Creepy Video of Guy Acting Weird and Spitting Blood

Creepy Video of Guy Acting Weird and Spitting Blood

Best Gore member goriot688 sent us this video which gives off a very creepy vibe and the fact that neither him, nor us know what it’s about makes it all even creepier.

The video starts with a Russian caption, but the talking is not Russian. It could be from one of former Soviet states, or from a part of Russia where they have their own language.

Throughout the video, the cameraman keeps yapping while the guy on the chair acts really weird, like he’s feeling sick and can’t help it. He spits on a couple of occasions and later in the video, pukes blood. But conveniently, just before the blood puke happens, there is a cut. This raises suspicion about the video’s authenticity. Surely the reason for the cut was for the actor to fill his mouth with dark reddish liquid, no?

The overall disturbing tone of the video may attempt to imply that the guy is possessed by an evil spirit and this is an exorcism session. Does anyone understand the language to fill us in?

Props to goriot688 for this hook up:

66 thoughts on “Creepy Video of Guy Acting Weird and Spitting Blood”

    1. The fack? Are these idiots seriously expecting us to buy this? They need to go away , take a couple of acting lessons , and try again with a slightly bigger budget , I’m talking at least ?8 . They need to purchase the gallon of corn syrup from Costco , not just the small one , incase they need a few takes to get this to Daniel Day Lewis standards…or alternatively they could just go and die and stop being cunts

  1. Total absence of sweat, his skin is as dry as an ashy skinned nigger. You can stick a couple of fingers down your throat you don’t even have to be sick and you will still sweat when you puke as big of a pig this one was it should have poured off him in buckets.

        1. I just wanted to say @rayf , please don’t get offended ( I’m not implying you do ) , by my profanities, I tend to do that occasionally .

          This guy ate all the pies , a bit like Chubby Brown sings .

          1. @Ewe bro I was thinking simple simon like them kid rhymes. Perhaps it’s a bit of that culture difference again. HAHALOL. Ewe I don’t take offense to what you say. Hope you would tell me if I offend you. You are definitely one of the coolest people on here. Like I said before bro I think it is funny but also cool as hell that we speak the same language but yet sometimes go huh when the other say’s something. I wish I was as cool headed and had your range of vocabulary. Much and SINCERE RESPECT for you and your opinions. And yes Ewe I have a lot of rough edges don’t know if they can ever be polished away, but I got no problem giving a sincere apology when I wrong someone.

          2. That’s kind of you to say @rayf , same here mate , I value what you have to say even if our wires do get crossed on occasion .

            My language can be choice at times , which is what I meant , I never mean it in a personal manner , I’m glad you know that , I kind of knew you would .

            Diamonds come with rough edges fella.

          1. I hear you there too bud , bloody hay fever has struck with a vengeance . Other than that I’m fine mate . Take care with the allergies bud .

  2. It is reassuring that he’s the only one in that Russian clinic waiting room! He shouldn’t have to wait much longer for some professional care. It must have been something he Ate. Too many edible fruit stickers perhaps. :mrgreen:

      1. I dont do puking any more, well not normally, too old for all that now. thats got to be the most half arsed attempt at “oooohh…. creepy ” I have ever seen, there are things in my fridge creepier than that!

        on a side note, I see your keyboard has been busy. did you get your holiday?

        1. Not puking in the hangover sense , I’m also way past that mate , but oh to be found comatose in some strange dark ally after a big night out …. not gunna happen I’m afraid , not any more . I just don’t like Mondays , never did , I guess lots of people are the same .Yeah this vid is up there with the shitest no doubt .

          The holiday is defo on the cards , don’t know where or exactly when yet , but god I need a break and soon . I’m thinking maybe Majorca or if that’s a no go Jersey . Not wanting to fly longer than 3 hours and no pikeys please is
          what I’ll say to the travel agent ! and sun of course .

          1. I’ll be lucky if I get a week in a tent, may even work my holiday and take the cash. and in any case the wife only likes frozen wastelands, so there’d be no sun and sangria for me!

          2. Last few years I’ve been up to the Lakes and really enjoyed it , beautiful place .

            Just feel like a chilling holiday , recharge the batteries . Camping is great anyway bobcat , nowt wrong with
            that bud .

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