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A few months ago, Australian journalist Jake Millar approached the members of Best Gore with a request for input for an upcoming article. The article is now on line and can be accessed HERE.

With Jake’s permission, I’m republishing the full text of his interview with me for those who may be interested, since he only took a few parts for his article:

Why did you decide to launch the website?

There was a number of reasons and they all came together at the right time to inspire me to launch the website. The desire to afford the public to have access to content of public interest, which is denied them by the mainstream press and/or their respective governments, was among the chiefest.

Have you always been interested in this kind of content?

I’m interested in reality. I wish to understand the world the way it really is – raw and uncensored – not filtered through the rose colored lens.

What draws you to it?

The desire to contribute to the global awareness by affording the public a platform where they may choose to see with their own eyes what really goes on in different parts of the world, without being downplayed, whitewashed, sanitized or suppressed.

How has the site grown in popularity over the years?

I have never spent a single penny on advertising, never participated in any traffic exchange schemes, nor otherwise driven internet surfers into the site. Best Gore has grown, and continues to grow entirely and exclusively through the word of mouth. I am also proud to say that at no point in the site’s existence have I engaged in spam to spread the word that the site existed. Never!

Instead, I focused solely on publishing content without deceiving the reader. I made it my commitment to always ensure the title is descriptive of the content, and the article accompanying it is well researched, factual and never deceiving. It’s surprising how much a site can grow from nothing when you treat your readers with respect and never violate their trust in you by deceiving them with blown out of proportion titles, or other overhyping. At Best Gore, the readers always know exactly what they’re going to get, and get exactly what they expect. Not once have I deceived the readers, so they keep coming back, keep staying longer, and keep telling their friends who follow suit. And that, in essence, is the secret to Best Gore’s success.

What ‘genres’ or kinds of content tend to generate the most traffic?

As part of my commitment to user privacy and anonymity, I do not run on the site any scripts that collect analytical data about the surfers. I put my money where my mouth is, and took all the heat when the Canadian regime used its resources to attack and silence me, resulting in 3 years of detention, so nobody else involved with Best Gore would get their life threatened.

I truly don’t have anything to look at in order to get an idea on what generates the most traffic, but if number of comments or video views are of any lead, then certain types of content indeed tend to be more popular than others.

Narco executions from Mexico are always very theatrical in delivery of violence, which is often a magnet for views. Murders of foreigners vacationing in Thailand who get thrown out a high-rise with plastic bag over their head and hands tied behind their back and their death is ruled suicide by local authorities are also quite magnetic. Some ISIS videos, which tend to be filmed and processed on quality equipment and thus provide top quality picture are likewise sometimes popular. And generally anything that people feel passionate about, or touches their emotions tends to draw a lot of attention.

Is there an all-time most popular video or piece of content? Do you have a personal favourite?

I think the Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs still reigns as the all time most popular post by number of comments. My personal favorite? Probably the same “3 Guys 1 Hammer” video by the above mentioned Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs. For the longest time I considered it the most graphic murder filmed on video, but there have been some incredibly vile stuff happening lately that got them beat, like the recent decapitation of a man with peeled face in Mexico.

Where do you get the content you host?

Mostly from members of the website who provide it to me by email.

How do you verify it? Do you get much content you suspect is fake?

Oftentimes I do. I get more content every day than I’m able to publish, so if I receive something that looks suspicious, I tend to ignore it and move on to stuff that looks undoubtedly real. I have posted a couple of videos I was not sure were real, Luka Magnotta being one specific case, in which case I appealed to the Best Gore community to use their combined power to determine if the video was real or fugazi.

You mentioned that people who visit the website are seeking information on real life events. Do you see it as an information source?

Best Gore is in an essence a dispensary of photos and/or videos showing what really happens in various places around the world. Commentary accompanies each visual media, which if background information is known contains the summary of said information, and if not known, contains a summary of the content in the media. But, throughout the website’s existence, I’ve been instilling in all readers the need to keep an open mind with all information they receive, whether from me or whatever other source they may peruse, never take anything at face value, and verify, double verify and trust no one, but their own gut. I am happy to see all the feedback I frequently receive from people who have been deprogrammed by reading Best Gore from the indoctrination by the mainstream media.

Do you think there are positive outcomes of viewing this kind of content?

I don’t think that. I know that. Over the years of running Best Gore, the ever increasing number of testimonies from Best Gore members who shared their stories about how Best Gore saved their life, or lives of their loved ones, leave absolutely no doubt about that. Best Gore saves lives, prevents accidents, makes people more responsible, less reckless and more aware. There is zero doubt about that.

What would you say to people who think you’re playing into the hands of terrorists etc. who are looking to broadcast their atrocities?

The same I told the people asking why I published the Luka Magnotta video. ISIS, much as Luka, produces their videos because they want to broadcast them. They want them to be seen and want the people to talk about them. That’s why they invest all the time and energy, or go through risks, to produce these videos.

Do you think ISIS, after setting up the scenes, executing the captives, then spending days in post production, would change their mind about publishing the videos on the internet if Best Gore was shut down? Do you think they would just cut their losses and keep the videos to themselves? Of course not.

If there was no Best Gore, these people would go elsewhere to get their videos seen. They would go to YouTube, or other sites which are routinely used by children or people who don’t particularly wish to see gore.

Best Gore on the other hand makes it clear on its every page that it is a website intended for mature audiences, and warns users that the content within is graphic, shocking or otherwise sensitive in nature. The websites URL alone suggests all one needs to know about the website.

My unwavering commitment to never using clickbait titles, but instead making all titles accurate and descriptive of the content, ensures that Best Gore pages don’t show up in Google search result for searches on unrelated topics. And if a search is conducted for a phrase that does lead to results showing Best Gore pages, the descriptive titles ensure that no internet user is deceived into viewing graphic content if they don’t wish to.

The point I’m making is – nobody ends up on Best Gore, except by deliberate physical action of their own. And when they do end up on Best Gore, they will always be aware that should they proceed further, what they will have seen will be graphic. Consequently, users of Best Gore know they are gonna see graphic content, and are mentally and physically prepared to see it. But if there was no Best Gore, ISIS and other such producers would submit their videos elsewhere, which could very well include places where people don’t expect to see graphic content, or don’t want to see graphic content, or could be deceived into seeing graphic content.

Whether politically correct snowflakes like it or not, ISIS videos will continue to appear on the internet. Wouldn’t you, if you’re a parent of a child, feel more comfortable knowing ISIS is content with having their videos getting a lot of views and getting talked about on websites like Best Gore, so that they don’t seek to promote them by way of other sites?

Besides, there’s this little inconvenient fact that I was persecuted and imprisoned in maximum security prison by the Canadian regime for publishing videos on Best Gore, while the Canadian regime was arming, training and financing the ISIS terrorists so they could commit the atrocities, and produce these videos. By publishing the videos I am but a messenger, affording the public the ability to know what is going on. By silencing the messenger, you will force the public into ignorance, but just because they will no longer be aware of the atrocities committed by ISIS, it won’t mean ISIS is not committing the atrocities.

In conclusion – don’t blame bloggers for making the public aware of atrocities committed by the proxy mercenaries of their governments. Instead, blame the governments for being the root cause of the atrocities, and if your goal is to prevent ISIS videos from being seen, then you’ll need to address the cause of the problem, not the effect. As I said earlier, you can kill the effect by silencing Best Gore, but so long as your government keeps funding ISIS, these videos will keep coming, and ISIS will find new ways to make them seen.

By exposing the ISIS atrocities without censorship, Best Gore affords the public the opportunity to better understand the problem, and see it for what it is. Consequently, Best Gore has done more to counter the threat of ISIS than any western regime that seeks to use ISIS as an excuse to censor the internet, and control what information reaches the public. My prosecution proves that this is indeed the case.

You’ve mentioned in the past some instances where groups have used videos for political reasons – Syrian rebels claiming Mexican beheading video was the work of Assad, for instance – and your members have realised this was false. Would you be able to share any other examples of your site exposing things like this?

Other examples are the video of domestic gas leak explosion that the terrorists published with the claim that this was the aftermath of an air raid on children by the forces of president Bashar al Assad, or when the lynching video from Kenya was used to claim that it shows Muslims being murdered by Buddhists in Burma, or the video of the earthquake aftermath from Tibet, which was used to claim that Russians killed all these people in Eastern Ukraine.

There are many more examples like that, and they all explain why Best Gore is constantly under attack by the governments, and subject to smear campaigns by the mainstream press. Best Gore destroys conspiracy theories and fake news with evidence the public can see with their own eyes. No wonder it makes people in the position of power, who seek to profit from endless wars and exploitation of the populace nervous, and constantly plotting to shut me down for good.

Is there anything you wouldn’t host on the site?

Quite a bit. For example, I don’t do animal suffering, unless it has a very solid chance at serving the public good. This is why we published the videos of Kenny Glenn abusing he terrified cat called Dusty, or the video of US soldiers clubbing a sheep to death, or throwing a puppy off a cliff.

Are you ever ‘haunted’ by something you’ve seen?

You get desensitized by it, once you’ve seen enough of gore. Which is what makes the website so verifiably helpful. Real life is uncensored, and happens to all of us. You can whine at Best Gore all you want, the fact of a matter is, tomorrow a child could be killed right in front of your own kids, and they will have witnessed it firsthand. There will be no warnings about graphic content, no option to leave the site. It will happen, there will be real blood, real death, real brain matter on the ground, real beating heart ripped out of the rib cage… This is reality and we are all subjects to it.

Hell, it could even happen that your kid gets run over and cut in half. We have dozens of videos of people being cut in half and living to experience the agony. If that happened to your kid, he or she would get to see gore on themselves. Would you still go and whine at Best Gore if it happened?

By posting the videos and photos that we do, we help desensitize people to gore, so when a real life event involving gore happens in their lives, they won’t faint, they won’t freak out, they won’t throw up, they won’t make it worse. To the contrary, they will remain collected much as a doctor is when he performs a gory surgery.

And it is the same with me. I remember when I started Best Gore, there were videos that were making me queasy, but little makes me pause these days, and that makes me content with who I am, and with how I would conduct myself in a difficult situation.

However I will admit that I constantly find myself having difficult time processing content in which the defenceless are brutally victimized. Israeli soldiers using Palestinian children as human shields, for example, or old people beaten to death for the little pension money they got, are but two examples.

Are there any videos you regret seeing?

Even if I found myself feeling that way, I would quickly realize that what I saw is what really happened somewhere in the world, and by seeing that, I am more aware of the way the world is.

Tell me a bit about the Magnotta video, and how that was passed onto you. Why was this video in particular singled out for prosecution?

My prosecution was political, not criminal. The Magnotta video was singled out because the Canadian regime could not come up with another reason to put me in jail.

It was the classic case of first having the victim the regime sought to imprison, and then the law books were being searched for the reason to justify it. In democratic societies, it works the other way around – first there is a crime, and then the investigators search for the perpetrator, but no investigation takes place if no crime was committed. A crime is only a crime if someone suffered harm or loss, or a realistic possibility of harm or loss.

In my case, the regime tried to pin various made up charges on me, including terrorism, child pornography, or hate propaganda, but were unable to justify them without raising blatant suspicion that the prosecution was manufactured. So they settled with charging me with “Corrupting Morals” and chose the Magnotta video to make the charge stick.

Police notes and subsequent cross examination confirmed that the prosecution started with them having me as a person they sought to throw in jail. They didn’t even know who I was, where I was, or if I even had anything do to with any of the content on the Best Gore website. They had my name, and decided that this is the guy they’re gonna make an example of, and teach him the lesson, so that whoever comes after him, resorts to self censorship or else they’re next.

Did it make you wary of posting things that could land you in legal trouble?

No. I run the website that exposes the people with power abusing their positions of power on the general public. There is inherent risk in serving the public, not the powers that be, and I have always been aware of it. I chose to do the right thing and kept informing the public nevertheless. Surely enough, it landed me in jail, but that’s mostly because I lived in Canada.

I was not prosecuted because I published the Magnotta video, but because I lived in Canada. The same video was published by other webmasters from other countries, but none of them faced any form of government sanctioned attacks against them and/or their websites for publishing the video, even if they did it solely for the shock of it. Canada is the only country in the entire world that prosecutes expression the entire rest of the world considers untouchable under the international human rights law.

What kind of traffic does the website attract currently?

Whereas I don’t track visitors, I do not have the answer to that, but my guestimate is in the 5 million unique readers range a month. That’s 5 million people who are aware and don’t live with rose tinted shades on their mugs.

Where do most of your visitors come from? How does Australia rank?

Unfortunately I would have no way to answer that question. I am aware of a number of registered members who are Australian, though.

When did the site start earning money? In general terms, has it been quite lucrative?

The site has been ad free most of its life. Ads were put up when I was taken hostage by the Canadian regime, to assist with costs of running the site while I was forced to defend myself (without a lawyer, as I couldn’t afford one, even though I don’t have legal education or experience, and don’t even speak English well enough to make any worthwhile arguments).

Because of the website’s niche, monetization is challenging at best. No company with reasonable advertising budget would want to advertise on a website that exposes police brutality, government abuse of citizens, war profiteering and similar anti-people activities. So all I’m left with is porn, and porn doesn’t earn much. Worse yet, porn earns less today than it did 5 years ago.

Nobody is happy about porn ads on the site, least of all myself, but even though these ads earn very little, I wouldn’t be able to sustain the site without them, so they are a necessary evil. Getting an account and logging in removes all ads, though.

What’s next for you? Are you planning to continue running the website, given your current situation?

I successfully escaped the tyrannical regime of Canada, and am currently seeking political asylum in a neutral country. Whereas the Canadian regime violated my internationally recognized human rights, their abuses are currently being investigated by the Inter-American Commission on Human Right, a permanent body of the Organization of American (OAS), who has opened a file to investigate the State of Canada in relation to human rights abuses against me.

At present time, I am awaiting a response from my host country, and will decide on the next step then. Meanwhile, I continue being involved with Best Gore, and have the goal to stick around at least until the number of blog pages reaches 1,000. I rejoined Best Gore when it was at 846. It is currently at over 900, and could get to 1,000 by the end of the year.

I may leave publishing on the internet all together by then, but whereas I was threatened with assassination by the Canadian police, I will spend the rest of my life in hiding. I have been slowly acquiring survivalism skills in order to sustain myself in the bush far away from the civilization, should the need for it arise.

Do you think there is more demand for ‘gory’ or graphic content these days? Is the site now more popular than ever?

Yes, the site is more popular right now than it’s ever been. Even though I don’t collect any stats, there are some third party applications that one can fall back to. Alexa ranking is one such application, and it suggests significant growth in popularity over the past few months. That growth was quite extraordinary though, and may have been influenced by my unceremonious return, so it is likely that it will retract at some point and stabilize on a certain level.

Do you remember the first gory video you watched? Or one that really sparked your curiosity in the genre?

Chechclear. I first came across it a long time before starting Best Gore. It was on a foreign website. I remember I was unable to finish watching it. It was just too brutal for me at the time. Years went by, I started Best Gore and after about a year of running it, I felt desensitized enough to revisit Chechclear. This time around, I was able to finally watch the whole thing and put it up on the site.

I found the humanizing elements definitely affect me. Certain content which is far less graphic than most of what we see at Best Gore, when it strikes close to home, or involves situations I find myself in often, tends to have a more profound impact on me. A kitchen knife cut on a finger, for example would make me cringe, but a beheading of an apostate in Iraq wouldn’t. I believe it has to do with the fact that certain things you can relate to, others are so distant, that they either don’t involve you, or are unlikely to involve you, and therefore your mind tends to process them differently.

While I can’t speak for other people, I have heard Best Gore members who ride motorcycles lament on motorcycle accident videos when someone suffers serious injury or death after being in a situation they often find themselves in. It would have little emotional impact on me, but quite profound on avid bikers.

Anything involving the undue suffering of the downtrodden tends to impact me a lot as well. There was this old woman who got stoned to death by a robber for the little money she had on her. The pictures showed her hardened, wrinkled, cracked hands, quite clearly demonstrating that this woman had known little joy in life and mostly her life was about hard manual labor, and now that she’s too old to work, she collects minimal pension that she can barely make do with, and you can see all that from the way her body is worn out, and then you realize that after living the hard life she got bashed on head with a rock until it pulverized, and all for the equivalent of a couple of dollars that she had on her – these things really touch you deeply.

Emergency services responding to tragic events have reported being able to ‘switch off’ to horrific injuries, but are haunted by things like the sound of phones ringing, knowing it means loved ones are attempting to contact victims. Have you had experience with this?

A friend of mine who is an undertaker answered similar question of mine in the same manner. He drives a van and goes where a corpse was found to collect it and take it to a mortuary. In vast majority of cases it’s just job. There could be a guy who was found 3 weeks after dying, and the stench would be something awful, his body putrefied on the floor, but it’s still just the job that has no impact on his emotional state.

But one day he got called to collect a female corpse from an accident scene. He got to the scene, and there was this young Philippine woman who tragically died in a car crash. Up to this point it was all just another job, but then he found the filled up Western Union slip with money attached to it, which she was apparently on her way to send to her impoverished family back home. She worked two jobs and lived extra frugally in order to support her family at home, and died tragically on her way to send them money. She was mangled beyond recognition, but that had negligent impact on him. The fact that the WU slip showcased her as a caring woman who worked hard in a foreign country to provide for her relatives back home gave her human properties, so she no longer was just a corpse in need of transport.

^^End of Interview^^

Thanks for reading if you got all the way here. Tomorrow I’m moving to a secluded farm deep in a mountain. I’ll be focusing on polishing self sufficiency skills and getting the proper handle on gardening and raising farm animals. I will still be making appearances, but they will be fewer than they used to be.



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  1. @happy

    I’m very impressed by your execution of admirable articulation for each posed inquiry. I believe you spoke very well on behalf of, not just the site and you as the CEO of Gore Inc., but for US–your community. This site has changed my life for the better–knowledge is indeed power and BG serves to remove the filter from the lens of reality in a way unparalleled by ANY other media outlet. If people out there in Gorelandia are anything like myself, I have few people that know I visit this site every single day, for I fear judgement from, for example, my colleagues. I know very few people in my “real life” who enjoy true reality news like I myself, who delights at this site in a way even I struggle to appropriately articulate. Nevertheless, we all congregate as a brethren of gore–where the masks come off and we join you in the removal of our filter.

    I find it mind-boggling that the site continues to grow in such an alternative pathway from the norm. For example, BG is 100% BLOCKED from Facebook–you cannot share a link publicly nor privately. How many successful brands in today’s capitalistic atmosphere, can legitimately live and grow organically without the benefit of mainstream social media? Very fucking intriguing to me.

    In an effort to be completely candid in my observations, I’ll readily admit you sometimes push my “bitch button” by the way in which you often generalize women. Not because I’m some psychotic femi-nazi. Rather, in fact, because I’m just the opposite, and believe I share such with a lot of females in this community–a lack of the characteristics that piss you off so much. I only suggest that you take into account that your audience actually possesses, what I’d guess to be, a shit-ton of cool ass bitches. I’d absolutely love to sit down at a bar with a great jukebox and shoot the shit with you. I’ll bet you’d be an excellent conversationalist and intellectually stimulating debater. Okay, done with my bitching–I’ll go back to sandwich-making and dishwashing now. Hehe!

    In summation, I believe I speak for everyone, when I say thank you–genuinely–for all your time and effort to speak on the behalf of all of us. And for all that you contribute to our lives daily with the site. ❤️

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        I don’t know acneska but I’ve respected her and yes I found her to be abrasive, are we not all? but in visiting There anyone that can incite that much contempt ,disdain and pure unadulterated HATE I can not only drop to my knees and WORSHIP I can LOVE. she is truly one badass bitch . if she indeed purged this place of the sirens of sob she did every damn one of us a favor and I salute her.

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        AWwwwrrooooooo, inc.

  2. Farming is an extremely useful skill to build upon and can be very calming to the mind, it is good to keep in touch with our basic existence and continue the work of our simple ancestors but some forget how educational farming really is.

  3. Hey Mark,
    You know it wouldn’t hurt to put a link on one of your pages where it directs the user to learn how to donate $ to your (our community’s) site.
    Id bet you’d be surprised how many of us would throw you a couple bucks to say thanks to you. #Showusthelink (my 1st hashtag.

      1. and I nominate @thedre to implement and otherwise make it happen because Mark wouldnt ever and anyone who doesn’t trust or otherwise realize thedre is solid gold needs their (censored)
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          I really like you @gnat

  4. @happy

    Very well spoken here, as always. Though it’s not the usual content, I wholly enjoy it when you take the time to share things like this. Especially when it involves what you are doing on a personal level. Not that you owe it to us, but I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that was around during and even before the whole Magnotta bullshit went down, that it brings a smile to my face every time you post a tidbit about your new free life. We didn’t go through that in reality, but we were with you every step in spirit. Once/if you decide to close the book on this chapter in your life, know that you have earned it. Though we will miss the site, and most of all you, you have our utmost respect and understanding. You deserve freedom and happiness.

    Now that the mushy shit is over, back to the blood bath!

  5. The article turned out really well. I recall the request for members comments and the subsequent flood of responses. Many people took a moment to explain why they visit BG and what the content has had on their daily lives.
    This was an opportunity to show that normal people can be interested in this type of uncensored reality while disproving notions that ALL viewers are demented, sick fucks.
    In contrast, some comments highlighted the vast difference between a smart-ass and a dumb-ass. I wish that I could have seen the authors response to some of the comments.
    Some paraphrased examples of my favorite type of member comments:
    -“It makes happy my cok to fack dead hores.”
    -“fuck-a-bunch-a-bitches I’ll beat a gutter whore between pay days Goddammit how the fuck can I make a mother fuckin’ grilled cheese when Goodyear doesn’t even make a fuckin’ lawnmower tire FuCk”
    Free but priceless entertainment.

  6. Loved the whole article. What really stuck out is that video chechclear. That’s the video that started it all for me way back. I thought it was called Russian boot where I first saw it. Holy shit I get to revisit where it all started. Thanks @happy.

  7. Very good read…this site very well does give people an idea of the grittiness and ugliness of life and what people are capable of doing to one another…more importantly i credit Best Gore for giving people strength…We all know how we could potentially die in certain situations…For example if we are Christian in a muslim country we might expect to be tortured and beheaded and thats my point…If we were to go to a Muslim country in war we would go into it with eyes wide open knowing the potential ugliness we might suffer…if that were unknown we might either be scared to go or when we were standing before our beheader we might denounce our faith and beliefs because the fear of the unknown would be too much to handle…yet because of Best Gore we know about how long it would take to be beheaded and were already desensitized to-as you said Mark- the gore being performed on ourselves…we know what expect…and knowing what to expect gives us the choice to stand tall and stare those horrible possibilities in the face because we know what could happen…and that gives us the strength and bravery to stare that possibility in the face because if we are in that situation it would be because a choice we made with eyes wide open and have already prepared ourselves for…Best Gores content allows and affords us the strength we need to truly be brave and maintain our faith because we’ve seen the monster and know that if our end is coming at the hands of him all we can do is die well and we can therefore focus our attention on that rather than the fear and accept our fate bravely as men should…Thank You Mark…you haven’t corrupted morals you’ve you’ve made us brave and strong by allowing us to make choices with consequences in full view…perhaps this might seem like bs but i really do believe what i am writing…Thanks again

  8. i think the videos at this site is fuckd up at its best but these kind of site teaches people how shitty our world is. It’s an eye opener, when i was younger i never thought of these videos are happening around the globe namely torture, beheading etc. Also some videos here made me more cautious, alert and prepared about my surroundings since we never know what will happen next, better be ready than sorry. Also that chechclear, i think that was the very first brutal video i saw before and it is not on this site and it made me really dizzy when i first watch that lmao.

  9. I am 24 now but remember when I was 13 I started to know the web and damn I hate this time I live in now with rose tinted glasses media, making youth sheep; consumption sheep.

    Me and many same age people are saying the coming 20 years we will see/participate something bigg, still we will face it with our anger and justice for a real world! that is rawr and truth to find the cure the be one unity of the human race!

  10. this site and its owner will go down in history and i am not talking napoleon or nikola tesla type of history but if you have the internet age legends, mythical figures, celebritys, controversy, game changers etc then mark marek and this site will be legendary. they both will go down as the top ten internet legends maybe even top 5. they say the biggest legends are the ones that change public thoughts and ways of thinking forever and mark has done that. alongside figures such as hitler tesla lennon jfk etc (using history figures before the web as examples) these are the people that come along and change the course of mankind forever and the winding path that is humanity/consciousness whatever we are then you can safely say this place has changed millions of minds forever, and that for me cements mark marek as an internet legend for thousand of years maybe forever if we ever as a species get to know what that is.

    1. History will not be so kind I am sorry to say.

      To those who see websites like Bestgore as being representative of a greater online freedom Mark will surely be remembered as a trailblazer. However, to those who want greater online restrictions and wish to dictate to others what they can and cannot view and what they can and cannot say Mark will surely be remembered as a bad hombre in the Wild West era of a bygone internet age.

      Many governments including my own have already started this process of online restrictions and MSM are constantly pushing the angle that internet freedom equals pain and suffering hence the focus on terror attacks and day to day murder being linked to online activity. That Mark has to live precariously as a result of his online activity is proof enough of this fact.

      This current “war on terror” is being run simultaneously as a war on freedom, the former being used to disguise the latter. How did this “terror” of which we need to be protected come to be?, via our own governments of course. They created the circumstances, the reasons and the means by which this “terror” can get at us and then they created the ways by which they can and will protect us from it all, all at the expense of our personal freedom of course and we accept it willingly because any personal restriction is better than the prospect of death.

      If our governments were truly concerned about the threat of Islam they would not be importing it in record numbers. They would not be so adamant that mass uncontrolled immigration is good and that “diversity” and “multiculturalism” is the best way forward and they would not be destabilising the Middle East as a matter of course to further exasperate the problems.

      If the current direction of things is not changed I foresee Christopher Lambert’s Fortress as being the future we all inhabit.

      The fact that change can only come at the hands of the people is what pisses me off the most because I fully understand what it means to be human and therefore automatically know that our hopes rest on such a long fucking shot.

        1. OMG how in the hell can you decipher asterisk and not debacle uptop.
          you are freakish girl however it is slut, I don’t say cunt unless it’s screamed with my legs over my shoulders.
          thanks @bella I am so so unabashedly blushing. whatever, Mark is awesome and is my crush so glad I didn’t declare in your forum grrr but what’s not to dig about him unless the girl is one of those types he just doesn’t much care for..
          so yes he is taken you winky wench , however you seem nice maybe look us up later (blink).
          after my punishment and bella I will deal with you later
          wink, inc.

          1. Yes I believe I saw thedre mention your fond bond together you + mark awhile back 😉 Adorable

            As for the rest, you make me smile 🙂 Your such a character I’m intrigued

          2. bella you are a blast and I feel I could hang with you without being those catty girls that get on each other’s nerves!

  11. The old lady who got her head bashed for a couple of bucks, did they get the son of a piece of shit?
    Anyway, good luck on your mountain plan, and whenever i start making some serious money i’ll send you some but you better watch your back, you never know what can happen if you let your guard down, like the people who commited suicide under suspicious circumstances after seeing explosions but no planes on 911

  12. The first gore video I ever watched was of an execution by gun fire. Some people were tied to a pole, blindfolded and then shot. It affected me very little because the quality was so low and the audio was non existent. However, I always remembered it. Several years later I stumbled upon a link to a video of “muslim children setting a dog on fire”. To this day that video bothers me. I think the reason being is because the only motive is cruelty. There was no political or pragmatic message. It was only because of a desire by those teenage boys to be as mean as possible. Honestly, that video made me cry. I think even if I watched it now I might get emotional.

    I view meaningless cruelty different than cruelty that has a purpose, even if the purpose of that cruelty is stupid. I put it this way. If ISIS cuts off the head of one of their enemies, yess it is cruel. But it doesn’t necessarily meet the threshold of being evil. Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t condone, support or defend ISIS. I’m just saying, they have a reason for their actions and to them their actions are pragmatic. However, seeing a man put a panther in a tiny cage and then pour gasoline on the panther and then set it on fire, that’s evil because the only motivation is to be cruel.

    It’s that needless cruelty that gets to me.

    1. I like your comment, and I agree that people see different forms of violence in different light, but i strongly disagree with the panther example. BG community loves to root for the animals (which is a great thing) but panthers are no joke. They are the fu**ing devil stalking at you. They eat your cattle, your dogs, your kids, and you don’t need to be a retarded moron to fall pray of them yourself. I much prefer the dogs as example of injustice, since they are so trustworthy creatures.

  13. @bella laughing my ass off thank heavens he made everybody up I forgot what a clusterfuck that thread immediately morphed into anything he had he got from email. dawn is NOT @shadarus and in my mind congratulations to @dethbyplaster as she represented us and herself well and has a nice piece of nostalgia for her and mom and she should get couple hardcopies of article sign and send to Mark and he can sign and return one back to her. nice job you too, you saved it.

    1. I did it but I have no way to upload it! hard press on pic (right click if mouse?) open original image and download to photo/image editor and tinker/crop within there!

      if I can do it, you can too! although it was sacrifice of knife and fork but it just made her have bigger boobs

  14. You were totally right, we hate clickbait and being deceived. Facebook and youtube are full of those.
    I come here because you deliver on what you show. No clickbait title and image, backstory to the pics/videos and commitment to the truth.
    Keep up the good work Mark!

  15. Long time lurker, but had to make an account just to comment.

    Chechclear was the first video many years ago for me as well! Couldn’t stop thinking about it for a long while after…

    The answers in the interview are like my exact thoughts also!

  16. Mark Marek is my fucking hero, and will always be my hero. First redpill on the Holohoax, courtesy of Mark. First glimpse at how sick man can really be, courtesy of Mark. I love this man.

  17. There is a full-color 5-page article in the May issue. It looks good. It mentions
    Chris, 28 of South Australia
    Dawn, 33 of Pennsylvania US (this is me)
    Grant, 46
    Jen, 49 of Oregon US
    Professor Kim Felmingham
    Robert, 32 of Texas US
    And of course Mark
    It goes into detail regarding Mark’s ordeal and does quote him without very much editing, which is cool, because he says what he wants to say about being politically prosecuted and living a life on the run.
    Jake used a pretty good bit of my interview with him – I spoke on the phone with him. The article starts by talking about Daniel Pearl and it mentions that it was the first beheading video I watched. It talks about how much it bothered me.
    Jen was in a major car accident and talks about how the site helps her. By seeing terrible wrecks online, they don’t visit her nightmares. I don’t know who Jen is.
    The others mention coming to the site for real news and it makes them thankful for the life they have. One of the guys doesn’t want to look but it is “addicted.” I thought that was interesting.
    Overall, it’s a fair piece and visually good-looking with a lot of red and black bold lettering and quote boxes.

    1. Ah! Now I see where the link to the article is here on the page. I was confused because people were talking about it but no article. I didn’t see the link. I was in the hospital when this all came out so I missed the info. And my previous post is pretty much useless and should be disregarded. My apologies for time-wasting and repeating stuff already posted. Have mercy, I was sick. I will repeat though that I’m glad Mark was allowed to speak freely in the piece. That’s really the most important part to most of us, I think. I don’t think he had a decent platform before to really speak the truth.

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