Chinese Man Sneakily Feels Girl’s Boob on Subway Train

Chinese Man Sneakily Feels Girl's Boob on Subway Train

I don’t know if this video is real or staged, but it’s pretty precious. Sucks to live in the 21st century – everybody has a camera in their pocket. Can’t even feel a girl’s boob on a subway train without some jackass filming you and posting the video on teh interweb.

The video came in handy cause I really wanted to share a Facebook link with you and it’s better to share stuff with some accompanying visual content, even if completely unrelated. I don’t have a Facebook myself – never had and never will, but today a friend sent me a link to a Facebook page that put a smile on my face with sheer brilliancy. Check it out:

Props to Best Gore member NuvosOrdo for the video:

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138 thoughts on “Chinese Man Sneakily Feels Girl’s Boob on Subway Train”

      1. White power!
        however, I wouldn’t mind incorporating Asian into our gene pool.
        Their women are fucking sexy, their respect/honour based culture is awesome and they’re an intelligent race too, awesome at maths

        1. No. Asians are their own people. They have their own culture, lands, cities, history.

          Sometimes even brighter than our very own.

          If you combined both races, we’d both disappear, but Whites would feel the bigger impact.

          Our diversity of hair-color, eye color and so on would be completely eradicated.

          I’m saying that as a White guy currently in a long-termer with an Asian woman, too.

          When you see a White woman with an African male, what thoughts run through your head?

          I imagine they are very similar to the thoughts running through the head of Asian guys seeing an Asian woman with a White guy.

          In-fact, I know it.

          1. Not f I have anything to do about it. Australians have started waking up. Slowly but surely, there is a very noticeable trend against the multi culture and in particular the islamification of our country. With any luck people might just band together and do something about it. In my opinion the only way out of this mess is to physically overthrow the government and its destructive. leftist ideals. Its happened before, so why not again. Failing that we can invade some two bit shit hole and start a new colony.

          2. A new law was written in Texas today. You know what it was? It was a law to make saying “Merry Christmas” in school legal and free from all legal challenges.

            That’s how bad it has gotten.

            And it’s not about Christianity, obviously. I’m not Christian yet I celebrate Christmas. It’s part of being Canadian (and I would guess American). Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving etc.

            Yet, saying Merry Christmas to someone, hanging a tree, decorating a bank can get you into trouble. Can be deemed offensive.

            A Muslim in England posted a post on facebook basically celebrating the murder of Lee Rigby (RIP Brother). He was arrested and then released – no fine, no charges nothing.

            A woman said something about Islam on facebook in light of the murder of the martyr Lee Rigby (RIP Brother) and she was charged and given weeks in jail.

            The point is as you state – Politics won’t solve this issue – blood will. They’ve effectually neutered us political. They’ve effectually ripped our voices out of our mouths. And now they wish to further stomp and eradicate our identities and cultures.

            You’d need a lot of people willing to kill and die for a cause, and sadly, Whites are either too lazy or too brainwashed to actually come together for something like that.

            Liberal Leftists have no issue with it, though. You’ll see them out doing their thing beating old men during one of their ‘anti-fascist’ protests.

          3. After seeing some of your posts Silenced, you are so racist.

            I bet you couldn’t say that without the anonymity of the internet.

            A big shame that you’re a Canadian too.

          4. How boring and trite. Couldn’t you spruce up your oppressive labels abit, SelfEx1led? Maybe instead of saying ‘racist’, you can also throw in the other two frequently used labels of oppression thrusted on Whites; ‘Nazi’ and ‘White Supremacist’.


            Anyway, I give the word racist/racism no credence. It holds no sway or power over me because I view it as what it is – a tool to be used against Whites to eradicate our voice and free will.

            White and didn’t vote for Obama? Racist. Against massive immigration? Racist. Finding fault with a non-White person? Racist. White female and don’t interracially date? Racist.
            Against the Islamification of Europe? Racist.

            It’s a pathetic label used by Liberal Left zealots to force Whites into submission, rob us of our free-will and freedom of expression, tear down our identities and leave us husks and jail us, in some cases.

            But it has no power if you don’t let it – and I don’t let it hold power or sway over me.

            As far as not saying this stuff in public – ha. If you met me and talked to me about this stuff, you’d be shocked. I’m not one of those Liberal Whites you are used to, walking around with their cock and balls tucked between their ass-cheeks clucking like a chicken.

            And, if you tried to get physical with me.. well, let’s just say, you wouldn’t.

            And if Canada and Europe had more people like myself, their future wouldn’t look so utterly bleak, and shitholes like Toronto wouldn’t exist with their constant African crime problems.

            But I wonder – where are your tears of righteousness when a White female is raped by an African in our Countries? Where are your tears and cries of outrage when one of our men is beaten by groups of Blacks within an inch of his life and robbed?

            Where is your outrage, tears for the oceans of blood spilled from beneath the skin of Whites at the hands of Blacks, or Muslims?

            That’s right. You’re stone cold when it comes to White victims. Whites deserves to be raped, beaten, murdered, don’t we?

            Hah. You’re a joke.

        2. By the way, there is no White power. We’re a dying people, that’s the truth of it.

          Betrayed from the inside by our very own. Our women especially are guilty of it.

          And now our numbers are jumping world-wide. Our Governments import in massive numbers of incompatibles into our Countries and land, give them more rights than we have, oppress us, rob us of our voice and opinion.

          Weaken our voting power, promote racial-mixing, promote White self-hate, brainwash the population by School/Educational centers (Uni’s for example).

          White power? No..

          White Survival. White Struggle. White Freedom.

          1. Whites deserve to be overrun in America. If they had stayed in Europe, immigration would’ve been impossible like it is in Japan or China but they spread across the world while leaving the birthplace vulnerable to invasion.

          2. The homeland isn’t vulnerable to invasion because of a lack of numbers – it’s vulnerable because of one reason: Brainwashing/Social-Engineering.

            Our People have become brainwashed into believing, like you stated, that Whites deserve to be eradicated. That we are evil. They’ve been brainwashed into hating themselves, their families all because of their identity as ‘White’. These people are easily identified by the philosophy they adhere to – Liberal Leftism. These people not only support White genocide, they yearn for it. It makes them wet and hard.

            You remove that self-hating, self-defeating brainwashing, and we aren’t suffering with even 1/10th of the nonsense we are.

            You can show pride in being Asian. In being Black, Hispanic etc. Try showing pride in being White.

            Now – Liberal Leftist control our Countries, dictate everything we can do and cannot do. And everyday they make it incredibly harder for a non-Leftist to get elected, by taking voting power away from the non-brainwashed among us. Immigration is a huge part of that – as immigrants will always vote Liberal Left.

            The answer to fixing the problem is a civil war – not within a nation, but within a race/ethnic group.

            Which is why I doubt it’ll ever be fixed, and we as a people will simply die out.

            But who knows – maybe one day in the future, due to globalization, Italian Whites are indeed fighting alongside Swedish Whites defending our people.

          3. If that day comes and we do indeed fight, you can sign me up. I am more than willing to give my life for the preservation of my race and culture. Once we get the numbers we can focus on taking one of these nations back. All is not yet lost.

          4. Silenced, my dear friend…Ok so you don’t know me but I have commented a while back and read many posts…I’d just like to point out that yours always have my attention, which is no mean feat, so thanks and erm well done…I’m trying to win a pretentiousnous award for knowing the least about most things and the most about fuck all, yet still trying to speak about everything, claiming that I know pretty much everything….Wanna join me?

          1. Interesting… but perhaps you fail to realize that the “useless Chinese” practically owns American through debt. Economically speaking, one of the great superpowers of the west is China’s bitch.

    1. He barely touched her. If you’re gonna cop a feel at least make it worth your while. Personally I don’t see what the big thrill is by touching a boob but I’ve felt hundreds of boobs over the years so I would’nt know what it’s like not to have ever felt one.

        1. why don’t you post a similar avatr like juicy does to prove you look like that ,im sorry but every single female avatar on here is a very pretty girl ,im not dissin it I just don’t believe you all look like your avatars . if so why be false about how you look?

          1. @worzel are you talking to me? Because its the first time you reply to me without actually dissing me haha. I guessing you’re getting tired of writing of how I go shopping with my so called ‘girlfriends’ and steal my dad’s cc haha.

  1. hahaha… Hands are very itchy~ Groping attack mode “ON”
    If i were the one who take this video , i would shout at him and make him panick.. “Oi Very Fun to touch her boobs AH?” .. trolllolol

  2. My first thought was Japan seeing as they are the masters of perversion but the blurred audio sounds Mandarin to me, why oh why do they bother, is it that difficult to get laid?, you simply talk to women and come across as decent and the end result is that you have sex, where is the difficulty.

  3. Looks like bullshit too me. Why would someone film two random girls just sitting there doing fuck all? But then again Asians are a race that I will never understand nor do I want too! Can’t stand them. As a teenager me and my friends would be waiting for the bus home after school , and without fail this small dick Asian guy would come and sit infront of us in his tiny shorts and spread his legs pretending to be asleep while the whole time his tiny little dick would hang out ( vomit) . I’m 36 years old as of today and I still can’t believe I remember that shit hahaha

          1. Hahaha I hear you my friend. My kids got me heat packs for my birthday present cause I’ve pulled a disc while horse riding! Fuck it sucks getting old 馃檨

      1. Ahh you guys aren’t so old. Juicy definitely isn’t past the point where we could comfortably exchange friction. I think that made sense.. I just woke up. Anyways, happy birthday newb. May your next year on this Earth consist of a great many blowjobs, complete with happy endings and no commitment.

          1. What better motivation for a Best Gore political party? A physical real world organisation where we actively encourage our expansion and ideals. Not to mention some physical interaction between members. 馃槈

  4. Wtf o.o yeah I understand if a baby or a toddler accidentally grabs a ladies boobs because he wants mothers milk but a grown up looking virgin doing that .. That’s just being creepy and if he lives in the crappy parts of the United States he would get his ass handed to him by the rest of the onlookers ^_^ what would @juicy do if she was in this awkward situation ..? By the way /: has anyone seen @1girl1cup I’m starting to miss her again </3

    1. My dear misfit- it all depends. I’m a very accommodating and understanding girl. If the guy was cute (not necessarily looks wise, but had a nice smile and good swag), I’d probably just play along. Or act completely oblivious. Like- oh, I’m sorry, did my titty get in the way?! Would you like me to move closer so you can get a nicer feel?! While I give him my bedroom eyes look- and it might actually make him uncomfortable which would be hilarious to me! Something like that. If the guy gave me a creepy “Chester” vibe, I’d probably attack. I really don’t know. Just all depends on my mood that day! Maybe I’d ask him on a date! Lol. It’s just a covered tit after all…

      1. Lol, I can see this as a commercial pitch:

        New Speed Stick deodorant commercial…

        Asian lady: “Get off freak!”
        Asian perb: (shoot she felt my hand touch her boob)
        Commercial Announcer: Sweating on the inside? Handle it on the outside!
        Asian perb: “Uh, I am sorry mam. I was just trying to keep you purse from falling…”
        Asian lady: “Oh, that’s to sweet.”


  5. They have a whole porn genre for this stuff. Asian girls standing around on subways pretending they don’t know a hand is going in their shirt or under their “school girl” skirt. Don’t ask me how I know this.

        1. @YourNextTextGirl, I know all about the massage table thing, been on both the giving and the receiving end of them but subways? I guess I could see the bumpy ride being an excuse for an “accidental” grope but what fun is it with clothes on?

  6. I thought it was fake but what the fuck do I know?! If it was real, then how the fuck did she not give any sort of reaction?! I would’ve jumped on his lap and started frenching him! Hey, I’d love to be the girl that gives you a reaction you couldn’t have ever dreamed of!

    1. Jesus fuck. I can’t help but reply to your comments. It might be my excessive abundance of horny chemicals stashed up from teenage years or maybe the fact that Best Gore girls are in a league of their own but this thread is really making me wish I was in female company. Might be time to go rub one out.

  7. God, i am so embarassed for this goof it aint funny. Whats he gonna do now ? go home and wack off . Sick fucker gets of on that, he needs meds bigtime, or a shit-kicking, pick your choice ladies .

  8. It just depends on who is doing the groping. Asian women just giggled and batted their star-lit eyes at me when I “accidently” brushed their titties. Tall, dark and handsome has its privileges. Perhaps, just being a G.I. overseas, was the reason. Good times.

    1. @broke…your avatar…
      what the bejeebers am I looking at????????????????????
      please tell me that isn’t what I think it is…..
      im going to go blind…I know it!!

      as far as the video goes – this doesn’t surprise me…maybe im different but im always getting my boobs ‘accidently’ brushed or touched happens all the time…what surprises me is the one time this guy goosed me! now that pissed me off!

          1. Well, it sure looks like you do and I’m not the only one who thinks so apparently! Lol. Not sure I’d say it looks like the ass of a black person, but definitely like a Latino! Lol

        1. why does it look so odd??? are you angling the camera weird or what? I must say it looks very small… sure you are what you claim mr broke????? hehe…

          im calling a misrepresentation here….

          hmm..perhaps you just have a small head…..seems about right…lolol 馃槢

          and quit point that thing at me will ya!! why do ya think I gots me glasses on?!?

          1. OK now I feel bad – im such a wuss! I apologise if I hit below the belt with my comment on your friend there broke..he is very…*ahem* unique and tanned and im sure he does a fine job.

  9. Long time listener, first time caller. So i guess i’m still a newbie. But ya’ know how they say that, aside from the physical, sex is actually “whatever” % mental? Nothing to boast about, but i was in prison, jerking off to the Home Shopping Network for so long that, even to this day, a million years after gettin’ out, i still don’t need, or even desire the actual physical contact. (- just an understanding, role-playing woman who can hold up a series of multi-colored blouses while blathering-on to me in a never ending, high octane sales pitch)(WOOOF!!!) ( – And if she were to ever reach out to touch me before i was finished Takin’ Care a’ Business, – i’d be like, -“Whoa, Bitch?! – GET YOUR OWN!!!”)

      1. I agree with Silenced. A long stint in prison gets you so used to jerking off and fucking other guys in the ass that it becomes normal to you and pussy is of no interest anymore. Then one day you realize how fucked up things are for you and you go out and kill someone. Then you end up back in prison doing the same shit you did before. Best thing for you to do is go out and get some pussy. Even if you gotta pay for it, get some fucking pussy and put an end to the prison life of jerking off and male on male ass penetration…and whatever you do, make sure you wear a condom.

  10. This happened to me on the bus once, but then the perv just realized that I’m a big guy with man boobs. Not a bearded lady running away from the circus like he’d hoped. Jesus… Public transportation. I swear.

  11. lol, i think he was brave. l would not risk to do that unless she was Sofia Vergara. Asian women have those weird eyes; you never know if they are open or closed, besides, where is all of that kung-fu, Chinese women need to step up and learn some Bruce Lee?s movements, thats the only way they can protect from chopping weirdos.

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