Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore

Guro Art - Anchored Woman

Guro Art - Anchored Woman

For 12 solid years, has been the most prominent and popular gore (ie reality news) website in the world, and its present position is even more dominant. It has won numerous accolades, including “The Most Controversial“, or “The Most Shocking” website on the internet.

In 2012, the website gained global notoriety after the Best Gore’s community solved the mystery behind of the vile murder of a Chinese student in Canada. The case exposed the Canadian police as corrupt and incompetent, which lead to my persecution and imprisonment. has a very solid and loyal user base, so it is completely and totally resistant to search engines algorithms, as well as governmental and institutional bans.

Out of respect for user’s privacy, no third party traffic tracking scripts such as Google Analytics are installed on Best Gore, but one month of total traffic data is available through CloudFlare, who provide CDN services for the website.

According to CloudFlare’s analytics, the traffic stats for the last 30 days up to April 30, 2020 are:

Total Requests: 1,200,666,752
Total Unique Visitors: 2,894,535

Total Requests to Best Gore

Top traffic countries by number of requests are:

United States: 501,125,152
United Kingdom: 85,237,937
Germany: 51,385,051
France: 48,601,991
Canada: 44,131,309

Top Traffic Regions to Best Gore

That’s as much in terms of analytics as CloudFlare provides.

Today Best Gore celebrates 12 years of being the best gore website in the world. It’s quite something to realize that I’m now 12 years older than I was when I started the site.

It’s never been easy to retire from active publishing, because BG has an amazing community and the support I have always received cut short all my previous attempts to leave it behind.

Yet in spite of the past, my real life projects won’t lend me enough time to keep updating the site, so even though I may make a new post here and there, the website is going to a wind down mode and I will not be looking for someone to maintain it on my behalf.

That being said, pursuant to the suggestion brought up last year, if you have a budget that ends with six zeroes, and would like to take over Best Gore as the new owner and run the site any way YOU like, hit me up on email and let’s talk: bestgore [at] or

The large cache of several gigabytes of videos, including the original versions without watermark, of most of the material published on as well as thousands of those that didn’t get to be published, will be provided with the sale of the website.

I will make an appearance here and there, but sooner or later I will go off grid, however comment sections, activity pages and forums will remain open for those who have access to them.

Keep rocking,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

389 thoughts on “Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore”

          1. I ’m Chinese. Actually in China, you can’t access most of the overseas websites. I mean Facebook will not work, but you guessed it. It ’s not difficult for young people to bypass the government blockade, at least mine University classmates like bestgore

          2. Shite if that be true million are unable to attempt to improve the conditions in this world as they may not even imagine people are not only able in those cases where atrocities are performed. But comfortable in those acts. Hence blind as to what may be done to denormalize that thinking. Assuming there is a means to weed out and prevent that behavior

        1. hi , the best solution for Belgium is to use PSIPHON , Psiphon is a circumvention tool from Psiphon Inc. that utilizes VPN, SSH and HTTP Proxy technology to provide you with uncensored access to Internet content. Your Psiphon client will automatically learn about new access points to maximize your chances of bypassing censorship.

          Psiphon is designed to provide you with open access to online content. Psiphon does not increase your online privacy, and should not be considered or used as an online security tool.

      1. Mark , this site has opened my eyes and mind in so many diff ways over the past 12 years. The raw reality of death , opinions , videos and pictures! Most importantly , digging for truth of what’s happ around the world that 99% of us would never see, hear or WATCH! This is because of your fight to expose the media and hopefully open the eyes and ears of the herd of sheep. I thank you for that. This site will never be the same without you. I just wanted to wish you well and thank you for all you have done For the Millions of bestgorians. Best of luck on your new ventures. Kev aka goreddict

      2. Good to see the success of bestgore. I have been visited bestgore for 4 years .4 years teach me one life attitude. That is ACCEPTION
        You know,in China,the website like bestgore is forbidden by law. We hardly see the darkness of the world. Before I got into bestgore, I close my eyes to all of the bloody things. Just like a coward stay the Utopia which my country’s media build to me. But now I accept it , I accept the “bad” thing is happening sometime somewhere. This is the ture world. This is the ture human.
        Best gore also makes me realize how valuable my peaceful life is.
        Thank you Mark. Keep going.

          1. That’s obvious: Best Gore is too subversive.

            It goes against the general pattern of making the apparent environment of the citizen free of dirt, sorrow and death: keep this out of the view of the herd, keep it behind the curtains so minds stay alienated.

          1. Yeah, you’re right.
            Suck my
            cooooovid19 ,W-trash
            You fucking hater ,the stupid dog only watch Fox News. Don’t mention the world .Just you and your mom suck it good .

      3. Thanks for helping many of us that have mental issues.
        This site helped me overcome a major tragedy by showing me that I’m not the only one that ever suffered a horrible event.
        I’m sure many others feel the same as I do.
        You’re a saint Mark!!!

      4. Man I remember being high as fuck talking shit on here. Learned a lot. Havent been on in proabbly 9 years lmao..Hung like a mouse, tulio hermil, suicide kings, rotten stench, more,, so many funny dudes I hope they are doing well. Same to you Mark.

      5. Hello. I don’t think my English level is bad,so l will ask the following questions in Chinese. if you receive them,l hope you can reply to me:“我想知道为什么我的账户无法激活,系统提醒我只能在帖子里进行评论,而不能在论坛里发言或回复,如果你有一个有用的结局方案,那么请回复我,并且留下你的联络方式,这是我的邮箱:[email protected]

      1. Yesssss. Ogrish! Speaking of madness. Right now there’s a riot in Brazil’s prison system. They took over the whole prison because they stopped allowing visitors due to covid. They have the guards hostage and we all know what they do when let loose. I read it on my local state news channel in NY. I said let me See if we get any treats for cinco de Mayo.

        1. Reminds me of the riot that sparked around May of last year in Brazil, which ultimately resulted in over 100 deaths.

          I’m starting to see a pattern here, which leads me to believe the code word for riots over there is, “MAYDAY! MAYDAY!”

    1. As someone that has hidden behind the curtains for 2 years to just view the site without wanting an account, I am heartbroken to see this post and this message. I truly wish I made an account sooner or engaged with everyone, instead I just laughed at the comments and would be mesmerized by all the gore. Things like this interests me, everyone thinks it’s weird for me to religiously access this site. Others think I’m mentally ill for the things I am fascinated with on this site. Ever since I discovered BestGore I quickly realized I didn’t have to struggle googling ‘dead bodies’ or ‘beheading videos’ anymore. Hell I’ve quickly learned from this site that them bitches in Brazil CRAZY!! But, I felt like I belonged with the many others that have been here longer than me. I shit you not Mark you have grown on me! So have many other main gore members you would normally see in the comment section. Anyway, let me stop my pussy talk!! I just want to say thank you to all the BestGore members for making me laugh my ass off & the creators for making me feel better about myself when I see others invested with this site just like I am. Cheers!

        1. Fuck it, I paid my taxes and don’t owe child support. I’m currently unemployed n’ the money they gave me is greatly needed and going straight back into the economy. I’ll take it (wasn’t expecting to get it) because I need it, but I still get your view.

          1. I’m not dissing you for taking it. It’s the least they could do for fucking the people over. I was just speaking on my situation.

          2. No I knew you weren’t, bro. Indeed, I 100% agree. Hope you’re well, you’re top 5 in the history of best comments on this site in my book, always been fun man, thanks for the laughs 🙂

          1. You are one of my favorite people here. Danaconda is as well. In the “real world”, the only person I could talk shit to like that, and had the wit to give it back equally was my best friend. He’s gone now, and so is this site for a while. This is truly a fucked up year. On a good note though, I did finally get rid of that psycho chick, so it’s not all bad.

          2. What ever happened to the picture you use to have on your profile? You know… The one showing your fat ugly face? Lol. Ironic that your new profile picture is that of a dog’s face… Or is irony the word I’m looking for? You have the need to represent yourself in your true form in one way or another, I take it? Funny enough that your screen name is “illegalsmile”, it’s almost as if you’re calling yourself ugly… Or is that your subconscious speaking?

          3. @i3rown5ugar

            It’s actually a she, lol. And yeah, she does look like a dude… People use to diss her because of it, and then she removed her picture and replaced it with a dog. Funny shit… Maybe if she wasn’t so ugly on the inside, she’d be a little bit better looking on the out.

        2. Good on you for not taking dole, Honkey (it was invented by Bob Dole, I think)
          As for me, I’ve taken 50K in dole over the last 2o years, but fuck it!
          Idiots say “Oh .. it’s the taxpayer’s money you roach ..”
          But .. I say if the people didn’t vote in such money wasting maggots as the Torries or Labor Party (Rep. / Dem.) then I’d probably have work, and wouldn’t have to take dole.
          Do you know when the big wigs have a pow-wow they rent the posh floor they’re on, as well as the posh floor above, and below. Yep. 3 Floors for their party, all paid for by the taxpayer!
          And .. the politicians don’t have to worry about money, they can take ALL their parliamentary/congress/senate super the day they leave parliament – don’t have
          to wait till they’re 7o or 75 like the rest of us fleas …

          “Give to Ceasar what is Ceasars, and give to Dog what is Dog’s” : Yalweh


        1. Agree…

          They want it all, and they’re gonna get it too. Glad I’m in the delivery business and semi retired. (essential business) That’s the best I can do, until it all comes crashing in, like you’ve mentioned.

        2. @dumbkunt

          The direction of the question should never be why are dole users paid the same as me but rather why am I paid the same as a dole user and therein lies the issue at hand in that it is the workers in general who are under-appreciated and underpaid and you can blame extreme capitalism and the employment market for that one because people on the dole are not well paid on average. For most of them it is a hand to mouth existence.

          If a worker is paid little more than a dole user that is not the dole user’s fault. That is the fault of the employers and society in general.

          To conclude. There is very little point in blaming the slaves for the slave labour prices. Take it up with the slave owners instead.

        1. Well they say change is the only constant thing in this world but that doesn’t mean I like it. I’m going to slip into stubborn lil kid mode now and pretend what I just read is some kind of joke and that new videos etc will continue to be posted on a daily basis. You’ve done a much appreciated and awesome job all these years Mark but cant you be like most of the fleshy viruses in this world and just keep turning up to a job you hate? Why not charge an annual membership fee to make you some decent money? I for one am full on guttered to hear this news and will be sending you telepathic messages that instruct you to change your mind.
          Your loyal fan, Dutchy………

    1. What’s up y’all. @honkeykong. It’s cinco de Mayo. Here’s my beaner Jokes.

      What do you call two spanish playing basketball ?


      What do you call 4 Mexicans in quicksand ?


      Ha, hope all is well

    1. Sure, we can wear masks n’ goggles and not be identified, good plan… as for Musk, only thing that shit has been good for is spritzing my nuts n’ pits. Covid got me lazy af… what?? tmi?

  1. Mark, you’ve stayed years longer than you wanted to, and I appreciate that. Obviously you will be missed by the members of this great site, but I bet that even the monkey-branching THOT’s, Chad &Tyrone, and even the Zionist Jews are going to miss you. A true nemesis doesn’t come around everyday. 😉

        1. LMAO I just noticed hodgy’s comments are gone. What a douche apparatus.
          Richards back! Apparently the alien jew squid has given birth and he’s even full of more shit than before. I wonder where a man can get a jewaliensquidectomy these days…with the covid and all….probably not considered a necessary procedure. 🙁

          1. My money’s on Richard’s preferred mode of transport being astral plane. Hopefully it gets hijacked and flown into the squid kiosk at a Chinese wet market.

  2. Your a legend Mark. This site has been a staple of my life for the last 10 years or so, and definitely has helped me grow as a person, and has given me a greater understanding of the ‘real’ world, not the sheltered world that is fed to the sheeple. For that, thanks mate.

    1. Well said .. Good points raised .. I come here too, not to see ‘gore’ as such
      but to try to ‘understand’ this bizzare, cruel wold in which we live
      Most of this World makes no sense, like bludgening innocent harp seals
      to get some ‘trimming’ for coats
      And meat animals should be treated with upmost respect, not kept in
      tiny cages like rats !!
      In fact, I wish I didn’t eat meat .. it’s repulsive what humans do to animals !!
      Who can’t talk, or even fight back against inhumane treatment !!
      Repulsive !!


  3. Damn. I just made an account since I work remote and not office anymore. Your article analysis of the vids made me crack the fuck up. That sure was a good run you had. Hopefully if theres a future to the site this community stays.

        1. Ok Nem, I thought I had emailed Mark, but I had the wrong email (it’s ch after the dot, not com) .. so I’ve fixed that up now and officially asked him to restore us to pre-big bang angelic midnight beauty ..

          (whatever that means …)

        2. Oh sweet, Nem
          Can’t fuckin’ wait!
          I had my silver 2002 commodore painted today, just gonna pick it up now
          $2k for the job, but it’s worth it, whole car only cost me $800 plus some costs
          Drives like a ‘beast’ with a lube job from Tony Blair !

          1. Hahah. Good deal. Roadworthy certificate was included in it?
            The Holdens were strong cars in that year.

            Now we have import American -crap that breaks down in three years. Well done fucken Aus gov for selling us out . Just gift our quality reliable car industry to the US to Make America Great Again at our expense! Cunts.

            Bear with me. I got your email address. Don’t get too excited, as I may hate your music and art. 😉

        3. Oh great Nem, can’t wait to hear from you organic and au naturale

          As for my music and art : I really hope you DO hate ’em:

          That’s the whole reason I made it in the 1st place !!

          Jonny cum lately

      1. Hey man, thanks for the kind words, hope you and yours are well too! Kindness in life can go a long way, give it out and maybe that person will pass it forward. Love you guys, ya sick fucks. 🙂

  4. @happy It’s a wise decision you’re making. It’s time to leave the city and go off grid. Get a piece of land near a water source. Collect rain water off of the roof of your house. Get a wood stove for heat and cooking. An axe for chopping wood. Grow a garden every year. Make sure you use good soil, till it, loosen it. Add water, fertilizer, and sunshine.

    Store as much food that doesn’t need refrigeration from the grocery store as you can afford. Good luck Mark. You need to be self sufficient for at least 3 1/2 years in order to avoid the vaccine injection, maybe up to seven years!

    If you get any lung infection, inhale alcohol vapours. Get some booze! Skin infection, same thing, rub alcohol on it.

    From the dictionary:


    Definition of truther:

    1. Mark Marek

    1. Inhalation of alcohol vapor is used quite often by shamans for more than just lung infections. It is also said to draw away negative spiritual energies from evil, visible and invisible entities.

    2. Take 1tsp natural (not hardware store) turpentine on sugar for if you get sick. I’m not getting the vaccine and I expect it will mean the end of me (not from illness). Oh well, better to die on your feet right? Good luck everyone.

        1. I hadn’t heard of the inhaling of alcohol vapors before this thread. Nor had I heard of the 1tsp natural turpentine on sugar when sick. It is stuff like this kind of knowledge I’m gonna miss most or at least equally so about this site winding down.

  5. Thank you Mark and to all the contributors on here

    This is where I come to de-stress from the everyday bullshit of life and also appreciate life a little more.

    Will keep dropping in daily to see what’s going on even though I don’t comment much.

    Cheers ears and thanks again xXx

  6. soo many years of my life spend here…. for no purpose.

    i just dont knwo why i m here lol, maybe just because i like to see the horrific reality of life.
    or maybe i m just stupid, or i like gore, or .. fuck i dont know, i dont care, its not important after all.

    could have pass that time into others shitty faked corrupted lying websites of news/informations…

    or maybe i m just here just to piss you all with my shitty english to read XD

    is there even a way to know how long i been here ? like some infos setting or something in profil ?

    1. @hollyeat
      “is there even a way to know how long i been here ? like some infos setting or something in profil ?”

      I hope i can help.
      First of all, make sure you are logged/signed in.
      Then, on top left of the page, you will see a dail-type icon thingy with “bestgore” written next to it. Click on this, and be directed to your Dashboard.
      While on that page, you see options on/in the top left corner – “Dashboard”, “profile” and “Collapse menu”. Click on “Profile”
      On the page that then opens, you will see tabs saying “Profile” and “Extended Profile”.
      Click on the tab “Extended Profile”. On the page that opens, look to the right under “status”.
      This should give you a “registered on” date.
      This tells you how long you have been here… as a signed-up member anyway.

      Hope this helps
      Pls reply, letting me know that you could follow my instructions, and that your got an answer re: your sign up date
      Please reserve any thanks for @illegalsmile55 , as it was she who showed me this method.

    1. God, Nem
      If this is it .. I will miss you and Honkey and Dre and Jack, and all the fuck’d up
      animals that make up the BG commentry team
      I’ve never got to speak to Mark directly, but man, without YOU :
      Jonny is nothing …
      Nothing at all

      It is YOU who has made Bad Jonny be possible to the World
      And .. I am eternally in debt for you allowing me to express my words/

      No other site would have put up with me ..
      But .. You did !!
      You are a true Hero
      For all time

      From the bottom of my heart:
      Thank you, Mark


        1. Likewise Nem, I want you to have my personal email ..
          I wanna keep in touch throughout this thing we call life ..
          You comments and observations have always been so
          important to this site ..
          No matter what, I wanna keep in touch, so I can tune in
          to your wise words, in this fuck’d up crazy World
          Now .. How do I make contact with mark to get yr email????


        2. Oh no Nem, the email that was used to set this up, is just a random one
          Set up by a Chingy
          And .. I don’t even know what it is
          Shit !
          Tell Mark to go back and dig out ‘Baby Hitler’s’ email because that one is
          my real one.

          I was Baby Hitler (my real email)
          Then Bad Fairy (random email)
          Then Bad Jonny(random email)

          ’cause I’m dying to show you some stuff I’ve been working
          on over the last 10-20 years ! (art n music)

  7. Somehow most of the mentioned gigabytes of videos here, never seem to work for me, except the most recent ones will play fine. Could that perhaps be fixed please? Problem could be on my end. But I never found a fix.

    1. The 4chan video hosting site did a dirty on BG and deleted the videos they were hosting and now 5hey need to be reuploaded to the hosting site BG is currently on. Well that is how I understand 5he video non working link issue. And yes it does suck because even though I’ve been on BG for many years now I still haven’t seen all the videos yet. Most but not all.

          1. @JM Hearns
            Hey Brother.
            I Hope that all is safe & well in your neck of the woods sir.
            Yes,, i have been putting lots of thought into this exactly, but until this Covid-19 Shit is done with, not much will move forwards regarding flights to Europe, and any deal making.

            Would you be interested in owning a share of Best-Gore ?? And if so do you think that a minimum of like 10% or 25% per person would be fair, or too expensive for the Average person.

            I Think 10% would be the minimum if we got together, and decided to group-up, and purchase-it. What are your, or any other interested parties overall thoughts on the matter?? I D’love to hear from You’s. 🙂

        1. Not sure how much I could contribute as of now but my idea would be something like GoFundMe. Then once it’s set up I believe we have 30 days or so to come up with the money. Mark would need to give us an exact amount but I’m sure it would be 1 million at a minimum. We have enough traffic on this site that it’s feasible, IMO. And you would be the administrator once the deal is complete. Just my thoughts.

          1. @Dranaconda

            Ahhh-Fuck dude that made me Wife & I Roar, and Big-Time, lol.
            I Hope that You’s are Both Staying Safe,,, And Are Happy, in your Neck-O-The Woods. 🙂

  8. Mark, thank you. I haven’t been an active member of the community and haven’t even had an account for that long. But I’ve been visiting since I was at least 17. I’m now 28 and still visit regularly. Is this truly the end? I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye.

  9. This is a great platform to share your feelings about this fucked up world. Besides we love , love love you. dont go Mark we are like best friends I feel like and after 12 years of not seeing each other we can pick up exactly where we left off and feels like we didn’t miss a dasilva. Where else can a person have satisfaction like that? Nowhere my friend. Your our Rockstar buddy

  10. Yo Mark
    Hate you see you Go…
    But I love to watch you Leave…
    Have alot of Sexual Sex with the Babes in the Jungles of wherever you’re going this time.
    Hope the Site remains Active for the most part really.

    From :Los Angeles CA.
    Your Carnál George.

  11. Been a fan since my teen years and I’m now in my mid 20’s, the news that Mark published was absolutely my favorite part of this website, of course I’m a bloodhound and loved the content, but Mark publishing real news with his sources included is just fantastic, cheers . Thanks for all the years of dedication.

  12. The thought of this site no longer being updated truly depresses me. I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I see death and am glad I’m not in their flip flops…at least for now haha. I don’t always agree with some of the things Mark writes as part of a post, but I support the fact that he should always have the freedom to write what he wants, and that should never be taken away. You will be very missed Mark.

  13. Great sir thank
    You mark
    You are so
    Inspiring to my self and all of us I wish I didn’t read but I understand 12 years is a very long time but to me I grew up here I’ve been watching you since it was up I just recently made this count to thanks you for everything and how amazing you are love reading everything and us here all the gorebrothers well we understand I’m 32 years now and thanks you I’m not like the rest so I live watching this videos it helps me sleep much Los and respect if you ever wanna reach out message me on tiktok : bunniemeows2 I don’t think best gore would be same with out you it’s your head line and your words that make the video you are the heart here

  14. I can’t believe that you are leaving, Mark. There is no one that can replace you. Your comments are more valuable than the content itself. I agree with 99.99 % of what you write. I am always excited to see a post or comment from you. Please stay with us. We all feel you as our best friend. We will miss you! What are we going to do without you? Who is going to tell us the truth if you are not here? Do you have any recommendations?

  15. You’re living life with your eyes open, Mark. You are soooooo appreciated.
    I will never forget the amazing articles Acneska wrote while you were persecuted, and prosecuted, by those two fucking yentas in Edmonton.
    I’m at absolute peak Jew fatigue. Thank you for shining a light on their war crimes.
    Here’s to 12 more muffaguh!!!!

  16. I’ve been a long time lurker, but I couldn’t pass an opportunity up to say thank you Mark. This site has demonstrated time and time again that no matter how fucked i think my life is, it could ALWAYS be a lot worse. Thank you for keeping it real. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to your fans. I certainly hope that someone out there will pick up this gauntlet and continue forward with your legacy. Happy trails, be safe, and good luck!

    1. Jesus .. Fuck
      Why does every bald black rapper guy look n sound the fuckin’ same, Honkey?
      Rappin’ ’bout what a shit deal life gave him
      Well .. he’s fit n healthy, has nice clothes n a record-deal, so what’s he
      bitchin’ ’bout?
      (“What you bitchin’ ’bout, Willis?”)
      Maybe I’m just racist
      Maybe I just despise ‘tar babies’ …

  17. Ok so, Marks leaving… will this site be shut down if it’s not longer running, or will it still be here? I hope it won’t be shut down, this was my favorite site. I enjoyed the content and commentary. I’ll have to find another site 🙁

  18. Mark.
    Knowing that this was coming for some time, it is still a SHOCK..!

    Thank you for everything that I’ve experienced from your hard work, diligence, and above ALL the Truth that you have always adhered to.

    Wishing for you what you may wish for yourself. Every success in your future endeavours.
    May the road rise with you.

    A True Truther.
    Mr. Mark Marek…

    1. Life always was useless since the beginning of time
      Those who died today for instance .. Are happy little fuckers ..
      No more rent to pay, no more mortgage, insurance, blah blah, fighting with family
      blah blah
      Everyone’s life is basically an accident, even the animals
      And this is why it sucks so much, because none of this was meant to happen
      The Universe was supposed to be just a blank, nothing. For all time ……
      But .. Thru some ‘God’ or ‘Devil’ or accident, we have all been dragged into
      this ridiculous World
      The lucky cunts have already died … We are all still waiting for that day
      Awful, dark, shitty day
      Struggling to breathe, drowning in your own sperm, staring up at a hospital ward
      fluro light
      Geez .. Can’t wait …..

        1. Yes, good point, I mean, I enjoy so much of life – just simple things like swimming or watching the sea, or digging a sunset or misty morn
          Or to dig art or music or dancing or a good play or movie, or a cold ale and a smoke
          But, life is a ‘dual’ thing – because while all this is going on, due to the violence of the planet (not just man) you’ve got torture, rape, murder, kidnap, emotional abuse from parents, bosses, colleagues, spouses it’s awful.
          But look at nature .. A big cat or hyena or shark etc. has no choice but to rip a smaller animal to death, if they wanna eat, not caring at all about the pain caused to the poor animal (deer etc) as it struggles against it’s inevitable death
          Animals we love such as bulls and chickens and pigs are slaughtered in mass murder that was unbelievable at the beginning of time
          As we slowly destroy the whole planet, 1 acre at a time
          We wear our NIke shoes with pride, too stupid to realize the appalling living conditions of the 5 year old black cunt who sewed ’em together for us
          Themes river is so polluted, to go in you die in seconds
          And it’s been this way for 1oo years – no change, it just get’s more toxic
          every year
          So you look at this and wonder : Why does life even exist at all?
          You pet your cat n dog, full of pride about how much you ‘love animals’
          while the bulls, pigs, and chickens go straight to Auchwitz or Drachau …

          1. Life is unfair and there is nothing we can do to change something that unfortunately is natural. For example, look at me, I live in Brazil and I have never been robbed or I know someone close to me who was murdered, as is always shown on this website. I have a good living condition and I go to the beach when I want to stay in the best resorts drinking my gin tonic watching the sunset, while near to me there is a confrontation between bandits and police killing innocents, children and women. They’re fucking unlucky. They were born for nothing, only for suffering. Nothing, for me, in this universe, is understandable. And the only thing that makes me stand up today and want to live, is to know that I don’t need much, there are simple things that can complete the end of a lack.

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