Crack Head Woman Has Chimp-Out in a Store

Crack Head Woman Has Chimp-Out in a Store

Please tell me this is just a clip from a reality show. Right? Guys? Didn’t think so. What we have here is a black woman who is going ape shit inside a store over…well, I really don’t know. I could not make out a single word she was saying. But she believed in what she was saying, there is no denying that. May be she is just high as shit on that “wet” or maybe crack…maybe she’s just a relative of her.

Either way, never get in the way when a black woman has a chimp-out. Just let them go, they’ll calm down eventually.

Props to MrsPink for the WTF?!

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          1. Exactly! This buck is trying so hard to get someone to argue with him because he hates how obvious it is that they are the most useless race of “humans” on earth…

    1. Silly woman, thinking cops can help her.

      She’s probably already dead from a cop shooting if this video is recent enough; then again, if she was shot we wouldn’t hear the end of it from the media who would quickly turn this into either a race war or gender war with either black or woman being the victims (two victim narratives for the price of one! How can they refuse?).

        1. @mrchopblade I’m gathering that you are probably a black person yourself? I understand you disliking the recklessly racial shit that gets said on the internet,(god forbid people say what they want on the internet) but are you defending this hippos actions against people comparing her to a raging elephant in a circus yard? She could have chosen so many more ways to deal with her bullshit than throwing the tantrum of a rhinoceros shot full of sedatives? I mean, if the lady wants to act like a shit flinging baboon, then why the hell can we not describe her as a shit flinging baboon?

    2. I miss the good old days when someone as much as thought about doing what she did, it ended up with the storekeeper whacking her thick skull thoroughly with a baseball bat.

      Don’t people stand up for themselves anymore these days?

      1. Yes they do. Think about how the world is and has always been, my friend. So bash her head with a bat, right? By that logic though, anyone can physically harm anyone else that they believe has aggrieved them. If u believe in this philosophy then u have made yourself susceptible to the same abuse. So be prepared

        1. I’m not a idiot, i know we have to have some laws in place, duh, its just people now a days are way to quick to rely on police for help, because of this, i live in a full force police state. Life is not always pretty, take a look at the wild, we are no different, we just THINK we are. Governments are not here to protect you, they’re here to protect the wealthy, and corporate interests.

    3. And then their is an uprising in her city because of her wrongful death and all the pale skinned police are engulfed in a swarm of angry people of color that bludgeon them with air Jordan’s filled with concrete and proceed to the homes of their families to take the residence. Fresh blood still on their shoes. We can dream right? Lol

  1. I could be wrong but I think she was yapping off about the Eurozone leaders clinching a deal with Greece to negotiate a third bailout to keep the nearly bankrupt country in the Eurozone. She’s angry because…fuck Greece.

        1. Haha, that happened here once; a shoplifter was caught in a mall , he ran away and the staff followed him. Then the thief stopped, shat in his hands and threw the turds at his pursuers. It worked, he got away!

          1. Hahahaha! Hopefully the word doesn’t get out about their successful escape otherwise there’s gonna be an increase of shit throwing across the country.

  2. If I were a cashier(and I was before) I’d pick some of the (intact) food that she threw down and have a free snack. Plus I’d have a good laugh about it afterwards. In fact, I’d disappear for about 1/2 an hour to an hour, and say I was worried for my own safety. A good days work.

    1. Do you believe that she was acting like a human being?
      It’s pretty easy for you to disregard her behavior and turn your attention to others, is it just as easy for you to put yourself in the shoes of the people who will have to clean up after this animal?

      1. i agree that blacks are more likely to be criminals and not the brightest race around but i try to be open minded also. In this case it is very possible she is just mentally ill which does not only effect blacks. also could be she was mentally ill and trying to get suicide by cop which happens, why else is she yelling call the police?

          1. Wow…really? Gravity is also “just a theory.” Evolution is a fact, a robust theory that has stood the test of time and for which there is overwhelming evidence.

        1. We are more closely related to chimps/bonobos than chimps/bonobos are to gorillas. Ape is not a species, but a superfamily which includes us as well as chimps, bonobos, gorillas, orangutans, and gibbons.

          1. It’s OK mama, I laugh when I hear that too. The big geezer in Lock Stock says it the best. ” Facking Nowvern Mankees ”
            And he’s a bloody Gorilla !! 😀

    2. Its people like you who can’t see the truth and who hides under the comfort blanket of tolerance that are the biggest stick in the wheel of human advancement. They should torture her on live TV to warn other niggers of what will happen next time

    1. It’s just the times we live in now. Witnessing a hateful nigger acting out like this is nothing new. Encountering a racist jiggaboo is nothing new either. The new aspect is that the media and entertainment industry has created an environment in which blacks are encouraged to be hateful and praised for being racist.
      As far as I’m concerned, if I want to call a nigger a nigger, I should expect to be called a cracker or whatever they call us now. That doesn’t bother me. I should not, however, live in fear of losing my job and ability to provide for my family simply over the use of a word. Especially when, contrary to the strict ‘political correctness’ standards that whites are held to, Coons and Spooks and such will rob their employer blind, never do a lick of work, bring violence to the workplace etc. and cannot be fired for fear of retribution from the NAACP and the likes.

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