Dashcam Video Captures the Depravity of Police

Dashcam Video Captures the Depravity of Police

I’m scared guys. I really am. I’ve seen a lot of fucked up shit in my time. But ain’t never seen anything like this. American cop from Dover, state of Delaware, USA, caught on his own dashcam dancing and singing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off”. Yeah, I had never heard it either but you’re gonna hear it now.

We here at Best Gore have been bringing you the truth behind police brutality and corruption but nothing could have prepared me for this. Video is over five minutes, so grab a beer, light a joint, and relax.

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  1. Ahaha! They are frustrated gays! Thats why they abuse civilians… πŸ˜†

    Look at his “professionality” at 1:15, 1:50 and 2:28 … πŸ˜†
    *Dances*, *known person appears* “Sup.. just doin’ mah job! Keep it clean, citizen.” *resumes dancing* … πŸ˜†

  2. I’ve fucking seen it all now. What a total and utter tosser. And to top it off, he’s an obvious doughnut munching fat knacker with a penchant for acting like a big fucking girls blouse !
    Arrest this tit head Now !

        1. Imagine being in the back of Officer Porkies car when he rips off a huge fart releasing a deadly gas from. the triple bacon cheeseburger he had for lunch all. While blasting swifty and singing along. I think I’d. wanna lay down so no one could see me.

        1. I only behave this way while people are looking.! soon as they look away appalled i laugh and go about my merry fucking way. was in a bar one night wasted and was eyeing some guys girlfriend was too drunk for discretion i geuss cause next thing i knew this big fucking jerkoff was face to face with me sreaming something about spilling my insides for staring at his girl. Far tooo drunk to defend myself and Without a hesitation i brushed my hand down his chest and mustered my best queer voice ” i was staring at you silly but we can pretend if it helps”. Boom triple take looking for the exit stuttered something and bolted left the bar his friends and his girl sitting at the table staring at me now wondering what the fuck i could have said to make thier fearless leader run from the bar. Bwahahahaaa now a days its a little different homophobia is not so severe thanks to television butt fucking queers are almost normal but when i was younger all you had to do was wear the wrong colour and you could get jumped for being a fag. Usually by fags in denial. Or overcompensating jocks as we called them lol

    1. If cops abuse their powers, they are inhuman shitnuggets.

      If cops take their jobs seriously, they have sticks shoved too far up their asses.

      If cops do silly things, then they are stupid twats.

      It’s a lose-lose for them on this site apparently.

      1. THANK YOU! You nailed it! Ignorant average idiots have absolutely no clue what cops go through on any given day. When they leave home, they don’t know if they will come back. They die in the line of duty leaving families and kids who are left to grieve forever at the senseless loss. Yes there are “dirty” cops but there a helluva lot of “good” cops.
        Would you do their job? The pay sucks, your life is always on the line, people hate them (until they need them). If the dude wants to sing then by gosh let him! Haters gonna hate. But when you need a cop, just call a thug and see who comes to help.

    1. Saw a interview with his boss and apparently those who’ve been in the cruiser when he’s done this and so they decided to flip the dashcam without his knowledge. He was a little embarrassed until this went viral.

  3. Pretty funny, I love how he stops dancing temporarily to allow the pedestrians to walk by. Too bad you don’t get to hear him singing, and too bad the cover version playing in this video is even worse than the original version of the song.

    Also, when I read “Yeah, I had never heard it either but you?re gonna hear it now.”, I was assuming you meant that you hadn’t heard the original Taylor Swift song. Would’ve asked you if you lived under a rock if that indeed was the case πŸ˜€

  4. What we don’t see is five seconds after the camera stops he runs over a pedestrian but to save his ass says that they tried to attack him and he had no choice but to run them over and then put 11 bullets in them…because he was scared for his life.

    1. That was the most god awful voice I have ever heard…I hope she can atleast suck a dick better than she can sing, isn’t she the one that keeps on getting dumped so I doubt she can even to that well….

  5. Why does everyone on this site hate cops? sure theres some individuals that shouldnt be cops, but holy hell, most of you guys seem to be saying the entire police force is bad..We’re not. I bet you’d be crying and calling us for help if you were ever in a bad situation.. All the power hungry cops, ones i luckily dont have to work with, all get handled with, and are punished.. the guy in the video is doing nothing wrong, just being human, having fun…

    1. The cops that I do personally know are all really good people who care about protecting citizens. The problem is there’s plenty of videos of cops abusing their power and getting away with murder…literally. You say these cops get handled and punished but we’ve seen time and time again where that’s not the case. When you see people in positions of power doing whatever they want without any consequences it makes you angry and you lose your trust in the ones who should be protecting you.

      Really it’s just a generalization. Not all cops are bad, not all asians suck at driving, not all Americans (USA) are fat and ignorant ect.

  6. LMAO…I saw this on the news, this cop said his daughter listens to this song all the time or something so he did too…but with disastrous results. This is traumatizing, but at least he didn’t shoot anyone. I’ll never listen to Taylor Swift the same way again, not that I ever did. Can I get a facepalm someone——ANYONE? UGH…:-O
    Refreshing post Obli-but NO death? Lol. πŸ˜‰

  7. This should be the theme song for the united states law enforcement.

    Fire tear gas into peaceful protesting and then pray and spray rubber bullets? Shake it off. Fire 9 rounds into a suspect that you believe is carrying a weapon because you are in fear for your life? Shake it off. Strangle and beat to death an individual who is resisting arrest because he is drunk, high or has a mental condition? Shake it off.

    If law enforcement wishes to appeal to the masses and insists that any call received or a day in the life of an officer isn’t just routine then they should act like it. If this clown is what constitutes a “hero” then I’d love to join this mafia.

  8. Wow. Dude knows all the words to the song lol. That’s something. Wonder if he knows Blank Space too.

    This was all over Facebook last week, I think? Didn’t watch it until I saw it here. Hahaha. The song cover is terrible, as ff the song wasn’t bad enough.

    Good chill out post, Obli.

  9. Funny as fuck. Fat cop havin a good day listening to some tunes and waving to people. At least he wasn’t shaking down kids for their lunch money or harassing drivers doing 1 km/h over the speed limit. Taylor Swift may even have saved a life. Leave the fat pig alone.

    1. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that the cop isn’t even listening to this song, he’s singing something else, though that song appears to be just as bad from his trendy lil car dance moves.
      The blanketing, catch all commentary that takes place by many of the regular commentators on this site is almost as disheartening in terms of humanity as the videos themselves.
      I am in agreement that too many of our law enforcement officers should not be in the line of work the are in, but in no way does that imply that I don’t see a need for some sort of public safety force to keep the assholes out there from adversely affecting decent peoples lives.
      I conclusion, why don’t all you shit talkers do something about this? Get up off your ass, enroll in the academy, be underpaid, deal with douche bags all day, and perhaps not go home after work is done cuz your dead. Please, show everyone how awesomely perfect you are.
      Again I say…hypocrites.

  10. This just makes me more afraid of police than ever. He probably just beat someone nearly to death, brushed off, and started singing and dancing like the sociopath most of them are. I grew up in a cop family. Nearly half my relatives were or are police officers. I’ve seen and been told that many police are corrupt, and no different than any other gang, besides carrying a badge. As an adult and a victim of violent crime, I’ve had them come into my home and break absolutely everything they could get their hands on, while laughing and joking that I’d probably get evicted for all the property damage. I’ll be the first to admit there are usually two sides to every story, but with police it’s often terribly one-sided violence and abuse. I have to stop and leave the page because the police just make me sick and I’ll never shut up once I get going, lol.

  11. If i’m not wrong this is mr. Officer Chancey coming from kiliing mr. Black-dude-forgethisname-stoprunning-Walker from that other video.. Right?. He must be really proud of himself by singing like that. That is one happy cerdito.

  12. There’s nothing wrong with liking a song. If it’s catchy and makes you happy to sing and do a little seat dancing, good for you! Geez, people can’t even have a little fun without getting bitched about anymore. At least he’s not the type of person who can’t have fun unless he’s drunk or high.

  13. Come on, guys… Lighten up… Just your friendly neighborhood porker enjoying his morning… Yes, Fat… Yes.. stupid… Yes… A W F U L music…

    Hell, I wished I enjoyed myself that much when I start my day… At least he is not mowing down the elderly in his squad car… (that we know about…)

  14. Just for the record, no one was “fooled”. No one believes this is what this cop does all day. It was made for fun, Obli posted it for fun. I am pretty confident that no one who saw me singing “Landslide” and playing air guitar with my camera, said to themselves, “Holy shit, it is Stevie Nicks”

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