Cop Acknowledges He’s Aware of the Law He’s Actively Breaking, But Doesn’t Care

Cop Acknowledges Hes Aware of the Law Hes Actively Breaking, But Doesnt Care

We see instances of cops actively breaking the law and repeatedly getting away with it all the time at Best Gore. This attitude of being used to being above the law and treating civilians like they’re beneath them is nicely reflected in the video below.

A civilian approached a duo of county cops and confronted them about not wearing seatbelts. The cops acknowledged that they were aware of the law they were actively breaking, but made it clear with their belligerent attitude that they didn’t care.

The attitude truly starts to shine when the cop realizes that he was caught with his hand in a cookie jar and reaches for the seatbelt, but then he’s like: “Wait a minute. I’m a cop. I’m the one who’s above the law. So who the fuck this civilian thinks he is. I don’t serve and protect civilians. I’m not gonna obey the law for him!

The camera phones are proving to be the biggest enemy of the corrupt, arrogant, violent, anti-civilian bullies. We can’t keep them from shooting unarmed members of the public, but we can expose them for who they really are. Therefore – if you see something, film something, cause this is what happens when you call the cops.

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99 thoughts on “Cop Acknowledges He’s Aware of the Law He’s Actively Breaking, But Doesn’t Care”

          1. Well he certainly doesn’t realise that he looks like a total cock wearing those aviator sunnies, that the average ‘merikan street gang thug seems to think is standard issue uniform. I wish someone would tell him he bares no resemblance what so ever to any of the cool ‘Top Gun’ characters.

            What a butt ugly wanna be……..

    1. If you guys paid attention, you would realize the video has been edited in such a way that it does not let the cop finish his sentence. What the cop says is that they do not have to use seatbelts because law enforcement has been given an exemption in the law. I know you all want to hate on the police but this video was so clearly doctored to make the cop look like an ass. All states that have mandatory seat belt laws have given law enforcement an exemption. You all talk about everyone else being sheeple, but you all fell for this clearly anti police crap video.

  1. It’s the same in every country, the police never obey the same laws that they so enthusiastically force others to obey. It’s one of the reasons for why the public look upon them as total shits.

    Notice how almost every punishment these days is a financial penalty, they rarely give you a warning first they just give you a fine.

    I guess the public are seen as a cash cow by everyone with “authority” these days.

    1. @empty.
      This is where they really excel in crime, and by that I mean committing not stopping. How exactly are you committing a crime for which there is no injured party? And been found guilty without a jury? Fucking fraud! And because we accept it, it goes on.

      Joseph Mengle said, “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

  2. I just thought I would share my 4 experiences with the police that I have had in my life.
    First time I was 12 years old, caught shoplifting a pair of earrings from a store. We had big drink cups and dropped the earrings in the drink, we thought we were so clever. Police drove us home, never got in trouble with them but my parents were pissed off.
    Second time I was 15, was pulled over by the police because I was driving around at 2am with a group of friends, I had no licence and I was using my mothers boyfriends car with her permission. Police stopped me and checked on all our names, they thought I was lying because I was the only one in the car without a criminal record. They drove me home, my mother denied knowing that I had the car. The police let me go, I was never charged with anything and never heard anything more about it. Third time I was 18 and drunk with a friend, we were at her boyfriends house and we set off a fire extinguisher, there was white powder everywhere. When we were leaving the police pulled up, they gave us both a lift home, no trouble. Fourth time I was 33 and was stopped at the airport before boarding my international flight. I had empty bullet cases in my carry on luggage. I honestly forgot that they were there, they were given to my husband so he could use them in his war display case along with his other props. I explained that I had been stressed out because of the flights and I forgot to pack ghem in my big suitcase which was true. I had to sign a document saying I gave permission for the bullets to be destroyed. Never got in any trouble with that and was allowed to get on the flight only because we were there so early, if we had shown up later they said they wouldn’t have let us go to the boarding gate.
    It makes me wonder why I never ended up with a record after those 4 things. The police were actually nice to me all those times. But I am 37 years old now things might be different and those 4 things happened in Australia, I feel lucky I haven’t had any bad experiences with the law….but I’m still young, that could change 😉

    1. It’s the power of the pussy @OneEyedWoman I’ve was stopped for speeding late one night with one of my girlfriends & I was drunk as hell! He did a sobriety test on me & I passed I guess cause he let us go after hearing that we came from gay bar. Probably thought that we were a couple of lesbians…which we were!! Lol the second time was the exact same scenario, different girlfriend. Got pulled over for having my headlights off. I also had an open bottle under the seat & no up to date insurance. He did a sobriety test on me & he let us go as long as my friend drove so I dunno I should of been arrested but because I got tits & ass I got away with it. That’s why these men get all riled up about anti-male & what not…I don’t blame em cause we get away with a lot! Lol

      1. I was thinking that too blood binge, I certainly have some nice titties, add in a cute smile and friendly attitude and I guess it can get you far in life, still doesn’t seem fair for the men in the same situation though…

          1. Hello Boozer, I am doing ok, 2 weeks since my surgery so I am almost back to normal. Eye surgery in 3 weeks time, will be glad when it is all over and done with. How have you been doing? 🙂

        1. I’m glad someone took note of her penchant for DUI. Sad to seem so proud of something so selfish and reckless… and the guys all eat it up. Sad, sad, sad.
          That being said… the “ass & tit hairy checkbook” BS is just that, BS. I am an attractive woman and I have no record, yet I was arrested and almost put on house arrest for $700 in unpaid fines (expired tag (1x) & no insurance (2x in FOUR DAYS)). AND I was dating a local cop at time, but that didn’t help me either.
          So don’t all you men start screaming how unfair it is, those girls were just dealing with lazy pigs.

    2. Yes, @oew : I’ve said before that all my experiences with the coppers in our country have been nothing but positive…….

      Thank God, we can rely on our coppers to do the right thing and reject the screaming, gun toting, total emphasis placed on own self importance, pea brained attitude of ‘everyone is guilty until proven innocent’ thug rich mentality we already see in Nth ‘merrrikah.

    1. ***I?m actually cool with them not wearing seatbelts. When I slam into them while I?m driving Spanky, I?ll be wearing mine. Spanky fucking hates cops.

      …my thoughts exactly!!

      Accidents do happen, don’t they? If I had it my way, I’d take out their side and front airbags as well…

  3. I can only imagine if his house is on fire, and he shouts at the firefighters saying that his family is trapped inside, the only thing he deserved is to recieve the reply “Yeah i know, but i dont care.” 😆 That would be such a nice slap of karma…

    “Yuk yuk yuk… duuh, im aware of the sit belt law… huhhhh…”

  4. That’s funny cuz I was just listening on the radio about a guy somewhere in the states (Washington I think) who did the exact same thing to a cop in an unmarked car telling him that he was breaking the state law by pulling people over in an unmarked car. The way he did it wwas

    1. ***Unsure how to upload video so here?s a link to what happens when you don?t wear you?re seatbelt and the police end up in a position where ? they felt threatened?.

      …yeah, I saw this video about a week ago

      I live in Talibandiana unfortunately. It has to be one of the most filthiest states in the nation. As soon as you cross the state line, you feel like you’re in church. Every bill board that you read, either has God Bless America!! What would Jesus Do? Tithe to your Lord and Savior or…


      …sorry, got carried away

      I’ll never forget a debate between three politicians, back in 2012. One of them Richard Mour(dick) had a 5% lead over O’donelly.

      …then, this question came up

      Do you think a woman who is raped, should be allowed to have an abortion, if she decided to?

      He said no. He said, (and I quote) “Rape is a blessing from God.”

      The next day was election day. Several area news reporters were covering various election centers around the state.

      Every one that they covered, had 80% women standing in line.

      …I started speaking in tongues

      That bastard lost the election, with a 5% lead the night before.

      Yes, welcome to Talibandiana!!

      …and get that credit card out you sinners, if you want Jesus to save your filthy ass

      The organized religion/corruption that goes on here, is too huge to wrap your brain around.

  5. They’re just a couple of crash test dummies. When they are involved in a serious collision we will get the opportunity to study them. You can learn a lot from a dummy.

  6. Seatbelt laws are not enforced for safety, they are primarily a way to circumvent the 4th amendment by providing an excuse so that government can pull someone over in the “name of safety” and then search the vehicle and harass citizens. It is also a means of revenue generation.

    Most of all, it is another layer of control meant to weaken the a free person’s resolve to remain free.

  7. These cops act like they don’t care, but really, they’re like fuck! The Sergeants gonna chew us out! When I was a cop in patrol, we would take out seat belts off, not to disobey laws, but to be able to jump outta the car faster. It’s a pain in the ass, wearing a duty belt. These guys aren’t patrol, so they have less of an excuse.
    Before I get shit for being an ex-cop, let me just say that I do believe there needs to be a lot of changes. You can blame our wonderful, people loving politicians for all these bullshit laws. For example, drugs should be all legal in my opinion. If someone wants to be an addict and there not hurting anyone else, who gives a fuck! We are becoming a police state one world government, and can’t even wipe our own asses without asking our governments first! Just my opinion.

  8. I don’t know why everyone is questioning their lack of seatbelt use…I mean..they may suddenly come across a basket of puppies or kittens and then they will need to spring into action and ‘get rid of’ the threat….cant be jumping outta cars with seatbelts on now…. 🙄

    1. ***I?m the the cops side on this one. The FUCKING VAN WASNT MOVING. Don?t like the fact cops are not required to wear seatbelts? Tough shit, move somewhere else!

      The cops indeed, are required to wear seat belts. Why do you see them in the video/van? Do you think they’re going to make a quilt out of them?

      During the conversation with the cops, the cops never made a statement, that they wore their seat belts when their van was moving to begin with.

      As a matter of fact, they tried to evade the seat belt issue altogether.

      So what makes you think these snot bastards would were them, when their van is moving?

      Remember, just because the van was sitting, doesn’t mean that they are not required to wear them, when the van is in motion.

    1. ***Iam actually suprised he didnt get take his glasses off an beat dudes ass. He was actually kinda cool about him approching him like that, even tho he did end up looking like a dumb ass.

      yeah…good point!!

      I think it might have been due to the fact, that he was caught “red handed.” No where to turn or hide. Any act of aggression, bad language or intimidation, may have made matters much worse for him.

      …and the fact that his scum ridden sidekick was next to him, might of turned out to be very unfortunate for him as well.

      But I imagine they’ll probably laugh about it, on the way back to the station!!

      …with their seat belts in the same position, as it was on the video

      1. LOL but it would be fun for at least one to survive so he can live the rest of his life wishing he would have told his partner to buckle up.

        I wonder how much of a fool that cop feels now that a shit load of people are going to watch this clip and see how much of an idiot he is. Cops like him should choke on a rock. It would have been funny if they got pulled over by Sheriffs and then gotten a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. I know some places officers and sheriffs don’t get along.

  9. Why should they have to wear seat belts? They rape little three year old babies and get away with only five years probation, why worry about a seat belt???

    And just as a side note somewhat related….prison guards aren’t exactly cops, but many are ex military or ex cops. Next time any of you promote prison rape try to remember that over 60% of prison rapes (the ones reported) are committed by prison STAFF.


  10. I believe that actively recruiting not-so-bright people to the police force is the way that any police state builds itself up.

    Because stupid people don’t realize how their personal bad behavior as a police in the bigger picture leads to a system that will be screwed. They dont think big, simply. They don’t learn history, instead they watch TV and there you go.

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