Goes International + BG Boobies of the Day Pic

Boobies of the Day Pic by Best Gore Member gerlfrend28

I’m happy to announce that now offers worldwide shipping. We’ve worked hard to enable shipping to all countries and allow for buyers to choose from many shipping options and believe we have it all down. Bodevil has also been linked with the website to allow for calculation of shipping costs based on location.

As before, we’re hoping to get feedback from you to pick out the glitches should you encounter any. It’s been a lot of work to get the international calculators properly in place but now that they’re there, we’re gonna focus on adding new designs – of which there will be plenty. We’re hoping to have them added soon.

I’d also take this opportunity to share a Best Gore Boobies of the Day picture with you. The 38DD boobies above belong to the Swedish/Canadian Best Gore member gerlfrend28 from Ottawa. Woohoo for the boobs 🙂


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

346 thoughts on “ Goes International + BG Boobies of the Day Pic”

  1. sorry, if i post twice.
    I think boobies off the day is a great idea, but can we please just have the occasional ‘one for the laydeez’? Some of you guys must have some sexy body part for us, we’ll show you ours if you show us yours.

          1. @mouse,
            their are a lot of women on this site, we’re not asking for it to be filled with pics of naked men, the occasional pic, even if it’s just so we get the chance to make some jokes about it isn’t going to turn all the dudes on this site into screaming queens. We’re really not asking for much , just the occasional pic of some strong manly arms would make a change,, something for us would be nice.

          2. For the purposes of clarity…

            My belief is the Article which Mark posts is the Gore segment of the site (unless he posts a ‘misc’ article like this (rare)).

            The comments section is more of a social network… Only better than any other.

            Feel free to disagree with me. My view on things…

          3. @Mouse, why are you saying no to the women about dicks here, when you yourself just had your mouse generator on your avatar?

            Hey Super Tom, remember that guy who had his balls for his avi, you said that you had no problem with them, you just didn’t like the T-bag joke.

            My feminist view is, why not, there are just as many women posting as there are men, that also means the women support half this site, and now that there’s clothes, guess what, there’s mens and womens clothes. Plus I think it’s hypocritical that you don’t want to see someone’s dangglers, cause WE ALL watch porn, and what do you know, there’s cocks in porn.

            I do not think the women are asking for a lot, if mark made a post just for the women once in awhile , should be fine, I’d bet you guys would click and read the post anyway.

            So for you homophobic insecure men out there, continue to say no and beat your lady back into the kitchen.

          4. Tis a good point Glenn.

            I shall concede to your argument. I don’t feel any strong emotions on this.

            I guess I was being a reactionary to the reactionarist feminists!


          5. People, Don’t get carried away by this male/female nudity thing.
            I mean, It’s up to mark since he’s the fuhrer, But I don’t think adding dude pics would be wise.

            let me break it down,
            Nude pic of day: An ad that keeps the site alive asides from donations/merch/marks own money etc,
            Nude avatars: Rarely any, But the coven league is on their toes to hunt down any “frisky” members.
            Other than that I don’t see that many nude women on here, infact I’ve seen more guys mutilating their cocks than women flashing their tits/vag here.
            so enjoy what you have: The gore.

          6. I wasn’t thinking of a nude pic of the day, maybe a post once in a while designed for women, I’m just one of nice guys that thinks about his ladies.

          7. oh for the love of pete what is the big deal?? do you think if you see a cock you will become gay? are you that insecure? let us at least have a wee bit of fun…you may not want to look at them but what makes you think i want to look at some skanky snatch all the time?? This is so goofy…i say let us women at least have fun once in a while…i promise you wont all go gay! sheesh!

    1. Wicked mama I don’t care for the “porn” on here but it be nice if right when you enter you have a choice of going to bg as it is now (for men) or one exactly the same but with naked men for the women lol

    2. I have to say I’m happy with the naked chicks. I really don’t want to see any of the sickly, anorexic boys that pass as “hot guys” these days. What ever happened to liking real men that actually have some meat to them? And know how to do this thing called ‘eating’?

      1. As much as I love the cock..wouldn’t want that to interfere with my gore fix. ha. All the naked sluts on the site get me distracted as it is, damnit! Is there ever going to be ‘ass of the day’ cause I prefer looking at asses for some reason? But they have to be big and female asses, not men! haha 🙂

        1. @Txx- “naked sluts on the site” What exactly makes a naked chick slutty? I think you just pulled some ignorant society shit straight out of your shit filled anus.

          At some point people will have to accept the fact that women and men both have different views regarding anything.

          If you do not like to look at naked chicks, that would have been understandable. Unfortunately, this is Mark’s site and he loves naked women. 😀

          “slutty” is a judgmental term thrown at women everyday and for no reason most of the time.

          Seriously, look at your avatar, looks pretty suggestive. What exactly is the difference between a nipple and a mega load of cleavage? Not knockin your avatar, I think its a beautiful picture.

          I think nudity is lovely and artistic but it is given a negative image.

          Nudity is something natural.

          I am not saying go everywhere naked, I am just saying its nice to be able to express it in certain places.


          1. Whoa, whoa, whoa now! I said that jokingly. No need to feed me an essay. Shit! But if we want to ask the question, to me a slut is a whore is a prostitute is a porn star. So so-rry if I offended anyone. Didn’t even think that would be possible after all the comments I’ve read during the last several months! And as far as, “At some point people will have to accept the fact that women and men both have different views regarding anything.”… well, if you really believed that then you wouldn’t feel the need to post. I’d be able to say whatever I wanted? Anyhow, I have no problem with women showing their bodies because I for one love to show my body. That doesn’t mean I go around posting naked photos of myself. A naked photo is one thing, cleavage and bathing suits/undies is something else. I’m far from a skinny chick and I just hate “big girls” who go around feeling sorry for themselves instead of either changing themselves or simply embracing their beauty. Now, I have DD breasts and a huge ass so there’s no hiding my body whether I wanted to or not. In saying that, doesn’t mean I go around dressed up like I have no sense. I’m a pretty normal, boring gal…who just happens to have curves and loves them! So no need to make me a bad guy.

          2. Also, I wasn’t bashing the porn. I honestly don’t even pay attention to it. I mostly check the site thru my cell so I just see the main posts. And I have nothing against porn. Like I said, it was supposed to be a joke.

          3. @Txx- Didn’t say anything about your body type, don’t care either.

            Like I said, the term ‘slut’ is a judgmental term. I don’t consider a naked chick a slut.

            If you were joking, it was poorly written.

          4. Well I believe there’s a huge difference between the porn banners on this site compared to, as you’re saying, something artistic. But, I guess that’s just me.

          5. @Txx- The naked pic of the day, some avatars, and the boobs on this post above are artistic to me. There use to be a banner at the bottom, I don’t know if it is my computer, but it doesn’t show up on my screen anymore.

            @Spank- Sorry dude, no cat fight.

          6. I agree Nicole, men are more visual then women and women look far better naked then men. Im not bothered about seeing a sweaty rancid cock to make the world equal who cares x 🙂

          7. Someone please give me a heads up… If this is how the women on this site are, I’m so outta here! I don’t need anyone judging me telling me not to judge. I figured this was the last place I’d have to worry about that type of crap. Bah. I might just save myself the trouble and go back to NOT posting. Never fails. Yall have fun. 🙂

          8. @Nicole Personally I don’t find ‘slut’ to be a judgmental term. Yea some people try to use it to hurt women, but it only has the power you give it. Who care if someone, especially someone on the internet, calls a woman a slut? What someone calls you doesn’t change a thing about you or who you are, unless you let it.

            Not only that, but as someone who’s into BDSM and things like that, “slut” can be a very endearing term.

          9. @Txx- Well that is where you are wrong, I merely responded to your judgmental term you threw out there.

            I never judged you. I don’t know you to judge you.

          10. @BlindMag- I can understand the BDSM portrayals of the word ‘slut’ My argument does not regard BDSM though.

            I only responded to the nature of the way she threw the word ‘slut’ that is all.

          11. Hey Txxx, chillout and relax, at BG you can speak your mind, so say whatever, And don’t worry about nicole, she’s haven a hard time and we love her, you unintentually hit a nerve,

            Ok, Sluts are good whores are bad, whores take anything of value from men, sluts don’t, It’s funny how women hate them, But its the whores that give women a bad rap, I love sluts, if a woman is dating (playing the field) is no different, only women hate other sluts, Cause I will not waste my time with a woman that you have kater to, I am a slut and damn proud of it cause i’m not out whoring. 😉

          12. @Txx and BlindMag- I have been awake, minus an hour or two, for four days now. My sleep problems are getting worse, that being said, if I am reading something incoherently, then by all means I apologize for ranting on and on.

            I am just saying, even if she had not have commented or said that, most of the time the term ‘slut’ is a judgmental term. In my opinion, anyways. I know I have had it thrown at me a lot because I am into nude modeling.

            Now @Txx don’t stop commenting.

          13. @Nicole No worries, the mind is a funny thing without sleep. And I know what you mean. I’ve done more than a few porns and nude modeling, I’m very comfortable with my body and sexuality, and I’ve had more than a few people, some of them family, try to call me names to hurt me. So I can understand where you’re coming from, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t change a single thing. You’re obviously still a very confident woman regardless of that. I know people aren’t going to stop calling names any time soon, so I just wanted to throw in my two cents and say, and mean, that no matter what anyone calls you it doesn’t mean anything or change anything about you. I know sometimes a name really sticks because of the person who said it, have no idea if there are any you can still remember clear as day, but I figured there’s a good chance, and sometimes it takes a stranger to say that whatever they said they were wrong.

            I’m kind of rambling so hopefully my point got across somewhere in here.

          14. @BlindMag- It did. No worries at all. Oh and I cannot for the life of me if I have said this to you already, but your pictures on the bodevil site are badass! Loved them!

          15. And since the topic of BDSM came about, I just want to add one last thing. I think being called these names in bed is hot! I don’t know why but I just do. I don’t like when people take things like this to heart. I guess growing up with 5 brothers I became desensitized? Kids/people killing themselves everyday over bullies calling them names…to me it’s unthinkable and a shame. I’ll never understand it. I’m just glad I don’t let it bother me. I’d be a mess if I did. It’s tough being a small, Mexican chick surrounded by nothing but macho, Mexican men. Gotta learn to man-up living around these animals. ha

    1. i know……wonder how much the delivery costs to ireland is haha…i remember ordering online before and the cost of my order was 60 euro and the delivery costs were 75 euro…..bollox if i was paying more for delivery than the order cost

          1. Goodness – how many from Ireland on here?

            Co. Roscommon here.. what about you guys?

            ps; was gonna post a pic of my cock until I read mouse’s and Tom’s anti-cock parade.. guess I won’t…

            Oh: My birthday Tomorrow (25) – Let’s hope for some special Gore 🙂


          2. Post ya cock if you want Ken…

            Althoughg I doubt you could fit all of it in a lens… It is common knowledge you are ‘Hung like a Horse’.

          3. Fucking Americans take this ‘Plastic Paddyism’ way to seriously…

            Just because their Great, great, great fucking grandfather’s brother’s Irish setter dog came from the Emerald Isle DOESN’T qualify them to don fucking Green hate and prance like great fookin tits on St. Patrick’s day.

            Yes. Be proud of your heritage… Just (Most) yanks take it way to seriously.

            Including that CUNT Barack Obama.

            Who coincidentally. Happens to have more English Blood in him then Irish.

            He looks like a stereotypical Paddy as well… Doesn’t he?

          1. @bush

            Now this is the story all about how
            My life got flipped, turned upside down
            And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there
            I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called County donegal born and raised
            On the playground where I spent most of my days
            Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
            And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school
            When a couple of guys, they were up to no good
            Started making trouble in my neighbourhood
            I got in one little fight and my mom got scared
            And said “You’re moving with your friend and strangers in Broward county”

            I whistled for a plane and when it came near the
            License plate said “fresh” and had a dice in the mirror
            If anything I could say that this cab was rare
            But I thought nah, forget it, yo homes to Broward!

            I pulled up to a house about seven or eight
            And I yelled to the pilot “Yo, homes smell you later!”
            Looked at my kingdom I was finally there
            To sit on my throne as the prince of South Florida.

          2. O Land of Our Birth

            O Gem of God’s Earth

            O Island so Strong and so Fair

            Pam. I never said fuck the Irish… I just hate it when Yanks take their ‘Irishness’ to extreme levels.

            Why do they need to learn the language? It isn’t their’s to learn… And has no practical economic applications.

            I was being facetious with my Manx jibe…

    1. @Mouse- and I wonder if you can hear my aggravated snapple syndrome. Very rare condition! It happens to women whom are sex deprived. If anything gets near a pussy with A.S.S. it will be sucked into another dimension.

    2. @ mouse,

      I think you might have misuderstood, it’s about some of the guys on the site just posting something, a nice chest, whatever, maybe I didn’t explain myself well enough before, it would just be nice if we got to have a little fun as well. It doesn’t have to be pornagraphic material, thats actually not really the point, it would just be nice some of the men went out of thier way to do some something for us. A sexy bicep or shoulders, a back, that would cheer us up for the day, why not, don’t we deserve a little something?

      1. ttp://

        Remember to add the ‘h’ Leslee!

        I hope to see more of you BG Beauties on that page! And that includes you both! Leslee and Nicole!

        In return I would send in a photo of myself in a hoody… My cock will be firmly tucked down my trouser leg though… Not to blow my own trumpet or anything.

        1. Thanks Tom I found it!
          Without a doubt BlindMag is a beauty…
          But what do you think of the black lipstick?
          Do you fellas like it?
          I think it looks great on Marilyn Manson, but I feel it takes away from BM’s (oops better call her BlindMag – don’t think she would appreciate ‘BM’) beauty.

          I KNOW you would blow your own trumpet if you could Tom 😉

          1. @BlindMag…
            I am just finishing up watching the original series of “Dark Shadows”… it’s a gothic romance serial that was on TV from 1966-1971.
            I used to watch it as a kid.
            Check it out – I think you would like it.

          2. Leslee…

            In the words of The Bloodhound Gang… “if I could… I would never leave the house”.

            Black lippy is nice in small doses…

            Romantic Gothism sounds… Saucy.

          3. Tom…
            I have posted a link to a clip with me in it but it is waiting to be approved by our leader.
            Be sure to check back – you won’t be disappointed (I hope).

        2. Tom….
          Regarding modeling my BG purchases – that is not likely to happen hun.

          If I still had the body I had at 20, no problem…. but I let myself go while taking care of my parents.

          If you REALLY want to see the freak behind the Fiend – here you go…

          This is a clip from the 1981 film “Ups & Downs” (released as “Prep School” in the US).
          It was made locally at St. Michael’s University.
          I’m playing drums…..

          I am not the uploader of the clip, it is someone in Japan where the film was huge.

          1. Cheers Tom… you are too kind.
            It’s always nice to put a face to a name.
            Winking back and blowing you a kiss ~ Muah.

          2. Mwah!

            It certainly is putting a face to a name.

            I ain’t totally anonymous here. A couple of BG ladies know my face.

            Drop me an email @ [email protected]

            Then I would reply with more details… It is all rather James Bond like!

          1. Mmh… Breasts.

            I will say that all breasts irregardless of size are beautiful… Both Big and Small have pros and cons.

            Needless to say… Any lady who feels comfortable in sending in a photo… Will come under heaps of praise.

          2. Trooper- I agree! I have had girlfriends of all breast sizes and I like each and every one. Even the saggy ones lol. I just like boobs. Period

      1. You can get bras of any letter of the alphabet lol

        actually, I know from my girl its not easy to find double D cups on a bra for a smaller girl, or porportioned or skinny or whatever you want to say. Generally the bras are made in the assumption that if your tits are that big, your a plus size lady, at least so I’m told….

        1. I’m guessing you’re talking about matching sets? If so, yeah. Big bras usually come with big panties. A lot of places do have them separate, tho. I usually just buy black.

      1. I submitted a fansign (or tried to) earlier. No nips, sorry fellas. Just a little better view of me. I’m not the most attractive but I think I’m cute. And I got big boobs and everybody loves me for it. ha 🙂

          1. @Razor, I lost it the other week (oh, bills) and since tattoos arent cheap (ohfuckingbills) i ended up strike branding 3 rings into my arm. They’re all scabby now and ive been getting a kick out of cutting and scraping the infected scabs and tissue off.

            Pain releases endorphins which, in turn, positively affects our moods.

            Tattoos for stress relief are alarmingly common. 😀
            Look at that, Pam, we’re not that crazy after all ;3

  2. I have a question, what are those massive-oval size parts on the woman in the pic?
    I have those things in the middle,. I believe those are called niplets, Correct? But I’m afraid mines don’t appear like those..
    Do all female humans have these?

  3. mmmmm after nearly 4 hours of working on, writing and revising my article on guns and gun control…. titties are just what i need….. my eyes are being messaged gently by such a wonderous view!

  4. Ah, awesome to hear Bodevil finally went international! I’ll wait for the new designs to come, and if I like one of those, I’ll order one!

    I really, really love the puppy-shirt, but it’s not correct anymore, as the puppy on the site has turned into a sheep.. (the meaning behind it is pretty funny though xD)

    And the titties.. After all the bestgore-datingsite drama at the fansigns page I didn’t see this one coming haha

  5. now….can someone please tell me what is going on with the pictures….i have a picture of a man doing a handstand for the hole in the face guy……a picture that says something about sleep for the guy on fire pic etc or is it just me

    1. Wow, that’s quite the imagination you have going on there @Razor…
      But honestly I can’t quite rap my head around what you are saying.

      I think we are losing the battle hoping for some naked men – personally I’d be happy we just some manly chest photos (no bears please – hairy is a turn off for me).

      I’m jumping on this ‘boob’ bandwagon…
      I have just left a message with an ex-girlfriend who is a professional photographer – she took some nice photos of my pair.
      If she hasn’t shredded or burned them (remember – EX) I will happily share.
      NO full frontal though.

      1. That sounds great Leslee!

        They shall take a proud place in my collection! A truly magnificent spectacle I am sure!

        Pam certainly has some problems with her BG. She showed me the screenshots…

        I am at a loss for words as to what is going on with her BG.

    2. Duh, sorry @Razor I get what you are saying now (after reading your comment about 8 times).
      Instead of getting the images posted you are getting something else.
      That is definitely a WTF question if I ever heard one.
      Seems the FSA has struck again!

          1. Aw sweet Buju….
            Razor is getting other images than what Mark is posting.
            For example in the previous post with the guy with the hole is in face she is getting a photo of a guy doing a handstand instead… make sense?

            You’re on with the chest photo swap.

            By the way… how that leg healing hun?

          1. I enjoy all sizes as long as your nt so thin as to look sickly same as not to big as to look sickly. And you gotta be clean no yellow teath and gross smelling vagina.

          1. snap!

            No I am not one, yes I have some nearby and handy…. But I am not getting it currently….. thank you for opening my eyes to the real issue…. be back when in “done”

  6. ok mark you are fuckin hillarious buddy.yesterday i asked you when the t shirts would be ready for us canadians to have shipped. not only did you deliver accordingly but also you included this HOLY FUCK …DD fuckin beauty from my yes my hometown…you rock crazy hard pal….

      1. No, people do not have friends in USA. Just drinking buddies, bosses and subordinates. Disney misleads young americans in this regard, so when they grow up enough to see reality, they end up becoming EMO, James Egan Holmes, Baked, Magicmartyr and HalieHorror.
        Reptilians are that heartless.

          1. It kinda saves space to reply under the preceeding comment. Anyway, does friendship exists in Florida? It is possible, for example, for Baked to have a nig nog friend? Or to build up a relationship with a BORICUA titty chick who wants to use him as her sexual toy and to obtain the residency papers?
            And most important of all: does BG DATING SERVICE really works??

          2. It’s hard getting a puerto rican girl to fuck since most of them are pregnant by the age of 15.
            Yeah friendship is alive and well here, For me its artificial since its the abilify and valium and makes me friendly.
            Is BR as fun?

          3. I dont know, supposedly people has a more active social life here than in other places but who knows, im not one of them, altough I regularily meet with my old school buddies , etc. If they are going to compare with countries like France, like they usually do, well, even white sharks and florida gators are more social than these french..

          4. My foolish dreams of walking down an buenos aires avenue wearing shades and with a skinny brunette have been shattered..

          5. Wait until 2013 by then Cristina and his retarded scions will be finished destroying BR economy once more. With the following massive devaluation-inflation process you will be able to vacation in buenos aires in luxurious tony montana style with a couple thousand dollars.

        1. I guess now I should post some kind of overly perverted comment, and half way through contradict my faux-machoness, Then tulio would reply, not directly under it, But to the comment before it…Maybe talking about some italian poem or something. Then trooper says something with his british charm, Tulio then engages in a very detailed conversation about balkan wars or whatever, I pretend to look like I’m apart of the conversation, Uli replys afterwards and the conversation ends there

          1. Prescription drugs are as hardcore as I got…

            Dihydrocodeine and other opiate based Painkillers. Even then. I can take em or leave em.

            Sod everything else.

  7. Hey now…I like the Titties of the Day pic…We must has moar! Besides, there are enough pictures of dudes wangs on here for any gal to get her thrill…If the blood and stuff bothers you, put your hand on the screen so all you see is dead-cock…VOILA! Peenor of the Day! I like both, so I am a satisfied BG member :3 Me Gusta!

  8. I have a love hate relationship with my boobs, my pants size is 4 but boobs 34d. So buying panty sets are out of the question As if I chose a 34 d set the undies are like x large. But if I chose a set with a small undies then the bra is too
    Small argh

    1. I knew twins with the same build; They complained about serious backpains. 100lbs each, 10-15 lbs of that is boob O__O Hot girls, DD’s on a tiny frame, but they were in alot of pain :/
      Im a little bigger (about 130 with dd’s a size 6 waist and 10 hips.) but my back hurts and nothing fits me.

      1. I know breasts are always different sizes, hell mine are (dd, right slightly bigger, but (and yea, maybe it is the angle) but the boob on the right side of the photo looks considerably larger. Sorry, for giving my opinion, chill.

          1. gerlfrend28 was good enough to share her beautiful breasts with us so why do you have to say a crappy thing like “severely lopsided”?
            That was NOT an opinion, it was a cruel and unjust statement.
            I was planning to share my pair but if I’m gonna get crap like that – forget it.

            People like you that say hateful things and then come back with “well, that’s my opinion and I am entitled to it” drive me crazy.

            Please learn the difference between having an actual opinion and just sheer assholerly.
            Thank you.

          2. 1. IN MY OPINION “kindness” is not what makes a person share her goods with strangers on the internet.

            2. If you cant handle criticism, maybe this isn’t the place for you.

            3. This is, in fact, the internet. And i could care less what you and your large left tit have to say 😉

          3. Blah, Blah, Blah…

            So this being the internet it makes it okay for you to be a cowardly keyboard warrior?!


          4. Cowardly keyboard warrior?

            Ask anyone here who’s well aquainted with me: Im very aggressive in everyday life, and often take on men twice my size for not understanding “no”.

            Most recently i got my lip spit by a 6’6″ black dude around 250 lbs for telling him to go fuck his couch casue i certainly wasnt interested.
            Im 5feet tall, 140 lbs and i have no fear.

            If you were in front of me, you’d be terrified and certainly wouldnt have the courage to talk back to me.

            So who’s the cowardly keyboard warrior, really?

          5. I’d happily take you out for lunch and break the news to you gently that you are a cunt.

            That board you carry on your shoulder is VERY becoming – NOT.

            I’ll kindly thank you not to speak to me again.

            p.s… you don’t need to reply with a predictable childish response like “YOU started it”.

          6. My last reply to you had the “C” word in it so it probably won’t post.

            Just let me say this…

            That HUGE chip you carry on your shoulder takes away from any endearing qualities you may possess.

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