniform.
      leftism that governs the country for decades wants to use the protest against the conditions they created to justify communist coup and wipe out the traces of the rule of law that we received from the first world, intending to use the demonstrations as a justification for a new constitution by the book of the Foro de Sao Paulo.
      sorry, guys, keep your support, we’re fucked as always.
      then, if the demonstration will not change anything for the worse is great.
      I do not speak English, so excuse the lack of fluency.

    1. No not me either @juicy, (fuck that). But, I do feel sorry for that masked police officer in despair. It is always hard to see a grown man, a good one at that, crying because he feels so helpless in his country. I hope he and his family will try to immigrate to Canada, and get out of that shithole. We could use good cops here.

    1. This is a bit off topic really but Brazil is the only South American country that is listed as getting the Xbox One on release along with 20 other heavily zionised countries. There’s talk of other countries not having the infrastucture to handle the system but I can’t get my head round that one and coupled with the information about their new kinect always needing to be on and being able to relay data back real time it just seems to intrusive. I don’t walk round wearing a tin foil hat but something about this seems very wrong to me.

  1. são um bando aborrecentes que querem aparecer na tv é dar uma de rebeldezinho sem causa.NADA,REALMENTE NADA mais do que isto

    a educação do brasil é ótima,o problema são os alunos que possuem a capacidade cognitiva muita baixa e se comportam como macacos destruindo tudo oque veem pela frente. e não há dinheiro que chegue para saúde para um povo que tanto se mata ,que se multiplica como bactéria e que não cuida da sua e muito menos da saúde de seus filhos.

    o futuro do brasil é catastrófico.a disgenia por aqui anda a passos largos . tendo a miscigenação como causa – a queda do QI médio da população somada ao aumento dos níveis de testosterona presentes na mesma vai fazer este pais cada vez mais violento ,pobre,corrupto e desfuncional. e isto não é uma opinião ,é um fato!

    irmãos brancos de todo o mundo ,não deixem suas nações terem o mesmo destino desta fossa chamada brasil. façam tudo que poderem para garantir a soberania racial de suas nações ,mandem os invasores não brancos de volta para o buraco de onde sairam -e faça que levem juntos os traidores raciais e suas crias . deem uma chance para os partidos nacionalistas pois eles são os únicos que podem proteger suas nações

    1. It’s pretty much over for us, Google. Like Empty Soul said – we are the sloths, and we’ll be eradicated because of how weak, passive we have become.

      Unlike the Sloths though, we won’t have a ‘tree-sloth’ reprieve from total annihilation. Our traitors/self-destroyers within our race and Countries will make sure the extinction of Whites, our land and Countries, Culture and people, is absolute.

      If there is to be a tree-sloth, though, it would probably be in the form of Eastern-Europeans (Russia, Belarus, etc.) but even then, I doubt it. Eventually the infection will spread into their populace, if it hasn’t already, and like their Western European counterparts, they too will find their lands, and Countries, culture and people under siege and attack.

      1. What is happening in Sao Paulo? Supposedly a spontaneous protest against a US$ 0.09 raise in bus fares (less than inflation) was fueled by young people in Facebook, generating riots in other cities in Brazil. The Brazilian “Arab Spring.” Five thousand “free thinkers” on the streets. The truth, however, is different.

        This is an artificial protest, organized by radical Marxists from several parties in Brazil, and supported by anarchists and punks. It is a demonstration of force by the Left, much like their invasions of farms in the country. They destroyed stores, set fires, threw Molotov cocktails at the police, almost lynched an officer and created havoc in the city for four days. The common folk, the workers, are all scared. The bus fare was only an excuse.

        In Brazil, the Left has an amazing ability (and funds) to put 500, 1000 militants anywhere in a matter of days, sometimes hours. This is how it works: the government funds the Communist students association (UNE) to the tune of US$ 25 MM in the last few years. They also passed laws that force every worker to be unionized and pay union fees, and prevent the unions from ever being audited. Basically, they paid for an army of faithful militants, students, union people and party members who are on hire 24/7.

        It is important to notice that most workers in Brazil have their bus fares paid by the employer, while students pay half fare. Much like Occupy Wall Street, most of the rioters were middle class. The whole “free ride movement” (they want all urban transportation to be free) has only forty members. One of them is a 19 year-old, fresh from a private high school where his dad used to pay a US$ 1000 monthly fee.

        In Brazil, there is a new protest every week. All get huge coverage from the press. Things like “Marijuana March”, “March of the Sluts”, “Femen” bare breasted women, protests for Indians, for bicycle riders, for gays, for abortion. 99% of people who work for a living and can’t claim any minority status feel that they have absolutely no voice. It doesn’t matter that almost all of these causes are contrary to the desire of the vast majority of citizens.

        1. So the Left runs Brazil too, huh?

          Same thing the world over it seems.

          I wonder if WW3 will be fought over this? Rather than Nation vs Nation, it’ll be civil wars within Nations of Leftist Vs Non-Leftist.

          1. Nah. They get VERY violent. Most of the mass shootings committed in the US have been done by them.

            For example, any Protest against Immigration into Europe from Islamic Countries, will be met be AntiFa (Basically, facist Leftist) and they’ll do anything they can to turn the place into a warzone. They’ll attack the elderly, throw bottles, hit with sticks/pipes, throw smoke grenades etc.

            They are sick brainwashed people.

  2. I understand that greed is the product of instinctual animalistic urges, but what I wonder is what pleasure do these greedy politicians and their cronies get from self enrichment through the monetary resources of the people, acquired through deceit and theft while leaving the people to suffer?

    I am starting to believe that governments are not sophisticated systems developed out of the high intellect of humans to serve the people, but rather as institutions that fortify one’s ability to gratify animalistic urges. You’d think that the intellect and reasoning abilities of the highly evolved beings known as humans would be enough to overcome urges such as greed…. I guess not.

      1. Ahh, Blacks are moving into Hockey now, also. Was only a matter of time given how many of them we allow into Canada, regardless of the impact they have on our Country in the way of increased violent crime. Shootings in Ottawa, Toronto. You see the guns the police have seized in Toronto while targeting a Black gang? Insane.

        Of course, everyone cries for ‘diversity’, yet no one wants to talk about the fact the NBA and NFL are like 90% African.

        Think about it, in the US if you’re White and want to play a sport on the national stage, what options do you really have? NHL and maybe MLB. That’s pretty much it.

        Just another thing taken from us.

          1. They had to change both games to suit Blacks, too, with new rule changes in both sports, to make it less cerebral. Which is not surprising. Lots of things get changed to fit Blacks or give them an advantage over others.

          2. lmao far from black im just not someone blinded by my own prejudice…..i agree that there are alot black criminals and so forth but i am a man that enjoys sports and blacks give me the most entertainment……just saying……and if you want a cerebral challenge i think you should go and play chess…..

    1. @Silenced 😮 how is brazil the same thing as the United States..? yeah there may be minorities filling up the ghettos and drug dealing but I really don’t see that much violence here well where I live to be honest i don’t see any corruption here either. the most one should be worried about here is if bums breaking into your car or home or try to rob you if you don’t give them change but then again it happens everywhere i usually carry a pocket knife with me at all times and if they don’t stop their bitching a little ass beating should teach them a lesson o.o I don’t live or have ever been to brazil but i have been to mexico,by the way people say it is and by the way It looks on the tv how fucked up it is Im sure as hell going to put brazil on my *places i should not visit * list -.- right next to Mexico the most violence here is maybe a gang drive-by shooting and 1 maybe 2 dumbshits being killed that’s pretty much it. if I wanted to go to brazil I could just go back down Mexico it’s technically the same thing *corruption,cheap hookers,robbery,drugs,violence and murder,kidnapping,extortion,and heavy cartel and gang affiliation, If one goes to brazil just to get wasted and bang Brazilian chicks good luck but don’t go crying home to your mom because you got robbed and have a good case of aids and herpes or because you ended up in a bath tub full of ice and your kidneys are missing -.- it’s brazil it’s very common for a foreigner especially a *white person*to get robbed at gunpoint don’t be a stupid ignorant twat and think that you aren’t going to get to robbed because it can happen. Sure the chicks there are hot but then again so is aids and other sexually transmitted diseases.. yeah soccer I’m not a big fan either I could care less whoever wins or loses. /:

      1. Well, Brazil is only about 45% White, and in the US they are currently around 66%. The Blacks in the US make up around 14%, in Brazil they make up around 43%.

        In the near future, when the White demographic in the US falls below 50%, it will be a Country much like Brazil, which is why I say Brazil is the road the US is currently on, and South Africa/Mexico is the road they will arrive at in the end.

        Considering the Liberal Leftist of the US wish to make Immigrating into the US easier, and are currently about to introduce a bill that makes something like 10 million illegals legal, that’s 10 million more votes for Democrats/Liberal Leftist, which pushes the US further toward a one party Government.

        In the end, the result will be the same as Brazil – very few spots that could be considered ‘safe’.

        1. We already see this in certain cities. Decaying infrastructure, low-standard of living, rampant crime, little security.

          It’s already a Nation bereft of family values, morals, respect etc. which is why they have such a high percentage of women who are, for a lack of a better term, whores. Raising a family in the US has to be hard on any man, especially if you are married to a White woman and have a Daughter.

          Basically, growing up with role models like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga etc.. Well. Not much hope.

  3. no one holds my hand through life. i certainly don’t go online and cry about it. if the zionists told me i had to fight in one of their wars for profit, i would wait until they gave me a gun and then turn it on them. the cop in the video could do the same. but he chooses to cry instead. well done.

    the last time i checked, america was full of aboriginals before the whites invaded. when it returns to 100% black, balance has been restored. deal with it.

      1. you cry like a girl. the stats you provide are as bogus as your claims that you are white. you are clearly a jewish hasbarat pretending to be a white man. you stir up hate against all of those who are victims of zionism.

        good work, pip squeak. israel is proud of you.

        1. Ahh, I see. They paint you (A Black Muslim sucking the life out of Australians) in a bad light, so they are bogus? Laughable.

          I’m irreligious, born in Canada to parents of Scandinavian and Irish descent, you can’t get much Whiter than me.

          Which is where my focus is – On my people, who if you didn’t notice, are having everything taken from us. Our identities, cultures, Countries.. our very futures

          Should I ever have to use a Religion as a crutch, it would be one of a more Asian variety – Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism. You want to know why? Their Temples look badass – that’s it.

          Now – go pray to Allah again, stuff your mouth full of fluoride, and keep being a puppet of the Zionists you accuse everyone and their mothers of being.

          ‘Pip Squeak’.

          1. i am not australian. i am a white man born and raised in solna sweden. my parents were both born in sweden. my grand fathers both fought against the bolsheviks in ww2. my avatar is my football team, aik stockholm.

            by your rules i think i just got whiter than you.

            do you support russia, iran and syria?

            you said, “Which is where my focus is – On my people, who if you didn’t notice, are having everything taken from us. Our identities, cultures, Countries.. our very futures”

            they are fighting zionism. they are not crying about it, like this douche bag cop. they are fighting for everything you are. why do you hate them?

            i hate people because no one reads what i read. so i have nothing in common with anyone. people are douche bags. your culture is jewish culture. so is america, australia, england and france. it’s just filth and is nothing to fight for. we must unite and destroy zionism and only then will people return to their countries of birth. you divide and the zionists conquer. your hate does nothing for us and everything for them.


          2. Then how can you ignore the trouble African and Muslim immigration brings, if you are Swede? How can you ignore the riots in Sweden? The rapes or Swedish women by Muslim and African immigrants? How can you support such things? That reeks of self-hate, Svarg. That’s a direct attack on our people and our Countries.

            And no. My genes carry the ultimate White identifier – Red-hair, Blonde-Hair, Blue-Eyes. I ended up with Blonde-hair and sky-blue eyes (Though a Cousin got red-hair and freckles).

            Regardless, there is no separation of ‘White’ unless we go further down South into Southern Europe into Spain, Portugal etc. due to the invasion of the Berbers/Arabs of North Africa, or over into Brazil due to admixture with Africans/Natives and so on.

            Yes, I support the Russian Government and am a big fan of Vladimir Putin. If the West had leaders like him, we’d be stronger, more united and not in such massive decay as we are. I also support the Syrian and Iranian Governments, yes. I have no doubt Assad has probably taken a heavy hand to some of his ‘opposition’, and I have no doubt real Syrians may even have protested against his Government, but I’m not so naive to believe that forces outside Syria, or Islam, didn’t stir the hornets nests, as it is.

            The problems in Syria are problems by design, and part of a larger plan, which includes the toppling of Governments in the Middle-East with harsh views of Israel, and mainly who are ruled by non-Sunni Islamists or secular Governments. Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon (Largely failed), now it’s Syria’s turn and after her it’ll be another round for Lebanon or an opening round against Iran. I believe this plan is being done with the full support of Sunni-Governments in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey, but I believe the idea came from Israel and her puppets.

            I have little doubt greedy Western corporations with no doubt Jewish CEO’s or important figures are rubbing their hands together with glee looking at the potential wealth to be gained from such a thing.

            So yes, I support the Syrian and Iranian Governments.

            And I don’t hate Muslims – I hate Islam, this is true. I view it as a cult that robs it’s followers of free-will, free-thinking, intelligence and thrusts them into a hive like minded animal. The Middle-East could be a beautiful, prospering place, like it once was, without Islam. Regardless, I do not support the murdering of Arabs in their homelands, I do not support the taking of land away from Arabs in their homeland.

            But I am against, and very fervently so, massive immigration of Muslims into Europe, because of the above statement on Islam – It is incompatible with Europeans, or anyone of a Religion different to that of Islam. We see this play out time and time again in various regions of the globe populated with various Religions – Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism for starters, but also Atheism in parts, as well.

            What you see in Europe with the massive Immigration of incompatibles (Muslims, Africans mainly) is simply a plan to eradicate and weaken Whites. These are not ‘people fighting against Zionism’, they are puppets and tools of Zionism with one purpose – Weaken Whites. Being against massive immigration of such people(s) is being against a very important plan of Zionism, which again, is the decimation and eradication of Whites and our identities. From our identities and land, to our culture (achieved), to the eventual eradication of our blood-lines.

            Why do you think they promote Interracial-Mixing between African Males and White females so strenuously, to the point it’s all over popular media in the form of Television, Movies, Music, and so on?

            There is nothing further from the White blood-line than African. A White mixing with an Arab is sub-racial admixing of Caucasian and Caucasian. There is nothing that would pervert the blood-line and ethnic makeup worse than admixture with Africans/Blacks.

            Not even mixing with Asians will occur the same result – the resultant child will be decidedly not White, yes, but it would still be closer than Black/White admixture, not to mention Whites and Asians are more compatible peoples, but I still do not support race-mixing of any kind (This makes me a hypocrite, as I am in a relationship with a Female of Chinese descent – Topic for a different day)

            What I do is (hopefully) raise awareness. Paint the picture, and allow others to see how dangerous such Zionist policies are, to gain further support against the Zionist enforced raping and plundering of Europe and her peoples. My people.

          3. i carry my identity and culture with me where ever i go. it can’t be taken from me. a country is just a piece of dirt that you happened to be born on. when i travel i think about home, but almost every place on the planet is a cement waste land now, so who cares. it is not important. there are bigger issues than one that is already over with. cherish your memories and move on.

            swedish culture is long gone. the fights are more football related than anything else. AIK firman boys are white, whereas hammarby bajen skumfucks are muslim. we riot for any reason, every week. read Aftonbladet online during football season and ice hockey season and you will see the front cover burning on most weekends.

            white men and jews are culprits in a lot of crimes related to women. it doesn’t get reported by the media in the same way as black and muslim crime. that’s the truth. a raise in population of any race, would make me assume that the crime rate would also rise. some faster than others, but other factors must be considered before making illogical accusations. i like to confront but i also like to reason. i give everyone the benefit of the doubt. looking for the root of the cause always leads to zionism.

            the zionist media has made you believe that you are losing your culture and that you must fight the enemy next door.

            i close my door and i am free. marry within your race and your duty as a white man is done.

            i agree with you on everything else and found it a great read.

            cheers, dude.

      1. @ midget special…….lmao x infinite……. yea that is insulting man…..thats like calling some hispanics white (they take that shit personal believe me, im one) .but blacks, are cool i got a black sidekick he adds emphasize/swagger to everything i say.

          1. @Silenced,

            you cried about blacks taking over and i posted, “the last time i checked, america was full of aboriginals before the whites invaded. when it returns to 100% black, balance has been restored. deal with it.”

            indigenous people all over the world are called aboriginals. the zionists exterminated the aboriginals all over the americas. then they imported slaves from africa.

            you said, “Native Americans are not Black, nor White. If they had to be classified as belonging to any racial group, it would be Mongoloid (Asian).”

            indigenous people are not white. “According to DNA evidence, the people we would come to call the Aborigines walked out of Africa to Eurasia” –

            i am glad we all agree.

          2. @svarg, I’m glad you agree with yourself. My point stands, and I do believe Silenced, the racist you claim him to be, has handed you your head on a stick. Keep ignoring me, cause I am here and I ain’t gonna be what you want for the sake of your ignorance…fucking typical, lead a bitch to water and its so petty and arrogant it would rather die of dehydration than admit its wrong.

          3. @midnight special

            i believe i gave you both a lesson in who has a little “black” in their DNA and didn’t even know it. choose to deny it all you like, it makes no difference to me. apology accepted nonetheless.

          4. No one said they were White, Svarg. You said they were Black, which is decidedly false, and in the case of midnight, apparently quite offensive.

            I do not belive that homospaieans all began from Africa, but let’s take this idea to the logical conclusion:

            If this is so, and all homosapiens originally came from Africa and were Black, does this not mean we (Whites, Asians etc.) evolved and they did not?

            They remained the same – while we evolved. Is this the reason we are more intelligent, while they are more aggressive? Are they then more like our primate cousins, while we are not?

            Did the ‘Black’ peoples who migrated outside Africa have to develop more intellect in order to survive in differing lands, due to weather, animals and so on?

            This line of thinking basically calls Africans ‘less than’.


            But I don’t believe that, anyway.

            Anywho – on Native Americans, if I recall correctly, they came from what is now modern day Russia, in Siberia. They crossed a bridge into Alaska, and then over time populated the American continent.

            At least, that’s what I think the theorem is.

            Compare Siberians to Inuit in Canada, almost a dead match.

        1. @svarg, you gave no such lesson, as the facts you cite come from the a world view that espouses that “the origins of man” began in Africa, like silenced says. This is junior high school stuff. Are you then willing to concede you are black, since supposedly somewhere down the line we all migrated from Africa? svarg, I strongly suspect you are aware you are wrong but, for whatever reason, have decided to hold onto an indefensible position and I see no reason to argue for the sake of agruing.

          1. @ Silenced and midnight special

            i’ll spell it out for you, so you don’t confuse yourselves again.

            “indigenous people are not white. “According to DNA evidence, the people we would come to call the Aborigines walked out of Africa to Eurasia”

            indigenous people are NOT white.


            aboriginal DNA comes from eurasia and it got there from africa.

            ALL indigenous people have DNA from africans.


            white people do NOT share the same DNA with any aboriginal from anywhere in the world.


            i don’t have african DNA because i am white.

            please buy a map and look where russia is. if it has picked itself up and moved from eurasia then i sincerely apologize.

            if you can refute DNA evidence then please post it.

            ALL aboriginals are part black. midnight special should embrace this revelation.

            i hope that cleared things up. cheers.

          2. No, again you are wrong, or rather, misunderstanding.

            The idea of Native Americans coming from America via Siberia via Africa is part of the larger theorem which is that all Humans (homospaiens) began in Africa, and migrated out from there.

            If you believe in this theory, which you seem to, and believe Native Americans are ‘part Black’ then you also believe Whites are, Asians are and so on.

            That’s what the theory is. Humanity began in Africa, and then migrated outwards, populating the world and evolving into different races/ethnic groups.

            It’s not a theory I prescribe to at all.

            Native Americans most likely originate from the Mongolia/China/etc. area and migrated into Siberia, and then over the land bridge into Alaska before spreading out onto the entire American continent and developing different cultures/civilization/tribes as per their locale.

            Regarding your aboriginal comment – every race and ethnic is aboriginal in their homelands. Europeans are aboriginal in Europe, Arabs in the Middle-East, Asians in Asia and so on.

            Native Americans are aboriginal because they were, in theory, the first humans to populate the American continent.

          1. i clearly have won the argument as Silenced has just entered the realm of insanity. he posts no proof and now says everyone is aboriginal.

            if he can refute DNA evidence then i would like to see it. up to this point he has failed to do so. surprise, surprise.

            silenced should stop pretending to know what i mean and actually read my words.

            i do not share your aboriginal DNA. that is a fact, pip squeak.

            i am white.

            sorry if your being black offends you, chief. it’s not my problem.

          1. In America we are not what you Australians call “aboriginal”, no disrespect to them…but obviously you think I am something that I am not and your ignorance is an insult! Would you like it if I insisted you were something you are not?

          2. Are you a moron? Native Americans aren’t Black. I’m not shocked you display such an appalling degree of ignorance, I expect it.

            And, in typical fashion, you see racism where there isn’t any.

            The guy was (correctly, I might add) informing you that Native Americans are not Black, nor White. If they had to be classified as belonging to any racial group, it would be Mongoloid (Asian).

      1. Yeah, its a good idea to alienate everyone, particularly since your star is ascendant, right? Better to emphasize race over potential allies with similiar philosophical beliefs and political outlooks. Yeah…you can afford to do that right now.

          1. He wasn’t talking to you midnight special.
            He was talking to google ignorant ass.
            America was great economically and in ingenuity, but the country was always piss poor morally, they always worshipped the almighty dollar.

  4. it’s all part of the process of the further elimination of the middle class. just like what’s happening in america. they don’t want a middle class, they want the super rich (super few), and the those that don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of (the rest of us). the shit’s gonna hot the fan pretty soon. the collapse of the economy, civilization, etc. it’s going to be a kingdom if niggerdom. at least i’ll get to kill a few of those swine when the time comes.

  5. It’s sickening that a country, even as broken as Brazil, would prioritize a sport tournament over the well being of its citizens. Certainly there is some political corruption to blame, but its not entirely Brazil’s fault. Around the world, we put large emphasis on these international sports events, and perhaps the pressure to deliver is to great to ignore. If anyone of you plan on going REGARDLESS of the present facts, be careful. Ive heard plenty of horror stories regarding xenophobics in Brazil.

  6. How about to go down there though, but in the spare time support the locals in anyway. I know, I know, too dangerous. But at least you could die for a good cause, like spending money on the local hookers, dealers, vendors or just end up supplying BG, lol.

  7. I’m thinking we should start an internet revolution, People of the world unite! WE own this shit and should be in charge. We pay for everything and yet get charged for everything. The people of the world are in the majority, yet we live in the minority paying the most to support the high living politicians. Aren’t most hackers low income people? How have WE not taken over the world yet??? I find every movie out today without stepping foot out of my house and I get it for free on the internet. We can and will overcome the establishment and found a new way of life that assures us of safety and freedom, because we protect what we hold dear, and that is the freedom to be. If I want to believe what I believe, I will be sure to believe it without fear I will be beheaded by extremists. To live in the middle east must suck complete ass, you never no when it’s coming. Hanging clothes, walking down the road….kidnapped and it’s over.
    Living in the U.S. seems bad until I see these things on Bestgore……..Syria, uh fuck that

        1. Just google it.

          Dearborn, Michigan (Yes, in the United States) is predominantly Arabic Muslim. They behave like you’d expect them to, attacking non-Muslims for example.

          There are videos of the place on JewTube.

  8. Will consider now , I have had a savings account specifically for this travel and to experience my first world cup but now after this post Im in the fence about it, 4 years of long wait and I am stuck now but thanks bg for the heads up and for the support of these people and their movement.

  9. There will be very few problems for tourists at the World Cup, as the authorities will crack down on any trouble near fan zones in order to make it successful. After the WC has gone, it will all go back to normal.

    1. Hey @XVIII . Im planning the trip and been told that the main problems are going to be travel to, and from the stadiums ! The roads are supposed to be terrible . The Confederations Cup is taking place there at the moment with only 8 teams , and there has been chaos travelling! Oh well…….. At least it should be a giggle .

      1. Just think of it like being stuck on the M6 mate, not such a giggle after all!
        OR, get yourself and a mate some flip flops, twos up on a shitty little chicken chaser bike, with no helmets, of course, and there you go, no traffic problems for you! Oh wait…..

      2. Hey..

        I think they’ll probably make sure all the problems they’re having now are sorted by then. It would be a huge embarrassment that the entire world see’s if they can’t even get fans to the stadiums in time. I’m sure you will have a blast.

        Having been to a WC myself, I have to say it’s amazing just to be amongst other fans and in bars. I never had match tickets for any games.

        Also, maybe you could get some first hand gore and post them for us here (of dead Brazilians of course and not yourself) ?? 🙂

          1. Haha. We’ve still got to qualify yet !! I’ll try to capture gore , without being on the receiving end . Trouble is , i can imagine getting my phone out to take a snap, and have it snatched by a Da Silva , or drive-by snatched!! Then i wouldn’t be able to film the lynching when i catch the fucker!

  10. It’s the world cup…nothing will stop them from coming, not even the threat of a fucking terrorist attack will keep the fanatic football tourist away. It seems pretty stupid to tell the world cup tourists who will be injecting millions of dollars into Brazils economy to stay home. Remember these millions of dollars will be mainlined right thru Brazils tourist trade which in turn is runned by Brazils working class not big corporations. Ofcourse the big corporations which work hand in hand with the government will profit…no scratch that, have already profited from the planning of the world cup but their profits have already been made before the tourist even show up, anything they make during and after the world cup is chump change compared to what they make before the world cup even takes place. So what good will it do telling tourist to stay home? Tourist staying home with their spending money will only hurt the working class people of Brazil who are depending on the world cup for that extra income they so desperatly need. Street vendors, the mom and pop shops, restaurants, employees of hotels etc etc, these people and many more like them are depending on the world cup tourists for some good solid extra income. Telling tourist not to come to Brazil for the world cup is obviously only going to hurt the tourist trade not the big corporations which are lining the pockets of government officials. The majority of the Brazilian tourist trade and every other countrys tourist trade for that matter is run by the countrys low income working class which we all know is just a fancy word for “poor people just trying to get by”. The funny thing is some asshole upperclass kid who thinks he knows it all is most likely responsible for writing this retartedness…asking world cup tourist to stay home because he has a beef with the government and the big corporations that eventually he’s probably going to end up working for one day after he finishes college and gets over his “fuck big money phase” lol. His heart may be in the right place but essentially the very people he’s trying to help he’s hurting by asking money spending tourist to stay home. So in the end who will hurt more if tourist decide not to show up for the world cup, the big corporations who have already profited? or the the working class people who depend on tourist for income?
    One thing Is for sure and that is that governments can always be found somewhere in the middle right between the big corporations that back them with money so they can be put in power and the working class people who back them with votes and put them in power. The problem is both sides want very different things that always conflict with each others intrest. Personally I think politicians like being in the middle that way they can go to which ever side wins in the end and still come out on top.

  11. Awesome BG!! After everything I have seen here and in other documentaries I would not go to Brazil if you paid me. Aside from the drug gangs, kidnappings, AIDS in the air, fuck all that. Fuck the Brazilian government, and ACAB!! I would travel to the UK or most other European countries for a good game of football, or to witness a good brawl between fans. But no way in hell you will ever see me south of Texas. Wish I could have gone to a Millwall match back in the day.

  12. I couldn’t care less about sports. The outcome matters to no one other than the jocks and corporations who rake in millions from submissive males who dress like ninnies and pay to cheer while the alphas assert their dominance.

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