Check Out Why Jewgle Blocks Access to Best Gore

This Is Why Jewgle Blocks Access to Best Gore - Showing an Image of Palestinian Murdered by Israelis

This Is Why Jewgle Blocks Access to Best Gore - Showing an Image of Palestinian Murdered by Israelis

Those of you who use Google controlled browsers including Firefox or Chrome may have noticed that Jewgle now blocks access to Best Gore with a claim that the site injects malicious code.

I went to Google Webmaster Tools to see just which code Jewgle recognized as malicious cause Best Gore is 100% safe and never has nor ever will distribute any malicious code and this is what I got. Apparently a display of an image of Rachel Corrie who was murdered by a Jew while protecting Palestinians is a “Suspected Injected Code”. Why does it not surprise me?

If you’ve ever doubted the role of the Jew in the brainwash of the populace, here’s your undisputable proof.

To avoid getting the block, just use IE. That’s what I use and have always used. No problems there. Go Jew!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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167 thoughts on “Check Out Why Jewgle Blocks Access to Best Gore”

  1. not surprised at all… a few years ago I would have found this creepy, but now nothing surprises me anymore with the jewish mafia, and Obama is the swaggy puppet of those hook-nosed rats

      1. I dont see what everyone else is seeing. I use chrome as a preferred browser (and my ip is in the USA); I searched for “best gore” and was the first listing. I clicked on it and was taken here without any warnings, so I dont understand.

          1. I’m using Firefox too and yesterday I was getting a message saying this page was ‘an attack page’ that was probably going to attack my computer with malware or use my computer as a transit to attack others. Bunch o’cunts them zionists, must be doing something right though Mark, keep it up.

        1. Nor do I. I click from Egypt, have been doing so from the middle of the desert, using the preferable USB portable internet from Etisalat provider and browsing through Chrome – never happened to experience such problem over here, nor in Poland where I com from.

    1. Interesting…..I’m still on explorer 8,,I keep getting messages about upgrading to explorer 9 and now 10,, but for now ,I’ll stay with 8 only because I like seeing the green little bar at the bottom of my screen move across when I click to some other web site. Call me old fashion,, but I like it….I haven’t had any trouble or issues getting on my favourite site,,Best….

      1. its not the jews that control all the banks like everyone thinks, its all a lie. I was talking to some masons at a lodge about initiation and while i was reading they were discussing who controls the international banks and runs everything and created Zionism, and it’s the Knights Templar’s, not the Jews. They were talking about how they originally gained control of the world in the crusades and established themselves with a global banking empire all across the known world, eventually it spread to the east and the america’s and now they own it all. when they were talking aobut it i couldn’t help but remember the assassins creed games and how the assassins call them selves the brotherhood and they’ve been fighting against the templars since the crusades. Here’s the thing though, Knights templars still exist and they exist as the highest level of york rite freemasonry. so technically the free mason dynasty controls the world, i’m joining the winning side. They are men of god anyway.

  2. Yeah. I just wanted to check a minute ago and came across the malware shit. Yeah that’s real funny. I’ve been using this site for almost a year and have never encountered a problem… Just another worthless Jewish attempt to conceil their crimes. Fucking pathetic.

    1. “Free speech” is all fine and dandy as long as it doesn’t offend the ones that provide said “freedom”. The suits have plans that honest folks can play no part in. I’m glad to see that more and more people are realising that reading something in the newspaper or seeing it on the news is not set in stone. I just read an article online the other day (can’t remember the site but it was a major news source) that claimed that Australia’s gun related homicides and robberies have dramatically decreased since the gun control laws were introduced in ’96 or ’97, and they get away with shit like that on a daily basis. Those fuckin’ turds need to be thrown into an active volcano pronto.

    1. Never took a shit in the great outdoors and wiped your arse on a dock leaf then I take it? Ahh, childhood memories are just the best, when life wasn’t so restrictive and you could do almost anything and not give a fuck.

        1. @wizardofaus, just because at the begining he was quite provocative, telling that in China everything is perfect, everybody is safe… I decided to leave him alone cause some people made me realize we were just talking the same kind of shit, but I’m still certain he’s a troll, so sorry again zhixun

          1. Ok, I understand hating on trolls. Ive just never witnessed him saying anything negative, and wondered why he is discriminated against so strongly. If I overheard anyone saying rubbish like that, I would stick up for the victim..

  3. Yes! This just happened to me! And Lookout mobile completely blocked the site altogether. I had to turn it off to access the site. Bullshit! I should be able to go wherever i want and eventhough i told lookout to proceed it chose to block it anyway!

  4. luckily i have bestgore on my bookmarks 🙂 or i wouldn’t be able to see since i only use my phone. this is so lame trying to block best for from us! nice try. us gore lovers won’t be scared off so easily!

  5. Hi Mark

    I got this today as well, tried to block me 3 times. Trying to block access to a website, well ran and with great content. What’s next? Security guards near magazine racks, that’s how ridiculous this action is.


  6. I use Firefox, and when I first came here today I got a message telling me the site was unsafe, but I just hit the ignore button and everything seems to be fine now. I know Best Gore is a “safe” site. As long as you aren’t starring in any of the pictures, or videos… 😉

    1. lol Indeed I use Firefox as well and it’s the best for protecting pop-ops way more others do in my experience. I persist though the removal of those adds on the right as they are too distracting and sometimes annoying. What happened with FEMJOY? 🙁

      1. firefox doesn’t hide the anal massage. I get distracted by it too. I usually hang a sock over my screen , or put my tobacco pouch in front of it , or a random piece of paper , to cover the ad. That is quite amateuristic though.
        Yes I vote for Femjoy as well, very esthetic that. Nice girls. Wonder who the photographer was. (:

        1. True and even If I cover it with anything or minimize the window won’t hide the fact it’s there and it’s awkward showing a really interesting post to your family while there’s a desperate female in pink and an anal poking add.
          And oh yeah I love those female body posses with environments and architecture (my favorite is Ariel 😉 ) That photographer is sure a lucky mother fucker. 😀

  7. Google used to be cool, now they suck. They are censoring without asking permission. People used to be able to choose the level of censorship they wanted but now google automatically decides for them. If you google “breast” clothed pictures appear, even if you clicked no censorship. You have to search “naked breast picture” to get a naked picture. WTF?

    1. What are you googling ‘breast’ for?
      I suggest continuing the experiment with works like ‘cunt’, ‘whore’, ‘stink whore’ , ‘shite’ , ‘fuck’, ‘sex with animals’ and so on.

      It’s true though that google censors more & more.

  8. I plugged my Spectrum 48 k, with rubber keyboard in, jacked up my tape deck and started entering basic code to enter the Internet.

    I’m now in charge of the North Korean Nuclear programme using Horace Goes Skiing and Paper boy.

    1. I did the same with my trusty 48k and my copy of Seymour Goes to Hollywood.

      The only way to save Hollywood now is to teach my spectrum how to play tic tac toe but since it takes 40 minutes to load one sodding game and hurts my eyes with its constant epilepsy inducing loading screens I do not hold out much hope.

      1. Empty, I agree. It was the High Pitch Screeching with the Multi Changing screens that I too thought was long, but nooooooooo. Using a advance form of Basic, and BMX Bandits, I’m now in charge of North Korea.. I’m as surprised as you are my friend, my defence is Revenge Of Shinobi, which I have 52 linked in Sega’s

        1. I used to hate basic as a kid, I would buy my monthly Computer and video games magazine just so I could get to the games section where you had to follow all the code to create the game and sometimes these games were many pages long, there would always be one or two mistakes on my part and I would have to recheck everything over and over again, the pain, oh the pain, just give me a cassette of Treasure Island Dizzy and Dizzy prince of the yolk folk any day.

          I’m at a loss on how to stop nuclear war from happening too, I’m thinking that I will probably use my Nintendo and a copy of Mario Brothers 3, if it gets really bad I might also include a copy of Double Dragon 2 as well.

          I don’t think the situation is bad enough to need my Sega and a copy of Splatter House 2 yet.

          1. I have no idea what yall are talking about but I would really like to learn. It sounds complicated though. I feel like we’re living in a computer era now and to be able to fight back it would be handy to know the language of computers, programming and such. Unfortunately im not very experienced in this field.

  9. It was a pain in the ass getting here. Good to see you’re aware of this bullshit and I hope it gets sorted out soon. Fucking google. First selling search statistics with very private information to large advertising corporations, now this

  10. I’ve been lurking on this site for many years, never had any problems with it. I hope by my registering and voicing my support to Mark and this website, that it will enlighten others that the below message from “jewgle” is BS!

    Reported Attack Page!
    This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

  11. I use firefox but never got a warning?
    I hate censorship/ blocking a site / search-results but they do apparently. I have a site; some pornographic images are blocked, especially the extremely graphic pictures )-:

  12. i found it odd when google blocked me, i supposed someone hacked your site and planted malware, but this is not the case apparently,

    i commend you for your truth telling news site, stay on line,

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