Craig Slee – Sentenced to 5 Years by UK ZOG for Calling the Jews “Enemy”

Craig Slee - Sentenced to 5 Years by UK ZOG for Calling the Jews Enemy

Zionists Occupied Governments worldwide continue doing their Israeli masters dirty work by jailing anyone and everyone who but hints disapproval of Zio terror. Even if it’s done in jest. Dubious “hate speech” laws help with this prosecution and wherever hate speech accusations won’t work, there the even more dubious “terrorism” laws step in. The numbers of political prisoners sent to jail because they had the nerve to express their thoughts on the Jew is alarming. Here’s an example of one jailed for 3 years by Australian ZOG, here’s one threatened to be thrown in jail by Canadian ZOG.

42 year old Craig Slee of Preston, Lancashire created an alter-ego Facebook account under the alias of Hashim X Shakur with which he inferred he was a member of the Taliban, posted links to pro Al Qaeda sites, published videos of beheadings carried out by Muslim extremists and called Christians and Jews “enemies”. I’m pretty sure it was the calling the Jews anything other than victims of the Holocaust and people who just want their own country but get attacked by Palestinian jihadists that got ZOG enforcers (police) to knock on his doors.

For this audacity, UK ZOG charged Craig Slee with “encouraging terrorism” and sentenced him to 5 years in prison and subject to the notification requirements of the Counter Terrorism Act 2008 for a period of 15 years. Judge Anthony Russell QC condemned Craig Slee for his “shocking and barbaric depravity” and said:

There is no doubt that this and the other videos have been created in order to encourage people to rally to the terrorist cause, however difficult it is to comprehend that such material would have that result except for the most perverted of minds.

Anti-terror police found Craig Slee had no connection to the Taliban, Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist network or organisation and was not a radical convert to Islam. Detective Chief Superintendent Tony Mole, head of the North West Counter Terrorism Unit, said: “It is clear that Slee was a total fantasist.

Anyone still thinks we’re free in the west? ZOG tells us that events like 9/11 happen because Islamists want to take away our freedoms. Isn’t the pre-requisite to taking something away, having it in the first place?

Props to Best Gore member annem for the tip. It gives me the opportunity to say it again:

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

— Voltaire

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53 thoughts on “Craig Slee – Sentenced to 5 Years by UK ZOG for Calling the Jews “Enemy””

      1. Respect for Seth Putnam ^ Anal Cunt rules.

        To be totally fair, though, I believe moderated prostitution, legalization of marijuana, and full rights for gays would help push the world into a new era of peace.

        That being said, 5 years for voicing your opinion is fucked right up. I don’t agree with his policy, but I certainly don’t believe in censorship, especially at this degree.


  1. I love to see the Jewish elites talk about ?encouraging terrorism” and jailing people for it.

    I would think that creating falsified documents to go to war and bombarding the population with stories of how horrible and mean these Arab countries leaders are is “encouraging terrorism”.

    I would think that creating puppet governments in these countries is ?encouraging terrorism”.

    We need to do a White mans Mandela moment, we need to stand and fight, demand that they stop jailing people for free speech.

    The hypocrisy of these people shows how fucking psychopathic they truly are, in their attempts to limit the damage they only cause more damage, they’re a complete joke, sadly they are also a very dangerous and very powerful joke, I just hope that with the state of the worlds economy and the diminishing freedom of the people that they choose to rise up and fight.

  2. ‘Judge Anthony Russell QC said: “It beggars belief that anyone can have an interest in such material which reveals a shocking and barbaric depravity and complete absence of any degree of humanity.’………….LOL!! But it’s quite acceptable for Judges, Lords, Peers etc. to have paedophiliac predilections, nothing barbaric and depraved about that is there, fucking loon.

  3. UK has no free speech. Emma West was arrested for complaining about the immigrantion problem.

    Oh come everybody lets all say together the Jew is the Enemy, and I mean let’s really hear the Music in it.

          1. Im sorry for the cuss words… the Chinese bitch does suck dick like the others, its just the thought of her stucco scraping buck teeth that give me the willies.

    1. This guy could be quickly followed by the owner of this site, or any single one of us posting on it.

      Thankfully, I think the owner of this site is outside the West..

      FPSRussia (Youtuber) just got raided by the ATF for no reason. White people being locked up for voicing their opinions..

      Yeah. But discrimination and oppression of Whites is ridiculous.

      Just like Whites aren’t being exterminated by the ANC Government and it’s supporters in South Africa.

      1. FPS was raided because he didn’t have the required pemits needed to be paid for the use of explosives. It’s not a huge deal, his attorney stated it was just a mix up, as he had permits, just not the right ones.

    1. And it’s going to reap what it sows.

      Current USA 2013: 66% White, Strong Nation Showing more Cracks and Weaknesses every year, Infested with Liberal poison. Tons of unsafe cities. White Demographic declines at about 2% Annually.

      Projected USA 2033: 26% White (66% -2% every year for 20 years), Crumbling Nation, Gaping Holes in every sector, no outside power. Every city a mirror image of Detroit. Whites live in walled off compounds ala South Africa, but still get killed by roaming Africans and Mestizo’s.

  4. no free speech for muslims and their friends.
    do not forget, the Jews indeed control banking, finance, and medias.
    but when islam reigns, it needs none of these hi-tech environments to do so.
    islam is much more dangerous than zio, because zio needs a hi-tech infrastructure to exist in our present world.
    islam merely needs enforcers with knives and stones, one book is enough for them, and the constant neighbour spying network they manage to establish even in the most backward African countries.
    I do believe zio maybe put us in this situation, but in the end, the street-level, the only one that counts, is islam’s terrain.
    when my visa card fails, jews won’t be a problem : muslims will be.
    who cares about a jewish tv journalist or a foreign finance baron, when every neighbour in the street is a jihadist able to burn your home and bathe in your blood?
    in the end, islam has the demographics, it has the relentless aggression, it has the human waves armed with improvised weapons.
    jews are a few millions on Earth. where is the true danger when you have what you’re wearing and you need food?

    1. But ask yourself why Muslims are pouring into our Countries en masse? Why is no one stopping them, and why, when you talk about it, you are labeled a racist, Islamophobe and effectively neutered?

      And if you persist – you can and will be attacked by Leftist types branding you a bigot, racist, fascist etc. all the while they are hitting you, throwing stuff at you.

      Why is no popular political movement standing up to it? Even the UK’s UKIP is only standing up to immigration from the EU. I haven’t heard anything about the massive Islamic invasion.


      How is it that Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Canada etc. started getting bombarded with the same issue at around the same time? How can each of these Countries be experiencing the exact same issues from the same type of people?

      I agree that Islam and Muslims are a bigger threat that we can see (Africans are also), but what created and fostered the environment ripe for their invasion (which it can be called nothing less)? What made it possible for them to flow into our Countries, politicize their Religion, build Mosques all over the damn place, out breed the Native Whites and turn whole cities into White minorities?

      What made it possible for our Countries to become rife with anti-White discrimination, hatred, prosecution, attacks, murder, rapes of Whites by these people?

      It would be traced back to Jewish manipulation and social-engineering.

      Sure – Muslims (And Africans) present the biggest threat that we see in-terms of violence, crime-rates, decaying infrastructure, turning entire cities into shitholes, anti-White racism and hatred etc. – but they are simply allowed to become threats, allowed to invade our Countries in such massive numbers because we’ve been handcuffed by the Jewish Hierarchy to accept ‘multiculturalism’.

      But this isn’t East-Asians, other White Cultures or even Indians who we’ve been told to ‘share’ with. It’s Africans and Muslims, and neither of those two groups can co-exist with anyone who isn’t them.

      And we shouldn’t be forced to constantly try to either, but we are.. Why? What’s the endgame?

      Why is no one talking about how rapidly England is becoming non-White? Why is no one talking about the dropping White demographics in any of our Countries? Why is no one wondering about the future of the USA, when the White demographic slips to 26% in 20 years?

      Why does no one speak up for the White South Africans getting brutally and savagely murdered by Blacks?

      Because we are White. And that means we deserve any suffering inflicted upon us.

      1. im from Britain, and let me just say, im proud of my history, even the slavery part of it, we made the largest empire on earth, if it wasent for us, america wouldnt exist, india would probably be on par with africa, same with the middle east (i think) if we brits didnt have slavery, then our empire wouldnt have grown to be as large, maybe america wouldnt have been born, india may not have been reached, who knows what would be different if we hadent turned to slavery, im proud to be british, fuck anyone who tries to take my country form me in any way!

    2. @Chalcedon

      You are a textbook example of a perfect jew sheep. They have you exactly where they want you – brainwashed into believing the symptom is the problem, not the cause. You bought into their propaganda 100%, you are a perfect sheep. Your life is complete.

  5. Hate brings hate, some lonely nut pretending to be apart of any cause is what saddens me about the fellow. If anyone wants to bring down anyone do it from inside and keep your mouth shut. The fascist architecture of this website should know better, you go against a power and you will be put down so commit to actions instead of words. Let?s use other existing groups instead of ZOG like every time there is an accident blame the Falun Gong for organ harvesting!!!

    1. The lot of us who get it know that there are three stages to a revolution and they are sequential. Stage 1, the most important step is ideological resistance. In this stage, the aware individuals work to wake up as many others as possible. There has been no successful revolution anytime in history that has not started with a shift in the mindset of the population.

      Nowadays the evil doers have the media to keep our mindset preoccupied with banal subject matter and brainwashed to believe the opposite, so the odds are against us. Yet it is a moral responsibility of each aware individual to pass the information about what is really happening and where we’re really heading onto others so they know where they stand.

      Stage 2 is civil disobedience, also known as non violent resistance. It’s only after stage 1 has completed and the spread of new ideologies has reached viral levels that you put your money when your mouth is. You try to skip stage 1, you fail. History shows us that a revolution cannot succeed unless a widespread shift in understanding of what is really going on is achieved.

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